Omg this is so cool. I always thought I would've enjoyed AP/ToT more if it were handheld!


I have awful vision, so handheld is usually my preference as I can take my glasses off and get less eye strain than reading from the TV. Hopefully they'll remake this game for switch in the near future!


Omg I wish I could still see without my glasses on, even up close at least. I have really, really bad vision.


I am right there with you. I get massive headaches so fast if I don’t have them on.


I don't think I could even function without them. Haha. I can sort of walk around my home because I know the layout but anything that involves fine motor and seeing detail, I can't do, because I'd have to get within an inch of what I was looking at and at that point I can't see a wide enough view to get the whole picture. Like with a digital clock if it was 1:20 I'd only be able to see the 1 or the 2 or the 0 at one time. I'd have to physically move my head left to right to scan it and get the whole picture hahaha.


I'm replaying ToT right now and day one I thought that lol. Something about farming games are so much better handheld. Not to mention the amount of times I keep accidentally doing an action from moving the Wii remote and losing stamina 😅


we out here in 2023 and youre from 2133


How did you get to play like that?? That’s amazing!!!


Hubby has this steam deck, kind of like a switch looking thing that let's you play steam games handheld. Figured out you can run emulators on it, so we ran dolphin and it is able to run all different wii games. Was most excited to get animal parade up and running


It's called emudeck. It's not that hard to set up on the steamdeck.


seeing just the save screen on it makes me hyped for its remake. how does it feel to live my dream playing AP on handheld


(sorry i dont ever use reddit so idk what im doin BUT) has there been a remake announced for it? i know theres one for hm: a wonderful life but i havent heard about one for AP


no, they haven't announced anything yet but rather hinted at it. https://twitter.com/MUNCHRIH/status/1622257566280556545




Damn now I really want a steam deck, didnt know you could run emulators


Yeah it runs full speed on my snapdragon 855 phone but I didn't know I can use my old will file I remember marrying Maya in tot I was aiming for renee ap


To get the save file from the wii, I used savegame manager gx to compress the file from the wii system save it to my SD card so I could put it on the pc and get it on the steam deck. I think your wii needs to be able to run homebrew though fyi




congratulations!!!! 💗💗🥳🥳 off i go to play animal parade now lol


I wish this was me


This is the main reason I want a steam deck! So cool that you even got your old save data to work.


I don’t think I’d leave the house for at least a month if I had that!


He brought it to work w him today. I just got home myself and idk what to do with myself cause now I can't play lol, less than a day and I'm already addicted


Oooh, don't suppose you have a guide on how to set this up?


SO jealous


I want a steam deck so bad solely for this reason LOL