eeew, absolutely not. contact them again, that's NOT safe to eat.


UPS delivered a few boxes 2 days late each time during the past month. The meat was all warm and the box smelled so I had them refund the price


They said to use 80° meat??


I was told that they have amazing technology to keep things fresh.


When I have had issues with late delivery resulting in spoiled product they have always given me a full refund. I would call again and hopefully get a better agent, yikes encouraging you to consume spoiled product that is bad.


That’s been my prior experience. I actually spoke to 2 people this time because the app required that I do chat with someone to report ingredient issues.


Yes! I posted a few weeks back regarding the change in quality. My last box was a disaster. The bottom of the box was not taped along the seam and clearly fell apart. Whichever poor soul the box fell apart on tore off one of the bottom flaps and put it in the box with the rest of the contents (excluding the meat). The beat up box and missing contents could be from a delivery person but the blame is 100% on HelloFresh employees. How can you send out a box that is not taped along the full seam!!! I received a partial refund which I used on my next box and canceled. A customer for over 5 years and now its not worth the hassle.


Not safe to eat.


I had a box dropped off a day early at 9am when it was already 95 degrees outside, and stayed outside until I got it at noon in hundred degree heat the next day (I was out of town). When I opened the box, everything was still ice cold, the packs were still 85 percent frozen, and all the bags were still nice and chilled. I inspected all the ingredients and everything was still more than decent. Hope it turns out ok for you.