I can't load the final mission! I hear it's a bug. It's there a way to fix this without restarting the whole campaign?


For all Radeon users make sure you are running adrenaline 21.12.1. It took my fps in campaign from 40 to 165


I'm missing target 5. I had to look up his location in the end but he just isn't there. I have all the fobs but his icon isn't on my map


I cant pick up the threat sensor from the fallen spartan in the tower


XBOX One: took a FOB, and my tank disappeared!


After load save game at 67 % all my upgrade and abilities are gone? and i cannot go back. how to recover?


I can start new campaigns but when I try to load a saved campaign game the countdown happens and then nothing happens after that. Can someone help with this not sure what to do.


Armor lockers are reported as fixed, but are still not granting the multiplayer unlocks. Most unlocks from campaign refuse to load in multiplayer, showing a grey square with the title text "5 1105"


The map indicates I have 1/2 of the logs found at Riven Gate but, I've found the corresponding logs in that area reported and found from multiple sources online (and after an extensive search).


Boxer squad totally dissapeared when I reloaded game. I rescued them and went to the vehicle drop of zone, saved and quit, now I came back to continue and they're nowhere to be seen


I think that is normal, it's a bit annoying but i don't think it's a bug, but if it is, i do hope it gets fixed. I think once you rescue them and leave the area they just despawn unless they are in your fireteam, but every time i load up the game i need to reassemble a fireteam, so again, while i don't think it's a bug, it should be fixed if it is and if it isn't it would still be cool to have that kind of stuff stay with you.


Started a LASO run after finishing the game on legendary and collecting all skulls and cosmetics and have run into a glitch that affects all my save files. After leaving Tremonius ship (LASO run)I'm at the first mission and wanted to get some support to help clear out the banished. I decided to press the 3 easter egg buttons to call in the strike and ran into this game and save breaking bug. Only 2 of the buttons activated, when I went to activate the 3rd it wouldnt let me, restarted the mission didnt work and ended the game session no luck. So I contiued on with the mission and when I completed the mission I could not enter the pilots ship to go to the next mission, couldn't leave the boundaries because of the outerbound death timer so was left with no choice but to delete the save. My next LASO run, I get to the first elevator on the warship and the same glitch mentioned above happened, no matter how many restarts or new games I create, It doesnt let me select or give an option to proceed or press the red elevator button, same button as the easter egg ones. The buttons work fine and I can remap them/ reload etc just there is no option to proceed. So I check my other saves, including the completed legendary run and this same issue is across all of them. I uninstalled the game and re-download it, went and started another fresh LASO run and guess what? The same exact issue on a new game install, playing a new save file and I'm stuck in the exact same spot on the first mission warship pressing an imaginary button that doesnt let me go up. I dont know how this is possible? Fyi, I'm playing on Xbox series X Halo console with the digital edition of the game. If anyone knows on how to fix this, please let me know in the comments.


Campaign runs for about 15min until it freezes. Sometimes the sounds are still running and the screen freezes. Sometimes it goes straight to desktop. Can't even make it to the next checkpoint.


I have a same problem. Hope new gpu driver will solve this!


Grappleshot sound effect consistently drops out on Foundation Legendary toward the end of the first area where you enter a "breach," as chief calls it. Playing on series x.


Started a LASO run. Got to The Tower where I'm supposed to inspect the Mjolnir Armor and the game is bugged, won't let me inspect the armor. I tried hitting restart mission in the menu. Still bugged.


I think you need to jump on top of the armor. Wouldn't let me inspect from the front either


I am having the same problem right now. Did you find a solution?


Yeah. I deleted my save and made a new one. It's not the solution I (and I'm sure you as well) wanted, but I just bit the bullet and got it over with. Now I'm halfway through the campaign on my new LASO save. Was a pain in the ass, but it's behind me now.


Ah, I will have to try that if restarting the mission doesn't fix it then. Thank you.


Im on my laso run and during one of my continues i spawned at my checkpoint with no skulls on, anyone have this issue yet? I re loaded my save file and everything is fine now


Just started my legendary run and I don't have the ability to change my equipment so I'm stuck with the grapple the shield doesn't exist o guess even tho I picked it up 🤷‍♂️


Had a crash during the Harbinger fight, loaded my save and now she won't spawn at all, going to have to restart hours of mission progress, and I can't be certain that'll fix the issue, either.


The harbinger just disappeared in the middle of the final battle and my save is stuck like this....




I got stuck in one of the first cutscenes in the tower, the animations just doesn't load (but sound effects do), master chief just stands still there, so i can't go further, and also enemies have no dialogue now...


Hey, just wondering if others are having this issue? I’ve scanned all 7 forerunner artifacts, but my database only shows 6/7 I go back to the 7th and cannot scan it. Anyone else encounter this or fix it?




Same thing hit me. After I've spent so much time getting to this point. Disheartening


Did you ever find a solution to this problem?


Right in the beginning of the game just after the follow the light calibration im stuck on the screen that says 'weapon containment device inserted ' reloading takes me all the way back to the beginning of the atriox cutscene. So frustrating


Xbox one x...upgrade menu won't let me move to shield upgrade Edit I have like 5 cores but won't let me select between items. Only will let me update grapple shot


I have the same issue as OP. I have tried reloading the mission teice and ut doenst fix the issue. Also quit and came back later. Still does not fix the problem.


I'm having issues freeing Spartan Griffin.. As in it won't let me into the room


Did you ever find a solution to this problem?


Unfortunately not. I submitted a ticket and they more or less shrugged their shoulders


Same here. On LASO though. Tried resetting and clearing all the enemies. No luck.


I even restarted the mission and nothing


Same here


I'm close to the end of the story and I've had 2 main graphics issues (on xbox series x), the gravity launcher ramps that shoot you dont load correctly for me. I dont see the energy indicating it launches, its just a metal ramp (it still works tho). Then just now, I got to the part of the story with a red energy sword, and when I pick it up, its super transparent. Almost looks like an empty sword but i vaguely see it and its at 80%... edit: after moving around a bit, the red load about 10% of the sword ? also i realize i cant swing it and after the cutscene it went back to normal/is usable. weird..


I've been having trouble with the menus. The controller won't allow me to navigate hardly any of the menu so I can't upgrade or even scroll properly. Anyone else have this issue? I'm playing on Xbox 1


In the conservatory, I will quit mid mission so I can go live real life (after it says saving checkpoint, done) and whenever I come back it starts me at the beginning of the mission again. I pick up the item you get at the beginning of that mission and and it's already leveled up from where I did it last time so the game definitely recognizes I did something. Why does it keep starting me over?


That's due to [poor] game design more than being a bug. "Checkpoints" don't work like they do from previous Halo games. If you go back to the title screen or quit the game after a checkpoint you will restart the entire "chapter." I made the mistake of doing this near the beginning of the Spire chapter and I had to restart the whole thing after >!defeating the hunters...!<. However; things like stats / upgrades / found items are retained.


Suuuuper lame. There was a bug at the end of the conservatory mission before you fight the new enemy type for the first time, I stuck around and listened to the whispered voices talk about some dark thing they did and by the time I went to hack the console it skipped the cutscene where a character sees Chief arriving for the first time, and instead just spawned the enemies in. After killing said enemies the game just didn't do anything. I tried killing myself, nothing. So I just press the Xbox button scroll down selected Halo and press quit and when I reloaded it it had me at the same spot at the end of the conservatory, and everything worked right from there. But I was terrified I was going to have to start the mission all over. I wonder why it's designed that way.


Yeah it's really lame. Thankfully I found out about the checkpoint thing early on. I also just found out "saving progress" is the equivalent of the old checkpoint system. Wait until you see that message to be sure that you'll be back to where you were previously


Great advice, thank you.


pelican down hyperius wont spawn like at all


Hard to describe without spoilers but on a mission where no enemies are spawning and it isn’t letting me continue. Have tried to restart the game several times and tried fast travelling away and coming back but nothing seems to work. Any ideas?


Nvm i was just being stupid..


I grapple punched a banshee twice, on the 2nd punch the game froze and crashed


Is there an official way to submit a bug? I’m on Xbox Series X and most times when I continue the campaign the Tac Map is dark. The icons are still there but it’s missing all the color and texture detail.


My grappling shot bricked, the audio and animation happens buy the hook and line isn't rendered nor can I attach to anything. It just happened on my legendary play through and I cleared a decent area every nook and cranny... I could only restart mission... Looks like I'm not playing this halo on legendary. I work 60hrs these pos. I fucking NG hate this shit


>! Colision bug where I can't do anything on the Last fight on legendary, I don't think I have the energy to restart. https://imgur.com/a/U2P2TsZ!<


Final fight in the >!Conservatory!< results in enemies not spawning after the 1st wave. Dying and reloading doesn't fix the issue, and waiting it out seems to be a losing proposition. Playing on my LASO run and there have been some objective issues that can usually be solved by leaving and coming back, but I can't leave.


PC. Game crashes after defeating Tremonius


PC, crashed when i picked up Eshraems gravity hammer. Reopened and had to restart the entire fight but can't shoot, switch weapons or throw grenades. I can use equipment and throw fusion coils, but can't actually do anything so I'm just stuck...


On x box one I can't select any upgrades other than grapple shot, anyone know how to fix this. I have the free version with my Ultimate account .


(Xbox) The Sequence Mission: I am unable to complete the mission due to enemies not spawning at the final location. I've tried just opening the door, going back to main menu, resarting my Xbox, but nothings working. Any help?


When escharum kills me, I get put right back to the start of the level. I make it through back to the mini boss room, but the door is shut and I can't progress. Only option is to restart the entire mission and hope I don't die at any point😡😡


Gravity beam in the campaign... several objectives require the player to go up a gravity beam in order to do something. Well sometimes stuff get stuck in the beam, like a vehicle, a crate, or some random object that gets caught in it and blocks an entrance, and now you are stuck in the gravity beam unable to complete the objective. A way to turn the gravity beam off should be included, as you can always get out of it with the grapple shot but you can't really get back in when the entrance is blocked by a crate that is pushed against the entrance by the gravity beam...


Max valour stuck at 99% and answer distress calls stuck 45% after clearing the map.


Only a graphical issue, but when rescuing Thunder Squad, there is a destroyed Warthog that sounds like it is on fire, adn there is an orange light cast around it, but no flames rendered. Playing on PC, mostly Ultra/High settings. RTX 3070


Update / Fix : Paused the game, tabbed out and back in, unpaused and the fire has now rendered.


It’s really insane how the issue with people having their Campaign save file randomly become corrupt isn’t getting the same attention as the BTB issue. The BTB issue sucks don’t get me wrong, however Infinite’s Campaign is 60-EFFING-dollars!!! And the best part is you can submit tickets but either you’re unlucky and you don’t get a response back or you can be among the “lucky” people who actually do get a response and yet all they say is to start over - as if that’s any kind of a fix - but the irony with starting over is that you can do it and your new save file can also become corrupt.


You don't have to buy the campaign... you can just subscribe to Xbox Game pass and it's included on day 1.


Right, which is what I did, but some people like to *own* their games and you don't own games through Xbox Game Pass; you rent them. It doesn't even matter anyway. People still dished out money whether it was $60 or $10-$15 and yet the Campaign is barely playable.


Valor doesn't increase no matter what I do, stuck at 2450


Every time I turn off my Xbox and come back on it says that I must buy the Campaign even though I already own it. It says I am offline in the top right of the screen and I can't play multiplayer. Yet no matter what I do the only way to fix it is by completely uninstalling the entire thing!


I believe that's an issue with the quick resume feature. I just press start and quit the game and it fixes it for me


Soft reset your xbox .. should work .. hold power button down till powers off 👍


Just before taking the ship in "Recovery" mission. Just left the game, i just came back a few days later and got stucked. The ship has gone and can't do anything else... Is it something I'm not doing?


PC - Game keeps crashing in main menu when selecting a new campaign. First it crashed when selecting, then it crashed multiple times when selecting skulls, finally it even crashes before I manage to click on 'select difficulty'. Impossible to even START a LASO run, as I am unable to select all skulls before the game crashes. Earlier today I also couldn't load game and select my save file, because the game would crash before I can click.


Try right clicking on the Halo Infinite icon, go to "app settings" under "more". Now in that page there is an option under "reset". First click on "repair", then "reset". No you won't lose any game data, but I had to do this a couple of times when the campaign would crash on me. That fixed it.


Console (Xbox One X) loads into the spire elevator after meeting the endless alien chick and the console bricks every time I try to go up the elevator. Now when I load in the game drops me in part way up the elevator and the game causes the console to shit out part way up. Stuck in an loop now, very frustrated.


Every time I discover the threat sensor the game crashes, I get all the dialogue and what not but when I have the option to press continue after I read about it the game crashes. I have not found any working solutions, I'm about to uninstall and re install HD textures and if that doesn't work than ill uninstall and re-install the entire game. Update: I managed to find a fix after several re installs and hours of playing it through. The issue was that I had some stupid button that never gets used unbound by default. After I bound it it worked. Stupid bug with a stupid fix. I love halo and 343 but I am unimpressed.


which button


I got up to the command spire mission in LASO and decided to call it a night. Next day when I loaded in it put me at the command spire but I can't open the door and the bridge isn't extended so there's an invisible barrier blocking me from leaving the spires island. Fast Travel is also disabled. If anyone could help me that would be really appreciated as I don't want to have to play LASO.


Glitch in the Repository - I followed the instructions to open the secret window. Even got the sound effects saying it was complete. When I get to the window, it’s still closed. Restarted the mission multiple times but the window remains closed no matter how many times I insert the power cell.


Are you sure you are at the right window? Is that the room with the 5 stealthed sword elites and the skull? because there is an identical room, with a glass window and elites behind it; one room before the one with the skull.


Well I followed a YouTube guide so unless I got really turned around? It was the first room I entered with that layout.


Yeah, try it again. Because there is a second completely identical room right after that contains the skull. Window with shielded elites included.


I'm on Xbox Series X, got the scorpion gun, using it religiously. Realized I can no longer crouch or throw grenades while using it, and can only do those things when I'm holding a fusion coil or I swap weapons. Super annoying.


Scorpion gun? What's that?


Google search: "halo infinite scorpion gun"


Ok, will do.


My legendary campaign save file seems to be corrupt. I cant load into and play it anymore. I am going to be extremely upset if I lost my progress. (all skulls on too. I am on xbox one


The same thing has happened with my game, I am VERY frustrated. ​ Update: Can't find a fix anywhere and this is the only mention of the bug I've found


I submitted a ticket with 343, they responded and asked if I had beaten the first mission yet. (I hadn’t) so that may have something to do with it.


i beat it, I was on the mission nexus lol.


Warship Gbraakon: Escape to the Pelican After the second hologram I ran out and fell into space. When I respawned I was clipped into one of the falling walkways. Couldn't do anything except respawn and die when the walkway inevitably falls. Very frustrating. Just restarted the mission after trying to clip out of the bug 20 times.


Playing on LASO, can't access the Beacons during The Sequence. I kill all enemies in the area but The Weapon keeps telling me I need to finish fighting before I enter a Beacon. Happens at every single location.


same here


Game crashes during some achievements, i get a driver timeout (adrenalin 21.12.1)


So I'm on the Xbox one x playing Halo infinite the ui navigation is so freaking unusual but I could look past that if I could upgrade any of my equipment besides the grapple shot I hate this ui because it will not let me scroll up or down and it won't even accidentally go over to an obscure equipment bit to let me level it I am so furious about it because I've been collecting all the Spartan core to strengthen it but nothing seems to work


There is a game setting to get rid of this problem. Go to Settings>Accessibility>Linear Navigation Mode, turn it off. This will fix all of your issues.


This is more than likely your issue. I messed around with settings and tested the linear nav option, took me 10 minutes just to turn it off.


On the mission 'Nexus' the middle door won't open unless you do a specific sequence :/


Silent auditorium. Going through entire mission three mf times without even shooting a single sentinel. Still the door won't open towards the bandanna skull. Good programming 343. Lucky i wont have to do the entire campaign again until you fix this glitch. Oh wait


Doing the pelican down mission, and I've defeated Tovarus but Hyperius seems to have disappeared. I've scanned around the whole area and can't see him anywhere, seems to have totally disappeared. Anyone had a similar experience? I really don't want to restart the mission and do all of the AA guns again..


So I did East AA Gun as the last one, and now I don't have a console for the grav lift where it's supposed to be. I can actually grapple into the gun but there's nothing to do, seems to need the grav lift to continue? I don't know if this is maybe the same issue as a bad guy going AWOL?


That's weird. I just exited and reloaded my game which actually worked. Probably worth a shot if you haven't done already, but I think the lift would need activated to continue. I'm not sure if you maybe need to do the guns in a specific order to avoid the bug


Restarting the application worked, and the grav console was back...I made sure to activate it as soon as possible even before killing the two big Sonic-looking baddies.


Yeah, I've just encountered this same issue. Going to try and reload the game and see if that fixes it.


It seems to be a pretty buggy mission. Annoyingly, the one time that Hyperius disappears is the only time I've actually managed to defeat Tovarus. I am probably going to end up just doing the whole thing again..


Just restarted the mission and that seemed to solve the issue.


Couldn't finish Pelican Down. My game crashed after I killed one of the bosses and when I reloaded, he wasn't there at all and after I killed the other one it said I still have to kill them both.


After using wsreset in order to open my game this morning the campaign options menu seems to have disappeared. No continue game/new game/load game etc and so I can no longer play the campaign. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled twice now and the problem isn’t being solved (campaign is installed)


Can't progress on armoury of reckoning, the doors to the hangar are closed and I have no way of opening them. Been watching walkthroughs and none are ever shut.


Found the issue. It's not a glitch, just some easy-to-miss geography. If you go towards the bottom gate (near the inaccessible area), there's an Elite camping in the corner next to a power battery. The battery is easy to destroy without realizing it, but it links to a gate right across from its position. The gate leads into an underground tunnel that allows you to grab lift into the armory.


Can't load campaign save file on Command Spire. Save was just after the Adjutant Resolution boss fight, right after taking the elevator up. When trying to load the save, it counts down from 3 to 1 but the map never loads and just leaves me at main menu. Kinda bullshit considering this feels like the last area. edit: Tried to start a new campaign on a different save slot. After quitting that game and verifying separate save, same issue with loading that save, so it seems I'm unable to load any save files at this point.


I've come accross numerous bugs, nothing terrible though: * I frequently can't skip cutscenes, more so if its following another cutscene * Sometimes enemies will freeze up if a vehicle is stuck in a strange place or you exit the vehicle as they're hijacking it * I couldn't progress after the hunter battle at the first spire my current legendary playthrough, grav-lift worked but I just bounced around in the loading zone. Grappled down and killed myself to reload back but couldn't go before I activated the lift so fast travelled out, came back and it worked. * The crosshair has gotten bugged when I've been using the sniper or Flexfire and entering a vehicle, or loading into a save inside a vehicle with it equipped. The sniper reiticle would display instead of the tank for example. * Having both the regular sniper and Flexfire equipped at the same time can make one crosshair stick. * Launch times on pc vary, I'm using the game pass version and it can take between 3-30 seconds to launch That's all I can remember off the top of my head without adding ones that I've seen mentioned, I'll add to this as I find/remember more


I'm in the middle of the Nexus mission, when the remnants of Cortana are speaking to Chief, and when ever I walk into the hallway in front of me, game hits a massive stutter then crashes out.


I can't collect Infinity's Approach Log 12 and several other logs because they're greyed out as if I already collected them.


I found this same issue, but with other logs - the inability to pick up logs I had picked up in another game's playthrough was a suspected cause, but I have no other proof to back this up.


I've verified the game and attempted to reach the same area on a new save, but I still can't collect it. It's still classified in my database so I'm pretty sure I haven't collected it yet.


When playing on legendary with all the skulls equipped, the game essentially comes to a soft lock when you reach the tower. The mjolnir armor mod that is available as soon as you enter the tower is impossible to pick up, and the story cannot continue until you do so. This is infuriating because the game is hard enough on this difficulty with all the skulls without the game not actually being playable


that is the exact problem I just encountered. Have you by chance figured something out the last week


I had the same problem with not much info on it, pretty sure its because of the black eye skull. If your not full health it may not let you continue from my experience. Also I jumped an top of the core to scan it and that seemed to work when I had full health. Hope this helps!


Indiana squad, killed all banished not saying its completed, can't find any more banished to kill to save this squad


On LASO this happens with nearly every single FOB and squad saving and it's miserable.


I had that issue on Foxhound squad. I found that going to an FOB respawned all the enemies and the event that would trigger, allowing me to finish "saving" the squad.


Same issues here, it happens with boxer squad for me, maybe I am missing a foe somewhere since I heard a enemy chatter once. Edit turns out a foe fell off a cliff and got stuck, I killed him and that fixed it.


I have experienced the same issue but more with fobs than anything else


In the campaign specifically (I haven’t tested in mp) the “scan” ability doesn’t work sometimes while in a vehicle. I have to get out of my wasp and get back in and then it works again for a bit before stopping. It’s so annoying and just frequent enough to make me come here and post this. Also I don’t know if this is just a general graphical bug but when paused in the campaign every once in awhile the screen will flicker for a split second. It’s inconsistent so I can’t capture it easily but I keep thinking it’s my Xbox. 🙄


The Skyhook achievement is only unlockable if you grapple-jack a Wasp. It does not work on banshees.


I was driving along doing some off-roading when all of a sudden my warthog and I disappeared, and then after a few seconds just staring at my Houdini the game went black and loaded the last checkpoint.


On the sequence mission and everything is floaty feeling. When I kill an enemy they act like they're falling over and over again, my team mates float off, when I move or drive around instead of stopping ill keep floating on a bit


Mission "Rendezvous with the pilot looks like it was made on a potato. Start new campaign it looks fine, and multiplayer looks fine. I've tried turning everything on low settings and it makes it worse.


Spartan evacuation 07 log bugged for anyone else?


Display glitched after 3rd upgrade to Grapple. Cannot see anything and the game is unplayable.


Free “blind” skull.


Can’t capture FOB. Still reading hostiles; No hostiles around.


During the mission "Conservatory" at the "Survive the Skimmer attack", I have killed all the enemies in the area I have access to and can not complete the objective. Rendering me soft locked other then restarting the mission. I have killed myself multiple times but can't unfortantly move far enough back in the autosaves to redo that specific part of the mission.


Same issue on my Laso run. Did you find a fix? I dont really want to restart this mission.


Nah, I gave up on it after a few hours of running around in the area, and a few reloads into the game. On legendary it takes me to long to get through missions to restart it as I only get a short time period once a week to play.


I just suffered this bug and fortunately going to the menu, hitting end game and loading back the campaign fixed it for me


Is anybody else having an issue where nothing at the fob's work, like I can't get any weapons from it or vehicle drops


In the settings, under Accessibility, there is a menu option titled: Linear Navigation Mode. Uncheck that, and your menus will work normally again. Then you can upgrade all your gear besides just the grapple shot, and you will be able to call in all the vehicles, and weapons you have access to so far from the FOBs as well.!


Yeah you have to reset the campaign


I’m doing the sequence mission, went to all four beacons but when I went back to the spite to enter the command nothing happens there, I can’t enter anything, no additional banished… is there more to it than collecting from all 4 beacons?


Campaign upgrade system on Xbox won’t allow me to upgrade anything except for grappleshot


In the settings, under *accessability* is a menu option titled: **Linear Navigation Mode**. Uncheck that and you're menus will behave normally. It's a dumb item to have initially checked.


after completing the command spire - game crashed at cutscene and now won't load campaign or saves.


did you ever find a fix? Lol Just had this happen


Same! I'm stuck. I don't know what to do. The game won't load my save file and the only way I can start playing the campaign is whenever I start a new game. So... w.t.h.


Every time I try to start up the game on pc it crashes after 3 seconds. I’ve tried every single fix, gotten it to work randomly a few times after an hour+ of installs and trying everything they say online but it’s really ridiculous


Suddenly can't pick up ammo during the campaign mission at the excavation site. My UI when trying to use ammo crates says 'ammo is full' even when guns are completely empty. The issue started right after destroying the last cooling component. All guns are affected. Edit: Issue resolved after progressing through the mission further.


I've been having this bug a lot. No idea how to fix it without losing my checkpoints.


Literally just started the campaign and I got a black screen after the opening cutscene. I'm on Xbox One


Invisible Master Chief and I can't control Master Chief, blinking screen and slow movement. Literally just started the campaign, the graphics are all up to date....


I've had the same issue since the game came out haven't even been able to play it yet


This exact issue just started for me today. Haven't found a fix yet unfortunately


Did you figure out how to fix this? A friend of mine is having the same issue.


Just started having this issue as well, not just in campaign either.


Drop wall isn’t erecting instantly.


Game crashed after completing final mission and watching end cut scene. Now wont let me open and get back into open world.


I can’t complete the game, I’m stuck in a certain big elevator, the game crashes every time, I already lower the resolution to the minimum and cap the fps to 30


Major lag issues on Exavation Site


I am getting constant, and I mean constant crashes when the Tacmap is open in the campaign. It can be an hour after starting the campaign, it can be 10 minutes. No random solutions online have worked and I really don't know what to do. If I'm lucky I can clear 2-3 map markers before I get a crash when opening the Tacmap next. Really making the game unplayable atm and it's also disheartening to see that this isn't some sort of known issue.


Killed thav sebarim and his crew but still says there are enimies in the area


Did any of them get launched far away? This is a known issue if you're using the tank cannon. They really need to have a set distance where enemies will despawn when launched.


i just went away and came back and they all just respawned. problem solved.


Just be careful about launching them. It's alright as long as they splatter against a ceiling or wall.


My entire HeadMaster LASO run the checkpoints were broke esp Nexus I would fight hunters then sentinels on the gondola then entre the Nexus only to die by OP sentinels and have to repeat the whole shit over again.


They are not broken. It is known you must have shield to trigger a checkpoint. With the Black Eye skull, you only get health back on melee hits. You must melee the last enemy in a room to get shield and be "out of combat" to get a checkpoint.


I know about that from CE days. I had definitely had sheild bro, or maybe I didn't can't see with no hub and don't recall seeing any break sparks. I was spamming max upgraded thruster/active camo and meleeing enemies as I went through nexus it was the only part of the game the checkpoints were off.


I just know I have definitely thought I had shield, then get to a cutscene and Master Chief is stuck in that “low shield” state with the electricity around his body, meaning I’ve taken some damage. It’s the most annoying thing not getting a checkpoint…


>FOB Also Infinite tends to do checkpoint every couple of minutes ... but in LASO you don't get notifications ... so especially if I just finished something big and haven't died in a while to know I'm recent... I will sit around a good bit after punching a grunt of jackal. And grunts aren't the safest thing to punch as even stunned they sometimes magically produce a grenade out of their ass and drop it on themselves as you go in for a punch... total BS.. but happens a lot.


Yes, way too many close calls with a grunt who decides to drop 2 plasmas while he’s stunned and I’m grappling towards him.


Ammo boxes aren't working since penultimate boss on legendary only says ammo full no matter how much reserve ammo I have.


Inside the conservatory, I can't hack after defeating the new enemies in the room. says enemies are nearby.


Silent Auditorium, I went in for a grapple final punch and got blasted through the floor so I was looking upwards through the floor. I could not move or grenade myself to death, so i hit restart mission in the menu. it took me back WAY too far. like 2 hours of game play. Thats pretty insane. i thought maybe back to the start of the fight entrance...