Been playing Super Tecmo Bo on repeat all week. Actually just copped the vinyl a couple days ago so when I get the courage to unwrap it I’ll really spin it.


I was also revisiting it this week, Moth In The Flame is so good


[6x6](https://imgur.com/a/iqnZmxz) a mix of old and new. especially got into the recent releases from Memphis (Key Glock, Action Pack, Big Scarr posthumous, Finesse2Tymes from last year).


[5x5](https://imgur.com/a/kovQaox) **Atmosphere**, *God Loves Ugly* I really love *Fuck You Lucy*. Interrogates the relationship between subject and artist that most songs take for granted, and a hell of a breakup song to boot. Current Grade: B+ **Kendrick Lamar**, *DAMN.* I will fully cop to being behind the curve on this one. I was pretty puzzled by it when it dropped in 2017, but every time I give it a spin I feel like I catch up to it a little bit. Current Grade: A- **N.E.R.D.**, *In Search Of…* I think I need to seriously consider the possibility that Pharrell is my favorite producer of all time. Current Grade: Pending


[every week is starting to look exactly the same](https://i.imgur.com/Xwh0XEv.jpeg)


10000 gecs >


[5x5](https://i.imgur.com/WGWsMmL.jpg) HWH ranking 2>1>3 Wasn’t really feeling the Koncept Jackson album but the Estee nack one was solid. Penny pinchin was a great track Sun Ra album was pretty good I’d rank it #2 out of his free jazz stuff after when angels speak of love


Also scribbled those 2 Peggy/Brown tapes. Can’t wait for the album 🔥🔥🔥


https://tapmusic.net/collage.php?user=White_cotton&type=7day&size=3x3&caption=true Only thing I hate is the pump album. And I was really hoping to enjoy it like his st and early work Yves is a little disappointing to me but still great. Lot of left field stuff this week Funny scaring the hoes is on here and it's not even out yet


https://i.imgur.com/LBr4um0.jpg My rotation has been really bjork centric as of late, not so much hip hop as past months but that new yeat still stuck up in my head, especially split and nun id change.


I’m out here having homogenic and homogenic live albums in my top 9 for the month lol, but if yall never gave her a shot trust me shit is fire. Joga would be a great track to start with if you haven’t heard Bjork’s music before


Been alternating between Peggy and Danny albums in anticipation for Friday! Also had the new 100 gecs album in regular rotation since it dropped




[4x4 AMA](https://imgur.com/a/I7KlJYm) 10,000 Gecs is ok, I only really fuck with Dumbest Girl Alive, 757, Hollywood Baby & mememe. Some of the songs are fun in a novelty sense but can't imagine myself wanting to listen to them on my own. But with the homies though it could be a good time lol. Never been a huge Lil Keed guy but I fucked with Hottest, How Many & All I Wanna Know from his new album.


Over It, Summer Walker- An amazing R&B album that has now become a classic of our generation. Definitely a "Top 10" album for me. Love all her work The Diary of Alicia Keys, Alica Keys- Just started to get into alicia keys more alot recently, this is also a "Top 10" album for me. I love this album and will have it on repeatfor a while. (Would love some reccomendations like it) In Search Of..., N.E.R.D- THIS ALBUM!!!! Its nothing short of amazing. Chad Hugo and Pharallel Williams are genuises and this has become my most listened to album of the week!!






Can someone help me find a song Cassidy released years ago called 'Steak & Lobster'?


Pretty solid start to the year for music so far. Anybody else y'all are hyped for dropping soon? [3x3](https://i.imgur.com/32o3gnx.jpg). Mix of sadboy shit and my gym rotation