This reminds me of Michone and the Walking Dead.


That was my first thought too!


Same here!!!


I was thinking Master Blaster


The real ones remember Master Blaster


It needs to be more spooky, not just skeleton slaves.


Put the small skeletons behind the big one. Boom, he's now dragging his victims. Bonus if you put clothes on the victims!!


This. Smart and easy fix!


Agreed, put them on their back with the hands/legs flailing.


I like this idea.


Making the big skeleton a bit more monstrous or demonic might make it a bit more palatable. Then it looks like an evil demon torturing Damned souls as apposed to people enslaving other people.


Giving it horns?


White devil?


Equnisu Ocha?


I think it could work if the dominant skeleton was something obviously not human like a centaur/minotaur/Cernunos or similar.


Giant horns on all of them. Scary yet nonspecific


Its okay because the skeletons are white.


Yeah but they’re gay


Nah, they're non-binary.




Are those traits incompatible?


I have no idea. But now I'm wondering... If you don't identify as either male or female, and you don't have a gender preference in dating, is there a proper label for that? I have no clue, I just don't want to be inconsiderate of others. But I'm older, so I get confused easily! Edit: had to change a word because I can't grammar well tonight.


That could be a few different things because there are a lot of overlapping terms. So like some options that would fit "neither man or woman" could be non-binary or genderfluid. Someone with no gender preference would probably identify as bisexual, pansexual, or omnisexual. You specifically said "neither male or female" which I interpreted as what I think you meant (man/woman). But there are plenty of people who are intersex due to chromosomal factors (and maybe other things like hormone production, can't remember specifically). The take away: there are a lot of labels and a lot mean very similar things. Exact meaning of terms are sometimes debated within their own communities. Generally if you want to be considerate: ask if you aren't sure and respect what people identify as and want you to call them.


I don't know that there is a word for that specifically (though I don't run in those circles lol.) even though there's probably a high comorbidity I'd say "bisexual" for the sexual preference thing and "non-binary" for the gender thing like you said


Pansexual might be more commonly used by those who don't feel they are part of the gender binary. I'd also argue that it's probably more appropriate for anyone who is attracted to people regardless of gender.


I’m non-binary and bisexual. (Some people prefer to say “pan sexual,” but I don’t personally think of myself as pan). Gender orientation is always going to be different from attraction orientation, so there’s not one word that describes both. :)


everyone is white...on the inside...............................because skeleton.


What if it was a giant


Having a slave motif in your Halloween decor seems pretty high risk/low reward


Yeah. Can look just as cool with the smaller skeletons bowing down to the giant skelly without the issue of possible misinterpretation. No chains.


Oh yea the skeletons bowing is a much better idea. Just flip them around and remove the weird chains.


OP could still use the chains but I’d probably wrap them around a tree or post with lights or use them to wrap up the skeletons and lay them at the big one’s feet. I definitely would not collar anything other than the animal skeletons, that’s where it gets a bit problematic.


I used chains to cover up the rope used to secure my giant skeleton. Worked well as it now seems the giant skeleton is being held back.


That’s a great idea!


Clearly you know nothing of power dynamics and play


„˙suıɐɥɔ pɹıǝʍ ǝɥʇ ǝʌoɯǝɹ puɐ punoɹɐ ɯǝɥʇ dılɟ ʇsnſ ˙ɐǝpı ɹǝʇʇǝq ɥɔnɯ ɐ sı ƃuıʍoq suoʇǝlǝʞs ǝɥʇ ɐǝʎ ɥO„


What is this? Australia?


Didn't even think slavery until you said it. Just looks like something you'd see in a cartoon that is depicting hell. Or a metal album cover


Do you think those depictions of hell are not meant to convey slavery? It's hell, you are literally an eternal slave there.


If hell were real it would be a place where people went to suffer for their sins, not be captured and forced into slavery.


The damned are usually portrayed as being helpless against whatever horrors the demons are inflicting on them, whips, chains, and outright slavery have been involved in depictions of hell before. Not sure why this is an argument. It's pretty clear that in Hell you are Satan's personal suffer pig.


Jokes on God, I'm into that shit.


Suffering for their sins by… perhaps… being made a slave?


Reflects on my life* Oh god.


That's why it's important to get varying opinions. Slavery is what screamed out to me from the picture.




I’m black and my first thought was BDSM skeletons LOL. Then my second thought was slaves because of the collar chains. I’m pretty sure 90% of people would find this offensive. Because of the history of those type of collar chains in general. Try doing it with dog skeletons like other people are saying.


Or a good ol’ gimp mask would be a great addition!


At least then it’ll be problematic for *WAY* less uncomfortable reasons, lol. Better for people to complain that you’re not bothering to keep things PG for the neighborhood kids than that you’re a racist or god knows what else, right?


See i also thought it was bdsm, didn’t think of slavery til i came to the comments. But i see what u mean with the shackles


Yeah, definitely need to sell it more if that's the direction you want an onlooker to land in. Add some leather hats, boots, pink fuzzy handcuffs. Still though, if the question is simply whether or not this is offensive, for a neighborhood display with kids and stuff, probably not the best idea.


Incorporating some gags and puttplugs should clear this up for everyone




Can you imagine all gimps outside your house protesting gimp discrimination?


Exactly, my first thought was "kinky."


Same. “Kinky”


That would have been my first thought as well, personally. I think the obvious solution here is to just lean into the kink, lol ![gif](giphy|Ja6Ne8nC2Zzhu|downsized)


Add leather, pleather, rubber


Ooooh! Now there's an idea! Put pins in the skeleton master's head, use hooks on chains in place of the collars, stick them in the ribs or something, have various other little cenobite/torture-ish accessories on the skeletons, and have the slave master holding the puzzle box. You might still get complaints, but it'll be evident you're more likely taking inspiration from Hellraiser than sending some nefarious message.


Definitely the type of shackle more than anything. Make them studded collars and it's a whole different scene. Or if you turn them around and remove the chains.


That was my first idea too then I was like "wait a minute....might wanna put the smaller ones in gimp suits" 😳


I thought this too, like add some other bdsm stuff to it? But idk if that was OP’s original intention for it to be kinky lol


I mean I've seen skeletons set up as exotic pole dancers so its possible but yeah if not kinky maybe put devil horns, wings, pitchfork and tail on the big one, or get a big piece of dark fabric and put it over the big one like a cloak and put a prop scythe in one of it's hands but after that I'm all out of ideas, but definitely don't put it out as is.


i thought similarly. “why the bdsm but with slavery neck chains? yikes.” the collar chains are really not necessary. Even a leather dog leash would work better, and reinforce the bdsm theme.


I thought bdsm too lmao


I don’t know. If you died, went to hell, and saw this scene walking around would you think the big skeleton is racist?


Ya this hits too close to home in America.


If you’re having doubts about it, don’t do it. Personally I’d avoid this set-up. It, well, it makes me a bit uneasy. I would definitely avoid your house when trick or treating.


With all the new dog like skeletons out now, you can achieve a similar display without appearing racist.


I have two kitty skeletons guarding my front door and a cute lil rat skeleton peeking into our window. I love them!


My thoughts exactly. I even saw a pony skeleton at Target this year.


Generally, if the vibe already feels dicey to you - the person most likely to know what you meant - then it's probably a bad idea to stick it on a front lawn and open it up to public interpretation.


Before I put this in the yard I’d like a second opinion if this is offensive. I thought it was a good spooky/creepy set up. But my wife thinks it may be seen as potentially offensive (slave-like skeletons rubbing people the wrong way)


People will either think slaves, or bdsm. Either way, if you're expecting young kids to come trick or treat, I wouldn't put this up. It won't come across as spooky or scary as much as it will inappropriate.


The chains and neck clamps are a little too much imo. I get what you’re going for but it will definitely upset some people. The addition of the tiny skeleton helps, but it’s not enough to take away from the whole “human skeleton enslaving other human skeletons”. If it was a huge obvious demon with chained humans, that would be different. I like the idea but it needs tweaking. Either remove the chains and just have them bowing or alter the big one to be non-human. So either up the horror or the comedy!


As a husband, when will we learn our wives are always right lol. I can see it both ways. I would go the other way. Nix the chains, raise the big skeletons hands, with his little minion, and have them worshipping him. Making it appear he’s *satan* and they’re bowing down to his hellish ways.


I actually think this is perfect solution. Turn the bowing skeletons around so they face the big guy.


Personally I would err on the side of caution. Halloween is meant to be a purely fun day/month to be enjoyed by all children/children at heart. Bringing anything like this risks marring such a wonderful holiday for many. We won't even put fake weapons on display - I was going to make a Daryl Dixon skeleton but won't put a fake crossbow on display. So maybe we play it too safe...


What about a mostly obsolete weapon like a battle axe or executioners axe or a scythe


Yeah we would run with those - large medieval/fantasy weapons. Weather has been atrocious otherwise I would have made a wooden scythe this year and I am so far behind this year with our display it's not funny. I wouldn't make a fake wooden knife/short sword though - I know bloodied knives are very Halloween'ish but that's just a bit too far for the kids (and kitchen knives are way too accessible to kids so obviously we wouldn't go there)


I'm fine with murder and mayhem imagery, but *human slavery* is an entirely different beast.


Good call on asking the sub.


Add gimp suits if you wanna make it a fetish joke, but if not possible I'd try to come up with another idea.


I didn't even think slavery like a lot of people here. But I also agree that the big skeleton should look more demonic to stray further from what some might see as offensive. Put some horns on the big guy or a viking helmet.


Making it more demonic could definitely work(though personally I’d just scratch this particular idea altogether ), but if you go with a Viking helmet for the horns I’d make sure it’s not recognizable as one. Not only did Vikings pretty famously have slaves(so you’re actually making the slave interpretation even harder to avoid, since it can’t even be read as a weird kink thing at that point), but….something about having Nordic imagery mixed with slavery gives me strong Neo-Nazi/White Supremacist vibes lol.


Maybe flip the whole thing around and have the smaller skeletons trying to keep hold of the big guy? Sort of like a macabre Macy's day parade situation?


Eh....I wouldn't risk it.


I think giant spiders would be better than the skeletons on the leash...or a giant spider with leashed skeletons..its less crude


I'm black and this makes feel a bit uncomfortable & uneasy. If you have to ask, you probably shouldn't do it. Idk, this rubs me the wrong way, maybe remove the chains??


Yeah, it personally doesn’t NECESSARILY rub me the wrong way but Ik my parents would be extremely pissed & confrontational if they saw this. It’s honestly probably best if OP removed the chains or replaced the human skeletons with dog skeletons


Yea or even turned the other two skeletons around, where it looks like they're worshipping the bigger skeleton or something


That’s a good idea. Ditch the chains and turn them around, maybe add some devil horns or tail to the big skeleton to give it a deeper meaning (like people who sell their souls / worship the devil) edit; typo


> If you have to ask, you probably shouldn't do it. This is my rule because if you've thought, *even for a second*, someone might be offended then someone else, or several someone elses, will see it that way too. As you stated, if you're asking you've already considered all the scenarios & in one of those scenarios someone will see "chained, dead, African American slaves." Is it worth it? That's up to OP. I wouldn't do it in my yard but I'm more of JOL kinda yard anyway.


Do I personally find it offensive? No. Scary yes, offensive no. Do I think it's very likely to be found offensive? Absolutely. Proceed with caution, and like other comments said, I'd suggest switching to dogs if you want the design to be the same, or shackling the skeletons by their hands if you want the scariness intact.


I'm not into this vibe. But I think you can repurpose the 'conflict' by having the two skellies be competing in a game of tug-of-war with the giant skelly and his little friend. Where the rope would be the chain. And you can tie a little flag in the middle and draw two lines in the grass.


That’s an awesome idea! Might actually do that. Thanks!


Wellll yeah I mean, slave imagery as a vibe can be a bummer, even if it's logical that skeleton communities would not be very democratic. So, some people will see a story about skeletons and some people might be reminded of the horrors of humanity. You, the artist, decide what risks to take.


Skeleton communities 😂


First thing I thought of was Michone with her boyfriend and friend.


You know how the old saying goes..."if you have to ask, don't do it"...


If your unsure..an easy pivot is to lose/repurpose the chains and just turn the life sized around so they're praying to the giant.


Is that not the point? I can’t imagine any other purpose for a slave theme than shock value.


Everyone’s talking about slaves but honestly when i saw it my mind went to kinkier places… i just thought it was some kind of bdsm display


Which is still not appropriate for the front yard


Do I think its offensive? Absolutely not. Will some people? probably. There are probably better ways to go using animals and avoid the fallout.


Yeah not the best idea.. I’d change it up a bit and still get to use the props


Halloween yards are completely visual and the most time anyone will spend looking at them is 2-3 minutes if they're walking--maybe 30 seconds if they're driving down the street. There's a lot to take in visually in a short amount of time. There is no room for nuance and no way to explain complex concepts, short of posting signs. Plus, whatever back story you've created for your characters, the viewers won't know it and won't be able to fill in the gaps. For any Halloween display, not just yours, everything is open to interpretation... and more importantly, misinterpretation. Nooses, chains, whips, blood, guts... you have to keep your audience in mind. As others have mentioned, in your mind, they're skeletons-- but they're still human in shape. For those of you saying people are "so easily offended" this is a literal depiction of people being held in bondage, chained by their necks. Willing or unwilling, who knows? Could it read as BDSM? Maybe, but I'd wager that at least three quarters of the audience won't see that. Inside your house, do what you want. Backyard set-up behind a 6 foot wood fence, go crazy. Front/side yards that families with grade school kids can see... I'd veer towards PG, PG-13 at worst.


As a POC it definitely gives me icky slavery vibes. I wouldn't be taking my kids to a house with a display like this and would probably have assumptions about the owners. As a kinkster, if you try to make it look *more* BDSM you're going to upset a lot of parents who don't want to have to explain that to their kids. It would be a funny display in a dungeon, but not where there are children.


Now I want to see a BDSM club haunted house...


Lets not do that


Nah and then in 2 months add six more and put the main guy in a Santa suit?


I fucking love the tiny skelly on his shoulder. And yeah I don't personally think it's offensive but I'd probably just avoid the whole thing by having the 2 skellies worshipping the other one, and maybe just use the chains as decoration on the main skelly.


3 more and you have Mein Teil


Gonna be straight up honest. Knowing the internet, if you're white. Just don't.


There's definitely a slave/master aspect to it, but given the giant skeleton and mini one on its shoulder, for me it first evoked more a fantasy vibe - some sort of medieval/swords and sandals/mythological slavery sort of thing. Looks like something from 'Jason & the Argonauts', 'Army of Darkness', or 'Game of Thrones'.


Its iffy IMO, so I wouldn’t risk it. I try to do it if a reasonable person could think its offensive Im not going to risk it. Like I avoid any hanged people (like executed hung) because confederate flags aren’t unheard of in my neighborhood.


Hmmmmm.... Not offensive enough!! *Pulls out leather harness and whip*


If you have to ask, I think you already know.


Don't kink shame the skeletons


You've identified that it's a bit dicey, so I guess now you have to decide if you are willing to chance knowingly bringing that social friction upon yourself and the ensuing "debate" about whether or not people should find it offensive or not, where it's unlikely either side will be swayed.


That will be interpreted as slavery imagery. I’d redo it.


Finding something offensive is somewhat subjective. But this could easily be interpreted in a very racist way. So that’s an immediate no from me. It’s not worth the risk. Please have suggested some great alternatives.


Master Blaster runs BarterTown


It made me think BDSM first, then of a remix of The Devil tarot card


I'm with the others. My first thought was kinky.


Calvin would be proud.


Offensive? Yeah! Clean your garage!


It’s like nooses in haunts: context is everything, but best avoided if context doesn’t read. If you don’t want backlash, avoid it. Personally, I think this is a cool idea, and I feel maybe some added context such as a joke about BDSM, employing a fantasy element would make it a little less troubling and curb any racial connotations.


Just seems kinky to me


Master blaster


People are going to read into it…


Put some reindeer antlers on them, and a santa hat on the one in the back. Boom, decorated for halloween AND christmas.


Take the collars and put them around the wrists of the larger skeleton, make it look more monstrous with horns or even a third eye, have the two normal skeletons cowering from it.


I think the general rule is if you have to ask then someone else will also wonder the same thing.


Personally I don't find it offensive but I have a very dark sense of humor. I can absolutely see people getting offended at this. I would add more crawling skelly boys and make them look like the music video for Mein Teil by Rammstein.


NGL, it is, a bit. Do something else.


Op this is fucking stupid If you do it just expect to be rightfully chewed out by your neighbors


Offensive..no. Sexual..just a little 😏


If you have to ask if this is offensive then you already know it is.


Why does this look racist


My first thought was the devil tarot card with a Skeleton being the devil. Yeah you might want to change it due to the potential slavery connotations.


Yes, don't risk becoming a Twitter sensation


Maybe skeleton dogs on chains like hell hounds and put horns and make a demon skeleton


I would not do it


If you have to ask…




I thought of Michonne from twd


I would have the big one with the collar on and all the smaller ones circled around him holding chains.


Yeah, don’t do this.


Give the big squeleton a black cloak and it will be the Death who got us all.


Yes, this just doesn’t feel right in a post slavery world…and it’s not a post slavery world now that I think about it as slavery is still a huge issue in so many places.


I think this will read as an offensive display.


Dress the big skeleton with a black cloak. He could be the grim reaper with, “Death is bigger than you” symbolism going on there or “We all bow down to death someday”. I don’t know.


I wouldn’t put it up personally


Maybe have them chained up hanging up by their arms instead?


I didn’t see it as something racial or anything kinky like ppl are saying bdsm, I just thought it was hellish. Like damned souls or something cuz what’s scarier then eternal punishment 🤷


Undead chariot vibes


Just struck me as BDSM as well lol


Yes, this can easily be seen as offensive.


Whether you see BDSM or slavery connotations they both aren’t appropriate for a public display. If you’re not trying to offend people I would skip displaying the skeletons this way.


Totally not offensive. Torture and forced servitude are common themes in the Macob tales of human misery. Which is after all what Halloween is all about. The point is to put up something spooky.


*Macabre :)


Kink shaming should be off limits! You do you, Boners!


Not offensive.


Let this one go, non-trivial chance of ending up on the local news.


It’s Halloween—easy to find things to be offended by, but imo not offensive


That’s not offensive. It’s abnormal but it’s not offensive.


These comments are a mess. Y’all do know that being offended about things have been going on for decades…centuries but people weren’t always willing or **able** to speak up about it without fear of punishment?? This isn’t new. Am I offended by this? No. But y’all act like the world is going to shit now that people can speak up about things that bother them.


I would personally be okay with it, but I can defiantly see how many people might get upset. Maybe put the chains on dogs and have the people bowing down facing the giant guy as if they’re bowing down to him




Nope. Not at all.




I mean...was it supposed to be? I would add some costume elements to the skellies that represent...whatever it is you were going for here that ISN'T um, slavery.


Should people be offended? I don't think so. Will they be offended? Most certainly.


That’s awesome


I don’t think it’s racist but it’s definitely strange and off putting.


Everything is offensive to someone. Fuck it OP, go with it.


Nah.. reminds me of Michonne and her zombie bodyguards 😅


Replace the chains with twizzlers and it changes everything


I totally thought of Danny McBride in “This is the End.”


My mind went the kinky route but unless you're adding context that strongly encourages that conclusion, it's a bad idea. Even with lots of context to support that conclusion, it's a bad idea for a public display that includes kids in the target audience.


It made me think bdsm so nah, if nothing else you could slap a leather cap on the big one lol


Dogs or dress the head skeleton up like a demon or medieval demon or something other than human


My rule of thumb is if you have to ask then you probably shouldn't do it. I'd be more worried about someone getting upset and actually ruining my display because of something like this.


I think you need to rethink this. Gave me uncomfortable vibes.


I saw someone make the giant skeleton hold puppet strings attached to a smaller skeleton in each hand. That could be a nice alternative.


Yeah this does look weird. If I drove by a house and saw this on the yard I'd give a dirty look and think it was weird.


Isn’t everything?


What I will say is I learned a lot about the people in this sub from this thread and it no longer feels like a fun welcoming place lol.


Not to me. You've got the large skeleton towering over the others, with a small one on his shoulder. I see it as more of a demon with his mortal human slaves and an imp on his shoulder. Race shouldn't be an issue. They're skeletons, you can't say black or white or anything. They're skeletons and could be any race at all. Give the big guy and the little guy some red glowing eyes, make them look more demonic is all.


It’s only offensive if you make it offensive


I always say if you have to ask...


Pretty problematic for a number of reasons.


Nah man do you what you want!


Wow, I didn't not realize how sensitive people can be about skeletons. I guess that's what happens when you assume and concoct your own narrative.




Of course it's offensive. Everything is offensive nowadays. But I wouldn't change it! Looks awesome


I guess it's offensive if you're one of those people who gets offended by everything. Basically a little bitch