Funny I always seem to get fan clutches that are locked up. Good luck, nice truck


Cheers, my experience with BMW fan clutches has been the same as yours and often results in them grenading so it’s odd to get one that doesn’t seem to lock at all. Gonna test it out tonight and then try to find a new one.


Looks clean! Good luck ✌🏼


Love the green! Not a king cab…what’s that glass behind the cab?


It is a king cab, just have the windows popped out to get some air flow and help with the old man smell.


I think it's very normal for these things to get hot when sitting for a while be careful if you ever go through drive-thrus


My experience with D21s is they usually run cold not hot. Last one and current daily. (Drove 3hrs at 130kph whole way with the temp gauge at 1/4 warm) Wonder if its not the fan, you should check your coolant level. Or the coolant temp sensor likes to go on these trucks.


thermostat, fan clutch, or bad readings from the sensor/misreport from gauge. but considering it mimics how my 88 was doing just before it got stolen, yeah, probably fan clutch.