I just want to follow along! I can get a Pax around here at Woodcraft, but I think i florip is a bit cheaper for me. And I like the idea of it being more boutique and handmade. But interested in what others saw. Why can't we all just afford badaxe?! 😪


I've heard really good things about Florip and that would be the way I'd go if it's readily available to you (or even if you have to wait, assuming you don't have immediate need). The reviews on the Pax saws seem to be here and there. You can always resharpen them to whatever standard you want, though.


Pax saws are made of the same spring steel as anyone else's saws; the difference in saws is how they "hang".... the design and angle of the handle vis-a-vis the blade, and the quality of the sharpening. I have a couple of the Pax saws and they work well; I've touched up the teeth from time to time as the initial sharpening was not to my liking. Overall, a good value.


I bought one a few years ago. Can’t complain any it sharpens up and stays sharp pretty well. For the price vs. the handmade ones it sure seems worth it to me