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Leave a like if you 100% would’ve bought fire and frost at $10


Hello! i've made a detailed tweet with the ideas i have for the store, since this sub is not letting me upload it i will leave the link to it here -> [https://imgur.com/gallery/hf0pdGn](https://imgur.com/gallery/hf0pdGn) Im loving Halo:Infinite, but i think the only weak point its the current monetization, not the fact that's being monetized. let me know what you guys think.


I've been seeing so many videos and posts that the pass would be so much better if the game just offered "earnable currency" to work towards because the store prices are just absurd. (which prices I can agree with) However, I think people need to realize the reason other games have the ability to do that is because their passes are limited time, imagine for a moment the long term state of this game in a world where you get 1000 paid currency per battle pass. which is what I feel like is what I see most people are calling for. as long as you own the pass, that 1000 earnable paid currency never expires, it will always stay earnable. which is just another free battlepass as long as you buy one. which leads to a never ending cycle of as long as you get one battle pass, as long as you progress that one, you'll never have to pay for another one again. That's simply just not sustainable for this game to run, battle pass changes are meant to be quarterly income boosts to sustain a free to play game throughout the year, the reason other games can do that is because those other bp's are limited and not everyone is completing them to get the full refund for the next pass, so people are paying usually a minimum of 5-10$ anyway to get enough to be able to buy the next pass. which is good enough for the financing of the game. I understand that the Halo community isn't used to this free to play financing model, and would rather just "pay 60 dollars and get everything for free" but that's not how this game is being designed, and I'm just going to say it now, you're not going to get that. You are not meant to have everything in this game, it is just not how the platform is being designed for it to be able to maintain itself for the next 10 years supposedly. The absolute maximum I can see 343 doing if they even implement this is only going to be so that you can basically get the next battlepass at a discount, 50% off or 25% off, or save over the course of a number of bp's to get one for free, so they can still have an income while valuing player time. The only thing that will come out you guys wanting all of this free paid currency that won't expire just to get every battlepass for free here on out, is a worse and (dare I say it, because it really isn't) more "predatory" store design, because that will be the only way they can make money to finance the game consistently, and that's all subject to player tastes and what not. The fact of the matter is, the game is designed to be here for a long time not just make enough money so they can make another game in a year and sell the same thing like cod does. This isn't me saying that there are a ton of others things I would like to be changed either for the benefit of the player, and customization making up a large chunk of it for myself personally. But this, this isn't the route to take IMO. tldr: stop complaining about not getting free paid currency to be able to get stuff for completely for free, unless you just want infinite to die.


Cringe, microsoft are greedy and the people who buy the bloody things are stupid. They could have sold the multiplayer separately and let f2p players just not have it. I paid for the campaign which was fun but i got nothing for mulitplayer. A few cores etc. Its so dumb and its a rip off


As Mods pet robot didn't let this through their filters I'll post it here: Just a thought I had. To get the most bare bones advancements and unlocks in Infinite you need the battlepass. That's $10 a season, with seasons running for 3 months (except the double length of season one). So over the supposed 10 year life of Infinite, that'll be about 39 seasons, and at $10 a season it'll end up costing $390 just to get the basic unlocks in this free to play game. Compare that to the Master Chief Collection, which admittedly had a horrible launch and first few years, but overall provided 7 year's worth of content, seasons, etc for a base price of $60 (and an additional $10 or so for the ODST add on, but memory is hazy on that


I understand prices are high, and people are NOT Happy! But how are the prices, and business practices any different from any other game, and or game studio that has microtransactions. For example, I can give NBA 2k a slap for their card pack "Gambling", another example would be Fortnite, how are the skins in Fortnite worth the money your paying? You start out with no skins just like Halo, more or less pressured into buying Battlepass, and cosmetics from the store. People are acting like this is new, it's rather old. Yet nothing has changed, if the company DID NOT CARE about making MONEY they wouldn't have DONE this, to begin with. It's all about milking out the product to the absolute fullest. It's scummy but unfortunately, this is how AAA studios work. Most companies have investors and it would be better to make their investors happy, and a shit ton of money along the way.


Am I the only one currently in the dilemma of not wanting to support this current monetization system but also really wanting the Hazop helmet :(


Fuck microsoft dont buy it


Don't cave bro


My post was removed, so I'm posting it here. Title: Due to the monetization of Infinite, the last nail in the coffin has been hammered in for me. I'm going to go ahead and preface this post with the fact that I'm fairly confident no one will care about it, and I'll be ridiculed for it, but I'm at peace with that. I'm not writing this for grand attention. It is just my thoughts. If you disagree, or think I'm stupid, fine. I have always been against "micro" transactions, and the monetization process of modern gaming. But, fortunately for me, none of the egregious acts have hit too close to home for me...until Infinite. I've seen the ridiculousness from Star Citizen and onward, but none of it were games I was heavily invested in. I was of the mindset "out of site, out of mind," so I wasn't as outraged as I probably should've been. Then Infinite came out. Halo. One of my all time favorite video game franchises ever, and I was just taken back by the decision that was made for the profit route of this game. If it was slightly utilized to gain some extra profit, I probably wouldn't have cared so much, but the absolute insanity to the extent it was IMMEDIATELY taken to, I just...can't anymore. I feel like one of my favorite franchises is being ruined, and I mean that. I understand this is just the reality we live in now. But I just can't support it anymore. The ONLY way these tactics are going to change, is if we actively boycott these practices. Nothing else will get our words through at this point, not even words themselves. As long as better money is being made off of it, this is going to happen, and it is going to get to the point to where video gaming is utterly ruined as a hobby. It's going to get to the point to where only people with exorbitant money can spare for it. With that mouth full said, I'm done with Halo. I'm done with 343. I'm done with any game that follows these practices, even to the smallest degree. Until these companies show with action a change in pace, I will no longer be supporting them. Goodbye, Halo. With good hope, I'll see you in the future. Hopefully in the right light. Take care, Chief. This is your no name marine, signing off.


There are no microtransactions in Star Citizen, you buy a $40 game package with a ship, and the whole game. Thats all you need, anything else you buy is completely optional. Or you can get in game, aside from a few cosmetics which dont really do much.


Heres an idea for shop armor cores if you're gunna sell them for $10-20. Make some spartan armor based on popular media or brands. Gundam, Samus (Metroid), Transformers, Robocop, Judge Dredd, Predator, Ironman, Ultron Something like that would make more sense for the cost and premise of the store vs the battlepass. It should be a complete package too. Like when you buy skins in any other game for $10. They include special animations/effects, weapon skins, voicechanger (AI?) Etc.


I just went back to MCC for the first time in a while. I’m continually baffled at how much more customization it has compared to Halo Infinite. Even if you just limited it to Reach it has so much more. Even with all the Reach stuff. It’s such a shame 343 has taken steps back to a dumb system. Also it has an actual good way to tell between the male and female Spartan body types (heavy and light now). Honestly, the female body type in MCC’s Reach isn’t even that thicc lol. It just looks like a toned Olympic athlete woman. It doesn’t even look too much different than the type 1 in Infinite (assuming they didn’t tone down the thiccness in MCC lol, even if they did I don’t care. Also save for some small things). It’s not hyper-sexualized or anything. I’m pretty sure the biggest problem is that armor in Infinite is one size fits all. I mean looking at the female vs male bodies in Reach, I can see that 343 literally took the upper armor model of the male, and the leg armor model of the male and just slapped it on the “type 1” female body type. It’s lazy, and honestly even if don’t get more female and male body types (like a more toned Reach like Spartan for females and a bigger Jorge like Spartan for males) I wouldn’t care too much if they just made the armor form fitting. That would make it so much better. Tl;DR: MCC Reach has so much better customization for Mk. V than Infinite, and the armor is actually fully accurate to OG Reach. No single attachments on helmets, no missing lines from Emile’s shoulder armor. (I specifically point it out because 343i remastered it all accurately in MCC, and could have done the same for Infinite). This, and that the armor in Infinite isn’t form fitting is annoying and entirely lazy because there isn’t a good reason. Please make it all better, and add playable Sangheili. Imma stop there lol


The game is kind of doomed already. It’s probably been a straight week of seeing people with extra store cosmetics in every single match. Hilarious to see but also sad because there’s nothing I can do about it


I'll pay for a Sgt.Johnson skin or Arbiter skin just saying


Yes! That is something worth buying. Too bad it’s all some random crap that we should already have access to. 343i or Microsoft or whoever made MTX that bad really screwed up by just locking old or stupid stuff like an AI color, and two charms behind a 10 dollar tag, when they could have just given us stuff like what you said that is extra and cool


Another thing I would like to see changed is we should be able to set stances independently for each core. Some win stances don't work well based certain armor. So it would be nice to set them independently.


YOU GET 0 COSMETICS FOR BEATING IT ON LEGENDARY! This is a joke and so predatory, not to mention the armor lockers in game don't even contain armor. There's 2 good things you get, the rest is garbage and agian because it's so sickening, you get 0 cosmetics for completing the game, 0 cosmetics for skulls. This is a joke. 343 you are taking a bevloved franchise and Turing it into a cash grab rather then something for the community. The gameplay is solid and the story is great but you should be ashamed of these predatory montinzation tactics and lack of content. At this rate this game will be dead by summer 2022 and that's a shame because it is a great game gameplay wise.


https://i.imgur.com/onHF1hk.jpg Achievement related! There’s currently no way to unlock this achievement without spending money through the store. This needs to be solved. Give us progression based unlocks


Uh... put a sticker on it?


You can just put one of the default stickers on a gun..


Halo's customization devolved. I was expecting something closer to Warframes customization system. It's also happens to be F2P. https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/warframe/images/2/23/CBappearanceU25.png/revision/latest?cb=20210722111555 look at that menu. Look at their prices too. This is what PLAYER DRIVEN looks like. -Helmets are cross-core. -Attachments are cross-core. -Instead of shaders/coatings they have skins (patterns). -It has a very deep color customization section. (You get basic colors. Like you did in every other halo game. But you can pay for more advanced color packs.) -Everything is a couple bucks. Ex A color pack is $4. That's a whole set of colors you can use for everything, always. And it's half the price you can buy a single coating in Halo that is only for one thing. -If you spend $10-20 in WF, you get a lot of value. And the odds of you looking like a cookie cutter metal person even if you spend less is very slim.


Have a few ideas that can Help monetization to treat players well and lets Microsoft make money. Idea 1: We all know some time later that a new progression system is coming such as the profile leveling. Each time u level up, u gain what's called Halo coins. This new currency allows you to purchase anything in the store, when you put in the amount of time and effort in the game. The reason why we cant earn credits is because if we are able to earn credits, than we will be able to buy the battle pass since they don't expire, which has no value. Now depending on the amount of Halo coins we earn is up to 343. This allows the player to have the option to grind out the currency or spend money on credits to be able obtain items. If 343 wants this to be their 10 year plan, than they need to instead have players invested rather than pocket them for a couple of months. Idea 2: Have weekly challenges reward more than two items, coatings, armor pieces, etc...If players want to earn their reward, than you want them to feel rewarded enough to keep playing the game. Idea 3: I've seen multiple content creator talk about this, but i don't think this will happen, but I will say it anyway. Have challenges reward premium currency, it can be a small amount like 15 to 25 per challenge. when u earn up 500 credits, this will than encourage the player to spend money, Because when they do, they will have saved 5 dollars instead of spending 10. So in reality they have a choice to wait next week for the next weekly challenges to come up, or they can spend money for the remaining credits they need. That is all i have let me know what u think


Having found a handful of the Mjolnir Armories in the campaign for them to only be armor coatings (that are only useable on the Mark VII armor core), I'm tempted to just not even go out of my way for them at this point. This game desperately needs an customization overhaul because these armor coatings/emblems just aren't doin' it.


Why are coatings for the free armor in the battlepass when there is barely any content to begin with for the BP armor. The best skins are on the free armor to begin with. karaba sirocco, and ghost grey(some of the best colors I thought were for the BP) are for the free set instead? The BP armor has ten skins vs the free sets 30-40, why do that 343. All the campaign skins are locked to the free set as well. So I can ether have armor I like from the BP with crap colors(all blues with little tweaks, a black with different lights? Laughable) or colors I like and no armor since the free set blows and all the armor things you get for it suck imo (very few) suck. It needs to be fixed games customization is crap rn because of all the red tape you made up.


We didn't ask for Infinite's MP to be free-to-play This narrative by 343 that "We have to monetize the game somehow so just deal with it" is such nonsense. What genuine Halo fan ever asked for a F2P live service game with microtransactions? None. I can not be the only one who would have rather paid a one time sum to have a multiplayer game that was feature complete (Playlists and game modes especially) and where all customization could be unlocked through normal gameplay. Hell if by some miracle 343 said tomorrow, "Hey, we decided to sell multiplayer for $30-45 and have every playlist and game mode you guys loved from previous Halo games along with Reach/MCC customization" I would buy it. Because then I could enjoy Infinite multiplayer and would keep coming back and maybe even buy map packs if they made some later on (remember those?). And it would still be a better deal then BF2042 and COD. I guarantee you the game would still have a strong player base, since the core gameplay has really good potential. Making multiplayer free-to-play was an arbitrary decision forced on us by 343/Microsoft. 343 makes it sound like we asked for it to be free and then complained when there was monetization. We didn't.


Random thing 343i. Emile’s iconic shoulder piece is not the same as in Reach. The Emile kit shows that his shoulder is a solid red but it actually had white stripes. [Emile’s actual shoulder pad](https://www.deviantart.com/future-trunks/art/Halo-Reach-Emile-177052861)


Why are those master chief and pilot charms and the cool Daisy attachments and the soldier helmet all in the store? The battle pass and campaign unlocks are so lacking compared to the store.


The gameplay is great, fun, hectic though i feel the whole this is your story, personalised approach to the multiplayer is not being fulfilled. Firstly everything should be crosscore compatible the core restriction is quite limiting, secondly many coatings look essentially the same, thirdly the prices are too high and should be reduced drastically. many, including myself, have brought up a system where colours and textures are purchasable but players themselves are able to choose what piece gets which colour, though i think this approah would not generate much revenuw compared to the current one it defnitely will solve the customization problem, something smilar to the suggested system would be great.


Before I jump into this, please know that I enjoy playing Halo Infinite, and it's some of the most fun I've had playing a Halo game since the Halo Reach the days. I want my voice to be heard because I want this game to be the best it can be. With that being said; the armor core system sucks ass and needs to be revised. Unfortunately the writing was somewhat on the wall with this one. Back in June when the first Halo Infinite Multiplayer Overview (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-O7OuliQRY) dropped, in the player expression section there's a clear breakdown of a spartan showing the armor core is "MK VII" (timestamp: 6:45). There was however no implication that armor customization would be segmented to different cores with this breakdown. We were promised "millions of customization combinations" in that same video, and that is simply not possible with this system in place. There is no reason in my mind why we should not be able to mix and match which ever armor we want, especially coming from the customization improvements in the MCC. Add to this that in the store, we are being double or triple charged for identical color shaders because they are unique to specific armor cores. In the campaign, all of the multiplayer cosmetics are locked to the Mk 7 core. This is such a huge slap in the face to anyone grinding the season pass for the Mk 5, or the event passes to unlock the Yoroi armor. Unfortunately, I don't see the shader system going away. So if this is what we're getting, then we should be able to use any shader on any armor, regardless of which "core" it belongs to. I don't expect these matters to be rectified tomorrow, but they need to be addressed sooner rather later if 343 expects people to invest money into their F2P model. Season passes without timers was and is a huge step forward. Armor core segmentation are two even bigger steps backwards.


During the week leading up to the Campaign, the weekly is a nameplate. During campaign week, it's a weapon coating...Which I won't grind for, despite wanting because the campaign comes out today. Makes sense, 10/10 putting useless nameplate as the weekly when there's no campaign to play


So I unlocked Carters armor, my understanding is that I cannot mix and match those armor pieces. It's all or nothing.... ok fine. But I can't even change the color? Is that correct?


I have an idea that could potentially fix all of the monetization issues in the game! What if we got a daily reward system similar to Warframe where we could get xp boosts/grants/challenge swaps AND credit discounts! This could very well fix the issues with the store and it would make everyone happy. We could have a chance to earn discounts like 25% , 50% or even 75% if that's not too much like in Warframe...


15 to 20 pounds for an armor set is rediculous! Should be 5 to 10 pounds at most. 12 quid for a teddy bear on my armor chest plate c'mon should be 3 quid tops for a small attachment.


They are modelling their monetization based upon the game being free to play, so if you buy the campaign you should get the entire game including customization.


The fact that I could go on Apex and buy a character skin that changes my entire look for 1,280 coins which is on sale. Or go buy. A teddy bear and a flower for 1500 credits in Infinite is absolutely laughable. The level of customization and content should be directly tied to the price. You come out with a whole armor set that makes me look like some spooky spartan operator spec ops guy. Throw in shoulders, knee pads, leg attachment, helmet, visor, coating for armor and battle rifle I would HAPPILY drop some cash on that because it’s worth it to me. But $15 for a teddy bear and flower ain’t it. Make it make sense.


There needs to be at least nameplates (should be weapon skins and armour coatings as well) that can be unlocked from achievements in MP, like there is in COD. 100 killing frienzies, you get a nameplate 50 rampages, you get a nameplate. ​ ect ect There needs to be a way to show off skill via customisation


I've yet to really see any good looking color combinations even if you pay for it, aside from the hcs teams. But why are all the premium items in the shop still destroyed and haggard? Not only are the two constant colors olive green and salmon but they have to be weathered too? When are the decent looking coatings gonna drop if we're stuck in this system for the time being. I'll do it. You win. I'll pay you money for skins. Lots and lots of money. How come they either look disgusting or default even for 20 bucks.


Kill effects shouldn't break esports skins and it is weird it does.


I haven't started playing the game yet (in the process of building a PC while also dealing with University exams) but I have been following the conversation surrounding the way the game is monetized. Plenty of people have already gone over the problems with multiplayer progression and such, but one of the most baffling decisions that I've seen is the way 343 decided to handle armor coatings. Players' frustration with them seems to stem from the fact that they are locked to particular armor sets and the fact that they cannot change the color of their spartan without them. If I were 343, I would add in the ability to customize the primary and secondary colors of your spartan from a pre-made selection of colors like in Halo 3 and Reach while having armor coatings consist of 3 or more colors that could be outside of this selection. This way players are able to express themselves as they would have been able to in previous titles, but if they seek more options with which to do so the armor coatings are there for that. I believe this would please most players and allow 343 to monetize the game in a more ethical way.


I know this Has been a strong point of contention but I really want to put into perspective how lopsided the purchasable armor options are compared to The ones that can be earned via the season pass. ( This list is strictly for the Mark VII core ) NOTE - percentages where rounded for simplicity ARMOR COATING ( including campaign ) - Earnable - 27 ( 67.5% ) Purchasable - 13 ( 32.5% ) HELMETS Earnable - 4 ( 44.5% ) Purchasable - 5 ( 55.5% ) CHEST Earnable - 3 ( 27%) Purchasable - 8 ( 73% ) SHOULDER Earnable - 2 ( 25% ) Purchasable - 6 ( 75% ) GLOVES - 1 Default WRIST - 1 Earnable (100% ) UTILITY Earnable None / Purchadable - 3 ( 100% ) KNEE PADS Earnable - 1 default / Purchasable 2 These ratios are unacceptable, not to mention the stunning quality / design of armor that can be purchased compared to the bland and underwhelming earnable armor.


Are armor set bundles that cost 2x the battle pass supposed to be the norm of the multi year long life span this game is supposed to have? $10 daily bundles? If the game is supposed to last a long time why does it feel like the shop wants all my money right now? I can't justify buying anything no matter how much I want it, especially when it's 1/3rd the price of the campaign I already purchased.


I really hate posting ideas as it feels like it'll not even by noticed but this is important to a lot of people so here I go. Charge for colours, patterns and finishes separately. You may ask why not bundle them together? Because it's been done in the past. Destiny 2 aka Bungie the grandfathers of Halo and have said they regret it many times over. It also removes each player's unique Spartan which is what you want isn't it? Money solution: 4 tiers, blue, green, purple and gold rarity for each of the 3 cosmetics. The higher the tier the higher the cost. Base players have as always, red green blue yellow bla bla bla. Patterns a simple pattern such as a camo to get started or a battle damaged one. finishes a just the standard Sparta n armour Matt. You pay for colours NOT materials prebuilt. Darker colours, spring colours, pastel (same as Warframe) and get them in bundles from 10 to 25 for the rarest. Same goes for patterns and finishes. Ranging from metallic to high gloss low gloss glows sparks w.e the art team wants to do. And don't bs me into not possible, I've worked on games as a texture artist and know how this stuff works. Materials are not difficult, neither is masking out some patterns for people. People don't mind paying for quality but if it's just one shiny item that's being sold for almost 1/3 of the campaign cost your marketing strategy is poor. If you want people to stay with you and not have them leave in a month's time, respect their time and money. So far I've been very concerned with the choices made along with millions of other people. If you fuck this up and try to take advantage of people Halo will die. All the praise for the start will fade in a few weeks, it's down to you, 343.


At the very least, all items in the store should refresh daily. I wanna get my CQC armor, but it's just one of thirteen $20 bundles, and I don't feel like waiting weeks on end just to the one armor set I want. Better yet, let us browse all of the content in the store so we don't have to worry about FOMO.


Regarding the custumization and monetization, from my point of view, the fact that over 70% of the costumizations for the mark vii core are locked behind a paywall is quite the detrement, this is also paired with the price of said items, the fact that the items cost 20 USD is a really big turn off for most, more so with your fans and players within other countries that may have less economic ability to acquier them, I reside in mexico and to me 20 usd are $400MxN which is an entire day of work instead of just a couple hours for people in the US or Europe, the bad state of the microtransaction system is hitting worse your communite in other countries whose communities may not be as vocal


I don't know man. I get trying to sell all your cosmetics because your game is "Free to play", even though it's a totally scummy tactic... But how about making it a CHOICE to either buy the set OR grind for it? Make everything unlockable, but keep the payment option available as a shortcut? Someone said that already?


I personally think that store prices should be lowered. However if 343 confirmed that they were going to make a system where in the next season the new content went in the store like it currently works but all past content was in a browsable store that you could choose what you want, I would be fine with it. This would eliminate people feeling like they were missing out because if they decide they want something later, they know they can get it. Even if stuff cost the same price it wouldn't be predatory like it is now. Right now we don't know if anything is ever going to be available after it leaves the store and on top of that even if it does come back we don't know when. What if I miss something I want to buy, am I just forever stuck without it? ​ P.S. Almost none of the coatings we've seen so far have looked good. The only ones I've seen people use are the default ones and a couple of battlepass ones. If 343 wants to sell a $20 armor set, it should have an awesome coating for it.


The Faze Clan Armor Kit provides a paid, unfair advantage, since it makes it take extra time to distinguish between enemy and friendly (it is bright red). I had an enemy using it last round and had to do a double take multiple times because it hides makes the red outlining of enemies way less obvious. I bought it now because fuck it lol


You can change the shield color to something else.


Yes, but then it would just blend in with other colors. The default enemy shield color (bright red) shouldn't be an option for full armor color schemes.


If you're not using the sunshine color for your enemies, you're doing it wrong.


When 343 first spoke about armor coatings I was anticipating things like wild camos, crazy patterns, and crazier stuff like armor that looks like it has oxidized or coated with rust.... But we ended up just getting pay-walled primary and secondary colors... 343 couldnt have tried to make the coatings any more boring.


Okay, so this week opened with one of the bigger cuts to me personally that I feel like a lot of people won't care too much about. The Daisy Delights pack. As a preface, I've loved Halo for a really long time. It means a lot to me, because it plays a lot on my personal romances related to service and selflessness and sacrifice and all that good, sappy patriotic shit that gets me right in the feels. I in particular follow all of the Spartan IIs pretty closely, and I pay as much attention to when we lose one as I can. Fall of Reach and First Strike were pretty hard on me to listen to just recently, in fact, since damn near half the IIs we know die in those two books alone, with a few exceptions. Exceptions like Daisy-023. Daisy is one of six Spartan IIs who we know die before the Fall of Reach, the others being Cal-141, Sam-034, Sheila-065, Solomon-069, and Arthur-079. Sam died on the first Spartan II deployment, Cal died assassinating a Prophet behind enemy lines, Sheila died defending Halsey, and Solomon and Arthur both died trying to rescue Halsey. Daisy died defending some mostly common Marines. She was the second shortest tenured combatant of the Spartan II class, at only about six years of deployment time. She died on Harvest, with the little bear keychain she took from the flash clone that fills a grave with her name on it on the planet of Sargasso. John found her after she had died and put this bear in her hand. The fact that there's this cosmetic in the game is amazing, especially in a game that focuses so much on holding little funerals for fellow Spartans you find along your journey just like John did for Daisy nearly 25 years ago. It is a gut punch that a cosmetic with all this meaning attached to it is something you have to buy in a heartless shop rather than something you could... I dunno... Find on the body of a fallen comrade.


I was comparing the coatings for campaign unlocks and the shop. I have not purchased any this is simply a preview. The difference between Dogfight Makovich and Big Sur is incredibly frustrating. I do prefer Dogfight Makovich but the fact that these are so similar is bothersome. [Dogfight Makovich](https://i.imgur.com/zU5eRTs.jpg) [Big Sur](https://i.imgur.com/h3uOP3P.jpg) For context, you unlock Dogfight Makovich via armor lockers in the campaign Big sur is 1000 credits in the shop, AKA $10.


Ive already posted about the Clonely Bear chest but I want to talk about how these cool but really just charms on just a basic chest piece should be an attachment on the chest pieces so you can add the Clonely Bear charm to any armor you want or at the very least actually put the chest armor Daisy wore from Halo Legends instead of the default chest piece because it just screams laziness and a cash grab on my nostalgia. This goes the same for the Psychapple grenades and petal metal chest pieces. Add more than just a basic default chest armor with these charms if youre gonna do it this way. If youre gonna do it, you gotta do it right and not cut corners especially for 20 bones.


Sea of thieves did everything Halo Is trying to do with customization and microtransactions but infinitely better here's why. The reason I specifically mentioned Sea of thieves is because its a Microsoft owned game that is much like halo in that its a game that thrives off its customization as well as is monetized customization. SoT has an incredible amount of free customization that you earn through commendations or grinding gold to simply buy them from the store, it also has a big store with constantly updating customization options that are mostly very well priced but even in the expensive bundles you can buy individual pieces a feature that is missing in Halo. I say this because again Sea of thieves is Microsoft owned I'm genuinely baffled as to why Halo went so far in the wrong direction when they have a perfect example right in front of them. 343 if you want to monetize this game you have to make it desirable to free players FIRST you cannot drop $15-$20 bundles when you've gave nothing to players first I suggest you take a page from Rares book by adding plenty of free customization for players that are rewarded for doing things in the game and then you can drop armour in the store. I love Halo its my favourite franchise I hate that it's gone down this road the only way to save this game is to start doing a massive U-turn and listen to all the fans because this is the last chance your gonna get I suspect thats partly why you made it F2P because you guys know the long time Halo fans are becoming more and more disengaged with your franchise.


This needs to be brought to attention as I see no one talk about this INCOMPLETE ARMOR SETS & LACK OF CHEST ARMOR IN HALO INFINITE In Halo Reach one thing that never made sense to me is how Bungie went about armor customization. For example in H3 you are able to equip the entire set of EOD armor whereas in Halo Reach only the EOD helmet was available. Where was the rest of the EOD armor in Reach? Chest armor wasn't even a thing in Reach either. Halo 4 and Halo 5 (despite H5 more restrictive customization) went about to correcting this and featured FULL COMPLETE ARMOR SETS. Helmet, shoulders, chest armor, and depending on the armor set arms and legs. Now in Halo Infinite 343 for whatever reason reverted back to this style of incomplete armor. Why is the Aviator helmet in the game but not the arms and chest piece? Why is chest armor non existent in Halo Infinite? Just chest "attachments", slap metal plate and radio on default chest and call it a day. In H4 and H5 you were able to make your self look like a tank with certain chest armor. Now you can't do that anymore because we can't change the torso unless we switch cores. Don't get me wrong I love Infinite's customization but this feels half baked and lazy. When I heard Halo Infinite was going back to Reach style customization I was hoping 343 wont make the same mistake Bungie did. What is the reason for going back to this incomplete armor style and no chest armor instead of full sets of armor and improving on them? It makes no sense and I don't see lore as valid excuse for this.


Will we be able to purchase legendary bundles after they rotate out when the week ends? If this isn't the case, I think we should be able to, just to wipe out that bit of FOMO that people could end up feeling if they don't spend $20 for these bundles. We have epic bundles that rotate on the daily, I see no reason why we can't have legendary bundles rotate on the daily as well.


I'm really frustrated by these store prices. The soldier armor looks sick as hell, and I really liked it in Halo 4. But $20? I could under maybe $5 I guess but holy shit. For $20 I could buy my niece dinner.


With all due respect, anyone who pays 5 dollars for armor that is typically included in the base game is just as dumb as someone who pays 20 for it. Stop allowing the overton window to be moved.


No that's totally fair! Like, okay I guess what I'm getting at is that I'm okay with monetization, but at least make it be new stuff. We kinda got shafted with this battle pass.


100% with everything else being said. One thing I don't see mentioned is how lame the **chest pieces** are. They're all the same thing and then have some different stuff that's tacked on top of the same base model. The older games chest pieces would change EVERYTHING about it, not just the things that are on it.


Yea my biggest problem with the mk7 chest pieces is they lack character or a theme. If you go through Reach chest armor, every single armor demonstrates its own characteristic and stands out and makes sense why a particular spartan would wear that chest armor. Mk7 chest armor just lacks that personality. I like the chest armor in the weekly bundle this week. The grenades strapped across the chest is badass but its 20 fucking dollars for just one set of armor. The fun thing about customization is mix and matching different armor pieces together and i hate you have to shill out like 80 dollars to get the customization you need to truly do that. What a shame


We shouldn’t be limited to armor core customization. I’m confused and don’t understand how we can go from MCC customization, to being limited to armor cores. Not only can we not customize our tech suits, legs, or arms, but each core pretty much has the same chest piece too. That isn’t to mention how we don’t have specific color customization anymore, and specific emblem customization anymore. There needs to be more effort put into the customization. You guys can’t just drop the ball in every area here. I’d probably be buying some mtx if I knew I could use the armor and accessories however I please. Make it happen.


**Let's get a store catalog with individual prices instead of bundles** Look at something like League of Legends. They sell skins for the price of the skin. Sure, they have the occasional bundle but those typically SAVE you money. Let's do away with the weekly rotations and daily bundles and just have everything listed individually. Want the EOD helmet? $3. Want the Jump Jet shoulderpads? $1.50 each. Want the white armor coating (that we probably should have by default but I digress)? $3. I would spend WAY more in that store than the current store and once created, the overhead is far less involved. Instead of coming out with bundles and figuring out an aggregate price, you just add an item. It's clearer, simpler, and easier on the devs (as far as I can see). I see this as an absolute win. What do you think?


The saddest part is its a completely free game and I still feel like I'm getting ripped off. I would gladly go back to the days of $60 for a FINISHED game. Then I'm even good with 3-5 dlc all for an extra charge.


My soldier helmet was free in Halo 5 after I purchased the whole game for 60$. Now I have to buy the campaign for 60, and the soldier helmet for 20.


I have zero issues with an MTX store, as long as there's a variety of things to unlock via gameplay. The Flower Power Bundle or whatever it's called has that little teddy bear chest accessory that screams "lifetime/hidden unlockable" to me. I'm fine with having things like that be sold for real money, but I want something else that I can earn along the way. MTX should enhance the dress-up instead of being our primary source of Space Marine Barbie pieces.


The granular coating is a banger and my absolute favorite, but its not available in my country. Anybody have some spare codes they could dm me?


Okay, so, I just looked back, why is it that the noble coating supposedly used to work on both cores initially? it was in many images 343 showed off


If I understand correctly, coatings are designed to work with everything from armor to vehicles to weapons, etc. So any limit on what a coating applies to is determined by 343i, not any tech limitation.


I cannot believe the store is actually getting worse! $5 for banners and $10 for a charm/visor??? are they serious? like who in their right mind is going to spend $5 on BANNERS or a charm for that matter. I just dont get it.. I would LOVE to spend some money and buy some cool skins or even weapon coating (hint hint) but I refuse to pay $10-15 for color RED when in CoD (which is also expensive) for $15-20 you get an AWESOME skin, weapon camo/blueprint, charms, banners and bunch of other useless crap. The quality of Halo store, especially for the money they are trying to charge, is hideous. I mean they can't be making much money of these items, i really hope they hire some new creative designers or something.


I agree that the store is atrocious, but I have a buddy who has bought two separate Spartan nameplates from the store. He said he bought them to be unique, he absolutely hates looking like anyone else or having the same stuff as others. If people have extra money lying around, they'll spend it...


Has the Noble Portal (Jorge's caoting) always been for MARK VII? I could have sworn all of the noble armor coatings were for the reach core, but it seems like Jorges coating is on Mark VII. I think they must have accidentally changed it, which proves that cross core coatings are possible.


Jorges armor coating for the reach armor core is called Noble Defender but its funny that Noble Portal looks more like Jorges armor coating than Noble Defender. The chest has that orange color to it that Noble Defender is missing. I think they should allow cross armor coatings but if they wanna stick with the system they have now those two armor coats should be switched.


boosts are kinda scuffed. almost every time i use it, i get this bug where i disconnect from the server and it keeps trying to reconnect - never recons, just need to relaunch. the whole time the timer is running, very frustrating since it costs money. It costs money to buy battlepass, the progression is not good, so you have to spend more money on the boosts to capitalize off the challenges, then you are literally losing money every second you're not in a match. sucks to feel like i'm being scammed


I just want my custom player skin to be in the campaign. There’s a lot of real stuff to be fixed/changed in the game, but being able to have customization like in Jedi Fallen Order would be pretty badass. JFO was a rare gem in terms of being able to buy the game at release, find parts and ponchos in the game world, and customize your character’s look for the campaign. Obviously Master Chief’s iconic look would be fine, but if this is going to be an open world game focused on the player as it’s own character in the story, being able to customize your look would be a big win. Just my opinion


I think it would be sick if they add multiplayer to the campaign and everyone who joins your campaign has their armor from multiplayer like from Reach.


I mean Destiny got a lot of stuff right in terms of the multiplayer aspect. I never liked how people could essentially have god weapons in multiplayer, which is why I like Infinite’s so much. But if they took the good parts of Destiny and put them into Halo, they’d make a killer game


Same thats why i absolutely hate Destiny multiplayer but i think its a huge mistake not to have coop multiplayer at launch for the campaign. Its an open world Halo that you have to wait to explore with the boys and gals


What happened to the whole "we can earn armour through playing the game"? There's been a massive drop in the store, all of the armor being for mk 7 by the way, and its absolutely atrocious looking through the customisation menu. The mk7, in terms of "unlockable through gameplay" armor, has ONLY 3 helmets, ONLY 1 shoulder set and ONLY 3 chest pieces. In comparison there are 8, yes, EIGHT paid chest pieces. Now I understand that this is a free to play game and some revenue needs to be made which is fine, however the prices are completely unfair. I honestly like the 'daisy delights' bundle, but is it worth nearly £11? No. No it isn't. I'm not gonna pay nearly 20% of a games price for 2 chest pieces and a helmet attachment. And what happened to the whole argument of coatings offering more variety than the traditional primary and secondary colour select option? I literally cannot make my spartan white and purple, like I could in past halos, how is this giving me more options? But instead I get to be able to choose from 3 slightly different variations of blue instead, and look exactly like my teammates and one enemy player. I know this hasn't been the most coherent post, but I just wanted to get this off my chest. I was fine with the slow battle pass, severe lack of gamemodes and more than half of the reach armour being locked behind a paywall (even though I'd love to have my cqc helmet and shoulders). However I just find it insulting that we were told armor would be unlockable through gameplay, with them showing the soldier armor set being used in that clip, only for it to then be locked behind a £14 paywall. No hate to 343, just dissapointment really.


I am absolutely in love with Every Single Thing in the store today, but no way in hell am I paying more than a fraction of what they're charging.


I really want the Lonely Bear chest but its so disappointing you cant use it on the reach armor core. The Mk7 core is literally the pay to customize your armor core. I personally dont like the mk7 but I feel for people that do like it over the Reach armor core and want to customize but have to pay 10,15, 20 dollars to jus unlock singular sets of gears


Instead of only offering bundles the store should allow people to buy the individual parts that are available. The current bundle is $20 and offers 9 "epic" items. They could sell the helmet, chest, pose, and paint job at 3 bucks each, the helmet attachment (alot of these are usable on multiple helms), shoulder pieces, visor, and utility at 2 bucks each. (2 or 1 dollar for rare items, 4/3 dollars a legendary item) That comes to 2200cr for the current bundle, now show that and slash it down to 2000cr (or better yet 1500) if you buy the bundle. Not only does it give the illusion that a bundle is a deal and not just "todays set" but for players who jist want the color or the helmet it's much easier to say "i'll blow 3 bucks on that while its here" (then spend $5 on cr cuz 500 is the lowest denomination) rather than shell out a whole 20 bucks because you really want that black visor but it's gonna be gone next week. Not only would we all be much happier being able to more readily customize our spartans but 343/Microsoft would literally make more money this way.


Couldnt agree more. I really want the Lonely Bear chest piece but Im not spending 15 dollars on the one thing I want out of the bundle.


I have a store item idea: What if 343i sold a one time customizable armor coating? You buy it and you can customize every color on the coating symbol to whatever you want. You would buy it, set it up, maybe be able to test it out in bit matches or something, then when you're ready you lock it in and boom, you have your Spartan colored EXACTLY how you like it. You wouldn't be able to do special patterns or matte/shiny variations as that would be kept for premium coatings. But I think if we could customize each part of the coating symbol with a 255/255/255 RGB color wheel. THAT would be something worth monetizing and I feel a lot of people including myself would buy it for say $10? And I know I'm probably going to get the, "it should have been in the game from the start" people. But look, the reality is that it is not in the game. I think it would be dope and I could see the community coming up with some incredible designs that could be shared online. Thoughts?


don't mind the idea, but i think a better solution would be to add progression to this - like get x number kills w/ armor piece equipped then have added mods. they could sell the "cores" for fancy things that have premium mods to unlock through progression.


We want the option to choose our colors back and they want to make money. So why don’t they sell armor coatings as patterns or frameworks for how the color is applied while letting us pick the colors?! Do they know how many coatings I would buy if I could choose the color of the six little pieces on the wheel of the coating icon?! They would make way more money than they are now! I would gladly pay $20 for the Anubis bundle if I could change the Arctic Void coating to black, blue, and maybe grey from teal, orange, green and grey! Same goes for the Neptunes Depth bundle. That’s another $7 they would’ve made off of me if I could change the Cloven Seafoam coating to black, blue, and let’s try white this time from teal, white, orange, and grey. 343 gets to make their money by selling us patterns that shape how our colors are applied, a feature that to my knowledge hasn’t been in a Halo game before. And we get our choice to express ourselves via our color choices. Literally a win-win for both parties.


All armor coatings unlocked through the campaign are exclusively available for the Mark VII. This feels *bad*. They *knew* this would feel bad.


Armor coatings for barely any armor to customize😂 unless you’ve shelled out 60 or 80 dollars for the past like 3 or 4 bundles


It’s so sad how poorly planned this game is. I renewed my game pass for this game but there’s no shot I’m supporting this game with my money to a greedy company pissing on my childhood expecting me to open wide


Colors are absolutely ridiculous. We should be able to set Primary Secondary and Detail colors from the color wheen. Let patterns and more intricate color combinations be monetized. There are 7 color selections available on coatings, let us set 3 of them. I mean come on. Games that are 14 years old have better free customization than this garbage. I'm not spending a cent until thats done. Otherwise I'll rock fucking grey for the rest of this games life span, which doesn't seem long if its continuing down this route. Edit - why can't we earn credits by playing, I don't care if its like 2 per game or something. Give us something. Requiring to pay for this stuff is dome. Let us earn shit by playing, like cough cough ALL OTHER HALOS BEFORE THIS ONE. Overwatch, besides lootboxes, has a great system for letting you earn coins from boxes, or competitive points from playing comp. Come on guys


Exactly bro it's such bs what they said about coatings being more expressive. The reach armor literally has 3 fucking blue colours, not a single white one tho. Everyone looks exactly the same as each other, it's rare to see people in a team all have unique colours, at least 2 ppl will have the same coating. If this shit doesn't improve I'm not buying the next battle pass, reach armour is good enough for me.


Well there is white just gotta wait until it pops up in the store and give em 5-10 dollars for it


Yeah but it's got teal accents and the undersuit is grey, which I don't like. So I guess I have to wait for months just to hopefully get a variant of white which I might not like again or be put in a bundle for 15 quid which I cannot in good conscience pay for.


Yup its just too hard to add a color wheel and make money off armors, visors, emblems, attachments, charms, weapon skins Edit- oh an also armor patterns if they were smart and consumer friendly


If multiplayer is free (and chock-full of ridiculous microtransactions) then why is the campaign still $60?


Here’s a suggestion! Adopt SoT’s cash shop if F2P is here to stay. I can get 4 costumes for 15$ in that game, but I can only buy a single set of armor for that price. Each battle pass rank should also reward us with some premium currency. That is all.


343 will alienate a whole generation with these prices. I remember trying to scrape together $15 for DLC as a teenager, and that was tough enough. Young gamers are looking for the best experience at a great value. With the value and customization options other games offer, kids aren't going to get hooked on Halo. Customization is essentially nonexistent if you don't purchase the battle pass at a minimum. I could only imagine telling my dad I needed $20 to change my spartan to the color white. "The game is F2P, get over it" argument is getting old as well. They are still charging $60 for the campaign. I dont know any Halo player that has been playing since CE that doesn't want to play campaign. So essentially this game is still the same price as all the others.


Bro this generation just steals their parents credit card or pleads with their parents to buy shit. My mom and aunt have easily spent over 300 dollars on cosmetics in Fortnite for my teenage cousins and little brother. Theyll never understand the struggle of scrapping together cash for dlc back in the day.


**Intro** In this post I’m going to describe some issues with customization, how it alienates many players, and ways it can improve while still retaining a model which enables monetization. I’ll start by saying I really love many of the game mechanics; I can’t say I haven’t enjoyed playing. Unfortunately, this experieince is considerably dampened, and a lot of time I could have been trying to enjoy it, I’ve been too busy trawling twitter, youtube, and the Waypoint forums to see how the community is reacting to this particular issue and what response 343i has given. 343 has been diligent to respond to people’s concerns over the battle pass and it’s experieince/challenge system, but this isn’t about that. **The Broken Promise** Leading up to the release of the game, the Developers explicitly made a point of “player expression” being an important element of the game, with the phrase “be your own Spartan” being thrown around a decent bit. It’s clear that the developers built the game with this intention, especially given things like the Friend or Foe Indicator system, which enables players to see all customizations on players regardless of the team a player is on. However, what we have been delivered is not conducive to this promise at all. I would venture a guess that this is because of folks more involved with the publishing side of things than the development, but it really harms the game experieince and comes off as hostile to many players new and old. The first and most jarring aspect of this to me is the inability to choose one’s own color scheme. Being able to choose the colors of our own Spartan is a standard since the first Halo Game (with 2 or more color slots since Halo 2). Right away we see how this element has been gutted: we are given a few basic choices to start (less choices than in any other mainline Halo game to my knowledge), of preselected colors. There are also less opening armor choices than Halo fans have been accustomed to since Halo 3 (and even Halo 2 let you be an Elite instead, giving it a wider range of customization, still). But also I recognize that ranking up and earning armor to customize your spartan is part of the intended gameplay. This gives us a window to the most problematic part of this issue: an element of intended gameplay has been all but completely buried behind a months-long (at least) paywall. Even if people pay for the battlepass and unlock everything, they still have extremely and arbitrarily limited customization options. If people don’t pay, they don’t have a way to even earn a decent selection of customization options. Not only does this aggressive monetization curtail incentive for the “free” players to continue populating the servers with the “paid” players, but in endangers the game’s lifecycle- actively alienating players; old fans and newbies alike. **How to fix this (within reason)** Honestly I think this is fairly simple, and people have been saying it since “armor coatings” were first introduced as a concept, and they’ve continued to say it since the release of this “beta”. Instead of selling/serving people pre-selected color pallets, simply let all players fill in their own “color wheel” of their armor coating, and sell premium things which can be placed on said wheel. Let players start with base colors to add to this wheel how they wish, and what can be sold instead of a pre-digested customization system is variously colored patterns and textures to go on the color wheel instead of base colors. Red zebra stripes, blue camo, steel corrugation, hot rod flames, green corrosion: these are mostly suggestions I’ve seen from others here in the Waypoint forums, and they seem like fine “premium” cosmetic choices to add to a player’s customization choices. There is a wealth of monetization categories in this game: emblems, weapon skins, vehicle skins, that weird background behind the nameplate thing, armor effects, trinkets which hang from your weapon, kill effects, and stances. The nameplate and the emblem can (should?) even be separated if 343 sees fit, creating a whole new category (personally I yearn for the more in-depth emblem customization of past Halo games). The game doesn’t NEED to totally stop us from having any considerable “player expression” in order to make money, but as it stands now, it does. If you’ve taken time to read this, thanks. Please let me know other ways you think customization can be opened up without compromising the economic success/longevity of the game, or other issues you have with the customization. On a final note: As the game stands now, if I want to make my Spartan the way I've had them for years since Halo 3, it will take months- years even- to have the armor (or similar versions of it) available, to have the color scheme made available, and to have the emblem available. I do not get to "be my own spartan"- I don't even get to "buy my own spartan". I can't even be the same color scheme as my own Spartan.


* Basic colors should be free * We should be able to set the primary/secondary colors * Due to per core restrictions, most things in the store feel like a bad value.


4 things I think you guys can implement immediately 1. Change the prices to something more reasonable!, $25 AUD for some armour and colours just doesn't cut it. 2. Offer a 1000 Credit reimbursement as an apology for not getting it right about prices. 3. Remove basic colours from the store... only speciality colour schemes like camo or chrome-plated to remain etc 4. give us realistic time frames to implement matched based XP give us a little run down about what the purposed system might look like.


Another problem with the customization in the long run: ​ So in about a month or two, the vast majority of people with the battle pass will be reaching those end levels of 85 - 100 My guess is that everyone and their grandmother will be using that Emile skull helmet and shoulder flames. Yet again demonstrating the "millions" of options we have available. The people who paid for the pass want to see some rewards from completing it and want to demonstrate that they are high lvl on the pass, which means most who have those items unlocked will be using them. I guarantee most Spartans will look pretty much the same until this season is done, unless we get a ton of customization from different events. Either way, something needs to happen.


They should be a free update for armor cores in the campaign. People who buy have no incentive especially without coop


they're selling a teal color scheme with one helmet for $20 dollars… for that I buy a whole other game and leave this one to die in its greed! thats whats going to happen, the bulk of your fan base will leave, the servers will dry out and then years of work will go to the trash, dont be the ones to destory a franchise, fix your godamned cosmetic system, even if it means random loot crates after every level for crying out loud.


I’ve looked over a few pages so far, and there’s one issue I’ve not seen addressed… Why are helmets, colors, shoulders, chest, arm, accessory, knees, tied to specific armor cores? I can get the ODST helmet on mk v armor, but not on mk VII? Why are colors core specific? Literally none of this “for the player” customization makes sense based on every previous game in the series. Used to be id go to customization, pick my primary and my secondary color, and it would work no matter what armor pieces I was using. I apologize if I’m retreading posts here, but I went literally 5 pages back and haven’t seen this issue addressed. Any thoughts on fixing this, or maybe going back to the Reach system where we earned credits and could just spend them on what we wanted, even if some pieces were ludicrously expensive?


The fact they expect you to pay money to color your armor is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen in a game. I mean even EA looked at that and thought it was too much.


Even Bungie think its too much and trust me these fuckers bleed their playerbase dry unlike any other studio before ☠


Was talking with friends while playing and came up with an idea for what I thought would be a cool way to handle the whole armor color system. Just let us pick our own color combos like in all the games, but have like special designs, textures , materials. And stuff be unlockable or since they could still make money sell them. So at the very least you could sport your favorite. Colors, there would be much more diverse armor coatings and more freedom to actually customize without doing what I am expecting a whole lot but could be very wrong on that part. Like for an example by default I can pick any color I want like usual and even have it linked to the little icon we already have and set up like the already existing armor coatings for like primary, secondary, accent... Etc color. Then have things like the metallic texture that's in alot of the hsc coatings, or the camo designs or the like cherry blossoms looks on the willow tea tech suit be unlockable or our available to purchase for a fair price.


Dare I say it, this would be somewhat similar to the way that Anthem did customization, and it worked, pick the colors, and then earn specific texture patterns.


Its simple, if we don't pay them then they will have to make changes. Don't buy the campaign until the game is complete. (Disabling cross platform, Multiplayer, forge, playlists, progressions, fixing ranked, fixing hit markers and aim assist. all that jazz, vehicle spawns, slayer...... This game is supposed to last 10 years! But will take 9 to even get it realeased


I know the nerf MA40 is kinda goofy but I love it. The NERF gun itself was a nice purchase (imo) to have on display, and having a matching version in game is neat. Will eventually get the Bulldog if it goes on sale. I feel this is a huge missed opportunity on the Yoroi armor. Coming up soon there is a Yoroi figure ( seen here: https://twitter.com/Jazwares/status/1423313009917767689?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw ) , however there is no code with it. Imagine instead of they released a figure of the Yoroi that came with a code to unlock a different helmet or color. I also collect Funkos, and see there are a bunch for Infinite. Sadly the only one that includes a code is a yellow/blue color that doesn't interest me much but, it's neat that it's there. I know collecting figures or needing to buy other collectibles or drinks (Monster/Rockstar promotions) isn't for everyone but, personally, I don't mind it nearly as much as they game just straight up saying "Hey the cool Samurai swords are $15"


Not to sound like I'm complaining and it's really not a big issue but I haven't seen people addressing this. How come there are no weapon skin unlocks in the premium battle pass? Not even one! In MCC I was unlocking weapon skins left and right... and that was all in FREE seasonal updates.


[this would be a great idea, except armor cores would fit better as something akin to armor loadouts that are fully custom](https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/qvjgwb/how_to_fix_player_customization/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share)


"Stay tuned for more details" is a way of avoiding saying that you'll have to purchase something from the store, as part of a bundle, and only when it's available. I noticed this when comparing what's currently available, realizing that a piece I looked at last week that said "Stay tuned for more details" now says "Available in the store now!". "Stay tuned" implies that there's some kind of update that's going to come where it will be available, when the truth is that it's not currently in rotation at the store. It feels like it's meant to hide that not only will you have to purchase it, but that it will be part of a bundle with some other cosmetics you might not want. Maybe it should say something like "Coming Soon to the store" or "Purchase at the store when available". Just something to indicate that it's not just a matter of waiting, but also having to pay to get it. There are a few things to harp on currently in this game, but I think changing the text that's displayed when looking at cosmetics you can't currently acquire is something that can be easily changed.


Here’s My Customization Wish List This is just some nice changes I’ve thought of while fantasizing about how to make my perfect Spartan in Infinite. Regardless of all the hoopla around monetization and all that, I just want to get these ideas in writing. First and foremost, obviously, cross core compatibility for many items makes a lot of sense. I think coatings, visors, helmets, and wrist customization should be universally compatible. Colors are a no brainer, and the wrist and helmet customization is so out of the way, they’ll never really get in the way of other attachments, if clipping is a concern. Things like leg utility pieces, chest pieces, and shoulders should be cross core on a case by case basis, just depending on what fits where. Second, I think the idea of attachments, like on the helmets, should be used on other armor pieces. Like the knife on Emile’s shoulder could just be an attachment that could be turned on or off for that shoulder. Things like the knife on the chest on both the mk 5 and mk 7 core, or the pineapple grenades on the mk 7 should be chest attachments, since they’re so small. That way you could still use a bigger, more impactful chest piece, and then also add on the knife or whatever if desired. Third, on the subject of attachments, if attachments don’t get in the way of each other, we should be able to equip as many as possible. There’s plenty of Reach helmets that have attachments on either side of the helmet, plus an additional piece of armor to attach, so it would be cool to go all out with attachments. Same would be true then for attachments on other pieces of gear if that ever came to exist. Lastly it would be sick to have utility pieces on both legs. I’d love to have the soft case on one leg of the mk 5 and the hard case on the other. The other leg is totally naked, so we should be able to add stuff to it. We could have left and right utility pieces just like we have left and right shoulders. Anyway, that’s just my wishlist of things I think would be really cool to have eventually.


There is pretty much no clean (non damaged) armor coatings except for the team premade Spartans you can buy. A super crisp and clean armor coating stands out a lot in comparison to the dirty muddy armor coatings. I personally think this would be a great opportunity for 343 to lock some really nice crisp spartan paint jobs behind some form of difficult achievements. Nothing time based. Not a battle pass reward. No paid shop item. Just some nice old school achievement rewards that really stand out.


Let me just say that I can't afford to spend much money on free to play games, so when I can I usually spend 20 dollars every few months. So I decided to indulge, bought the battlepass because it had all the pieces I needed.... or so I thought. It has the recon helmet, but not the attachments I want, the recon chest, but not the shoulders. It doesn't even have the black or blue visor. To me this stings, because I know dread the fact another recon helmet will appear in stores with the attachment I want along with the shoulders with a basic color, all for 20 dollars. And even if I did have the money, and even if all pieces were in game and I bought them, I still wouldn't be able to make my spartan, because my color combination isn't in the game. Because coatings are a system to force you to buy any color scheme you work. Before you tell me the game is free and not to complain, it would've always been free to me with gamepass. Multiplayer and Campaign should have never been separated, and only were to shove in a shitty daily store. This isn't fortnite or cod where we buy one skin that changes drastically, this is halo where we customize different pieces and parts of our spartans since halo 3. This is just really disheartening 343.


Let me preview and "equip" all cosmetics that have been or will be sold so I can better know how I would like them on a full custom build. I think I'd be far more inclined to spend money on pieces if I could. Its hard for me to get excited for random shoulder pads or chest pieces that cost $5-10 in a bundle when I can't really tell what it would look like on a full custom build. Nevermind that kits lock all cosmetics to themselves, nevermind that I can't even purchase any armor piece at anytime, nevermind that bundles can't be broken up so I only have to buy the specific pieces I want. The real problem is that I can't go into the customization menu and "equip" armor pieces whether they are or aren't unlocked so that I can build my dream Spartan and know what pieces I would need to make that build a reality. If all armor pieces were individually purchaseable at any time and I was able to preview all pieces on a finished build to really feel what my finished product would look like, I'd be 100x more likely to be nickle and dimed into buying said custom parts. As more and more pieces release it would be even easier to know how I like the new pieces in comparison to my existing pieces so I'd be able to make purchases confidently. Currently I just feel no real drive to buy cosmetic bundles when I usually only want 1-2 pieces from said bundle and I can't even tell if I'll like how those pieces look on some of my favorite customization builds. It also helps sell me on new builds entirely when I'm able to see the bigger pucture. Maybe I think a helmet looks kinda meh, but when paired with other chest pieces, legs and armor coatings I'm not generally using I love how it looks! I would spend far more time tinkering with armor customization and thusly be far more inclined to buy cosmetics.


I realized that half of the customization options are not available at all. They just say something like coming soon. The customization is somehow worse than Halo 5 and that's saying something. You had the MCC to copy and paste all your ideas from but you decided to go with this mess. This is just embarrassing.


Anyone gonna fix the Watchdog Coating?


This is something that I've been wondering about since "launch." Why did they change the team colors/remove them entirely? I don't mean Eagle vs Cobra, but the armor colors. I grant you that I may be stupid in some instances, but I have died more than once due to not instantly recognizing an enemy only to get iced a few seconds later. It seems odd to not force red and blue colors for the teams. If you want variety, copy Reach and allow people to pick the shade. But simply divvying up the teams and letting them keep their colors is odd. It now seems more beneficial to pick green, brown, or white to blend into the surroundings. Please, for the love of the Forerunners, make the red team have red armor and the blue team have blue armor. And no, colored shields don't count because that is useless if people are undamaged!


I really wish the marketing fuckboys at Microsoft would have partnered with Liquid Death instead of Rockstar. Not only would it have been a lot healthier, but the unlocks would have been way cooler. Imagine the melting skull as an armor emblem or plate. I ditched energy drinks at the start of the pandemic, but had a Rockstar today and I felt dirty. Is this what shame feels like? I'm not gonna consume all these drinks I bought with over 60 grams of sugar per can. I thought I gave this shit up. Ugh.


Surprised there aren't many halo universe related stickers, banners, etc. Like a simple UNSC nameplate with UNSC and the logo. Would love to have this on chest piece, or on my shoulder armor piece as long it has a flat wide surface to be tacked on - maybe it would have to be shoulder piece armor specific. Would also like to have an ONI badge on my armor. Whatever organizations in the halo universe exists, it should be be represented in one form another. A simple stripe Would also be a good addition. Like Red Team from the Halo War series. I know its unlikely the Halo Wars franchise will continue at this point with you guys, but it would be cool to have that "stripe" in other colors to represent a fire team. Then there's the fact that there are just some chest and helmet accessories that should very well be able to overlap or both be present, like an earpiece and the fore headguard. For chest pieces, the Util / ENAV Beacon and tac knife.


My main suggestion: give players more for their money. I would love to buy some flashy new cosmetics, but I don't want to spend $20 for a measly victory pose. Look at Fortnite for example, $15 can get you a decent whole skin, not just a piece of one. Like if it was $15 for the full samurai outfit shown in the trailer (bonus points for if those armor pieces could be swapped out across any armor core) then I think microtransactions would be seeing a lot more sales. I don't think many people are saying they want a bunch of stuff for free in a free game, I think the general sentiment is that people want their money to go further, like it has in previous titles (which must now be adapted to a free to play multiplayer).


There have been a couple of subs about it, so I’ll share my thoughts because I agree: Please make the armor in Infinite form fitting to the body types. The possibly female representative body type 1 still looks very neutral in the bulky one size fits all armor. It’s a minor issue that doesn’t need to be put above every other problem, but it’d be a nice QOL change for the game. Some people in those posts even suggested a couple more actually feminine body types (side note: this doesn’t mean extremely sexualized, just more obviously feminine) since the current ones other than type 0 look like varying degrees of skinny males. Again this isn’t priority #1, and I’m not gonna trash anyone over it, it’s just a suggestion that would be a nice small quality of life change Edit: just found out there is an actual petition for this exact problem to be addressed.


I just want kits to be accessible to change, especially the esports kits. Or at the **VERY** minimum have a disclaimer that the kits cannot be changed. I bought C9 and the pineapples just for jokes then it turns out I can't use both. Its bad enough that I spend 10 bucks on grenades painted like pineapples but now I *can't even use it???*


Both versions of the battle pass are pretty worthless. The free one is almost insulting, but luckily the paid one also sucks. So I'm missing out on absolutely nothing. The AI are annoying and I wish I could turn them off. Between them, the announcer and Spartan chatter, the game does not shut up. The armor core system is a little more forgivable, but is also blatantly an attempt to double dip on purchases. Bad. (Smack) Coatings are the most shamelessly greedy thing I have ever seen. Remember how in Warframe you had to buy color pallets? What if now you had to buy single colours? Whoever thought of that can get bent. Monetization in general is awful and ridiculously predatory. Luckily, I don't care about customization, but everyone who does is rightfully miffed. I'm disgusted by the blatant greed shown. It's one thing to monetize a free game. It's quite another to blatantly try to rake in as much money as possible.


Idk how many people have noticed this, but the potential for weapon customisation may be greater than it seems atm, and I mean beyond just weapon coatings and stickers. The "tacticlamp" for the sidekick actually makes a **big** change to the model of the gun ([https://imgur.com/a/QAH29Sy](https://imgur.com/a/QAH29Sy)), which means that perhaps 343 may release some pretty cool looking model changes in the future as well... like perhaps older versions of weapons etc.? I think it'd be awesome to see something like that.


(Mostly a repost of something I tweeted but it was originally intended to be shared here first) I won't lie. I want a system like this and I'm sure some of us felt what we had before was better. But the armor coatings we have, when used in combination with other coatings, solves a problem I have with the game. I've had many matches where an enemy player was using the same coating as one of my teammates which often results in me not realizing the player I'm looking at is an enemy. So I don't understand why we got rid of the Primary/Secondary color system. Here is my solution. 343 could have built on top of primary/secondary colors, but with Armor Coatings. So to show how you that works, I came up with pairs of two Armor Coatings we currently have. This is where the coatings would be used on: Primary Armor Coating: Head and Torso, Secondary Armor Coating: Arms and Legs. The results I mocked up using GIMP are below. [https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FF15dL6VIAEN-gW?format=jpg&name=900x900](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FF15dL6VIAEN-gW?format=jpg&name=900x900) Coatings I used (from left to right): Arctic Void + Stone Green Woodster Smoke + Forgotten Sands Cadet Blue + Blue Rampage Cloven Seafoam + Bleached Bone Furthermore, with this system, 343 can release companion Armor Coatings: two armor coatings, that when look together, look good, and the same goes when they're switched around. For example, let's say there is a new batch of content that comes with Cadet Blue and Cadet Brick. When used together like this, they look good. You can see how this is more closer to the older primary/secondary system we originally had before where we just used one color: [https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FF18bxGUYAUkGL5?format=png&name=small](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FF18bxGUYAUkGL5?format=png&name=small) Overall, I'm one of the few people who was impressed with what 343 was able to do by bringing back the old art style. By being able to truly distinguish ourselves from each other like this, it is not only quite expressive, but functionally, it significantly resolves an issue with gameplay I have, which is distinguishing friends and enemies. Add this on top of custom VISR style Outline UI colors and body prosthetics, it makes the experience feel nicely tailored.


I bought the battle pass without looking. I regret that. I don't wear the armor and you barely unlock anything I want through it. The free Tenrai event is much better. Plus, I don't enjoy grinding the weeklies. In the future, I will probably just skip battle passes and focus on free events. The content density seems a lot higher for events and they are faster to grind.


So, I have a lot of opinions and I will try to keep it as civilized and on topic as possible. Just understand I do tend to ramble. (ADHD pokes holes in my attention span) I started playing halo games when I was really young, I started on Halo 3 and worked my way backward (as odd as it sounds). I loved the story of those games and at the time couldn't really understand the idea behind a "monetization model". I didn't really grasp that kinda stuff until I started getting my hands on Halo Reach. I do understand the frustrations associated with the fact that we're being sold the exact same stuff we got for free over a decade ago. The repackaging and resale of iconic armor pieces/sets for prices that frankly are frustrating. Even if we're to overlook the armor coatings aspect, it's actually annoying that I paid for a game a decade ago and got content for free..yet the same franchise can't manage to give that same content for free here. I understand that the game costs money to run, that it's a business, that you need a way to get profit from it. I don't think anyone's against the game company getting money for the game they produce. It's how they get that money, and how frankly scummy the method is. I don't think it's right to attack anyone for something you don't like, so I don't think anyone in development is scummy. I'm saying that the practice of reselling your dedicated fans something they got for free a decade ago is a scummy practice. We all want a good halo game, we all want a fun halo game, we all want to customize ourselves and express ourselves in a way that allows us to feel unique. Halo Reach armor customization, and hell even aspects of 4 and 5 did that well. The fact that no two people looked exactly the same, that two people from completely different ends of the world could be playing the same game but expressing themselves in entirely different ways. Halo Infinite has a lot of potential, a lot of ways to make fans enjoy the franchise again. But charging 20 dollars for blue on my vehicles and a few stickers isn't how you do that. i'm sorry but that's how it is. This isn't the business model for keeping players. This isn't the business model for making fans happy. I get that you're working on things to make changes, and I get that it takes time to do that..but i've waited over a decade for a Halo game that I enjoy. For the game to go back to what made it so amazing and different from every other game. To be the game that kept me up till two in the morning getting yelled at by my parents that I had school in the morning. When this game launched I had the most fun from a gameplay perspective, but this business model genuinely hurt me. I'm sorry, but I don't subscribe to the narrative that this business model is in any way a "step up" from what it once was. I get that it's an entirely different team working on this. What I don't get, is that the game is called Halo Infinite..and is implied to be a game like nobody has seen before..and all we're seeing is the same shady practices other games have. Don't turn this game into another one of those examples. Don't let this game become another example of bad monetization, the framework for customization is there..but we need it back. Frankly if you ask me, I think every single piece of armor should be obtainable in some way/shape/or fashion without having to empty my wallet for it. Not, this one you buy and this different helmet you get in campaign. I don't mind grinding for a few hours to get my super swag awesome sauce pog champion helmet. But if I do, hell, sure I can drop a few bucks to buy it instead. If you want to monetize something, fine, but give us the option to obtain that same good without spending money on it. Yes, you're a business. But we're a community. You're not just trying to sell us something, you're trying to keep us there and keep us coming back day after day. It's Halo Infinite, and it could be Infinitely better than it is now. Don't forget to love each other <3


Also, please correct me if anything I stated was wrong I tend to misremember or jump the gun sometimes.


I don't know why these companies don't study, or employ, the psychology of the price point. Everybody knows that an individual is much more likely to snag something if it's under $5. When you make something nearly $10, while seemingly not much more, for some strange reason it has a negative effect on the buyer. Why? Nobody really knows. But you know exactly what I'm talking about. They question it, they try to justify it, and a huge chunk of the users end up not taking the plunge. 5 is just that magical number. It's just enough to not worry about, and just enough to build significant revenue. Half of my friends list (10 or so ppl) are still "on the fence" about the BP. Not because they are cheap or broke, but because nearly $10 just scares people away. It does. I encourage 343 to release the number of players that do not currently have the BP. I'm not badmouthing the company, I am simply telling them that the extra $4 is not worth losing another player 2 users at $8.99 or 10 users at 4.99? You know it, I know it: 5 bones is exactly what this sucker should be priced at. Now let's tell 343. 343, if you want to multiply revenue, and scale up user monetization (most likely) exponentially, make this bad boy $4.99 Screw the playlist thing right now. This is much more important Last thing: get some more servers because my suggestion alone is going to ratchet up the users,. and you're going to need the bandwidth muscle to keep up. It's time to print some serious cash. One more last thing: Please do not send me a free battle pass (I'll snag it once it his $5) You're welcome for the free game.


Actually great suggestion since this battlepass is already objectively worse than other games' for not giving currency to buy it back. By making the price $5, it could honestly be revolutionary to rake in a lot more customers under the guise of "its only $5" though you wont get money back.


I'll invest in battle pass when there is a game mode just called team slayer or lone wolf (Halo 3 free for all)


I think most old/returning armor sets should be unlockable via campaign or fixed challenges, with the battle pass and shop being reserved for newer and extra customization items.


The majority of the reach store armors were originally intended to appear in the battle pass but were seemingly gutted last minute, here's a link to the original 120 tier battle pass https://files.catbox.moe/4009i6.png


343 needs to offer a (PAID) alternative for the Multiplayer. Essentially, if a fan purchases a $60 Multiplayer Version of the game, they are provided the ability to earn all cosmetics through gameplay progression. However, the fans that buy the $60 alternative will still be required to purchase the $10 Season Battle Passes to be provided the opportunity to unlock new content. Though, any store offers can be unlockable through weekly challenges. Similar to the Battle Pass, events or timed challenges can be revisited on a later date to acquire cosmetics you weren't able to complete during its scheduled release. Furthermore, purchasers of the $60 variant are provided with a standard full color set, a set of textures, the ability to select an armor piece, and the ability to apply those colors onto the armor piece using Halo Infinites coating application wheel. As a paid player, you should be able to individually select a portion of the applicator and apply a specific color and texture. This level of control is also applied to the weapons and vehicles. Finally, simply because a game is "Free to play" or a "Service" does not give a game developer or publisher the right to treat a franchise's community like trash, remove standard/traditional features, or nickel and dime fans for everything. As far as I'm concerned cosmetics are an integral and historical part of the Halo Multiplayer and should not be restricted behind Micro or Macro transactions. If nothing changes, Halo is as good as dead.


After reading Ske7chs comment about progression and playlists, I feel as though it is time for the community to focus on the next problem since this one has an explanation for the time being. It may not be the one you want to hear, and it may be bs to some of you, but it's what we got and we'll have to accept it for right now. We should start talking about our thoughts on Customization and Microtransactions. Lets start with \*\*microtransactions\*\*. I have no problem with microtransactions since the game is free and I am a big Halo fanboy who wants to support the franchise, but this current system it not okay. \*\*They are way too overpriced.\*\* You're selling armor and coatings that are pretty basic for 1/6 the price of a full triple A game. These prices need to be cut down to 50% minimum. We're not asking it to be free, we're asking you to not rip us off. \*\*The armor and coatings are too generic\*\*. Nothing unique about anything they sell in the store. The pineapple grenades are the only thing I fell like should have been sold since they are unique and not a basic armor piece, but even then $10 is too much. These armor coatings are some of the ugliest color patterns I have ever seen. White with a light blue, yellow and white, blue with a light yellow, these are terrible. Not only that but you are selling them $5 a pop, sometimes even more. Give us more unique designs and not these basic colors. Same goes for armor, don't sell us Reach armor when the current Season is based on Reach and costs $10. These aren't unique, they aren't even new armor. Things like the flaming shoulders, kill effects, hell I'll even though AI into this list, these are the things people would be more willing to pay for and would make more sense to be monetized without making the community feel like they have to cough up cash for basic items. \*\*Daily bundles.\*\* You said in your interviews there would be no "FOMO" (fear of missing out), but we have that in the store. You can't be surprised when you're community gets upset about something because you said the opposite. Just sell us everything whenever, it would actually help your profits because people would be able to sleep on it and decide if its what they want instead of saving their money in hopes that something better will come in the future. \*\*Having to buy full bundles.\*\* Once again, you would probably make more money if you would just allow players to buy parts of the bundle and not force them to buy the whole damn bundle. If you sold the Anubis helmet for $3 you would have probably made more money then you currently have with the $20 price tag. If not, you would have made slightly less but kept the community's faith in this game better then it currently is, I guarantee you that. \*\*No way to earn credits though gameplay.\*\* It doesn't matter how you look at the store, either way you know everything in it has to be bought with money. No ifs or buts. By allowing players to earn credits though gameplay, maybe they would play more and buy the cheaper bundles to unlock things in the shop. "I played all day so I could get this armor set for $5 instead of having to pay $10." You have more in game traffic, a happier community and you still made some money. Now lets move to \*\*customization\*\*, hopefully this list won't be as long. \*\*Cross-core customization\*\*. The most upsetting part about this is that is kind of exists already. We've seen in bots and bugs that armor can and was probably suppose to be cross-core compatible. This would make Infinites customization from the worst to the best, and it only takes one simple decision. Even if its only armor and not coating that would still help customization by a long shot. This would also prevent selling the same armor pieces (like the knife) over and over again but to different cores. In fact, people would probably buy items from the store since it wouldn't be locked to specific armor cores they don't use. If this was removed because of clipping then A) the community doesn't care about clipping and B) clipping is already a problem for what we have already, like the Zvezda shoulders and the Katana belt. This is one topic I want the community to focus on the most because it would help the game so much. \*\*Armor Kits.\*\* This whole thing is kind of a problem, forcing players to wear specific armor with specific coatings. There's just not really a reason for it and once again, prevents players from actually wanting to buy items from the store. \*\*Helmet should be able to have more attachments.\*\* Once again, this was probably something that was intended because a bug as showed us that they would scale to helmets. And again, would truly make halos customization the best out of all halo games. To 343, we appreciate all of the hard work you have put into this game. You hit the gameplay right on the head and we look forward to the campaign. This post isn't make out of hatred, in fact the opposite. This game is truly amazing, but it's things like this that keep it on a tight leash. Things like this can make Halo reach its true potential and limits. We understand that things like this may take time, and that's ok. All that we are asking is please, try to make these things happen, tell us about the customization and monetization, why it is what it is, how you are going to improve it or why it cannot be the way we want it to be. Just let us know what's going on behind the curtain, you've been doing a really good job about that. But please, tell us about these problems as well.


I personally would like to see more body types... like let me be as big a Jorge or a really feminine spartan, or a very thin lithe spartan like Olympia vale. I wouldn't even mind if you had to pay like 5 dollars for some more unique body types.


Agreed. I think the biggest issue with the current body types is that the armor doesn’t fit to them. It’s fine for type 0 (male I guess) but for type 1 and 2 (2 is semi-feminine or just a less buff male) the armor doesn’t fit them. I’d absolutely be down for the armor to fit them better and to have a more lithe body type Also, please don’t give them more monetization ideas (partially /s lol)


lol, I just want to have more choices. like I prefer to play more feminine characters but then have that feminine character look and be a badass. wile also holding onto the base femininity. The 3 very non descript body types barely do that for me and that's after slapping on a female voice to try to fill that gap. with the monetization Idea it's all about playing the game, give ideas on how it could be implemented, give and take yes wanting things is nice but at the same time offering possibilities from a business stand point makes the constant ask for things a little softer of a blow when being reasonable about it, like if they were for example the body type idea I would love it to be free and just added, heck even add it as a premium battle pass reward. though I would be frustrated if they were to make it like, hey, 20 bucks , but I think $5 for something like that as an option isn't too hard of a sell for people who want to put that level of customization in


Yup yup agreed! badass female Spartans are, well badass lol


I'm okay with Halo being F2P. ​ I've been playing Halo since I was a wee lad. I'm 24 now, I got an Xbox in 2004 and my dad got my a used copy of Halo: CE and I've been playing ever since. So call me biased because I'm gonna defend my favorite game franchise right now. Halo going F2P has made it so that I can easily introduce my friends to the game, and they're really enjoying it which makes me happy. I can hit anyone up and ask them to play Halo with me and they can invest however much or little into the game as they want. My friends are perfectly fine with playing in their Mk VII armor with the limited choices of colors. They just wanna shoot people. I dropped 50 bucks on the game already, getting the Season Pass and a weapon skin bundle. For the most part I'm enjoying unlocking the Halo Reach armor, and am glad to see that improvements to the Season Pass' pacing has already been implemented. I really think that the cosmetic limitations are the least of my worries with the game. Things like the game's instability is much more concerning. Crashes seem to be so common that my friends call it getting "Infiniteed". But even despite this I've been playing almost every day with different batches of buddies. Messing around with the (barely working) custom games and sweating in ranked. Hours of fun and most of the people I play with haven't dropped a cent. I have the utmost faith in 343 to make Halo Infinite better and better after seeing what lengths they went to perfecting MCC.


Auto-mod deleted my post so I guess I'll post this here. What type of event related armor unlocks would you like to see going forward? Me, I would love it if they did something for Halloween. Something like a flood infected Spartan would be pretty rad. Go all out. Battle damaged armor, bone prosthesis, flood tendril armor fx, Gravemind-corrupted AI, flood voice, flood victory pose.. Or something for all armor frames like multiple haunted helmet variations, capes, ghostly and bat swarm armor fx, undead arms crossed victory pose, a quizzical head tilt victory pose... There's a lot of fun stuff they could do.


That could be cool as heck! As long as Infection isn’t a timed event


Agreed. I'd make it so the Living Dead playlist would be a permanent fixture, but also reward extra event XP during Haloween.


Heck yes this sounds good


I do not like this armor core system. To my knowledge this is new(?). This is my first Halo game and they are kind of similar to loadouts in other games, but limit what attachments and customization things you can add to them. Why would you choose to do this over a loadout system? I would love it if everything was cross able and you could equip Mark VII equipment to Mark V and even Yoroi. I don't see the point in separating armors when you should be able to have full customization to them. I would support a universal loadout system instead where every existing armor core can be put together to stop limitation on customization.


My friends and I have already decided this game is DOA for us. Literally no reason to consider this game over MCC, which are the games we grew up with and still hold somewhat true to the Halo experience we want. What’s too bad though is the stuff you’ve done wrong, you’ve intentionally done wrong to increase micro transactions and general spending habits. It feels tacky and cheap, and on top of that the current excuses only make your devs seem incompetent. And maybe they are because some problems have been consistent. I definitely personally see you guys as a pretty poor team. It’s a shame because Halo was an important game to me growing up, and it’s too bad you all are oblivious to how bad of a job you’ve done with it.. on purpose.


The rotating shop bundles MO is honestly one of the worst shop models you can go with especially when the offerings are really underwhelming, overpriced, and there's only 5 bundles (minus the XP and Challenge skip) to actually pick from at a time. Make all the store bundles available at all times and also make all the items available separately at all times at the very least. This will make the store would way more welcoming and much less despised and boycotted. It's also just more profitable, most people aren't gonna pay extra cause you bundled 1 thing they want with a whole bunch of other shit they really don't want. It'd be better to have smaller but more numerous purchases than banking on the rare cashcows that you can milk (which you'd milk either way anyway so why even).


Add Playlist option Make final weekly challenge a different playlist win count Player base play the week playing what playlist they want, and finalize on a new playlist each week Player potentially finds another game mode that is fun, and is interested in returning to Player base and playtime both increase ??? Profit I don’t understand why this wasn’t the model idea for the past six years. Give players access to different pieces of armor based on achievements (sound familiar?) Keep your cosmetic store for unique “skins” based on the armor/weapon skin sets you can unlock naturally. (See HCS store, specifically C9) As an example, I’d love a set of Noble Team based on their final moments. (6 with a cracked helm, Emile with an energy sword sticking out, carter with his wounds) Look, I just fixed your entire business model in one moment.


I don't know how hard this would be to do, but if possible I think a lot of players would appreciate the ability to just have no AI equipped. I'm sure a lot of players like the personal Ais, I just personally don't like having a character commenting on most of my actions. I like getting into the game and just immersing myself in the combat, sound effects, and environment. I feel like the AIs making little jokes and one liners sort of takes away from that for me.


I was just thinking about small things I miss from 360 Halo Reach the other day, and I remembered about the commendations progression. It was always such a good feeling to level those up and see that little banner notification pop up in-game as you completed them. Also the bonus XP payout was really nice. I'm hoping 343 could take a look into this at some point down the line and maybe implement commendations as an alternative method to earn credits towards store items, and also XP jackpots as a sort of progression milestone feature. To say, once in a while you'll get lucky and upgrade your commendations, and each commendation tier grants you a higher reward being a mix of XP and the credit currency. What do you guys think of this? Would it serve the community well? I'd just like to see some alternative to purchasing everything with real money through long-term gameplay rewards. Commendations are, historically, awards you could only get through completing tasks that entail a lot of playtime to achieve.


Why can you now get 4 weapon coatings for $5, but if I want the Lilac Steel magnum coating to go with my Lilac Steel AR I have to pay $20? Ridiculous.


[The original battle pass had 120 levels and ALL of the Halo Reach armor pieces. ](https://files.catbox.moe/4009i6.png) 343 gutted that battle pass to sell popular armor pieces back to us, and removed 20 levels (even though the completion achievement still has “120” on it), and replaced so much content with filler challenge swaps.


Emblem Palettes: there’s no where near enough emblems colors available. Why not just have colors we can edit? My emblem has been usable since 2004, and now I can’t chose the colors I want. There’s only two universal emblem palettes that have purple for gosh sake. Coatings: Purple and Pink are very rare colors in this game. Especially as “secondary” colors. Coatings, just like emblems, need to be increased tenfold. There is no where near enough, and for the ones we have, it seems like everything is red, orange, blue, or green. Armor: Bots have cross-core armor, why can’t we? I don’t even care if there’s clipping, I want to look awesome. I get that some items can’t fit properly on other cores such as the Tactical/Patrol chest on Mk V(B), so just let those be core specific, and allow the other armors to be cross-core. If that’s not plausible then I’d like to see cross-core helmets at the very least. I’d also like to see the Operator helmet return to the game. All of the Reach armors and helmets seem to be present in the files except the Operator helmet… why? Ranked Emblems: I’d like to see these implemented for vehicles, armor, and nameplates. Onyx looks really cool.


Please just get rid of the stupid armor core system and let us customize the colors how we want. I hate being limited with theses dumb colors palettes.


So I bought the c9 skin and I can't apply just the paint to other armors? Maybe I'm missing something but that seems to be the case


copy paste of my post that was deleted by the auto-mod because this thread exists: So, now that we have a decent form of progression (yes, we still need perfomace XP) and the playlists issue is being talked and acknowledge by the devs, we should talk about the in-game shop, and its monetization. It's no surprise to anyone on the Halo community that the in-game shop is not good: * items being locked after a paywall * no way to obtain credits other than real money * both the Premium Battle Pass and Free Battle pass are filled with literal filler (double boosts and challenge swaps) * the Free Battle Pass is super stingy, almost no rewards, first helmet is on level 81. * high prices for bundles and items on the shop * aside from the items being locked behind a paywall, they are also locked on a daily/weekly rotation So we got a couple of big issues here One, **the pricing**, and two, n**ot having a way to earn store credits in-game** Even games like Call of Duty, or Fortnite, offer in their Battle Passes, some form of currency, so players can have an **incentive** to go to the shop. I have some friends with play Fornite, and they have told me, that they basically bought all the paid Battle Passes because the in-game ways to earn store credit. Halo **NEEDS** a way to earn store credit, there has to be a way for players, both F2P and paid players, to at least EARN 1000 store credits. This is what I thought: * Each **10** levels you level up in the FREE Battle Pass, you'll get **100** credits. If you **BUY** the Premium Battle Pass, you'll get **120** store credit instead * **FREE players**, when they reach level **100** on the pass, they'll have earn a total of **1000 store credit**, then, they can **BUY** the Premium Pass with that earned store credit, or buy whatever they want, incentivizing them to buy something at the store. * Premium Battle Pass users will earn at level 100, 1200 store credits, again, to incentive the purchase of store items Now, lets talk about pricing. Simply put, store is **expensive**, 20€ for what is basically a helmet, some shoulder pads, and a coating (a coating which is **locked to an specific armor core**) its just too much, and way WAY worse, **locking Reach armor behind a bundle and an ARMOR CORE which requires the player to BUY the Premium Battle Pass** its just nasty For all this pro-consumer behaviour Microsoft is enforcing, its not really there on its **FLAGSHIP** game. Prices should come down, I cannot personally say what prices would be better or worse, but we need to have a happy medium between 343, Microsoft, and us, the playerbase. I hope we can have a healthy discussion about the store and MTX practices on this game, and I really REALLY hope that devs can see this post, and comments, to start talking about it.


Also the FOMO. Rotating offerings are just gross. Targetting people with spending problems or addictions is scummy. All I see is failure to create an authentic Halo game and then design a monetization system around it. Instead they wrote a monetization model first and then compromised Halo's core features to make the game fit into it.


I have a hypothesis for why it's going to take a weirdly long time to put basic, expected playlists in the game. I think it's related to monetization in that these game modes that we want are probably baked into events. I think these events, much like Tenrai, will give us a specific game mode and that's probably meant to be the only way to play a single game mode. My guess is that they've taken that basic feature out of the hands of the player in order to greatly insentivise people to play events in which they will give you team slayer, free for all, or whatever other mode for a limited time. The reason this delays the implementation of non-playlisted, selectable modes is because they have to convince Microsoft that this restrictive model will not make them more money. Right now, Microsoft probably thinks this will drive up event engagement but it really just makes the game feel restrictive and will inevitably drive people to less restrictive games.


This is exactly what happened and 343 has already hinted to this. Anyone who thinks for a second that griffball, swat, infection, etc weren't being tied to events for mtx reasons is either absolutely clueless or simping for msoft.


If you keep thinking like that Microsoft might offer you a job.


the kit system needs to go.. you're selling the ability to mix and match parts of a kit that costs money(paid battle pass) in the store.. it just seems kind of scummy imo Technically if you look into it, you will see that the bp doesn't give the advertised reach armor as separate parts..but why would you do that?! is it just to piss people off??


**BUG** If you play a few games and while searching, try to edit your armor the game will bug and you will not be able to customize your spartan until you restart the game. **BUG** While searching for a match the game can enter an infinite loop where you do not find a game nor can you, only fix is a game restart. **Feedback** I would like to be able to mute individuals via the score board. I would also like the game to auto reque post match.


They’ve addressed playlist and xp, when do you think they will talk about the MTX and the high costs?


As soon as you can convince the simpletons here to stop purchasing it at the current price. Seriously.


The monetization in Infinite is egregious and absolutely bullshit. They took away our ability to fully customize ourselves, only to sell it back to us piecemeal at a ridiculous cost. I'm glad playlists are being addressed, but the monetization needs a rework **BIG TIME**.


Am I the only one that feels like this should be their priority? If customization doesn’t get fixed, screw anything else they do to help the game. But I feel like this is the one issue they haven’t said anything about. I’m worried, because this feels like the greediest portion so that might be why they don’t want to change it, which means this game is fucked.


I don’t think the game is screwed if they don’t fix it, but it’d be very nice if they did.


So you would buy the battle pass, and buy 20$ skins and support the game, with the way things are now? Cause the game needs buyers. It needs that income or it dies. So you’re telling me you think people will support the game with the current customization system?


Hmm yeah it does need income, well I still don’t think the whole game is screwed (maybe), but they really should fix the horrid monetization. Even if they make less money in the beginning (which may not be true because more people would be able to afford stuff) over the long run they’d make potentially consistent money. Doing that, and also moving some of the content locked behind paywalls into different places where they are earnable would please fans and let 343i keep a steady and secure fanbase. If this game is supposed to last a decade or whatever, then 343i (and Microsoft) are going to need to work on making a more consumer friendly experience. They already have some good stuff, they just need more of it now


You literally just said what I said tho


Lol well then take it as my agreement


Could we please have an additional feminine body type that's consistent with Halo 4 and 5 or Reach? We're not asking for a body type that looks like something from Dead or Alive, just literally what is consistent with past entries and makes sense lore-wise. If we really think about it, if the Spartan 3s we see in Reach are stronger and more augmented then why did they make Infinite's female Spartan 4s look so much more masculine and bulky compared to them? It makes no sense lore-wise.


Making sense lore-wise isn't a thing anymore. Dont believe me? Ask the bots with the kitty ear helmets or the flowers behind their ears. Lore is very loosely tied into some things, the rest is to capture specific demographics. Just wait until you start seeing snowman heads, etc. The multiplayer is absolutely lame and people need to start demanding for change, not asking politely. Vote by never opening your wallet.


I hope the devs sleep funny every night until this game is fixed


I should be able to push to talk to a controller button that I can map to a extra button on the elite controller. It's really dumb on pc that I'm either open mic or no mic because I can't set push to talk to a controller button.