A perfect marriage

A perfect marriage


There's like, a really good webcomic/manga/light novel concept just flying by here, and I really want more than just a four panel teaser.


The manga, ancient magus bride is kinda similar to this. A woman gets married to this eldritch being that seems super creepy but she's free to just do as she wills with or without him.


There's also anime.


I really liked that one but haven’t kept up with it in a while, need to get back to it at some point


It had really cool witchy vibes that I didn't expect. It was strangely a rather relaxed wholesome read at times.


This is pretty much season 1 of castlevania


Or maybe just episode 1


Vlad "Fear me!" Lisa "No. Also, get me paper and pens so I can make notes" Vlad "... Yes dear"


More like, Vlad: Fear me! Lisa: So anyway, where should I put my stuff?


Seems like it's basically Beauty and the Beast but Beast is a vampire and doesn't have some ticking rosepetal clock to worry about.


I believe it's this guy: [https://www.tomgauld.com/](https://www.tomgauld.com/) https://www.theguardian.com/books/picture/2019/apr/19/tom-gauld-on-werner-herzogs-easter-egg-hunt-cartoon


There’s honestly tons that have this concept, and also a bunch with a father/daughter dynamic instead of romance.


Isn't this literally the first episode of Netflix's Castlevania?


More or less.


As a voracious reader, I completely relate. and TIL that I might be just fine with a relationship with a vampire.


Basically the Vampire Hunter Bloodlust D plot


Monster spouse is a bonus


Big same, pretty ideal actually.


I am really angry the author's signature is cropped. The author's name is Tom Gauld!!!


It wasn’t meant to be cropped, thank you for sharing the name






So.... you are telling me, I need a library.


This is what probably would have really happened in *Beauty and the Beast* if Belle was really as into books as she is portrayed as being.


Well, the whole 'kidnapped dad' thing played a part I think


I mean she did go into the library even though he told her not to which is what I would’ve done that again do you want to disobey that huge beast maybe


The library isn't where he told her not to go. He showed off the library to her.


Maybe she's just kinky af and wants the big strong beastman to punish her


Right! Go live in a town as a peasant which has almost no resources for your favourite thing in the world. Or live in a giant castle with servants and all the books you could read. I bet if she just asked if her dad could live in the castle too there probably would have been no issue.


The Beauty & the Beast we deserve!


This would be me if I was put into Cyrodiil. Would I sleep with the guy, no, but I would be happy to have quiet employment. I wouldn't care what my boss was.






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I’ve said it before (granted on other subreddits but it’s fitting here) STOP FUCKING MAKING EVERY GODDAMN MONSTER CHAOTIC EVIL. Transformation? Never *just* a beast, gotta be chaotic evil and not just hurts people if they get too close like a normal animal, but seeks out people to kill. Monster with human level intellect? Gotta be evil. ***LET THERE BE NON-EVIL MONSTERS FOR FUCKS SAKE*** Yes I’m a monster fucker but also it’s just exhausting when an otherwise badass or otherwise intersting monster is written chaotic evil because The ploT DeMaNdS it. What if the monster helped the plot by being *actually* helpful? Edit: for clarity I’m mostly talking about mythology and stories, not tabletop games.


If you’re the DM you can make your own monsters I made a race if psychic yetis


I’m talking general mythology.


Gods in different mythologies are basically benevolent monsters, they’re just not classified that way. You’ll be hard-pressed to find “monsters” that aren’t chaotic, but benevolent or wise creatures and beings that have strange forms exist all over mythology.


'yes I'm a monster fucker' is thrown in so nonchalantly I love it


Preempts any accusations. Just coming out with it early sorta takes the wind out of the sails of anyone trying to be accusatory.


I've read a lot of manga where the humans are often worse than the monsters and demons. I'm not saying they were all *good* manga, however.


Humans create their own monsters wherever they go. The monsters are only evil because they've had to deal with the bigoted humans all their lives.


Werebears. During the full moon they go into a Lawful Good rampage against their will.


Lots of light novels have neutral monsters, So I am a Spider So What is a popular one.


Plots need conflict. Depends on the writer, but a lot of them go for the moral dilemma of being a monster. Sure you can go for a non-chaotic monster, but it’ll be tough for most writers to fit in without making it sound like they put in a monster for the sake of appearances, rather than a cohesive story. It’s just what people want to write, it’s a popular image and used for different metaphors. You are free to write the story you want.


Most monster manuals have descriptions of alignment, and a good portion of them are not chaotic evil. Specifically if you look at devils vs, demons, one is lawful evil and the other chaotic. A lot of interesting vampires in settings typically hold seats of authority in towns and cities, being more interested in power outside of physical (some see vampirism as a means to immortality more so than preying on people). Kobolds are quite neutral, ranging from city dwellers to tribes in the wilderness that only attack when encroached upon. If all the monsters you are running into are chaotic evil, then that's on the author / dm. Most things in these settings of tabletop have ridiculously fleshed out lore if you dig a little.


Also he’s saying she can never leave the house and we’re legitimately upvoting it titled “the perfect relationship”? We’re so mindfucked, this ain’t /r/hellsome this is /r/ABoringDystopia


Basically Vlad and Lisa Tepesh


I'm good with this life


Why is she me?




You fuck.


You will burn


Jokes on you! Im into that shit!


Oh I read that one! It's really good!


Oh, I've seen that one! I prefer [this](https://youtu.be/cSAp9sBzPbc) one though to be honest, it's a bit less known but it's got those funny cursed vibes y'all know and love :P


It's good to. I hate when these things that are so good are so lesser known