Harry’s super expeliarmus that knocks Snape on his ass at the end of PoA is movie-only. In the book, Snape gets knocked back into furniture because Harry, Ron, and Hermione all did it at the same time


Can we just take a second to wonder what the hell is up with Expeliarmus? Sometimes it blasts people off their feet (Snape vs Lockhart), sometimes it just disarms them.


When you roll a spellcraft check sometimes you get a 1, sometimes a 20.


They can control it, but for younger inexperienced like Harry and Draco if mental stress or any strong emotion is present it can increase the intensity of the spell.


Magic is about intent. If you feel "I MUST DISARM THIS PERSON NOW", the spell is bound to be stronger versus a just quiet, intense "I need them disarmed".


deatheaters flying without brooms was the one that stuck to me


i remember it being a big deal that voldemort could do that in the 7th book, as an example of his extreme power


now thinking back bout book 7 them pretty much under invisibility cloak in the majority of the book guess it would make sense for the movies to remove that part.


Lol I always wondered what the movies would look like if they actually made the trio invisible most of the time to viewers when they were under the cloak.


I thought that was how they were showing apparition which is just as bad


Sirius saying “nice one James” before he died. In the books he died laughing at bellatrix as they duelled, thinking he was invincible. And she died the same way laughing at molly as they duelled, thinking she was invincible. I liked the symmetry.


Also in the book, Sirius died after Bellatrix curse knocks him back into the veil. In the movie Bellatrix kills him with Avada Kedabra and then the veil pulls him in.


Yeah, In the books it didn’t actually say he was dead, it made him sound like he was alive, albeit injured, when he fell through the veil. I suppose it was written like that because it was Harry’s perspective and he didn’t believe he was dead at first, but I legit thought for a moment that he might come back somehow when I first read it


Sirius possibly surviving (and the veil playing a role in the final battle) was a serious fandom discussion back before book 7 came out, IIRC. Also, Bellatrix using the killing curse removes some of the emotional impact, in my opinion. Instead of Harry momentarily believing that Sirius would come back and realizing that Sirius had never kept him waiting like that before, film Harry knows the killing curse is final.


I’m re-reading OOTP and was looking for this comment. He does say “Nice one” to Harry in the book but it’s a a bit before Sirius falls into the veil.


Polyjuice Potion *does* change your voice. I'm assuming they only did the voice thing in the movie so everyone understood it was still Harry and Ron.


True enough; it's shown the right way in the fourth movie with Mad Eye and Barty Crouch Jr.


And then back to doing it wrong again with the Seven Potters scene.


And the Ministry of Magic scene.


I never got that choice, even if it was to make things easier to understand. All that time rehearsing and dubbing could have been better spent on something else. Also Polyjuice Potion looks/tastes different depending on who you’re changing into. Harry deserved his gold potion.


snape standing in front of the trio to protect them from werewolf lupin in POA but actually he was knocked out by then in the books.


And Sirius was letting his head smack into things as they transported him out of the tunnel. I was absolutely cackling rereading it last month.


It may be the biggest lost from books canon


Or a sign that Rowling didn’t mean to make him nearly as sympathetic as many in this fandom believe Edit: wow I really thought I was going to get downvoted to oblivion for this. You guys bring me such hope 🥲


Especially since he's pissed afterwards, in the books, that Sirius has escaped. "It's him, he had something to do with it!"




"Get a grip man!"


Its weird that the movie took this direction, the book described him being deranged looking after finding out Sirius escaped. The movies paint Snape so well, Alan Rickman makes me forget that Snape had greasy hair and a prominent hook nose. I think the movies ended up influencing how Snape was portrayed in the last book but I could be wrong.


The movies started after the 4th book came out right? And Alan Rickman says he had a discussion with JKR that told him something about the character. So you may be right about how the movies influenced the books. But I also think that by the end of the 4th book, JKR has made up her mind on the type of character she wants Snape to become, and in the 3rd book he was still a good villain, and she hadn't made up her mind on the full arch of the character.


>The movies started after the 4th book came out right? Yes - Philosopher's Stone movie was released November 2001 and the Goblet of Fire book came out in July 2000.


He straight up caps-locks in the book, screaming his head off. Even Cornelius Fudge is just like chill tf out, man!


She told Alan Rickman the truth about Snape very early on. He was the first to know Snape’s true character. So him moving to protect to three I could very easily see being Alan Rickman more or less improvising that or making that character choice himself, considering he secretly knew Snape’s backstory even then.


In the reunion, someone (sorry I don’t recall if a director or Gary Oldman) mentions how Alan Rickman would often do things that weren’t in the script, and when asked why, he’d say “you’ll find out later”, since he was the first and only one at the time to know Snape’s arc. So he definitely had a huge influence on movie-Snape’s character.


durmstrang being all boys and beauxbatons being all girls


And it doesn't even make sense. Where do all the French boys and the Bulgarian/North Eastern girls go to? I think there are only three European wizarding schools which is already questionable (as a consequence there should be some Italian, Dutch, German students at Hogwarts). If the other two schools were gender specific, they should teach about the yearly magical mass migration in History of Magic. It would definitely be in the Daily Prophet.


Wormtail just sort of...dissapeared in the movie, having been zapped in a visual gag by dobby, while his death in the books was a huge deal and rather gruesome. I'm still salty they took the whole "voldemorts most loyal follower has a life debt to harry" bit and reduced it to "haha fat ugly man fall down stairs"


This. The complete and utter disappearance of Wormtail. Friends who didn't read the books were genuinely confused about what was of him, he's never seen again since


The one who caused Sirius to go into Azkaban, killed Cedric Diggory, and was the cause of Voldemort knowing where Harry’s parents were- basically starting the entirety of the story… reduced to haha fat ugly man fall down stairs. Such a shame.


Neville and Luna's relationship.


Ginny having the personality of a wet blanket


I think wet blankets might be more interesting than movie ginny tbh


The hogwarts robes are the same for every student. Not different per house. And they don't wear school pants, button down shirts, and ties. They also wear pointed hats, at least in the first book.


The Hogwarts uniforms actually looked a lot like my high school uniforms just with a robe over top which made costume contests really easy at the time lol. But after movie 2 they quickly disregarded uniforms more and more and just had all the students wearing Muggle clothing when not in class despite book 4 showing most wizards have no clue how to dress like a muggle properly


I believe it was the director s decision to put them in modern clothes when they should have been flapping about in black robes with nothing in particular underneath from the start.


Once in a while those hats gets mentioned in the books and it always catches me off-guard. EDIT: [List of hats mentioned.](https://scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/66174/when-do-students-wear-their-hats-at-hogwarts/116596#116596) Trippy.


Damn I never paid attention to that. The only exception for me is Professor McGonagall. I always imagine her with a hat.


The muggle clothes worn constantly in the movies bugs me.


It's in the books too. They just slap robes on top of muggle clothes. I prefer how the early movies handled it.


Eh I preferred the way the movies handled the robes. I mean it'd look silly to have the trio wearing hats for 90% of the movies.


Oh, absolutely. But people seem to forget it was different in the books.


That's always confused me. As in the books, there's that jinx that makes Snape and Ron be turned upside down, showing their pants. But in the movies they wear trousers and shirts underneath their robes.


A lot of Hermione's " knowledge of the Wizarding world " is actually Ron's lines that they gave her instead


Ron: he’s a generational chess prodigy who was the most clever player in centuries at Hogwarts Also Ron: he be the dum-dum friend who make funny faces for the other 7 movies


This is really annoying because the books made a point of Ron being the only 'native' wizard of The Trio. Hermione's knowledge was all book-learning, but Ron was supposed to have the most general, cultural knowledge of the Wizarding World.


Like someone growing up in France vs someone who read French history books.


Not to mention book Hermione doesn’t handle pressure well, whereas in the movies she’s just turned into a do-no-wrong badass. During the cafe attack in book 7, Hermione is completely frazzled and panicking afterward, whereas movie Hermione is taking charge and acting all cool about it.


Same with the Devil’s Snare in book 1 - the movies replaced Hermione’s panicking (“there’s no wood! “ARE YOU A WITCH OR NOT?”) with Ron panicking, while Hermione coolly instructs then to relax. Hated that change.


One of my favorite scenes in the books. Such a genuine moment for a girl who grew up without magic.


Including the whole mudblood thing. In story she should have no reaction to that word, being muggleborn and all. But in the movie she's tearfully describing how hurtful it is as if she's been dealing with being called that all her life.


>she's tearfully describing how hurtful it is as if she's been dealing with being called that all her life. this made me cackle ​ also emma watson described this scene as what 11 year old her thought was her first big acting moment in an interview about it later haha


> her first big acting moment Well, that is kinda true though... Even if in universe it doesn't make sense for Hermione to react that way.


While Ron of course sits in the corner making funny faces. Which is what movie Ron’s best at for some reason.


Lavender's death. In book 7, the last that was mentioned of her was her "stirring feebly" after she was attacked by Greyback.


Yeah I dislike them killing her off in the movie because I really liked how it was Hermione that came to her rescue. In my mind Lavender is still alive in the book world and this moment would have patched up any bad feelings the two of them would have had to each other.


I also read somewhere that she's now a werewolf. But that doesn't make sense..the battle of hogwarts wasn't during a full moon


Yeah if anything she’d just be like Bill, and have an increased liking for raw meat


Watch out Won Won


I don't think it was ever stated whether battle of Hogwarts was a during a full moon or not All that's really stated about Fenrir is Harry saw him "moving so fast it could've been an animal" and that he didn't know it was Fenrir until he was stopped attacking lavender Easily could've been fully transformed. Edit: someone pointed out Remus was there and wasn't transformed which is definitely the best evidence that it was not a full moon. Good call, random person!


Lupin was there...


Oh true good call. Def the most logical argument. Much better point than the guy who linked me a 1998 moon phase calendar.


Indeed. The only other instance of "stirring feebly" was used in HBP after Ginny slammed her broom into the commentators stand, Zacharias Smith was "stirring feebly", and unfortunately for us all, he survived from that.




Seamus blowing stuff up. A movie only thing.


It was always Neville doing stuff like that in the books


Wasn't he also Irish? When someone pointed that out to me, I was like.... Oh, that's not great


Yeah he was.


Yeah and since the books took place in the 80 or 90s I think, an Irish blowing up stuff... Yeah, not the best of takes


He caught a feather on fire in the first book


Seems like they took that and ran with it.


A running gag I actually appreciate, film-only or not. And it comes to a head in the Battle of Hogwarts when he blows the bridge up.


The proclivity for pyrotechnics line makes this full circle moment golden


Dumbledore line about turning on the light. I hate that line bc its been plastered all over merchandise since PoA and its not in the books at all. This one isn't actually from the movie I don't think.. its something that people have in their minds that Hermione said, but she didn't. "When in doubt, go to the library." Tou see that line constantly attributed to Hermione, but she did not say that. RON did, about Hermione. Drives me nuts


'Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself' Said by Hermione. ;)


Still, it was good line, even if it wasn't in the books.


Deatheaters flying and having a weird apparation animation, Bellatrix and co burning down the burrow. Harry and Voldy feeling the horcruxes getting destroyed, wand beams connecting everytime (absolute nonsense) this is just off the top of my head I'm sure if i gave it some thought there would be plenty more


I hated that everyone could just fly around. Yes it makes cool visuals for the scenes but in the books I remember everyone being so shocked that Voldemort could fly. It showed how powerful Voldemort was. May be just personal opinion though.


Nah, you’re absolutely right. It’s one of the big things I’ve found that drives people who’ve read the books batty. It’s been universal in my conversations.


I always thought Bellatrix and co burning down the Burrow in the movies was pointless. It added nothing


Really, she's hiding in the bushes with a clear shot on 5 members of the order with an unblockable Avada Kedavra and she chooses to fly away, I mean if they could infiltrate the burrow why not just kill everyone Lmao


Esp as book Bellatrix would taken the shot without hesitation.


In the books, she is far more hesitant than in the show. Gets befuddled and freezes when she learns the prophecy was destroed, not know how to proceed, and then has a similar reaction at the Malfoy manor.


Especially since the burrow is magically fine and has no traces of being burned in the next movie. Like... What is that scene?


My wife and I just finished the movies, she had never seen them, and when we started death hallows 1 she immediately said, I thought that was burned down. Made me laugh


Magic. To which the next question is "if it's just gonna be rebuilt with another spell then...?"


I can definitely explain it away as being magic but why did nobody ever mention it again? That scene added literally nothing. It happened, and then was magically undone, and never brought back up.


Burning someone's house down is the wizard equivalent of TPing it due to not doing permanent damage. Teenagers back home from Hogwarts do it all the time as a prank. Turns out the Death Eaters, though murdering psychopaths, have surprisingly immature senses of humor.


\*waking up to your house burning down\* Damn kids, Hogwarts must be on holidays. Oh well, going to have to swish and flick my wand tomorrow...


Also the added fact that there was snow all around the Burrow during Christmas. Whereas it's all damp shown in the movies


Why is the burrow in a swamp in the movies.


Arthur tried to fix the plumbing the muggle way and did a really bad job


not only did it add nothing, but didnt it also essentially add a huge plothole? How did they get past its defenses when they clearly are the only thing keeping harry and friends safe through all of book 7


Could’ve used that screen time for more of Riddle’s backstory instead


Not to mention that the scene took up a solid 20ish minutes. They could have easily used that time to include some other interesting scenes from the movies. I for one would’ve loved to have seen more of the Voldemort memories. It’s never even explained in the movies how they know what the horcruxes are, because there’s never the conversation between Harry and Dumbledore about objects from the founders, so they work in the bullshit about how Harry can *hear* them.


Or even make Harry and Ginnys scenes actually have some meaning. The actors are fine enough but the script gives them NOTHING.


"Shoelace". Cringiest line in the franchise


Or they could have used the time and special effects budget to actually have the battle at Hogwarts that was in the book between the teachers/DA members and the Death Eaters as they were trying to escape post Dumbledore. I was pissed that they removed that scene. I felt that on the books it made it a little better that Dumbledore was gone. It was the straw that broke the camel's back to motivate Harry to actively do more to defeat Voldemort on his own.


Yeah, as far as I know Voldemort himself and Snape one time are the only ones to fly without brooms. Edit: just remembered that after snape flees out the window McGonagall makes a comment along the lines of "unlike Dumbledore he still had his wand when he fell". Which implies that Dumbledore can likely fly as well.


Cho getting blamed for betraying the DA when it was actually her friend Marietta. Cho was always very loyal to her friends not betraying the DA (and joining them in the Battle of Hogwarts) Also the entire lack of Charlie Weasley lol


And the lack of Percy’s fall and rise


I think Percy's last scene was silently looking smug in the 5th movie with no explanation as to why he looked smug toward Harry


He is actually among the Weasly family in Deathly Hallows Part 2. But with no lines, and not called attention to.


How about the fact that Cho was chillin at hogwarts in the last movie like she was still a student. She was a year older than Harry.


that they all wear muggle clothes most of the time - in the books, wizards hardly have any idea how muggle clothes work lol


I may be wrong but I think it's said somewhere in the books that the Weasley kids often wear Muggle clothes.


You’re right, I’m rereading the books right now (on book 4) and I saw that mentioned (can’t remember which book now). Probably a generational thing where the younger generation is now dressing differently.


Rowling actally elaborated on this a little in the [Wizarding World article regarding Clothing](https://www.wizardingworld.com/writing-by-jk-rowling/clothing). The Idea is basically that as children most wizards do interact with muggles and because of that are more aware of how muggle dress, but as they grow up most only start interacting with other wizards, so when they do try to dress up they're often decades out of date.


Rewatching the films now (thanks Netflix) and a few things jumped to me: -Padma Patil is not in gryffindor, but in ravenclaw (in the film we both sisters in the common room) - in the book Bellatrix does not use avada kedavra against Sirius, but I think a spell that had a red light. In fact, when the book first came out I was convinced Sirius hadn’t really died (lol, I was delusional). The spell that hit Sirius then sent him through the veil. - Lucius does not use avada against Harry in the second book (at the end, when Harry gives him the diary), whilst in the film they show us Lucius trying to hill him straight up! - I always find it sad when they don’t include certain characters in the films. Winky, as someone said in the previous comments, but also Andromeda and Ted, ludo bagman, PEEVES! - I really love the chapter that talks about the British prime minister and Kingsley! Pity they didn’t fit it in (or did they, and I don’t remember?) - “Brazil here I come.. thankssss amigo!” Said by the snake in the first book when They are at the zoo. I just don’t know why they didn’t put it in the film! - Harry also sees his grandparents in the mirror of erised SO MANY THINGS to be honest. I also think in the third film they don’t really explain the relationship between the marauders, which is one of the best things about the third book


I remember laughing out loud when reading that the snake said, "Brazil here I come, thankssss amigo!" and it still makes me laugh today. Thanks for reminding me!! 🐍


>Lucius does not use avada against Harry in the second book (at the end, when Harry gives him the diary), whilst in the film they show us Lucius trying to hill him straight up! Ugh, it's one of the scenes that will forever irk me. Like, how stupid do you have to get to try to use the killing curse on a twelve year old kid in his school?


Right? Also it’s just not Lucius style, he - especially at that point in time - is very well connected and he is trying to do politics, not murder Harry Potter over a house elf!


Neville getting Harry the Gillyweed, and then being all “omg I killed Harry Potter!”


Dobby gets the shaft in the movie


I miss him saying that they took Harry’s Wheezy 😭


Yeah but we do get Moody/BCJ calling Neville 'the witless wonder'!


House elves as a whole, they take almost all of Dobbys scenes away, get rid of SPEW, cut winky entirely, and never even mention that all the food in hogwarts is prepared by house elves.


Every movie. Literally doesn't appear after 2, until it's his time to die in 7.


I forget his appearances in other books, my favorite being when Harry has Dobby and Kreacher tail Malfoy in HBP. Harry was wild (but not wrong)


That actually creates a small plot hole in the movie. The idea that Neville would ever steal something from Snape, even to help Harry, is ludicrous


Really though. The year prior, Snape was literally his greatest fear (Lupin's class)


I always took BCJ line where he says "...if i hadn't given him the book that lead him straight to it" as being very accurate and that gillyweed was growing on the grounds somewhere. Neville just didn't know where until he had the book


Doesn’t Snape specifically say it was stolen from him in the movie though?


Yeah...well, it's slightly implied. It's that scene where he stops Harry and accuses him of also stealing polyjuice ingredients. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-sSaxiQBFY


I always understood this as that in the movies it's Barty Crouch Jr who steals both the polyjuice ingredients and the Gillyweed which he gives then to Neville with the instruction of giving it to Harry.


I killed harry potter! Voldy then comes out from the moutains in the distance: NO BOY THAT WAS MY JOB!!


In the books, it was Ron who explained why Malfoy's first 'mudblood' was so bad, while Hermione had no idea what it even meant. It was Ron who stood between Harry and Sirius, on a broken leg no less, and said Sirius would have to kill him to get the Harry. The movies really nerfed him, and it's always bothered me.


That Hufflepuffs are good finders. *(Not the original movies)*


I FIND this really interesting.


What the *hell* is a hufflepuff?


10 points to Dumbledore




Hufflepuff are *particularly* good finders.


Hermione’s mudblood scar


the movies also left out rons scars from being attacked by the brains in the dept of mysteries


Movies left out a lot about the department


they really scaled down the department of mysteries


Came here to say this. This is one of the movie additions that I actually really like, and it’s my head canon after seeing it in the movie.


I think it was a great way of showing the extent of her torture without getting too graphic, as that would have messed with the rating of the film.


Isn't Ron's catchphrase "blimey" not "bloody hell" in the books?


The books often tell us that he used some choice words (or used a "rude gesture") without telling us exactly what the words were. So it isn't a stretch to think he said "bloody hell" quite a bit. If anything, he probably used stronger language than that on the regular. Edit: He did say "blimey" quite a lot in the books, too.


Iirc, originally Rowling made Ron curse a lot, but her editor wouldn't allow that (it was a children's book after all). To be honest, I'm kinda glad because it gave her opportunities to sneak in paraphrases like "Ron called Snape something that made Hermione say RON!"


Yeah. It was pretty clear that the character of book Ron used language that the book itself wasn't suited for. I also kinda liked that approach. Also, creative language is better than strong language. Hicks and Brits seem to be better at this than the average American.


Ravenclaw blue & silver and the house bird being a Raven vs blue and bronze and a golden eagle. I prefer the blue and silver but that's just because I think they look nicer.


Hedwig's death in the films was, in my opinion, handled far better than in the books. Still incredibly painful and sad to witness, but she at least died while fighting and being brave instead of being trapped in a cage and then abandoned as the motorbike fell to earth.


Harry's "NOo!" is so gut-wrenching in the films too. And it's great that the music stops for a moment as it happens.


Snape cradling Lily's dead body.


I’m a fan of book Snape (don’t @ me) and this scene gets under my skin. I know it’s for the dramatic reveal that he loved Lily and the extent of his pain at her death. But it’s just kinda weird Even though it’s intertwined in the whole memory sequence, I find him conjuring the patronus and saying the famous word to be more moving


It makes zero sense because the house was supposedly blown up when the killing curse backfired. Like...are we supposed to assume Snape went inside, cuddled lilys corpse and then blew up the house himself? Or that the house exploded afterwards? Wth.


I'm not much of a Snape fan at all, but I agree completely. Weeping over her dead body is just a little too on the nose. In fact, the existence of the doe patronus at all kind of negates even needing to say the famous word. The whole point of a patronus is that it represents what you hold most dear.


"Hold DEAR".... I'll see myself out.


TBF Bad guys eating apples is a common movie/tv trick to show you someone is bad.


Damn, apples have been getting a bad rep since Adam and Eve.


It's propaganda doctors want you to believe...


James being a seeker. It was never specified in the book, JK said he was a chaser, but in the movie there's a trophy in the school with his name saying seeker. It also doesn't help he was playing with a snitch in Order of the Phoenix which perpetuates the seeker thing.


i always thought it was a little funny that a dad and son duo with poor eye sight are supposed to be legendary seekers, how tf do they see?


Maybe they have bad eyesight because their eyes have adapted to see the snitch and nothing else lol


I had to look it up but what Ron said in the book was "It's alright for you two isn't it, with your parents safely out of the way" The movies made the moment way more dramatic but I don't think they got it completely wrong, they just had Ron say the subtext out loud


Harry noticing Hermione coming down the stairs in a pink dress. It was a blue dress and Harry didn’t recognize her.


They changed the dress from blue to pink for cinematic purposes. Hermione had to stand out, and her blue dress wouldn't have worked against the silver backdrop of the Yule Ball.


It was also mentioned that pink goes better with Emma’s skin color and they didn’t want to use blue because so many girls would be in blue (Beauxbatons girls were assumed to be wearing their school’s powder blue)


Hehe it was a Sleeping Beauty situation, I guess. Flora vs. Merryweather. 😭


The whole scene is wrong because as far as I can remember, she entered the hallway alongside Viktor Krum and the other Durmstrangs. Correct me if I am wrong. And as Emma Watson is just too beautiful, there was no difference in her appearance. No wonder they recognized her straight away.


Malfoy not knowing goyle could read


Bad wizards don't dissolve to ash in the books


Ravenclaw is an Eagle, not a raven!


Not to mention their house colors, bronze versus gray!


Snape being angry at Harry for breaking into his mind during Occlumency class and ending the classes over it. In the books, when Harry breaks into his mind, he doesn't seem very affected and if I remember correctly, he is even a bit glad that there's some progress. And he stops giving Harry classes only after Harry stupidly decides to look through his memories in Pensieve when opportunity presents.


Lucius doesn’t have long hair. That was a design decision by Jason Isaacs, I believe.


does fit him good tho


No argument there!


Was it specifically said to be short in the books? I only recall it being described as slicked back white blonde hair like Draco’s. The comparing it to Draco’s part could be interpreted as it being short but tbh it could be long too. I agree with the other commenters, tho, even if it’s not meant to be long, it suits him!


I think you’re right, that it’s just not specified. It’s just compared to Draco’s. Plus the fact that Jason Isaacs asked for it to be long to look less like an evil banker (I think I read a quote like that once upon a time) indicates the default idea of short.


Harry finishing off Quirrel whereas in the book he only manages to hold him off until Dumbledor shows up


Ron being an oblivious gluttonous idiot who only knows how to eat and say stupid stuff.


I think he ate a ton in the books too. Seems realistic when you consider his family is well fed but there’s a lot of them and he’s young.


To be fair I think he was a bit of a glutton in the book too - lots of examples of him stuffing his face, or talking with his mouth full


Though I think the books made it a little more sympathetic because of the way he grew up and never had the wide variety and the assortment seen at Hogwarts. Especially having a choice in what he eats.


Yeh it’s kind of a weird mix though - like gross dry sandwiches on the train but then when Harry is at the weasleys it’s always half a dozen sausages and super tasty. Although maybe that’s compared to what the dursleys gave him…


I also imagine the Weasleys spent a little extra whenever Harry was around, so any scene we’d have with them would be a rarity in reality. The food I make for guests would bankrupt me if it’s how I ate every day.


LoL I think this is actually quite faithful


Him and Hagrid both. We got 0 Hagrid going haywire moments in the films and it would've been so great to see.


The clothes worn by the Patel twins were absolutely hideous. They did absolutely not background research and found the ugliest outfit they could find and it did not even fit the description in the book but besides that they were just ugly.


Hagrids writing on Harry's cake in the first movie. I'm pretty sure he spelt it normal but in the movies they mispelled most of it.


>Hermione just said 'make the gar nice and long.' Actually, she says: > Ron, at the next table, wasn't having much more luck. >'*Wingardium Leviosa!'* he shoulded, waving his long arms like a windmill. >'You're saying it wrong,' Harry heart Hermione snap. 'It's Wing-*gar*-dium Levi-*o*-sa, make the "gar" nice and long.' Joking aside, I will point out that most of these aren't really directly contradicting the books, or even 'non-canon', but rather visual interpretations of what's described in the books. For example, the books say Hermione and Ron 'argued', but arguments are usually composed of, you know, words and what not. In a book you can just short hand this, in a visual medium you need to show it or short hand it in some other way.


that many thinks Harry should have been with Hermione because Ron is more or less gutted in the films, and they think those 2 would be better together, that is only due to many times Ron's good qualities was transferred over to other characters, in the books Hermione and especially Ron is better fleshed out with their quality and flaws.


Two of my favorites that are in the movies that aren't in the book are Harry's interactions with Umbridge In the OotP movie, when Umbridge calls the centaurs filthy half breeds, she begs Harry to help and to tell the centaurs she "means them no harm" Harry responds with a fuckin killer line: "sorry, professor, but *I must not tell lies.*" Obviously referencing her ridiculously cruel punishment (which only happens once or twice in the film but in the book actually happens because of a few different incidents that supplied Harry with a week of detention for each one) Also, in TDH, when they break into the ministry, the movie doesn't show Moody's eye at all :( but they make up for it with Harry using the line on Umbridge again (instead of just stunning her from under the invisibility cloak like he does in the books) to defend an innocent witch (reg's wife, of course!) who's lineage was in question.


The movie does show moody’s eye when they break in


Crabbe being loyal to Draco in the battle of Hogwarts. I once had an argument with a stranger on YouTube claiming this but Crabbe actually stood his ground and deserted him. He specifically said "I don't take your orders, Draco. You and your dad are finished." It was quite frustrating because "the movie version matters"


Ron being completely useless.


-neville being CONSTANTLY the movies comic relief. I don't remember that in the books


Well.. he sort of was.. Remember a scene where Peeves had blocked a corridor and was asking the students to set their pants alight in exchange for passage? Well Harry and Ron(I think) took a shortcut to their common rooms and after sometime we see Nevil arrive with smoke coming out of his trousers. I agree that he wasn't constantly a comic relief but with his toad and all his little fuck-ups here and there Nevil did make me laugh a fair bit in the books