He could probably drop 12 tapes just from the stuff he recorded before he went to prison


I was listening to a podcast with a guy who works in a studio where 03 was recording before he went away and dude said for like 2 months straight before being sentenced Greedo was in there dropping 8-16 tracks a night.


And 8-16 were shite


If 1% were decent he’s got a couple of banging projects and with just the love he gets in the land he’s going to make enough money to get a legit album out.


yeah but thinking this method will result in 1% being good songs is silly if anything it's spreading out the good moments across a bunch of tracks that are not fully fleshed out. there's a balance for every artist between quality and quantity whether you're a painter or a rapper. and doing 8-16 tracks in one night is so far towards the quantity extreme, it's way past 2pac


But he has lots of good songs throughout the albums he's released already so it's apparently working. Juice WRLD and Lil Wayne both worked in a similar fashion where they'd just crank out enormous amounts of songs and choose the best ones


No shit. But putting out that volume has allowed his producers to curate projects and pick and choose verses to give other artists as features. Greedo is prolific and talented and if he can be as successful as he has been from prison with shit he rushed out he’s going to go ham now that he’s out.


I don't get rappers bragging about making so many songs in such a short amount of time, that ain't something to brag about lol.


Have you ever recorded music? Most rappers are the most productive in the booth and if only 1% of the songs were bangers that buys him at least a year to get his head straight and start making some legit albums.


Shit even that’s a blessing. Better than doing all those years




I don't listen to greedo but that reminds me a lot about how I felt listening to early Gucci.


That’s actually a solid comparison


Chief Keef too. He just dropped so much music its crazy tho.


That's really the thing though. Not everything can be a banger. When an artists takes like five years to polish an album it's easy to make sure every song is at least good. But when you're literally just releasing a torrent of mixtapes and singles, you're guaranteed to have a lot of shit mixed in.


Boldy James, Curren$y, The God Fahim, and YOD have figured out how to drop non-stop without missing. It's wild.


That’s because they rap rap and aren’t chasing bangers. It’s easier to not miss when you can actually rap. Not to say greedo can’t rap but the music he makes isn’t what they make


Absolutely not true, currensy drops some tapes that are straight dog water. This is coming from a big currensy fan


Yea tbh I don't listen to curren$y a ton but I've never heard a bad project from him


Big fan yet refuses to spell his name the right way. 🤙🏾


Such an irrelevant take.


I don't really like any of those guys. But I do respect the hustle they have, and can completely see why you would have that opinion.


Sosa wild, some of that deep cut shit is so weird or he's clearly so fucked up lol. And then it slowly grows on you. Some of the songs r/chiefkeef fucking nuts for now got trashed when they released or leaked lol. And every album of his gets shit on on the sub for like the first year then everyone just changes their view 😂


Any links? Im not a Keef fan in the slightest but I like listening to oddities of hip hop that clearly should’ve stayed on the hard drive as joke songs between friends in the studio. Eminem had a few tracks like they leak from the post Encore through early sobriety years and it’s interesting to hear. Give Me The Ball isn’t a joke track but is one of the songs he recorded in early sobriety where he’s relearning how to rhyme and it’s a cool artifact in the creative process of someone who is usually very calculated about his releases and doesn’t usually have a lot of leaks.


Thugs got a bunch of these


I thought I was the only one lmfao He got like 5-10 songs that’s fire then the rest is trash. I remember him saying he tryna make as much music he can cause he knew he was going to prison. Hopefully this time around he spends time perfecting his craft.


That's really just his style though, yeah it isn't as marketable to have 10 gems across 20 tapes but I'm fairly certain he's going to succeed doing just that.


Put me on the best tracks please, I got a few by him I like but I hear so much praise for this guy In curious to dive deeper.


I 100% agree with everyone about how inconsistent he is, but his good songs are fucking incredible imo. here's a list of my favorites: [Shittin' Lately](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5VNKx5PTWc) [Never Bend](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lPOXSYY1co) [Substance](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77Dzr4Ezpok) [Paris Hilton](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Lex6_pyRwI) [Bet I Walk](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDVI2WTKQBw) [Money Wins Wars](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2__3UdQiAVk) [No Free Features](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02mEmtHCcD8) [Run For Yo Life](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCkHa9v0VtA)


the lil uzi remix of never bend is also crazy


That is the best version IMO.


No one’s brought up “Sweet Lady” yet which is a mistake. That’s my favorite track from him and the only one I hear in the club from time to time (in the Bay, can’t speak for LA clubs which probably play him more)


Payback is his hardest song to me. Kenny beats went stupid on this and it’s peak shoreline ohgeesy. Kenny beats also went feral on Death row with Freddie Gibbs. Other slappers not mentioned are: Wake me up in traffic, Trap house, Rude


[Breaking News](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwHRSji2JYQ)


Shittin, sweet lady, Molly/never stay in rotation for me


Netflix & deal is one of my favourite tapes but then when I try to listen to his other shit I just don't feel it like that. He's a mixed bag for sure, but I hope he drops a gem after he clears his head. If only someone pushed him to put out a focused album with excellent production like Kenny did


You sure he's a rapper? I just checked out his Spotify and it's all singing.


Listen to these Paid in Full Maria Bet I Walk Basehead Fortnite Ball Out He's a rapper and a singer (just like Lauryn Hill, Drake, Andre 3000, Tyler the Creator, Young Thug, Future, Z-Ro, etc.)


His track with maxo Kream is fire


Someone please recommend me his best 5 songs. Before he went to jail he had so much hype but I listened and just couldn’t understand the appeal Edit: thanks everyone for the suggestions! I will check these tracks out.


Traphouse, Never Bend and Substance would be his 'biggest' songs. My favourites are whenever he links up with Drakeo - Ion Rap Beef, Out The Slums, 100, Let's Go etc. His album with Kenny Beat's is prob his most 'accessible' with songs like Maria and Disco Shit.


And BASEHEAD with Kenny beats goes fuckin hard


Also death row off the Gibbs album




Jesus, yes. No 03, but Automatic from the same album is excessively hard.


My second favorite song on that album after automatic. Greedo went hard.


Was gonna be my comment, that song goes hard


Bacctracc by Bino Rideaux ft. Drakeo & Greedo is a nice chill track.


“Knew Boosie” is so slept on. One of my favorite songs by any artist.


I like the cut of your jib


I don't know what his 5 best songs are but some of my personal favorites are: 1). Floating 2). Never Bend 3). Disco Shit (ft. Freddie Gibbs) 4). Zoning 5). Run For Yo Life


Surprised this is the first of Disco Shit I’m seeing


Disco Shit my all time fav from him. His whole tape with kenny beats is pretty good


listen to Sweet Lady. he made the beat himself


Never Bend, Sweet Lady, Rude, Mafia Business, Run For Your Life, If I part 2, Trick on Just Anybody.


copying from another comment: [Shittin' Lately](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5VNKx5PTWc) [Never Bend](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lPOXSYY1co) [Substance](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77Dzr4Ezpok) [Paris Hilton](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Lex6_pyRwI) [Bet I Walk](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDVI2WTKQBw) [Money Wins Wars](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2__3UdQiAVk) [No Free Features](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02mEmtHCcD8) [Run For Yo Life](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCkHa9v0VtA)


It's not for everyone




Disco Shit from his collab album with Kenny Beats is basically what put me onto him, that one is a banger with a killer Freddie Gibbs verse


Disco shit Wake me up in traffic


I’ve only listened to his newest tape. But from that album, I like I Can’t Control Myself, No Free Features, and Took a Little Minute


Listen to Substance.


Sounds pretty chill 😎


If I Part 2, Substance, Run For Yo Life, Zoning, & Invites !


Pop It


Off top Never Bend, Sweet lady, Run For Yo Life, Prayer for My Lost, I Heard, Touchdown, Good Grape, Wit the Plug


she’s foreign


I haven’t seen anyone mention Never Make Me Mad. It’s pretty psychedelic, all the other songs that have been recommended are great too


Air BnB, Rude, Substance, Aye Twin, The Plug


we are going to have at least 300 tracks before these 6 months are over


this comment section is so embarrassing lol yall do not have an empathetic bone in your body


Important to know (shit I'm just now learning looking into Greedo's situation: dude got pulled over because some Texas cops "smelled weed" (yeah right), and found guns and meth in his car and as a result faced charges of up to *300* years in prison so he copped a plea deal. Regardless of whether he the law says he's guilty or innocent or whatever the fuck, dude was coerced into pleading guilty via an atrocious sentence that nobody should have to suffer regardless of what they did. Possession shouldn't get you 5 years, let alone 20, let alone 300. And forcing people into unfair plea deals on the back of a completely unreasonable sentence if they go to trial happens left right and center in the US. (also reminder that Drakeo, RIP, had already been found innocent of the crime he was locked up while recording *Thank you for using GTL* and was only back in prison because the LA DA used a bullshit loophole that lets you bypass double jeopardy laws) Beyond music, nobody should have their life ruined because a complete wreck of a country like the US deems you a criminal


>Possession shouldn't get you 5 years, let alone 20, let alone 300. If he'd just been *possessing* it, he wouldn't have gotten shit. Four pounds is trafficking weight.


Frankly I don't think trafficking should get you any of the above years eithet


Yeah, it should be a few years sentence, not a few hundred years.


300 years for any non violent crime is crazy


300 years is pretty insane but when people say non violent crime they're usually talking about a person having an eighth of weed not illegal guns


True, but people who have actually committed murder with said guns tend not to end up with 300 year sentences


I can only imagine what five years without being able to watch your daughter grow can be like


For some reason Fortnite popped into my mind just yesterday, crazy coincidence. I was also not really aware of how big he was before getting locked up, dude has a song with like 200mi listens


he’s huge here in california, traphouse was a moment. him and drakeo are arguably the most influential artists in the west coast from past decade.


That’s more than fair with or without 12 mixtapes


Hope he learns to stop trafficking poison and focus on the music.


20 years on drug charges is bullshit. That's murder or rape prison time.


People can die from drugs too. Does it remove personal responsibility? No, but cmon man.


Dude. People can die from cars, drinking, allergic reactions to peanuts. In fact all three of those kill a fuck ton. Drugs were singled out by Reagan and Nixon as a way of criminalizing being black or an immigrant. Drug crimes are only crimes because treating addiction as a disease costs more


The funny thing is it doesn’t save money in the long run. The money they would make selling drugs themselves and the money they would save that they spend arresting & incarceration addicts and dealers and dealing with al the other crimes addicts commit is much more than the money they would need to spend on better and easier to access mental health services and more/free rehab beds. Preventative care costs a bit up front but saves so much in the long term. The money that it would cost to send a parent to university to get a better job so they can actually provide for a kid and maybe get them out of a bad neighborhood is significantly less than the damage they child will cause if they end up comitting to a life of crime or addiction because of their circumstances and experience growing up. Drug issues are one of the few things I refuse to give to budge on and legalization and regulation is the only option at this point IMO


The problem is the prison industrial complex is so profitable


And that’s the problem. You have too many politicians (and more directly businessmen/CEO’s who fund their campaigns) who directly profit for the entire thing that it would take someone who really had nothing to lose or gargantuan balls of steel to really push legislation forward to legalization all illicit substances.


Even in the countries that decriminalize possession of drugs, dealing drugs is still a crime because you're taking advantage of the addicts that need help by selling them unsafe harmful substances. Comparing drugs to peanuts would be more accurate if there were people selling unsafe peanuts to people they knew had allergies.


Most of the people dealing on the street are addicts themselves and just selling to fund their own addiction and are most likely using the very drugs they’re selling. They’re just as caught up in it all as their customers are. No one should be doing 20 years for dealing. Just because it’s the way things are doesn’t mean it’s how they should be.


It's still massively over punished. 20 years is fucking insane Also bars ARE aware that alcoholics are almost 50% of their clientele and they still operate. And if you want to tell me that prohibition is the answer then you're tripping


That's not what I said. I think it should be legal to own drugs but not to sell them, and rehabilitation should be the main priority if the government. Same thing if we were talking about alcohol. Addicts shouldn't be punished but the people abusing and profiting off then should.


How are they supposed to get their drugs, then? Unless legalization happens or at the very least safe supply (which is happening slowly in places in Canada) then You need dealers to exist. With legalization they disappear almost Overnight. Sure you have some people selling weed still here especially for people underage but your everyday weed dealer disappeared once the store rides went down here in Canada. You can get a high ounce deliver right to your doorstep in no more than an hour here for $140 (and still decent ones for $120). Dealers can barely match that and as such have largely vanished.


That's exactly what I want if you read what I said. I want it to be decriminalized to posess drugs, but it be illegal to deal them. So addicts will get their drugs from safe sources and not drug dealers. We completely agree.


Decriminalization usually doesn’t mean safe supply. Pharmaceuticals are legal just heavily regulated and most of the time when I hear people in support of decriminalization it still doesn’t mean easy access to a pure source of them through a clinic just like methadone. But if you’re behind the idea of prescription heroin and meth and MXE *insert random piperidine-based stimulant* then cool. I do think legalization and immense regulation is probably still the best way but since that will take AGES to happen then we *need* to make a are supply happen yesterday, like 8 years ago yesterday.


All this shit we hearing about fentanyl in drugs and people dying and you talking about cars and peanuts.


Yea, and if you have an actual interest in stopping drug harm, then you ought to know that criminalisation doesn’t work - in fact, it makes the problem far more severe! Drugs need to be legalised and safely regulated so that people can get help with addiction without fear of punishment.


I have sympathy for addicts. It’s hard to deal with and sometimes it’s brought on by circumstance, but I don’t have sympathy for drug dealers.


Addicts and dealers are two sides of the same relation. Each is brought into their current existence by the criminalisation of drugs. The point is to abolish the basis for this relation to occur, namely to legalise drugs and invest heavily in healthcare.


Legalize methheads.


Should bartenders be arrested too?


Let’s compare crack and heroine dealers to bartenders…


but that's good comparison, alco is the same shit the only difference is this one is fully legalised but it wasn't for long time also


Bruh you're crazy if you'd rather shoot up some heroin than take a shot of tequila.


These are the type of threads that remind me most of the people here are kids "So what if he had stolen guns and four pounds of meth!" "Alcohol is legal so he shouldn't get in trouble." Lmao


There are some studies that suggest meth is actually somewhat less harmful than alcohol.


You seriously think someone should get 20 years for providing a product every person in the country knows is dangerous? Dealers aren't running up on strangers and injecting them against their will.


You’re preying on addicts.


I bartend part time. Should I be in jail 20 years for preying on alcoholics? Alcohol kills FAR more people than drugs.


Are you lacing alcohol with fentanyl? Are you killing other bartenders so you don’t have competition in your area?


If alcohol wasn't legal, alcohol suppliers would be doing both of those things. That's the outcome of a product being unregulated. You make the decision to put something on the black market and it will be laced with weird shit and people will kill over territory.


this guy just don't know history it seems in eastern european countries it's still a thing to trade cheaper alco on black market and it isn't always the cleanest shit but sometimes it's even better than the "official" products


If I sell you pure and clean drugs and you overdose or continue use, that is on you. It takes several weeks of use to build up a physical dependency on a drug (a minor one at that), and if you decide to go down the meth/heroin/crack route with the amount of blatant “this is bad” info publicly available on it, that is on you. We have all seen the quick and slow death of alcohol with people we know and love before, do you see me blaming the beer distributor or the liquor store clerk? Or do you just choose to pin it on the dealer because it’s illegal and has bad connotations?


Pure clean drugs? All this shit is cut with whatever the fuck. You’re saying if you take meth then that’s on you. Well if you SELL meth that’s on you as well.


The irony of someone with your name saying something like that is fucking hilarious, I'm sure he did it for the thrill of it right. Stick to talking about video games and comics you fucking suburban baby because you have no idea what the fuck you're talking about when it comes to people who come from places like that.


Easy with the glass house Nathan.


Shut up bitch


Lol, this is a wild and pretty ignorant take. You clearly don’t know many drug addicts/dealers. My fentanyl dealer from the hood in Scarborough (Toronto) and I were having a conversation about anime and RPGs about a week ago. Addicts and dealers come from all walks of life. Many of them like nerd shit and it might come as a surprise but some of them also post on Reddit. It’s only one of the top 10 most visited websites on the planet and all.


You called me ignorant because YOU think I didn't consider nerds as drug dealers? Hahhaa my guy I was speaking on a specific person, why do you weirdos like to get offended so much?


Calm down bro, it’s not a personal attack.


Yup. You got it.


New copypasta? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in selling dope. You’re fucked kiddo.


Your corny bro, just stop, nobody is glorifying selling drugs


Seriously. The whole comment thread here is an embarrassment.


Haha even greedy ppl have morals and limits. I can’t make money off a dead and poisoned community. Get mad meth heads.


As if people ain't never ended it after getting scammed of their last dollar right


At least I don’t sell poison, not my problem.


the point is you aren't any better than anyone who does, you just have a false sense of self righteousness


Dam he in a halfway house ?


My nigga he literally said he’s in a halfway house lmao


Better than where he was before, 6 months in a halfway house or another 15 years in the pen, I'm taking the house


no, what makes you say that?


It's too bad that he has to live in a halfway house, but trafficking meth in Texas? He *knew* the risks.


Where the fuck is officer Kenny?


People still saying this in 2023? That's wild 😂


more trash music...


He is very articulate. It's kind of refreshing to see rappers that know how to properly construct a full sentence.


how tf he out of jail


Wasn’t he facing life or something


Never bend & touchdown use to be in heavy rotation for me. & the song he has with the legendary PnB Rock


03 literally became one of my most listened to artists after he got sentenced. Can’t wait for the new music