I know it's already made, but it would be cool if it matched your armor color tones. So like if you had a green coloring, it would do black-green gradient (and other of the color palette choices)


I mean its an armour piece so colours should apply to it right especially as they are so expensive alreahahahahahahahhahahaha.


Is it an armor piece or the effect like the Flames from the ReachBP?


Not Armour piece. You can see the cat ears in the video. This is an Armour effect


Yeah, think “flaming skull”


Fer sure. I do hope the color changes and isn't pink-white gradient specific


Would be cool but don't get your hopes up. They would essentially have to make the armor effect for every individual color as the color wheels aren't a "smart" system. The wheels are just a png icon and don't actually correlate to the armor color itself which is just manually selected and saved. There's nothing automatic about it so I highly doubt they'd put in that effort.


Yeah I noticed that too, I was trying to find consistencies between the color wheels and armor pieces/materials, but there are absolutely none.


Yeah its super disappointing that there isn't a system in place at ALL. Really hoping that they eventually go back and make one but... I just really dont know what to expect from this game's future at this point. Really hope they surprise me.


I mean other than battle pass and customization bullshit, the gameplay is amazing. I haven’t had this much fun since Reach. And the campaign, if you haven’t played, is the best since 3. So although they have a LOT to work on, I’m loving it so far. And I honestly love how my Spartan looks at BP level 85, but I do wish we could pick our own colors.


Oh yeah the game's incredible which is why I'm not planning on going anywhere. There just isnt enough for me yet to not get burned out. I need more playlists/game modes, more progression, and custom games/forge to cool off with. The game clearly is just struggling to spread out 2 months worth of content over half a year. It needed another 6 months in the oven before releasing and now they're trying to catch up which makes it feel pretty barren even if its got a fantastic core. Hoping for a UI redesign within the next year or so alongside a customization overhaul allowing cross-core content. I'll be fine with the armor coatings if they give us the option to use them on any core. Same with other armor pieces. But that'll take a lot of time.


It actually goes in the FX slot


You give these devs too much credit.


Cyber Showdown is gonna trigger a lot of people.




There's a great divide with the community currently. Tldr : 1/3 the community wants strictly tactical/halo only aesthetic. 1/3 of the community embraces the silliness and doesn't mind and will shell out. The other 1/3 is then split between not caring and absolutely boycotting the store.


I ok I remember that and I understand the goofy stuff, I’m just split on certain goofy stuff, like this Mohawk I think is ok but I disliked the cat ears. Although to each their own


Odd, I dislike the Mohawk and was completely ok with the cat ears. The cat ears aesthetic fits within a spartan model while the Mohawk is built outside the model, is not targetable, and is neon showy (very much non-Spartany). I love this stuff in Cod and fortnite but for me it’s too much. Each their own though.


I'd like to just have an option to disable the silly stuff. I don't really care if people want to wear cat ears or neon Mohawks but I'd like to be able to have a switch to keep things looking lore friendly, because I'll admit I'm a tiny bit dissapointed whenever I see the cat ears and I'm assuming that after a year or so the amount of cosmetics like this is going to be absurd. It happens in all free to play games. Warzone started out with everyone looking super realistic and look now, it's movie tie ins, anime packs and other absurd items. So yeah just the ability to blacklist items on the customisation menu would be cool, to make them revert to default.


Or Santa Claus in Battlefield. It happens to every game and it needs to stop.


As long as you keep that same energy with the flaming helmets from past halo games, armor effects in Reach and 4


Don’t know why you needed to list past games, I’m pretty sure the original statement covers the entirety of the franchise in regards to having a disable feature for not “lore friendly” armor.


A lot of people that rag on the new armor effects and add ons like the cat ears will be the same people to turn around and say flaming helmet or armor effects in reach are okay. It's like one of the most basic double standards on this sub. Scroll down a little bit and I can guarantee you there is someone defending the flaming skull armor from Reach but calling these cosmetics "silly" and "not halo"


Or the fucking fart cloud and confetti


flames are manly and cool. cat ears or anything pink is girly and lame. keep that stuff out of my Halo, yuck!


Nail polish coating!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?! 🤮🤮cooties🤮🤮 Save me Angry Joe and act man you're my only hope 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾


I think there is a place in halo for some interesting, weird or wild cosmetics. I didn't mind Halo 3 and reaches out of place cosmetics, becuase they were few. What I don't want, is the whole game to devolve into what MCC is doing where there's tons of batshit crazy cosmetics that are just extremely out of place for halo. A few of them are cool, and it's totally okay to have them in the game, but there's way too many. I few, exclusive items that may be extremely hard to earn would be cool, maybe a cosmetic for only doing LASO or achievements similar to vidmasters. I don't know, it's just too much to me, and I feel like it's going to go the MCC route. Having a button to disable specific cosmetics I think are too out of touch with halo would be super great to me. Things aren't black and white, I can't lean fully one way or the other. There's gotta be a middle ground. Hope I'm not being unreasonable lol


To be fair, I think most people can understand there’s a certain difference in the brand of silly between a flaming helmet and cat ears or a neon mohawk


Tbf, if anyone thinks the cat ears are the most un-"lore friendly" is absurd. They are just air vents that looks kinda a cat ear headset.


You're right, cat ears are much more realistic and the flaming skull is literally magic Also, wow, we really found a "flames good, weebs bad" gamer that fast lol


I don't understand those people. I don't like the new effects and ridiculous stuff like cat ears the mohawk and samurai armour. But I don't turn around and say flaming heads and the old samurai armour and other stupid looking armour that Bungie made is good


To be fair in Reach the flames and Haunted skulls were very rare, not often seen. When you did see it, it was cool and unique. Now, it seems like everyone has flames and stupid shit. It's no longer special, just cringe.


Yeah and its just the beginning. With almost every month another effect in store and with every battle pass at least one we will hope for a switch to turn it off.


I’m pretty sure the armor effects in halo reach are not lore friendly? You really think heart attack is in halo lore? 🤣


What's lore friendly in a spartan practice arena? Isn't that what we're in while we're doing multiplayer? A simulated practice arena, where spartans can wear what they want?


I always thought those armor effects looked bad too and wished I could disable them back then.


You mean the lore friendly stuff of grunts exploding in a shower of confetti?




That's a skull that can be turned on/off


I dont get why people care about lore friendliness in the multiplayer side of things. Just make non canon, the game would be very limited if only canon stuff were put in


But if you could disable it, then other players wouldn't be able to spend money to show off ~~how much money they spent~~ their cool gear so that you'll feel pressured to ~~spend money~~ get cool stuff!


For Honor has an option to turn off particle affects. Just naming a game that does this. It has 3 options, on, on for player, and entirely off.


Particle effects are a *lot* different than armor effects, though. Both in engine and in terms of play.


I love the idea, class stuff as “UNSC Approved” or “Wacky”. Let people toggle if they want it visible or not. Most people probably wouldn’t bother turning it off, but for those that don’t like it that’d be so simple and an effective compromise. Frankly I don’t care much about cat ears or a Mohawk *but* if Infinite is truly a 10+ year platform it’s going to get really obnoxious really quick. The artists will have to continually make unique stuff to keep people buying. So it may be just cat ears now but in like 4 years it might be a skin that makes your Ghost look like a unicorn farting rainbows as you drive.


Serious question, why does it matter so much to you what SOMEONE ELSE looks like that you'd want to disable it? Just use it as an excuse to kill them more.


The ability to disable silly stuff is a really cool option. War Thunder has it. Non-Historically accurate decals and paints can be disabled and you will not see them. I don’t really want to see Halo go for the crazy and outlandish style. Multiplayer has been made out to be like this spartan training/battle simulation and I don’t really imagine Spartans being like “I have cat ears on my helmet” “Yeah well I wanted a light neon Mohawk” [“Yeah well I have a cat tail now :3”](https://reddit.com/r/halo/comments/rsuele/im_here_to_show_you_the_future/)


So you want to be selective about your goofy stuff huh?


Sure, why not?


Yet they’ll defend the flaming skull to the death…


Remember pestilence in reach? Literally poop armor


Literally got a chuckle outta me with that


That and the Hayabusa. How ridiculous is that armor? But hey that"s ok because Halo 3


Hayabusa is stupid, flaming heads is stupid, cat ears are stupid and so is the yoroi armour. If someone's criticizing the franchise, they should at least be fair


You - you get it. Consistency is all I care about. Making exceptions because “it’s a one off,” or whatever other reason used to justify beliefs is silly.


Preface: I'm fine with silliness and don't care about it at all. Bring on the hot pink cat eared flaming spartans. That said: Id like to point out that silliness isn't necessarily a dichotomous thing. Hayabusa, Flaming skull, etc. were rarer back in Reach and Halo 3, and primary armor color was forced in team matches so the overall tone still had some silliness, but if you preferred a serious tone it was easier to disregard. The non-lore / impractical stuff is much more ubiquitous in Halo Infinite than in previous games. It isn't hypocritical or inconsistent to point out and criticize that the overall tone feels more campy as a result.


This is what people and 343 are missing


It's not ok because its halo 3, it's ok because it's a one-off. When there's one crazy fantasy looking armor as an exception it looks cool. When every new set that comes out has cat ears and neon mohawks and saints row accessories and that goes on for months, then gradually the whole game looks like that and halo's aesthetic is gone.


Because the skull was hard to get and therefore rare. It was also the only helmet in Halo Reach that was not "lore" friendly and also way more subtle than this mohawk which is gonna be given out like candy. How are you people incappable of this basic thought process?? Edit: People coming at me with arguments for armor effects when im talking about a skull helmet, I think the Reach armor effects were ugly and shouldve costed a lot more credits than they were.


You literally got a blue flaming helmet armor effect for free like a year later. Hell, you had quite a few armor effects for free in that game. So I'd say there was quite a few things not lore friendly


But two other armor effects weren't all that rare and two more, while rare, could still be obtained with enough grinding. And the two most common ones were the most ridiculous.


With the amount of complaining I see about the store any effect sold there will be rare too. I didn't see one flower petal effect all week


Ive seen it once, it actually doesn't look as dramatic as it does in the preview. I wouldnt wear it personally but if you want to leave me a trail of breadcrumbs to my next kill, so be it.


I'm not sure how many kills I scored in Reach where immediately afterwards I heard "yaaaayyy!" along with a cloud of confettis.


You all keep saying that but no one on the side against goofy stuff likes armor effects. The only thing that saved it was the fact you didn’t see it often.


I'm always curious about the "immersion" crowd. When do you even notice these "silly" cosmetics? People got their panties in a wad over cat ears, yet the only time I notice them is on teammates' heads during intro/outro sequences. Never once have I been in a match fighting someone and notice cat ears


Halo is so silly and over the top to begin with. I have no idea what people are talking about in regards to immersion. Nothing immersive about a faceless super soldier spouting cheesy one liners while punching goofy space elves. Fun but not immersive.


Lmao. Goofy space elves.


I never understood people who thought Halo was some serious marine game or whatever. Like, it's always been silly, since day 1.


This cave is not a natural formation


The big floating sphere that hums to himself and brags about how he's a genius


The AI that becomes British when she's angry


“GREETINGS” said by the religious alien-species warrior


Slow down. You're losin' me.


I think cat ears are stupid but yeah halo has never been a gritty/realistic series aside from maybe Reach. The OT is silly as hell.


People will laugh about the grunt dialogue **in the campaign, the only place where story matters**, but then be like "CAT EARS, IN MY MANLY SERIOUS MILITARY SIM?!"


I personally enjoy the more creative & off-model products like the Cat Ears. Besides, they sold extremely well in the market. Customisation like using it on the HCS skins is needed though. I feel the people who complain about the more creative skins are just middle-age men who are far too elitist to allow Halo to branch out a bit more after 20 something years. Add the ability to hide skins, sure. But man, don't be an ass about it.


I'm sympathetic. This is minor but I really want to avoid people shelling out money to look like tools. Halo's aesthetic is really cool and part of the appeal of having a customizable spartan is the immersion, which I value. That's why I have such a big problem when something like those stupid armors that came out in the MCC and then coming onto reddit to see "bro what's the problem bro turn off custom armors bro" was kind of annoying. I don't want to see Halo get to the point where every time i load into a match I get to see a pink and neon green spartan with a flaming ponytail and angel wings shoots me so I can see my body explode and Linkin Park start playing. If those people just cannot live without a gigantic glowing sign telling the world that they're shallow and uninteresting, they can go hop on TF2. It's also F2P and 15 years of community investment has thoroughly ruined a distinctive art style.


Usually I'm all for choice and whatnot but I used to play guild wars 2 a lot and loved the aesthetic but now it's an obnoxious rainbow light show. I prefer when they have a direction for the art.


Ok I'm a person who doesn't mind the affects like I bought the cat ears cause stupid choices but later on I take them off but then 343 releases a cherry blossom effect that I genuinely like and put on my yoroi spartan am I considered shallow for liking that affect? Personally I don't think so but I would've very much rather payed 60 dollars for the campaign and multiplayer and have armor and effects that we the players can earn and not buy ever since I heard free to play was going to be a thing I knew cosmetics were compromised I just didn't know how bad until the game launched


This is spot on. It’s not about not having options or choice. We want more of it but it doesn’t have to be non canon. They could add so many cool customisation options in halo that were aesthetically pleasing. More gun attachments, tape, damage, attachments to armour. I just feel it’s easy just to make all games look the same. There’s no distinction in art style anymore when they go overboard.


I like me some cat ears, but I'm sure as hell not paying $10 for some


All I want is an option to make noncanonical armor sets invisible as an option in the settings, then I'll have no reason to care what they sell on the market.


You probably think this too, but that’s likely why they never would implement it lol (though some games have).


Cause people don’t like fun


Yea lots of people way too serious about things that aren’t big issues at all.


Don’t think it’s too horrible to have a specific athletic preference


It's not the preference that's horrible, it's the upvoted comments saying the people who don't consider Halo to be a grounded, sci-fi, mil sim are 'shallow and uninteresting'.


Yeah, because “Space Marine Spartans” are real, to begin with…


[No sir](https://youtu.be/cDGlN6mluGA)


Either way to me you are outlined in bright ass pink 🤷🏻‍♂️


Pink cheeks gettin clapped


Which is funny because I also kind of fall into the same boat of wanting more "grounded" aesthetics in the games I play, but I think Infinite has done the more silly ones pretty well in comparison to other games


Yeah I don’t have any problem with any of the armor we’ve seen so far. All of it seems just fine to me. It’s just a touch of silly but maintains 90% of the classic Halo art style. And isn’t the whole lore behind multiplayer that these are simulations? That’s why you’re fighting other Spartans. So it would make sense for simulations to be not as serious.


Yeah the non-lore-accurste items have generally been done very well. Take the cat ears for example. They could have easily messed it up and have had them not match the armor, have weird fur, and generally look awful, but instead they are made out of the same materials as the armor you're wearing, take on it's hues, and integrate well. There's a way to implement "silly" that works and they've been toeing that line pretty well so far.


At least they thought of the children and refused to permit dancing.


For some reason the old heads think halo is a super serious game. News flash: it’s not, chill


Little hard to think that when my AI is gleefully yelling about picking up spankers


Good ol' Circ "OOH, SPANKER!" Or my favorite "let's go find some bones to break"


Even in classic Halo, the silly skins were popular. Hayabusa anyone?


For some reason some people like games to have a coherent art style.


The campaign does, why shouldn’t PVP be able to let loose a little?


If anything it would be the inverse. Ideally players could set their craziness to whatever they'd prefer in singleplayer with birthday party and other wacky stuff. In multiplayer it's forced on others. I don't even like armor effects in multiplayer. I figured this stuff was coming but it's been like two months we're not even on season 2 and we already have QuiRkY obNOxiIouS glowshit. This stuff reminds me of cheap chinese asset flips and amateur indie projects. It feels incredibly hollow and really kills the mood for people like me. Like drinking diet generic powerade.


I always find this sort of thing a shame when it happens in games that have solid aesthetics because it's like they don't trust their own artists work enough. There's room for a ton of interesting customization options in Infinite that fit the aesthetic just fine, but their immediate response is just to go for stuff that's shiny and oversaturated. At this point, even though it doesn't really fit in Infinite at all (and I'm aware it's an alternate universe thing), the majority of stuff for Yoroi armour is at least more consistent to its own aesthetic of 'space samurai'.


Yeah I'll be honest I'm not really impressed with the creativity of the art department. The reach armor looks great for the most part but some proportions are just fucking weird, like the reach ODST helmet. So they've mostly competently copied the art from a legitimate art team. The Yoroi stuff is cool on its own but look at it next to the reach armor, it's overdesigned. Not obnoxiously and not all of it, but just enough to make it look like it's out of place. The Mark VII core and helmet look alright on their own but again that's because they went out of their way to emulate the style of a better art department. We have art of a MK VI core from halo 2/3 which should be great but what's after that? For the love of god I hope it's not the H4 armor. Maybe a MK V core. But after seeing what they felt were "matching in aesthetic" helmets for their "improved" halo 3 customization I don't have faith that anything original from their department will look good. It's all hyper-designed nu-science hyper fiction and it's so embarrassing to see it next to actual halo armor.


> The Yoroi stuff is cool on its own but look at it next to the reach armor, it's overdesigned. Not obnoxiously and not all of it, but just enough to make it look like it's out of place. Absolutely. I think the design is reasonable, just not in a Halo game. > The Mark VII core and helmet look alright on their own but again that's because they went out of their way to emulate the style of a better art department. A lot of the Mark VII pieces feel lacking, especially the shoulders. I can't tell most of them apart, and I can't tell what function they're supposed to actually provide. > It's all hyper-designed nu-science hyper fiction and it's so embarrassing to see it next to actual halo armor. Pretty much.


Oh my god I completely forgot about the other helmets. I was literally only talking about the MK VII helmet and core. Those helmets do not fit. If anything screams chinese knockoff, it's the alternative MK VII helmets are actually just "recon but worse" "ODST but worse"


I actually like the Trailblazer's combination of Recon and EOD, and I think Aviator has a nice look to it, but in general the weren't really needed if they'd just made the previous helmets usable on MK VII.


Its not that we think its super serious. We just realise its not a packet of fuckin lucky charms cereal. Im all for a bit of goof for the lols, but i dont want Halo to turn into something that looks like fortnite.


Tactical hard mode.


That was the first thing that came to mind 🤣


I’m mr. T and I’m a night elf Mohawk!


This took me back


As a pc player I must pursue rgb cosmetic


This post has been sponsored by Corsair.


If they make it I’m sold


Heres a good way to stress to servers, rgb halo mohawk death animations with trails. GGs


Wouldn't that be client side? Server handles location and such, not animation.




Looks more the like the colors MSI uses for marketing.


Needler helmet




I'm bummed the color palette isn't an earnable reward.


It is though you earn it through the event


“Aim here”


I remember people slagging off the EVA and Security on halo 3 because apparently they made it easier to headshot you


This was demonstratively false, but the big shiny visor could technically be easier to see so I guess that's something?


Oh yeah I know. I loved my security helmet


Same, I hope it comes back someday, as long as I don't need to spend $20 to get it.


Oh, you will.


If you couldn't find heads before this cosmetic was around I think you have larger problems.


[Aim here!](https://halo.wiki.gallery/images/7/78/Halo4GUNGNIR.jpg)


Thissss. It's already easier to see the flame skull.


Please tell me there is a needler tie in?


There’s a needler… tie… nope.


is this going on now? when does cyber showdown start ik its this month


Next week


Do we know what game mode will release with cyber showdown?


The leaks say Attrition is the gamemode of the event.


Is Tenrai coming back again later on?


yep, feb and march. not sure about april and may


Tenrai will come back 4 times before season 2 comes out


I wish these looked more like Needlers. I know the event is inspired by synthwave, which has these colors, but I see a purple or pink spikey thing in Halo and my mind goes to blamite. Still a really neat armor effect regardless, though I'm gonna rock the holo-visor we're getting.


Now imagine a cosmetic which just makes us look like a needler pin-cushion.


I fear the challenge is gonna be absolute pain.


Pretty sure its gonna be like winter contingency where you do a daily challenge per 1 item


There's a new game-mode tied to this event. More likely that the challenge will be tied to that.


Oh is that the trials of osiris like mode


*Audible sigh*


To the whiners of this subreddit; that **is** an absolute pain


It’s going to be play one match a day like the winter event.


And it can be paired with cat ears? No way


I guess it’s kinda cool looking but I personally won’t be rockin it


Always with the bright neon on new fps game content


I'll be honest not a fan of it


Back when infinite was in "beta" everyone was joking about it turning into fortnite...... that's starting to feel less like a joke..


I love it, but it will give away your position pretty easy on darker maps.


Can you imagine the amount hate they would gotten if this was a shop item? Some of these "its all a lie and they just want our money" dissertations can be particularly entertaining to read




343 is trying so hard to have their own Fortnite store.


yeah.. most games are, fortnite made billions of dollars lol


They want the Fortnite success without putting in the effort.


Every exec is drooling, seeing Fortnite's $20 skins. Halo's execs plan: "ok, we just... re-release all the previous content. Helmets, armor pieces, etc. Sell it back to them at $20 each. Easy! We're millionaires!" Forgetting that the reason kids buy $20 skins on fornite is because they get to use them. These kids play 3,000 hours a year. The game is super dynamic: end of season events, new maps, thousands of customizations. Meanwhile, Halo execs say: "hmmm, graphic designer spent one hour on this emblem. Let's stretch it to four weeks. First the AR emblem, then armor, then BR... That'll prove them wrong that there's no earned customization!"


I agree. Tired of the weekly ultimate rewards being lame ass emblems. Give us armor and coatings ffs


Man, I wish the store was like Fortnite’s. Prices and content would be a lot better


Of course. Every game is. Fortnite has been the most successful and popular games of the last 5 years now. Why wouldn't you want to have that success?


if they made the battlepass contain more in game currency than the pass cost and added plenty full skins like FN's battlepass has, it would be a big W if we are stuck with mtx forever, they could've made it a BR game ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯


In fairness, their BP doesn’t expire. So it’s kind of a trade off. In Fortnite, you have a finite amount of time to unlock everything, forcing you to commit a decent chunk of time in a limited time frame, thus you’re rewarded for that commitment in in game currency. 343 aren’t forcing you to do this in that regard. You have no pressure to complete the BP, meaning you don’t have to commit hours upon hours in a short time frame. You could play once a month for 5 years and eventually still get the same value as someone who did it all in one month. Not that I prefer this system, but I can see why they avoided it while using this system. If the BP has no expiry, everyone who purchases it will eventually accrue enough to buy the next one. Only those who commit to completing the BP in the time frame can do that in Fortnite.


Is it actually free


Yes it’s free




Would be cool if I do that one thing I did in every other Halo game.... Choose my own fucking colors.


Were about to become cod. Soon we'll be shooting rainbows out of a unicorns ass (sentinel beam)


This is halo right?


Halo is becoming "Halo".


>>Shoot Here<<


Least it will be easier to spot the crouching spartan behind the counter


Cat Ears was only the beginning a vanguard for things to come


So when’s the fire gonna be updated to be same fps like this Mohawk looks


This stuff is so stupid, but I'm probably gonna grind for it regardless...


Why does everybody hate on these wacky new armor attachments? I get that it’s not “halo friendly” in regards to lore and obvious notes that it wouldn’t go well on an actual spartan. But that’s how they make money (how they should anyway, not the colors and basic things we should not pay for). As long as these events don’t bring in absurd armor pieces like those bundles in COD, we should be fine. Idk, I like the cat ears and the bundle with the teddy bear and flower. Expensive, but ppl like me like those lol


Fun fact: These match my RGB set up for my PC. Lol


So early to be adding this dumb shit..


oh shit that looks dope, still just gonna use the visor one but it looks cool.


Can we please just have actual armour instead of these fucking dumb, corny, light up, glow in the dark, COD style bits of absolute nonsense. Why do I already have more pieces of armour for my stupid fat samurai than I do for the Mark VII? I don’t want to pay £20 for my goofy looking Steven Segal robot to walk on glowing flowers


No thank you


Rgb mowhawk and are those cat ears i see? If so im sold.


I can use it with my cat ears? Say less


clownification happened quick to this game, you usually only see the dogshit neon nightmares a year or so after release. Soyjack store Andys eat this shit up tho.


I thought we'd at least get a good, complete game before the candyfloss microtransactions got dropped. We couldn't even get that. All aboard the Fortnite train.


Hey hey, my head is here, shoot me!!


Will look good on Pepsiman. It symbolizes this clown show of a game.


one step closer to fortnite-ification fuck this shit


While it's nice that this is free, it still feels backwards rhst this is free, but basic solid color armors with no special textures aren't.


Halo fans are the type of people to complain that a single armor effect in Infinite is "immersion-breaking" and "doesn't fit the artstyle" while completely forgetting ***every*** ***other armor effect this franchise had***. You **cannot** tell me a stormy cloud on top of your head is "fine" while some neon lights aren't.


I wish I could see cool gameplay clips / cool theatre edits / cool custom modes / cool forge maps etc on this sub Instead it’s just endless spam of costmetics. And people arguing about them. Whack


It begins... I’m sorry but hunt showdown is a perfect example of cosmetics both goofy and serious done right within a specific art style. My biggest fear for halo was to go down the triple AAA route of creating just fuckin ridiculous skins. I’m all for ridiculous skins but why does halo have to create skins Similiar to other games when other games do it better.


why does this remind me of the needler lmao


im very glad players will voluntarily highlight their head hitbox


As a life long og Halo player, this is embarrassing. Halo was never about this stuff.


Bring on the goofy shit. I'm just disappointed the armour is more black than pink and blue. Not that it would convince me to buy it if it's in the store.