I don't care much about all the AI stuff but I am interested in seeing it implemented more and more in playlist building. I think that will be really interesting.


I thought spotify had their algorithm build their playlists for years now. that's why it kind of left me wondering why they are promoting a new [AI DJ tool now](https://newsroom.spotify.com/2023-02-22/spotify-debuts-a-new-ai-dj-right-in-your-pocket/), which promises to "personalize your experience". Like isn't this just what Weekly Discovery has been doing for years now? I guess they just wanted to get on this crazy AI train, or is algorithm based playlist != AI playlist?


For those that try to catch as many new releases as possible (and only for those), I made this small poll to kinda conclude the first Quarter of the year: The regionality of rap sounds keeps fascinating me, so: [Which city/region got the best run in 2023 so far?](https://strawpoll.com/polls/2ayLklp6WZ4) I listed all the noteworthy artists that dropped next to the options. You can only vote for one! I'm trying to see if there was a dominant sound in user's preferances in this year so far. Last year, that was clearly Los Angeles for me (Kendrick, Ab-Soul, Boogie, Baby Stone Gorillas, BlueBucksClan, Ralfy the Plug) and this year I already have a favorite as well. I can also add another option if you make the case for another city/region. If you want to know which albums I had in mind for the names, either go to their spotify profiles or ask me :)


Should not have listened to the joeg mafia singles completely killed my hype for the album. Danny brown sounds like ass on both those tracks. The mixing is intentional, they recorded it shitty ok whatever still sounds bad.