Can’t go wrong with rock auto


as long as you do some research and avoid the 3 letter house branded stuff (and know its the house branded stuff and not ones like KYB, which are actually a known brand), then you pretty much can't go wrong usually. i've gotten so much of my parts off RA it's ridiculous. almost fully kitted out a 91 explorer sport that needed a refresh just off RA. they don't have everything you could want, but they have a good selection. just watch the cardone stuff. they've got a spotty rep, and my own experience with them is 50/50.


I have the TRQ full front end kit for links and ball joints, haven’t done shocks yet. Not sure how TRQ would hold up to using it for real truck stuff though, it was dirt cheap.


I used KYB mono tube recently because I got a great deal on them (for shock absorbers) but I now know Bilstein is the best option imo (I had installed them on my T100 before I sold it years ago)