Knee Brace Suggestions

Just as the title states, I need some suggestions for a knee brace for hiking. I’ve got an injured knee from an accident I had about a year ago. I already have a knee brace but it’s so bulky and chafes my other leg.

I’m about to go to Big Bend National Park with some friends and I’d like to go on some of the hikes with them and be able keep up with them (for the most part). It’ll be my first time hiking since my accident and I’m really looking forward it. But, I’ll still take it easy.


I am using Modvel sleeve braces (Amazon). It works well, but I started to use them only recently and it is getting colder, it might be excessively warm during the summer


Thanks for the suggestion! Yeah wearing a brace isn’t great for when it’s hot out.


I carry a neoprene sleeve knee brace. It certainly doesn't add a ton of support but its just enough to save my knee on the downhills. Also something I've discovered is it is way better to take smaller steps and take it slow on the downhill than rush down the mountain. I used to half jog down and my knees hated me for it. Now I walk at a reasonable pace and have a lot less knee pain.


I use hiking poles. They have made a huge difference in my knee pain. Whether going up hill or down, the poles somehow alleviate the pain. I guess it's from the extra support or balance.


I love my hiking poles! I’ve hiked into the Grand Canyon a few times, but the last time I used my poles and it made getting back to the rim more bearable.


I use a sleeve I bought on Amazon.


I use a sleeve I bought on Amazon.


I might recommend Rehband. Best non-medical grade knee sleeve money can buy. I use them mostly for the gym and skiing/snowboarding, but I have hiked with them before too. All-day comfortable and they do an excellent job of keeping the knee warm, comfortable, and supported. Kind of pricy as far as knee sleeves go, but they are sold as singles.


I’ll have to check them out.


There are many types and uses of braces.


Bauerfeind makes very high quality braces and supports. Bauerfeind.com


I’ve started to get really rough IT band issues the older I get and still carrying a 35 lb+ pack. I bought a pair of Cho Pat knee braces to do the Rae Lakes Loop in Kings Canyon NP which were great. No running or problems and really lightweight. More importantly I bought an exercise band and found a great [video](https://youtu.be/1iODncOLJnk) on YT that showed how to use the band to strengthen my IT band and surrounding muscles. This was a game changer as I’ve been able to hit the trail relatively pain free. I did a couple solo trips where my knees started hurting so badly I had to drag my pack out of the woods behind me and was legitimately scared being 10+ miles from my car. Only in my mid 30s and didn’t expect my body to react this way so quickly 😂


I've got a custom fitted brace which offloads the pressure on the inner side of my right knee by pushing the outside in to open up the joint on the other side. Sounds like you're not quite there yet though. One thing to look at is your gait. After a recent injury I went to PT and they noticed my foot was sticking out to the right a bit. When I hike I really focus on keeping that foot straight and it relieves a lot of pain.