Kid appropriate movies

Kid appropriate movies


These are my suggestions for Halloween Kids Movies: - Disney's Halloween Treat - Hocus Pocus - The Halloween Tree - Nightmare Before Christmas - Mad Monster Party? - Under Wraps - Halloweentown - Earnest Scared Stupid - Frankenweenie (1984 version) - Something Wicked This Way Comes More adult-audience (not adult content)/ less Halloween, but still somewhat appropriate: - The pilot episode of "Tales from the Darkside" - Creepshow - Ghostbusters - Beetlejuice - Addams Family - Night of the Living Dead - Tales from the Crypt (1972) - Universal Monster Movies, particularly Frankenstein and the Wolf Man for kids as they're more 'things happening' than straight talking - King Kong (1933) - Phantom of the Opera (1923) - Nosferatu Spooky TV shows I suggest appropriate for kids: - Eerie Indiana - Are You Afraid of the Dark? - Tales from the Crypt - Goosebumps - Twilight Zone (original series) Edit: I forgot entirely about all of the Roger Corman Edgar Allen Poe horror movies from the 60s, those I loved as a kid and were totally age appropriate. The Raven, Pit and the Pendulum, Masque of Red Death, Trilogy of terror. Edit 2: Ghostwatch, WNUF Halloween Special, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow also.


Not all of these necessarily Horror or Scary (depending on age and scare tolerance ) but fun for Halloween anyway. You can check parents guide on IMDB which will tell you what type of content is in it that may be unsuitable for some - Hotel Transylvania Trilogy (I believe the 4th one is on its way) - Monsters Inc/Monsters University - The Universal Classic Monster films should be okay (might wanna review them first but I don’t recall them being too adult then maybe a few frights again age depending) - Addams Family 1&2 - Ernest Scared Stupid - Monster House - Nightmare Before Christmas - Corpse Bride - Casper - Paranorman - The Witches (1990) - though there’s a scene or two that’s scary for some youngsters it seems - Coco - Goosebumps - All the Scooby Doo Animated Movies   Hopefully that’s some to get you started.


Some Disney movies I loved as a kid: Under wraps, don’t look under the bed, moms got a date with a vampire, phantom of the megaplex


Hocus Pocus (they talk about virginity tho, not sure if that’s what you mean by adult content) Halloweentown


The little vampire


Monster house


Nightmare Before Christmas.


Our family favourites are The Book of Life, A Monster in Paris, The Worst Witch, Coco, Little Shop of Horros and Ghostbusters. If you're after more adult films that are appropriate content wise then Hitchcock films are great as they are more about the suspense and horror than anything risqué. Also all the old Universal Monster films like Dracular and The Bride of Frankenstein are great.


Labyrinth is a favorite childhood movie of mine. Not Halloween but still spooky. Dark crystal as well, but I didn’t like it as much as a kid. The witches, the original one is great! I also loved Beetlejuice and the Adams family movies growing up but that might be a little much on the adult side. For a short cartoon series, and not a movie, over the garden wall is fantastic and spooky and is Halloween themed. Edit to add: are you afraid of the dark is on paramount plus now and it’s basically a kid friendly twilight zone from the 90s.


Coraline Edit: forgot about this, but it does show a naked lady with pasties on…


The Hallowe'en Tree




Vampire Dog... depending on how olg the kids are.


My son's favourites are coraline and beetlejuice




The monster squad is the best monster movie ever


Monster Squad (1987) Silver Bullet (1985) House (1986) The Watcher in the Woods (1980) Child of Glass (1978)