Four charges even without the quartering thing is a lot. Three is usually too many.


Your mantling should match the main colour and metal of your arms. In this case I would expect this to be Azure and Argent, as conventionally you would blazon the field, and then the cross (the bordure comes after the cross because it's on top of it, and you \*generally\* blazon back to front, ordinaries before charges). It should also be attached to a torse on top of the helmet.


Technically valid, aside from the mantling/torse issues others noticed. Not... really what I'd consider *good* heraldry though. The "separate charge in each quarter" thing is kind of a common misconception from people not understanding what quartered arms are (i.e., multiple inherited arms mushed together into one device). There are no rules that prevent it but you end up with a cluttered design that doesn't really serve its purpose. Of course, that depends a bit on how much of a traditionalist you are. As long as you're happy with it, you do you. But if you're looking for opinions I suggest simplifying. Pick one or two charges (including ordinaries) that you *really* like and try to make something you enjoy out of that.


Mantling should always attach to the helm, and properly, to a crest of some kind as well (at least a torse). Slightly better syntax: Azure a cross argent in dexter chief a lion rampart Or, in sinister chief a rose of the second, in dexter base a star of the second, and in sinister base three fleurs-de-lys of the third, 2,1, within a bordure also of the third. But yours makes sense.


Here's the blazon I tried to write: Azure, a bordure Or and a cross Argent, between in the first quarter a Lion rampant, in the second, a rose Argent, in the third, a star Argent, and in the fourth three fleur-de-lis Or.


Others have offered some really good criticism, I'd like to go a different route. Am I correct in assuming that the rose, star, and lys are supposed to be indications of heritage? Remember that a coat of arms is a symbol of *you*, not where you're from. Ask yourself how the people in your life describe you. Think about your hobbies, interests, and values. If you care a lot about your heritage, maybe incorporate a *goutte de sang* as a way of saying so. If you care a lot about video games, maybe consider placing a rook or other game piece on you arms. The advice I like to give is to think of the symbolism of your CoA as if it were a tattoo.


No, it was about my own interests in history.


Interesting, wasn't expecting that. But my points still apply, I'd suggest a charge which symbolizes that love for history more overtly.


Okay, thanks.


It's better, but there's too much on there. Helmet's got to have a crest, too. I get a strong impression that the charges represent your heritage, too, I hope I'm wrong on that.


I love this! What program did you use?


4th Version here: https://www.reddit.com/r/heraldry/comments/u4tupl/4th_hopefully_final_version_of_my_coa_any_mistakes/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


Very good. Change the color of the mantling, and add a torse+crest to the helmet


This feels like cliché central.