Mercenaries - yay or nay?

Mercenaries - yay or nay?




Meh indeed...


Meh of the meh.


I went from "Meh" to "Nay". The further you get, the more obvious it becomes that you either spend a lot of gold on packs to upgrade abilities or you'll get absolutely wrecked. As in, having Mercs one shot at times. "Me no care about taunt, me no care about attack reduction, me fire at healer for critical damage with huge dmg attack."


I feel like I swapped to a fairly solid "Nay" when I realized that you don't even continue getting packs from the mode. The quests or whatever they're called get more spaced out and then no longer reward packs and suddenly, if you didn't open up a good legendary, you're either: * Grinding 500 (**!!!**) of their coins out, averaging under ten per run * Using gold to pay for packs where you won't get them either And that's just kinda it? I don't totally get it, it feels like there's something missing from the progression. Even the cruelest gacha games have more "free" progression than this. Also, the BIZARRE decision to make heroics grant... nothing?


It's Blizzard, they saw the whole Gacha thing and went "Amateurs, watch this!".


The fact that you cannot gain hearthstone gold with that mode is pretty stupid I gotta admit. But >Grinding 500 (!!!) of their coins out, averaging under ten per run It's a pretty bad way to average it really. You get like a 100+ coins from a single pvp box and you can get like 3 easily and 5 if you actually play quite a lot. But it's not a bad amount. You may average it to 10 per run but averaging it makes you unlock all the mercs at once and that doesn't work that way really. I have like 350 on some and 150 on others it's not really that regular but I think that's better since you'll be unlocking them one by one.


Ah yeah okay, wasn't considering PVP but you can't direct what coins you get from there either. So if you really want, say, Anduin, it could be a very long time until you get him. I think still the technically best way (outside of opening lots of packs) is farming the last stage in Felwood but maybe I'm wrong.


> Even the cruelest gacha games have more "free" progression than this. Maybe progression is slow compared to non gacha games but compared to gacha it is very fast. I constantly get rewards just from playing F2P and hasn't hit a wall yet. > then no longer reward packs just false. you keep getting packs albeit slower. Completing all tasks of each heroes gives 3 packs. That's 153 packs just from that. Maybe you don't know where to look for them... look for mystery point on the map. They mercs to your campfire for more rewards.


Sums it up perfectly


Concise. Accurate.


I really like the idea, but I feel like something is missing to make it fun


I think it's missing replayability of solo and diversity of gameplay. I get the feeling that the number of passive you can get his pretty small. There is only 4 or 5 different group of ennemy on a map. XP feel grindy partially due to this. Basiczlly it miss all the good rogue component of a rogue like


Disclaimer: I'm only playing until Barak Kodobane and play PvP a few times. It's ok. I'm not blown away by the mode, but I'm not bored with it. I like the boss mechanics, they force you to think and strategize around them. Some of the mobs can be braindead though, so I hope mob battles get more difficult in the next region. Playing sloppily will make your mercs die, so you better be mindful of your moves. PvP takes around 1 minute to find a match and often you fight bots (they have a lot of cosmetics and play like shit). I don't think this mode is P2W, at least not in the long run (in the 1st week you want to stay out to level your abilities to lvl 3) since some rare mercs are pretty damn good (Xyrella, Cariel). However I don't like the fact that I can't see enemy abilities. I don't memorize mercs abilities so I can't properly strategize around them (just list enemy merc abilities so I can see what they're capable of). Overall, a slight yay, but after they fix the bugs (dear Lord they're a lot of them)


Hsdecktracker let’s you hover over mercs to see their ability list


Yeah, but I would like it if it's in-game for convenience. I do know it'll be harder on mobile devices (my guess is they can show enemy abilities the same way mobile shows your mercs abilities)


It’s also in game if you just click on the character and hold down.


> However I don't like the fact that I can't see enemy abilities. On a similar note, I don't like how I can't see my mercs abilities while picking a treasure for it. Sometimes I forget what it can do!


Yay but, it needs more mercs to give us the ability to create more synergy and variety. Example: There's only 3 murlocs in the whole set.


Also only one orc caster (Guldan). So my party named “Orcs” is really 5 orcs and Vol’jin


Fully agree. I want teams to be customizable, I want to have as many options as possible when I play this style of game, so I can craft my own unique teams. You can BARELY do that right now for a few classes though. At least humans gives options, although so many of them are legendary lol


yep, same with beast builds, they feel incomplete


Wait… there are only 3 murlocs? You’re telling me the like 12 mercs I have had already completed the murloc tribe? They’re pretty fun though… darn :/ I really like the murloc cannon that hits for each murloc I have while summoning murlocs. Sure, I know they aren’t endgame good but for having done 4-5 bounties they were pretty fun as a starter synergy.


murlocs also synbergize pretty well with nature, so you can combo them with guff/brukan/malfurion or something


Light disagree. I agree there aren't enough murlocs in particular, but I hope they don't release new Mercs the same way they release new expansions, because this can get so, so, so expensive


There's no question that they will. I mean, do you know Blizzard to make a whole new game mode with its title on the main menu and settle for a one time milking?




Pikachu! Use THUNDERBOLT!!


I don’t think the way Kripp is playing represents the game in the best light or even the way most people will experience it. Part of the fun comes from gradually levelling up and empowering your team and overcoming challenges you couldn’t beat before. Buying several hundred packs and starting with instawin builds robs you of that.


Exactly. I remember a battlegrounds meta where he would literally force Murlocs every game, make or break, because they were either terrible 6-8 spot if you didn't highroll, but a huge potential for a nr 1 spot. Every game he did exactly the same thing. I think mercenaries are okay, but I wish there was a way to generate and play a random map and you weren't forced to play those Barrens, Felwood etc maps and instead have a mix of different mobs in a game. Probably wishful thinking but I hope something like this will unlock once I finish the campaign.


The thing is he has to do it. He can try other bounties but he has to do that 150 times or so to get Anduin Coins he needs to upgrade Anduin. And then he has to do it 5 other times to 5 other Mercs. Obviously he can do other stuff as well but that does nothing to help him in his objective of getting Anduin to max.


Kripp is minmaxing to the extreme. This is like comparing a casual player to a speedrunner playing mario.




You could do other bounties, PvP, switch mercs. If you don’t enjoy the mode that’s fine, but don’t delude yourself into thinking that what Kripp is doing is the normal Mercenaries experience.




Um, Kripp was farming for experience with that comp, he wasn’t playing against real people, lol.


What Kripp is doing is basically playing with cheats. And we all know how fun playing with god mode and infinite ammo is. He unlocked everything, so how much game is left there to play?? Almost none


Yeah I wouldn’t watch Kripp if you’re looking for entertainment. He makes everything unfun imo.


Personally I'm enjoying it a lot. That being said, I don't understand why there is a leaderboards for this mode. This mode is legitimately pay to win. Leveled up abilities and equipment is a HUGE deal. You can only level up abilities and equipment with coins. You can't craft coins for a merc of your choice (to my knowledge) which means the only way to get these coins is by buying packs. There's so many mercs that it's pretty rare to get exactly the coins you *want* to level up your team of preference. So you'd have to dump an absolutely insane amount of money into packs to get all of the coins that would be required to level up an entire squad. Now you could 100% just obtain these coins by grinding over time. But I'm willing to predict that the top 200 on the leaderboards will boil down to who has spent the most money, since money is the most efficient way to progress.


wish there was arena leaderboards




I guess it’s just such a stark contrast to the other modes which aren’t p2w in anyway, where the leaderboard rank 1 spots have been held by completely f2p players. Idk, just leaves a sour taste in my mouth, the power scaling of these mercs are insane when they obtain certain ranks of abilities and certain item equips.


mercs is mainly a mobile game, and the mobile market has gotten away with p2w leaderboards for more than a decade now see for example, clash of clans, clash royale, basically any other gacha game


I don't defend mercenaries, but I'm not sure how more p2w it is than regular hs. In both modes you either pay to have more options, or grind a lot to get those options


That’s why there’s leaderboards lol because it’s pay to win


Yes contrary to hs. I have seen plenty of players getting to top 10 in standard and wild that are free to play. Even if I am whale for cosmetics


I played for several hours and could've sworn I had never even left the tutorial. It's repetitive and boring. It feels like it lacks meaningful decisions and nuance, and the animations are so long and cumbersome that I think I legitimately spend more time watching the pop-ups than thinking about my turns—although I guess that sums up Hearthstone in general. Party-synergies are so forced that it doesn't feel like I can actually be creative, and the UI is pretty poor. It's ugly and slow; I find myself spam clicking so often trying to skip dialogues/animations that I think I'm going to wear out my mouse. Add all of that onto the various nagging bugs on the game's client like needing to restart my game due to the disconnect/reconnect bug every couple of games and it really just screams that this was half-baked. I'm normally a big fan of these types of games too. Anything that's making constructed this far into an expansion seem more fun is definitely doing something wrong in my books. I was definitely not going into it expecting a new main-game either, just a little side thing to play when I'm particularly bored of constructed/BGs. I very likely opened/closed that mode for the last time unless it gets some sweeping changes. Gave it an honest shot and just feel like there are multiple dozens of better options for cheaper.


The sad part is Blizzard made a TON of money on preorders for Mercenaries. They just didn't make a good game.


At this point I'm less upset about Blizzard, and more about the people throwing money at them for this stuff. You'd think they'd learn. They don't.


What are better options for games like mercenaries?


Anything in the card-battler/rogue-lite genre like Slay the Spire, Monster Train, Wildermyth (getting away from it with this one).


Those resemble Duels way more than Mercenaries, no?


Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and Disney: Battle Mode are two. Although I don’t recommend anything in this genre because they are predatory but these are better versions of what Blizzard was trying to accomplish


Arcanium, Griftlands, Tainted Grail. The first one is quite similar to Mercenaries. The other two even have a plot.


Have you figured out how to finnish tutorial?, I am just cleaning all things with the basic team of 6, can't open new envelopes


If you did the 2nd mission without getting the merchants cart like I did then you're soft locked and are unable to complete the tutorial untill blozz drops a fix (check the board next to the campfire in the hub area to check if you still have tutorial 2, if you do then congrats you're softlocked in the tutorial)




I like it even tho I thought I would not.


Yay here


Tbh I’ve gotten a few characters to level 30 already, I’ve been playing quite a bit, I’ve gotten 4 legendaries out of 15 total packs, and I didn’t spend a dime on it. There’s an incredible amount of solo content. One thing that’s stood out to me, I’m trying to explore character combinations on my own. I don’t want to look up any deck lists, I just want to play the solo, find my own teams and then wreck in pvp! Had a blast so far


It’s really easy to crap on the mode despite it only being out for a day. I’ve found it interesting to explore and learn. There are a bunch of heroes and a bunch of synergies to work on. Choosing a team seems like a big part of success. I’m not blown away with it, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wake up with the urge to play more of it.


Exactly my thoughts! What do you think about watching it? I am suprised how fun it is to play, but watching it makes me wanna go to bed.


Quite the opposite of Hearthstone lol


I feel exactly the same as both of you. Not a mode I will probably watch streamers play, but I’m enjoying it myself. Finding the synergies between mercs is my favorite part.


Exactly. Problem with a lot of ppl is that they want a card game in HS and that's totally fine and I agree. But Mercs isn't that at all and ppl just bashed the mode heavily since they knew it was a gacha like game and now they don't care about the mode at all and actually want it to fail. Many said "oh I played just the first tutorial match and had to stop cause how bad it was" I remember ppl laughing a lot at Blizzard because of BGs saying "they released a game mode that was one year too late" which was true the auto battler game genre exploded 1 year before. But guess what the Devs made BGs a very interesting game inside that genre probably the best in the field. I personally don't like BGs and can't understand how so many ppl stopped playing constructed to only play BGs but it is good game inside that genre and I'm actually thinking of dropping HS constructed and focus only on Mercs like so many did with BGs. Give it time and I hope the Devs support the game like they did with BGs and it will be a very good game inside its own genre.


Comparing battlegrounds to mercenaries is non-sense, they are completely different games with completely different monetization schemes. Battlegrounds is accessible, you can pick it up and play it at a high level from the beginning. Hell you can pay for the tavern pass by earning gold in the game, so you don't even have to reach into your wallet. The mode also has a good balance of luck and skill, is loved by the streaming community, Mercenaries is completely pay to win, like it makes competitors like MtG and traditional hearthstone seems straight up fair. Everything is deterministic, which means barring gross misplay, whoever has the best mercs and the highest character skills will win. You get those through packs, which you buy. You can try to F2P it, but at like 15 tokens on average per appearance it takes 33 of them to buy a legendary, and with legendary tokens only showing up in like 1 in 5 games, and with aprox 15 legendries, it will take you about 2,475 games to earn a specific legendary. If every game takes 20 mins, that's 825 hours, or 103 days playing 8 hours a day. Setting aside the very troubling monetization aspects, the game is boring. You have nine abilities to choose from in any given round, for a total of 27 possible plays, with the actual number being much lower due to cooldowns and avoiding non-sense plays.


Not comparing the games. I'm comparing the fact that some ppl find attractive BGs genre and BGs is very well made inside that genre. I don't like that genre but I do like Mercs genre and it seems well made so far with plenty of room to improve. Plus the argument of u can play BGs without having an advantage is flawed cause choosing 4 heroes instead of 2 can be deciding. Matchmaking in Mercs match's u with someone on Ur level. You arent supposed to face full on maxed out teams with Ur begginer comp. Just give it a chance. Many laughed at BGs at first and they ain't laughing now


Wait 20min a match? In Mercs? What? U clearly haven't played it so that's kinda weird trying to be all science about it without trying wtf?


Yeah seems pretty cool to me. I was hesitant at first and the tutorial was just ok but now that I have everything unlocked it feels like a fun new world to explore.


I like that it's a side thing I can grind when I want some hearthstone mechanics but I don't want to worry about ranked. A sense of progression is also nice to have. I feel like this will become a top tier game mode if it gets some love and attention EG; it absolutely needs more cards (Why they released with so few is beyond me, and after reading this thread that is clearly everyone's number 1 issue. It needs to give some more card packs out for free, and it likely needs to have 4 characters on a board instead of 3. Throw some boss / battle variance in there and you have something great.


It's a great concept, but it's clearly been rushed out. There's a ton of empty space and the loading times between rounds are long, and if there's going to be both of those I'd prefer if it would at least display the opponent's moves above their portraits so I don't have to hover over them


I’d say meh. I’ve only played pve so far and I wish there was more of a procedurally generated boss list. It’s pretty easy to get 6 or 7 bounties in and realize that there are some synergies that might work better so you have to play through basically the same quests to level them up. I kinda wish it was more like dungeon run with unique hero powers and cards from the game you could use for neat synergies but it’s not terrible just underwhelming


> I kinda wish it was more like dungeon run with unique hero powers and cards from the game you could use for neat synergies Well, then you wanted a new Dungeon run, but people bashed it so unfarly on this sub and forums that team 5 abandoned it...


When we’re people bashing dungeon run? I think the og dungeon run hasn’t aged all that well but it’s spin-offs with rastahkan’s rumble, dalaran heist and tombs of terror is the best content hearthstone has to offer rn


Nay for me. * Decisions making is at best okay-ish * Intense grinding foresee * No reason to engage in the mode tbh * Become repetitive fast * Same currency than Hearthstone (Gold) * Hella expensive (50US$ for bundles, come on) * Boring to watch (I though BG was boring to watch but damn, Merc is insanely boring) * All the technicals sucks (UI, client, lags, inconsistency, lack of clarity (Horde/alliance)) * Clearly, that game should have been release separatly from HS with a dedicated clien that could bring the game up, not drag it down... * There is potential for sure but its not for me, it feels like a cheap mobile game


For a mode that got hyped and marketed so hard by Blizzard the UI is the biggest turnoff for me, its insultingly lazy


"Lack of clarity" also comes down to when I'm choosing my power up during a run, I can't actually for the life of me remember who's in my party, let alone if they're horde or alliance. And I'm still really having to work hard to remember which colour beats which, but I guess it will become easier the more I play


If it helps, think of the colours as fire grass and water. Like pokemon, water>fire>grass>water.


This is the way. I could not remember this either until I started thinking Pokémon.


Never played or really know anything about Pokémon. I've instead got into my head: Spell casters can get around shields, shields can bash fighters and fighters can slay casters as they have no defence. It just about gets me through.


This is probably explained in the tutorial but I didn’t even realize that they colours even mean anything because I skipped through it.


Trump was literally talking stocks while playing on LAUNCH day. If that doesn’t speak volumes I don’t know what does


you could do that easily in any turn-based game, idk why that would "speak volumes" lmao


Because a decent mode would probably hold the person’s excitement/interest for longer than a couple hours.


Because it's a turn based game that was released THAT DAY. An educational streamer should have enough to talk about regarding the game on release...no?


Initially I played and upon waking up I feel like playing more. There’s still a lot to learn I guess. I can see it being a solve meta over time but then again even normal hs is like that now so it’s up to devs to keep it fresh with new mercs or buff/nerfs


Mercenaries feels super grindy, and the fights all seem to follow the format of "here's a strategy that works, I'll repeat that for X amount of turns". It's also feels super unfinished. aside from inconsistencies in pop ups, not being able to buy more than one pack at a time with gold, running into infinite stalemates. The camp tasks are specific to mercs, so if you don't have that mercenary leveled up you'll have to go back and level them up to complete the task, or abandon it and forgo your daily quest. Grinding feels bad. You need to grind XP, Coins, and tasks to unlock stuff for characters. XP hasn't been a huge problem so far, but coins are the real challenge. Getting 10-15 coins for an hour or so of doing a bounty feels real bad when you abilities cost upwards of 125. It sucks not getting lucky enough to unlock the treasure which makes a merc playable, and it double sucks that you can't exchange coins. getting treasure in a run is neat, but since you can't pick which mercenary gets the treasure sometimes the one you bring along to speed level ends up taking your treasure slot, making the rest of the run more difficult. On top of all this, in order to upgrade your camp you need to pay gold, which as far as I can tell, you can't earn playing mercenaries. Normal hearthstone quests and achievements don't give you the resources you need to play the game-mode. I'm going to play through the single player content till I finish the "storyline", but I much prefer the dungeon run style of single player to this. it just feels really rushed and boring.


I kinda love it, Rexar and Crush feels super good and ill stick for a while


Haven't played it, haven't actually played Hearthstone in ages, but have been watching a fair share or Kripp over the last 30 hours. First off, good god, this has to be the most boring to watch game ever. Like, not only does the board look beyond awfully boring, but the circumstance that there's like 50 characters, all doing 10 different things and you have absolutely 0 way of knowing / telling what they do is just awful. Like, this green guy has 6 attack so he's gonna hi... nope, random 42 damage spell out of nowhere. Just absolutely impossible to know what's going on unless you're giga invested. Regarding the game itself: Absolutely ridiculous. Seeing Kripp drop like 200 bucks or whatever and get like ~1,000 ss per hero... only to then realize that you need like 5k scraps per hero to fully upgrade them... and that you randomly get like 10-15 scraps per match... holy fucking shit, this is the greediest I've ever seen Blizzard. Making it so that you have to PvE through the same piss easy oneshot levels 600 times to get all your heroes leveled to 30 also looks absolutely fucking mental. Seeing Kripp play the same map like 10 hours nonstop, doing the same 2 clicks to oneshot every encounter, just to farm stupid 20 scraps and 3 levels per round is unbelievable. And then I watched him PvP. The guy who's just spent 200 bucks, played and leveled all his shit in PvE for like the last 24 hours and is overall pretty knowledgeable bout this entire fucking thing... ye, big fun seeing him getting destroyed by random bots with full sets of maxed out characters, just dealing twice as much damage. Not gonna lie, this game mode looks absolutely boring, dull, obscure, beyond stupidly grindy and incredibly pay2win. But I guess... it's gonna be a-ok once the mode has been out for 6 years, everyone has managed to grind 6 heroes to like 80% of their full potential and everyone knows everything about every hero? Nah, this is the worst Hearthstone I've ever witnessed. I'd be big time impressed if this mode survived next week.


Played for a solid 3 hours yesterday and am really digging it so far, it’s basically Pokémon meets a roguelite and I have time for it. The battles themselves are only really half the game, there’s a whole metaloop around who you’re taking and why. You have a Scabbs bounty that prompts combo damage? Okay what other mercs are super quick that will reliably activate combo? Is this comp viable to keep progressing? It’s certainly difficult to try and process the nuance between all of the mercs, mainly because key abilities that define their identity / function need to be unlocked by using them. Really interested to see where the dust falls in terms of balance, I do suspect there will be a few combos that absolutely undermine the vast majority of the game, which I guess makes now the perfect time to play - before the really broken stuff comes to light. I’m certainly in until further notice.


Could not be more nay. Day 2 experience. Sub Antonidas in for Tamsin on my demon team to complete a task. Start my first felwood run. Face the exact same group of enemies three times. Win easily. Accomplish three tasks. Get no coins for my current team (except for Antonidas, who I don’t care about) or Diablo. Have enough gold for a pack from finishing my daily quest. Don’t get any coins for my current team or Diablo. So today I played half an hour, spent 100 gold, made zero progression, and had zero fun. Come back tomorrow for more tasks! Mercenaries has been fascinating from a meta standpoint. It is the most boring, least engaging, ugliest gacha game I’ve ever played, and I’ve played quite a few gacha games. It’s actually fascinating how dismal this game is. It’s as interesting as watching the debt clock. At least then the numbers will actually go up. Like take Ragnaros. I have ragnaros! He’s a legendary elemental lord, an iconic character! He has the fascinating abilities do damage 1, do damage 2 and do damage 3. There is one other elemental. He has the abilities do damage 1, do damage 2, and do conditional damage 1. They have no elemental synergies. Whoopdie fucking do. I spent all my gold, 5500 of it, on this mode, with the conscious knowledge that this was, for me Hearthstone’s last chance. And they couldn’t have been any clearer that they do not have any idea as to what makes a game fun. Raid Shadow Legends is a shitty game and it’s infinitely more interesting than this ugly, pointless game.


I'm honestly sorry for your waste of coins


I'm not. What else was I going to spend it on? Ranked hearthstone? I have every card and I hate ranked hearthstone. I'm kind of shocked that people are enjoying it. But I guess huge swathes of people spend ridiculous sums on auto-battling games that play themselves. They are welcome to it. I loved single-player hearthstone. I played Dungeon Run, Heist, and Uldum until I had cleared them out completely, every check mark. We're never getting it again. Duels is a shambles and Mercenaries is far, far worse.


So...you hate every aspect of the game you're still playing? Or is Battlegrounds ok? Honestly curious


He did say this was HS's last chance for him


I am not presently playing hearthstone. I cleared out my dailies twice a week for the last six weeks, in anticipation of mercenaries. Mercenaries was the drizzling shits, and I uninstalled. Also I only “finished” ul’dum two months ago. That was keeping the game alive for me. Battlegrounds is ok since the patch, but Storybook Brawl is just better so…


Out of curiosity, have you played Legends of Runeterra? It's my personal favorite game. This week I decided to try out HS again because two irl friends got back into it. I was planning on playing both games for a bit, but I think I might end up dropping HS already. I'm just not having much fun. That said, Legends of Runeterra is definitely not for everybody.


Runeterra is pretty great!


It's yay for what it aims to be But i really hope it gets better to look at, and less dead-time with all the loading screens


I guess it works as a gold sinkhole so people buy the miniset with money


Or maybe idk, people actually enjoy thosr kind of games? 3vs3 turn based rpg have been a thing for years.


The guy I replied to said it's what it's meant to be What do you think it's meant to be?


it’s actually rly fun compared to the rest of the game (of course, excluding solo adventure) (which might be why i think this games pve mode is so fun)


Yay for me. Will be a fun chill PvE mode to chip away at, I’m having a good time.


After the disappointing reveal, this is a pretty nice yay for me. It’s a nice PVE mode with more replay ability than we have had until now, and since I dont have any desire to do PVP in this, the grind is just a nice fun thing to do for the sake of collecting and finishing levels. I did end up getting a preorder right before it dropped, and while it was nice to have more options at the start it for sure didn’t feel needed, with even the starter heroes quickly getting some fun synergy action going on. As others have said it’s the mash potatoes to my main entree for my hearthstone time.


Yes I love pokemon Pros: it's fun to level up your pokemon, the progression of pokemon through exp and ability/weapon improvement is straightforward, the pve tracks are fun and addictive, they nailed the flavor on most pokemon Cons: buggy buggy buggy, the gameplay might become more repetitive than fun and addictive, it's super annoying to get coins for a merc you don't have even though it helps you to craft them, you have to pay gold for things like heroic mode Edit: neutral comment, I do not see any reason why positioning is important yet. Maybe I'm missing it but I don't see any conditions like "attacks adjacent mercs " or "your left-most merc always attacks first" or anything like that


As to your edit, there are abilities that care about positional, but not a ton yet. Ragnaros Meteor works like HS meteor for example, Sylvanas can trigger a betrayal like effect, and Kurtrus has an immune ability if he attacks the left or right minions. Some treasures make attacks cleave, and there’s a felwood boss that cleaves all his attacks. There’s probably a few others. There’s not a huge number of them but there’s a few.


I'm enjoying it so far, but don't think I'll ever take it seriously. It'll probably be a distraction when I want a break from ladder. It should be better than BG for that.


I’m having fun


How are you not downvoted don’t you know no one is supposed to enjoy the game here


Decision making seems veeeeeerrry linear with not much nuance. The treasures that pop up almost always have a very clear choice with the other two options not making sense at all. Also the mercenaries have very clear “play other fire mercs” type abilities that make them lame to include in any other wacky combinations. I don’t like when decisions are made for me. The decisions that feel somewhat good are the deathblow mechanics, trying to time it so my Guff gets the kill and things like that.


I'm enjoying it, I think it will get boring once the grind becomes too much or too little. It will live or die based on the updates. Right now there's just not much to it. I do love that I can play the mode nonstop however. Many mobile games of this type have an energy meter that prevents you from playing the game as long as you want. No energy = no gameplay.


Meh at the start, but if they keep adding on and tweaking it like they’ve done on battlegrounds, there’s potential.


Halfway through the tutorial I already felt like quitting, but I wanted to at least finish the tutorial to give the game a chance. I stopped after the tutorial, it seriously sucks. It feels like a repetitive mobile game, except there are better mobile games of this style from much smaller devs.


Am I the only person that is concerned that Mercenaries is completely P2W? Like you literally get upgrade points from packs to upgrade spells and make them more powerful. Haven't spent a lot of time in it yet so please let me know if I'm missing something.


It's P2W until you have everything maxed out. Similar to Clash Royale or games like that. Once you and your opponents are maxed out then it becomes a skill game. But that's an awful lot of time and effort to put in to play a non-P2W game. Just go play any other game that's not P2W and you skip all that grinding/paying.


TLDR; Yes it's P2W.


No, you are correct. You could imagine a world in which Hearthstone is balanced, and buying packs only buys you more options and not raw power. That will never be true of Mercenaries - the abilities and equipment are designed to be strict upgrades gated behind card packs.


The key thing will be their matchmaking system that is supposed to guarantee parity. Now whether or not that works we don’t truly know yet. From my brief pokes into pvp that seems to work as advertised, but lets see after a week or two if people are getting consistently fair games or not.


despite the bugs it’s interesting and has its potential


Same as Duels - cool idea in concept, but execution is ... lacking. It ll probably find its audience, but for the majority it ll become real old real fast.


Did the tutorial. Never playing it again.


So you didn't really try it. Thanks for your input.


I am disappointed by the overall concept. I was really hoping for a Slay the Spire Rogue like thing... Upgrading mercenaries and their abilities just seems like a way to monetize the game and not something to add to the gameplay experience It also feels like a watered down Pokémon in some aspects.


Yay, only when Rank pisses me off and I need a cool down.




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Yay. I liked it quite a bit. It’ll probably replace BG as my time killer when I don’t like standard.


I’ve been having fun, but not sure about the long term appeal.


Yay for the core gameplay, nay for the client and UI. Bogs the game down. Two important fixes would be to reduce load times before matches and display enemy attack intents without mouse over. Not that the game is all that similar to Slay the Spire, but stark comparison in user experiences and interfaces, Spire being much, much faster and more fluid. Break the game out of the HS client and it could be great. Won't happen for obvious business reasons but guy can dream.


I like it, more cassual you can go from and continue where you left it


I played it for around 4 or 5 hours yesterday lol. I really only built two parties, so I definitely want to do some more experimentation. I’ve just got my first 6 heroes to level 15 so I need to change it up and get some others to 15 to play around with even more moves and heroes. I capped off them night with some quest hunter and anaconda druid, so all in all a fun night of hearthstone and stayed up way past my bedtime (I’m 30 now I can’t do it like I used to). Excited to do it again tonight :)


As a pve solo grindy experience it’s a great time killer. It’s pretty fun overall and let’s me do other things while i play. Battlegrounds scratches a more competitive and thought intense itch, this scratches a more time killing itch. Though if it requires using gold for packs it needs to award gold in some way, or switch to a mercenary exclusive currency. Even if it’s something that maxes out at like 100/day. Or just 1-2 quests in the campfire that award gold/exp so it’s not an attempt to juggle 5 different modes in daily quests


I'm enjoying it a lot, but it's clearly unfinished and needs polish.


I've been enjoying it so far, I basically played it for about 18 hours straight so I definitely like it thus far but I already see that end of the tunnel as it is right now. It's early days, and I believe they will get it right down the line. They need to fix those task 5 bugs ASAP and find ways to stretch the content. One thing I do agree, and it is a factor nowadays in a game mode's success, this is not entertaining to watch (it is to play for me), and streamers will most likely not go for this game mode as it stands because it's just very boring to watch.




I don't understand why the devs think they can charge so much money for the bundles and packs. It's a super basic rpg with awful UI and graphics. Like they really want me to stare at the same little ovals for hours and hours? At least standard and BGs have a little variety For the same price as a bundle or two you could get a used Gameboy and a copy of Pokemon or a used console and a copy of FF, kingdom hearts, or some other award winning rpg


I found the game mode kind of boring. And it seems like it will be a lot of work to level up all my Mercs. I've gotten the six you start with up to a higher level. But the idea of going though the early bounties to level up everyone to the same point seems daunting. I want to play with demons but my demons are low level compared to the starting six.


It’s missing some flashiness. I’m enjoying the gameplay but the board and actions are meh, hopefully they work on that before moving on to more mercs.


I like it


Most fun I’ve had since they added Battlegrounds. It’s unique from the other modes and a nice change of pace, gives you something to work on solo and - like an RPG - everything you do progresses something some way or another. I’d say so far it’s almost as good as BGs, definitely better than dueling imo - to each their own though.


There’s a lot of great groundwork here and I’m looking forward to it getting flashed out with time.


It's like solo adventures, with a bunch of missions instead of 1 dungeon. and u dont keep all ur buffs throughout the whole thing. i think it's a solid 3.5/10 deserving of the 5 euros to start playing. but not much more


fucking nay. its garbage




Overwhelming nay


I don't understand why they designed it to be so grindy. How is that fun? The core gameplay is kinda fun but the entire design with grinding and leveling up is bullshit.


played for two days, never again. pvp is literally pay to win


I got bored almost instantly. It’s not fun imo, but I didn’t play that much. Seems like the whole game is a tutorial and is slow and each turn isn’t meaningful


So far its been fun to play, but I expect it to get old fairly fast. Also its boring to watch.


Played the tutorial boring , repetitive and the game seems to have zero purpose


Garbage. Fell asleep halfway through the tutorial.


Every fucking game is a grind now. You'll either like this particular grind, or you won't. No real way for you to know without trying it. Good news is you can do that for free. It's kinda like if Blizzard stole the very first alpha build of a generic JRPG team battle system and said "yeah, this is a whole game," slapped a micron-thick layer of Warcraft paint on it, and shipped it. 🤷‍♂️


Watching it is boring playing it is fun. It’s a yay for me. Exactly the laid back mode I needed. Plus this time we’re grinding for something else than rank points :)


I think this should of been a separate game and not included in HS. The reason I say this is this is completely separate from the rest of Hearthstone minus the gold you use to create parts of your camp. In battlegrounds the cards act the same way for the most part. Personally I think the concept of character currency from packs seems crappy. Like hey here's 1/30th what you need to craft this one card you want. Then you have to hope to get another 1/30th among the 50 other mercenaries. Yes there is the chance you get the mercenaries you want from the packs and those odds go up slightly for each skin and mercenary you get. But I have a hard time believing the odd is that great. The value of each pack seems quite a bit lower then a normal Hearthstone pack. One reason I think this is there is no universal currency. In the other parts of Hearthstone there are two universal currencies gold and dust. Now you have 51 more with no good way to get a specific kind. The universal currencies dust and gold have been one of the things that have kept me playing. After you get your characters levelled and geared everything you earn is useless after that. This is a fundamental difference between Hearthstone and Hearthstone Mercenaries. In I guess OG HS if you get more gold or dust you know you can use it in later expansions so your time still feels valuable. One thing they could of done is simplified the crafting/currency system to Horde and Alliance generic points that you can use to craft anything on either side. Even if it costs more you can easily target what you want and the packs feel more impactful. Opening packs should be a thrill and not feel so lackluster. This is one aspect I think the creative team overlooked. The bugs with quests and the tutorial aside. Packs seem underwhelming. The PVE doesn't seem that bad to me. Currency/crafting seems horrible. The looks of the battle zones seems bland. I spent 5 dollars and change and about 1300 gold on this and I don't feel like I got my monies worth.


Big yay for me. I really like it so far (just got into Felwood). It's a nice singleplayer experience that is challenging enough for me on Heroic, and the multiplayer could get more interesting when we get to see more Mercs. When, like me, you only play Battlegrounds and no constructed (anymore) it's a nice gold sink for the upgrades of your camp. Not so much for the packs. Spend about 4000 gold and bought both bundles, the €5 and the €20 ones. The stuff I got before that actually would've been plenty to enjoy the mode and I got more portraits than I got new Mercs. Next to that I really disliked getting packs with only rare coins in them. Overall mode 8/10, monetization 6/10


One of the worst game I've ever played . There is litterally no fun playing this game . Ppl will argue that the grind gets repetitive like other games . But in other games (diablo, wow, etc.) the grind is at least a bit fun . + Mercenaries is ugly AF , playing it really felt like working at a really shitty job. Acti Blizz at it again , fishing the whales !


Nay 100% - want to scratch this itch ? Play Darkest Dungeon.


Its hot garbage


Yay for me. I love pve games like this with tribe synergies.


Yay. 10 Times better then standard currently. I will play merc until new expansion Comes out. Hopefully we get a better meta then.


yay, kinda


Enjoying it. Optimistic about the potential


%100 nay from me, I tried it but PvP is overrun by whales who got everything with hella leveled up abilities, like if you dont open 130 or whatever packs like them you stand 0 chance. Standart hs and BG is enough for me.


I really tried…. But nay. Kind of boring.






Nay. Unless you liked wow garrisons.


Yay for me. Much better than what I initially thought with blizzard’s confusing first video


One of the worst gacha games iv ever played.


It would be okay-ish if you didn't have to spend gold (or money) on it, it's too boring and having to grind isn't worth it


It’s ok. I’ll play it for a bit. They need to add some more content and modes which I’m sure they will eventually. I think it could be a game I spend a lot of time in, but current state will be pretty casual.


meh kind of boring


Honestly, Blizzard should fire anyone involved with the development, testing, game design, and launch of the game mode. You dont need these people working on anything else again. Its pathetic how bad this mode is and how little they did. I would be embarrassed to put my name on the mode if I worked on it.


Got bored before the tutorial finished, so I deleted the quest. Will likely never open the mode again.


Was ok but boring then it started asking for gold and that was the end for me


yay. it deff has depth and its fun and something different. let the trolls hate it. more fun for us who actually like it ;)




I can't finish the tutorial because it was too boring. Are the packs only giving mercenary things? Hope so, then I lost nothing.


Yay. Although I hate that you have to spend gold on it, when you can't make any gold from it, because Hearthstone has been a Nay for me for years


NAY its very bland, boring and unintresting repetive gameplay. and worst of all they delayed and took resources away for actual improvements and content to Regular HS. ​ I did this to get the mount in wow + being able to open the packs and complete turtorial so the packs and blue NEW gloww in main menu would stop bothering me.


Big yay


Fuck spending gold on this shit


nay. u need gold and u cant get gold in mercenaries. make it its own currency


Gameplay got repetitive and boring after about an hour. The UI is insultingly lazy for the amount of marketing money and hype spent on the mode. They just slightly reskinned the standard board and called it a day. Really disappointing.


Nay. Much too grindy. Dreads effectively bought $600 worth of packs with Gold and he is still running low on Merc coins. That may be evened out by being able to play bounties over and over (I think) but it's not worth the effort for me. Gameplay is much too tedious. The only bright spot for Mercs is that it is solid solo content so you don't need anyone else to enjoy it even if it completely flops. ETA: PVP may have potential but it's highly inaccessible because we need to grind out mercs.


Snore fiesta, Hearthstone meets Raid shadow legends.


kinda gay


it feels like a version 0.0.1 alpha of a game that might be good 6 years from now when it's actually finished. It's genuinely baffling that this is the state it's in after the mode itself was delayed for months, and they delayed the Stormwind miniset and the next set by a month to give themselves more time to finish it


Thumbs up from me.


Yay for me, just remove the animations and shorten the loading


I’m enjoying it and it’s fun for now. I’m relishing that feeling with this that feels like back when HS first launched being f2p and trying to scrap together the best team I can with what I’ve been given. That being said I think I’ll get tired of it eventually when it becomes a huge grindfest to actually max out your team. Also if it turns out that team is really bad meta-wise, then all that effort is going to feel like a huge waste.




Yay, because I got Ragnaros in my first pack with Antonidas. Not sure if it's good but I love Ragnaros.


Yay for me. I doubt, I'll get next expansion unless the state of standard games have changed.




Yay, but beware, the grind is real, even if you do pay for the pack bundles.


Yay. Like it spent $20 on it. Prefer standard and BGs though