Everyone that’s telling Ethan to stop talking about Trisha

Everyone that’s telling Ethan to stop talking about Trisha


Same with Harvey Weinstein...I mean Ryan Kavanagh Mfs trying to ruin your life and you can't even talk/vent about it?


Are you talking about Ryan kavanaugh, the guy that was accused of running a Ponzi scheme????


by his ex business partner in Variety magazine? Yeah I've heard about it too


Wow variety magazine is a very reputable source!


Do you have a link for the article? I'm not gonna breach my NDA, but I can confirm RK's been accused of running his movie studio like a ponzi. I've experienced severe retaliation from him personally. He blackballed me from getting work right after I stopped working at his production company, and couldn't sue due to them filing for bankruptcy shortly after I left. Not gonna name the studio or give more details than that. His actions prevented me from obtaining a job, at a time when I didn't know I had cancer, so by the time I was finally diagnosed my short-term disability pay was almost up and I had no health insurance. Worked me to death, just to ruin my career because I got cancer in my late 20s. The stress of that job certainty played a roll in my failing physical and mental health at the time. Just had to say something after hearing about Ethan mentioning this from Def Noodles. Haven't watched the video because I heard it taken down..but I might be wrong about which vid was actually flagged. Seeing his face on YT legit gave me a panic attack. I officially have no safe space from this man. God help me. Side note: I REALLY hope Antisemitism isn't still being ignored by H3, because multiple trolls in this thread are dogwhistling via Harvey Weinstein & making this a "them" thing. Weinstein sexually harassed, coerced, and allegedly raped primarily actresses. However, The Weinstein Company, which Harvey already departed from a solid decade decade before the MeToo allegations; is legit, made great movies, and those movies actually returned profit. RK has never been accused of anything MeToo related & I never saw that behavior, however his company's in-house movies were not good, and rarely, if ever, returned profit except for 1. Only the reality TV portion of his now former company was profitable, an it still exists under it's separate CEO, and they created MTV's show Catfish.


Hey fucko, Ethan is jewish and has been the victim of ACTUAL antisemitism in the form of getting swatted by a white nationalist group. Stop being an absolute idiot and calling Kavanaugh being compared to Weinstein anti-Semitic when it literally has nothing to do with that.


the harvey weinstein thing isn't about being jewish, and fuck you for the "HOWEVER his movies made money" part, jesus fucking christ. whether weinstein had a better instinct for talent or not is fucking irrelevant. he is a rapist. also, there were plenty of coke and hookers stories floating around about ryan, along with other stuff, so god knows what that bastard got up to. not accusing him of anything specific, just that he's yet another in a long line of shitstain rich guys wasting money and space in hollywood, and nothing surprises me about men like that.


Weinstein wasn't working for the company anymore when they were making good movies, quit being so triggered. Of course Weinstein's a rapist, already said that. No need to strawman to overcompensate for dogwhistling. Ryan & Weinstein have nothing in common other than both being former studio heads and being Jewish. [alleged] Fraud ≠ Rape. There are a lot of former Jewish studio heads, shall we bring them into this as well? Regarding your statement on coke & hookers, I'm not going to corroborate rumors I didn't see first hand regarding Ryan. I'm not saying they're wrong nor that he was the only exec involved, if this rumor were true. I'm not going to get into what I heard happened before my time because I don't want to get sued. So go ahead, **take my words out of context and bregade my ass for having it be cryptic because I was forced to sign an NDA**. I said as much as I can get away with. I dealt with this FIRST HAND. Do you understand what I'm saying? I know where the bodies are buried, but you're censoring me with downvotes. If only people stopped being so divisive and took the time to really hear what I'm saying, they wouldn't be censoring legit discussion on this issue. Regardless **I won't tolerate conflating sex work with rape. Sex workers deal with rape too.** The only thing Weinstein & RK have in common are being former studio founders heads and being Jewish. Stupid to arbitrarily compare them when their legal issues are VERY different matters. It's putting rape on the same level as [alleged] fraud. Seriously?? EDIT: You also didn't post the comment, so it's not up to you to decide whether or not they were dogwhistling. I deal with this bigotry 24/7, I don't bring this shit up unless absolutely necessary. I actually know what went down but y'all thought it best to downvote censor me.


you need to get a fucking grip and some therapy. "censored with downvotes"? lol no, you're being told that what you're saying is a) wrong, because literally none of this has to do with weinstein being jewish, as has been explained to you multiple times, by multiple people, but you refuse to listen because you've decided you know best and b) you sound fucking unhinged. you haven't actually supplied any real information, nor are you listening to anyone else in this conversation, so exactly why the fuck should anyone listen to you whine? do we owe you upvotes and attention? were you this much of an entitled douche when you were at relativity? you were the one who brought up weinstein making better movies, which was weird and irrelevant. nobody equated sex work with rape, either, so that's yet another idiotic leap because you're just looking for a fight. you are fucking reaching because you're mad your feelings got hurt or some shit. **i also worked for relativity and i was there for the entire bankruptcy and after**, and it sounds like you needed to be drummed out of the business if you're this much of a sad sack shithead and writing screeds about how you were so wronged but you can't say anything because wah wah cucked by an NDA. put up or shut the fuck up. seriously. get a thicker skin or fuck all of the way off. but honestly you should do both. weirdo.


>i also worked for relativity and i was there for the entire bankruptcy and after, and it sounds like you needed to be drummed out of the business if you're this much of a sad sack shithead and writing screeds about how you were so wronged but you can't say anything because wah wah cucked by an NDA. put up or shut the fuck up. seriously. get a thicker skin or fuck all of the way off. but honestly you should do both. A) Your other comment proved you never worked at Relativity in any capacity lol. That alleged television "divison" (that's not a "division") you claimed to have worked for, never went bankrupt. So whose the sad sack now, homeboy? B) The rest of your Karen rant speaks for itself. Right-wing backwoods bigot. Go cry about soy or "stolen elections" into your sweaty MAGAt cap. This isn't 4chan.


lmfao let me break it down for you, since you appear to be incapable of understanding basic concepts. your stupidity is not a "gotcha" moment, it's just really embarrassing for you. first, quoting another one of your comments back at you, since you're a goldfish: >Only the reality TV portion of his now former company was profitable, an it still exists under it's separate CEO, and they created MTV's show Catfish. you would be referring to tom forman. while i was there, brad bishop was also around, but a few years ago they cut staff and brad either quit or was let go. i wouldn't go back now to work on any of their shows, because fuck that place, but the "proof" you think you have that i never worked there seems to be *you* having shit for brains. relativity media went bankrupt because kavanaugh was a piece of shit and couldn't run a company. relativity *television* was sold off to cortland capital and became critical content. i was there when it was relativity television, and then i remained there when it became critical content. i'm sorry this is hard for you to grasp, and frankly demonstrates that you really didn't understand what was going on around you. you claim that you "work in this world" but you're talking like someone who never made it out of the mail room. i don't owe you my resume, but i'm getting the impression that between you and i, only one of us has an emmy. cute that you think throwing around "karen" and "right-wing backwoods bigot" makes it true just because you don't like being told that you're wrong and exactly why you're wrong. your inability to process information does not mean the people around you are the problem, it means you're a fucking idiot. and you're the one who apparently thinks that if your movies make money then it's okay to be a rapist, so maybe the real 4chan was inside you all along. sincerely, go fuck yourself, you absolute dumb fuck.


It wasn't called "Relatively Television" either. Nice to know you can wiki stuff tho. You obviously didn't work at the studio — that's my point. Whether or not you worked on a reality show they produced is irrelevant. You have rumors, no actual inside knowledge. I worked as close as you can get to the guy you're equating to Weinstein simply because he's Jewish and you heard some rumor about alleged sex workers hired... However, if that rumor were even true, or you heard it from a first-hand source, you'd know who and who did not partake, which would completely implode your conspiracy theory — let alone the fact that consensual prostitution is **not** rape. So tell me again how he's "just like Weinstein." Weinstein didn't commit *alleged* fraud and Ryan didn't commit rape. Said that in my first post not even replying to you, and apparently you rage replied despite not comprehending any of it. >i don't owe you my resume, but i'm getting the impression that between you and i, only one of us has an emmy. Hun, I don't work in television, so why would I have an Emmy? I work in movies. I deal with grifters like you daily. Unless you provide proof that *you* yourself actually have an Emmy, you're just another insecure compulsive liar who wants to pretend they're somebody. People who are really doing stuff, don't talk about it, and they absolutely know better than to name drop or brag about awards — especially to strangers on the internet lol.


I also heard that the thing was flipped. How awkward!


I heard he's ruining a bonsai tree


Wait.. you mean THE Ryan kavanaugh who looks very similar to Harvey Weinstein and was accused by his ex partner of running a Ponzi scheme?!! 😨


Try again, this time without the Antisemitic dogwhistling. You wouldn't know the first thing about RK actually ruining someone's life. What I went thru is far worse than just getting a YouTube video flagged, or being a millionaire that can afford threats of litigation, like Ethan can. I actually know this world, and it sickens me how it's just "drama" entertainment for you, and worse, an opportunity to demonize Jews. You didn't lose your career. You didn't nearly work yourself to death just to be blackballed for getting sick. So cut the shit talking because you're outside your wheelhouse. I'm not gonna violate my NDA over some bigoted troll; so trust when I say I know WTF I'm talking about.


yeah, i work in this world too. shut up.


You didn't work for the dude Ethan's beefing with, now did you?


actually, i did. i was in the television division. you know, the one that actually made money. grow the fuck up.


>actually, i did. i was in the television division. you know, the one that actually made money. What "division" would that be? It was an entirely separate studio with its own CEO. Can you even name the studio & CEO? Think I survived as long as I did without knowing how to spot grifters like yourself in a split second? Again, derailing the conversation. It's bigoted to lump two entirely separate cases together just because both men are Jewish and **former**-studio heads. One is a convicted sex offender in prison, while the other is allegedly making money in a legally questionable manner & using lawyers to silence dissent. [Alleged] fraud ≠ rape. Mind you, I'm one of those who were silenced, yet you're here cussing me out and insulting me. Clearly you gotta problem with dogwhistles getting called out.


bruh this isn’t therapy


H3 fans who get mad at Ethan for defending himself because it “annoys” them are super selfish and entitled


But you don't understand. It interferes with people's Reddit experiences and that's just not fair. Life should play out in a way that auto-curates their social media for them. 😤😤😤


People don't seem to realise it's their show and not the viewers


I don't think it's H3 fans telling him to stop talking about Trisha tbh.


Idk I’ve seen a lot of H3 fans saying they’re tired of it and want the podcast to go back to having no drama


👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 YES IVE BEEN THINKING THIS FOR MONTHS!! Just because Trisha is a unstable sociopath doesn’t mean Ethan is not aloud to stand up for himself. Who would sit quietly while someone tries to destroy your life. Im shocked he has been so calm and collective throughout this there’s no way I’d be that way 😂


Same! I give him maaaad props for keeping his composure through all of this


Literally and idk why they feel like they can tell him who or what to talk about on his podcast.


Right?! Like at this point how could he NOT talk about it!???


Especially since a lot of what Trisha said was ON his podcast. It would be weird if he didnt talk about it.


If he decided to not talk about it, it would be as uncanny and awkward as that Triller thing he was asked the read. He can talk about whatever he wants obviously. But I mean... I would be very surprised if he didn't talk about this


Because he repeatedly said he was going to stop talking about her for his own wellbeing but then continues talking about her anyways?


She kept provoking him. Video after video she pointed her finger at him and LIED about why she's getting so much hate. Plus, I think he wants to go on record to document certain things for his own protection, as he should.


And what do you do when someone tries provoking you? You ignore them. Trisha lives off of attention and he keeps fucking giving it to her.


Ethan has every right to speak up and defend himself (and frankly, discuss whatever topics he wants). People have said that David Dobrik and Jason Nash never talk about Trisha to make her go away - but that's the thing, she DOESN'T go away. She's gone on and on about them for years despite their silence. Having them cowed into keeping their mouths shut is only convenient for her. Ethan shouldn't keep quiet because there's no benefit, and it only makes it that much easier for her to wriggle out of trouble.


People who are telling Ethan to stop talking might aswell be TP stans. They should know that if Ethan stays silent, then everything Trisha has done will be swept under the rug, and if they do not realize that then theyre idiots, which is also a trait shared among TP stans.


Yeah the comments come off as Trisha stans it’s so confusing lol. If you actually want to support Ethan then stop telling him what he should and shouldn’t do..


Tricia can make 1000 videos and tik toks and Twitter posts about ethan after frenemies was over but as soon as he says something about her, he needs to shut up and drop it because she can’t take the heat? Uhhh no. That’s not how it works.


I hope he makes a content court on her.


That would be legendary


Just imagine if Ethan went to a podcast like Trisha did with keemstar and spoke about Trisha in a bad way all the time.... Trisha and her followers would be insanely angry. Ugh it's so flipped.




Yes we have to support him.


Ethan has always been a pretty good advocate for smaller creators and for Fair Use. Totally okay he gets to talk about TP especially when it’s “little too late”.




Agreed 🙌🏻


No fr. “Stop bringing her up she thrives off attention” she possibly faked SA allegations against a dead man, not talking about her would be the worst thing to do rn


With peace and love, you’re 100% correct




Thank you




Agreed. These people don’t know Ethan if they think he’s gonna eat shit.


YESSS EXACTLY. Everyone (especially Trishas fan base) wants Ethan to be the bigger person and be quiet about this situation SO badly yet are completely okay with Trisha making hundreds of videos, tweets, and tiktoks bashing H3 it’s not fair. Yes Trisha has mental illness but using that as an excuse ALL THESE YEARS for her to get away with lying and disrespecting everyone 24/7 is disgusting and just makes those who suffer with bpd/mental health issues look bad


There are no excuses for her behavior anymore, in my opinion. And I think Ethan is the first guy to actually stick up for himself and try to do something about her insane antics. It makes me so sad because I think Ethan genuinely believed everything Trisha said while they were friends, and to find out she’s just an insanely manipulative pathological liar has to be so hurtful. (Obviously he knew she was crazy but... probably not to this extent)He was nothing but genuine and a real friend to her.




Yeah, I mean nothing she says at this point will hurt a bit... I've dealt with many people like BigT and they're sitting behind bars, getting their 4 square meals a day. Ethan's a tough mf, BigT ain't shit. I hope he talks more about her, the victims are fans who pay to support her... She's basically the Harvey Weinstein of drama


All fax no printer!


One of the reasons I've always loved H3 is they stand for what is right and fight injustice and that means never backing down and shutting up if they do she wins, if he had left Keem alone Keem would not be seen as much as a joke as he is now same should apply to Trisha she took advantage of his kind nature and ruined his wife's relationship with her brother, if it was me I'd go to war to so that no one else has to go through the same not enough people stand up against narcissists enough.


you make a super valid point and i agree w him sticking up for small creators i just think there are fans who are concerned with any stress it may be putting on hila and her pregnancy


Of course none of us want Hila to be stressed out!!! Idk it’s a little bit of a lose lose situation, but if I were in their position I would definitely stick up for myself and not let her say defamatory things about me and my family. Ethan is doing the best he can.


Holding in your feelings and not expressing yourself is more stressful in my opinion. I was so happy for Hila when she stood up to her in that group chat.


I mean im 50/50 on this situation. This is very personal for them so yeah they have every right to talk about her and confront the lies that she spreads. But that also comes with consequences with trisha. Its a never ending cycle. Ethan doesn’t really bring up her like that. A little joke here and there but he never has full videos souly about her (excluding some episodes that were rightfully about her). The more Trisha is talked about the more the drama prolongs. But its hard to shut her out when family is involved. Just hope either Trisha self sabotages her engagement or ethan and hila are able to block them two out of their life


I totally see where you’re coming from. But I also think that Ethan is fully aware that whenever he talks about her on social media, she will respond. And I feel like he’s willing to deal with those consequences in order for her to be called out on all of her lies and scummy stuff that she does. Honestly, Moses seems just as bad as Trisha now so I say let them live in their little fantasy world until it all comes crashing down. Ethan and Hila are probably better off without Moses at this point if he’s willing to do all of the shady stuff he’s done to them...


Love me an OP who actually responds. Yeah he is fully aware. Idc what they talk about on the podcast. Its the personalities that make everything entertaining. I never complained when they were focusing on youtube drama and politics etc. and im not really complaining about them talking about Trisha. I respect the humor that he tends to keep when talking about her. I hate that he actually viewed her as a a friend because as a watcher i feel iknew it would blow up. Cant blame the guy i mean I genuinely was starting to like trisha, but damn shes good at blindsiding


Yeah I totally get it. Trisha is one manipulative chick... she knows how to trick you into liking her and then completely destroy your life once she gets enough info. It’s twisted af


Your post literally reads as if it was written by Trisha.




Fr, but if you see the posts in this sub you’d see people are actually dumb enough to say shit like this, I remember seeing a top post about “so we’re not talking about Trisha again after this right guys?” And all the posts the next 3 days are just about Trisha, either she runs this sub Reddit or all these people are just stupid.


NGL, I think OP just loves the drama. One look at their post history and you can't pass a comment without them mentioning Trisha. while warranted, it's a little obsessive and creepy. That and this is obvious karma whoring.


I’ll say 30% chance it’s trishas alt account


You guys are just playing into her game and don’t realize it. The more you talk about her the more ammo and content she has


I see what you’re saying but I also think that this situation is very different in comparison to others... lying about being m-worded is not something to “troll” about. Along with all of the other horrendous stuff she’s done and said in the past that is now all coming to the surface. She deserves to be called out. Who cares if it’s giving her more “ammo”, her gun is jammed lmao.


It’s not about trolling, it’s about not letting go of someone who is terrible if your life. I get the circumstance is bad and it’s good to call people out for wrong doings, but with her when does it stop. I feel like bad stuff is always going to happen with her, so where is the line to just not talk about her anymore? Ignoring her completely will eventually just remove her from it all


Yeah I agree she’s never going to stop. I hope that once all of this is settled, people just ignore her.


Her gun isn’t jammed your making posts about her, motha fucka has a machine gun right now


And it’s you’re**


Yes I am because she claimed to be m worded by someone and wasn’t.... Kind of a big deal buddy:/ and this is coming from someone who was ACTUALLY m worded as an 8 year old child.... with peace and love. We can agree to disagree 🤍


this sub is full of sle righteous kids


Why did Ethan keep Trisha on after her first few flip outs? She called Ethan and Trisha horrible names. And Ethan said she is a dangerous person to be near to. It should have been clear as day that she is horribly unstable an it's gonna be detrimental to the family and the business. I would like Ethan to Adress that


Because Ethan is a genuine guy that genuinely cared about her and wanted to help. I think the fact that he still tried to make amends with her after she called Hila a b and a c actually shows a lot of emotional strength. But of course looking back now, I’m sure he wishes he could’ve done things a lot differently.


*In the distance* ^^^STOOOP


My issue is she has been getting nonstop hate for the last three months. No one is on her side. I’m not saying what she said to Ethan was justified but when is enough enough? The constant bullying can’t be good for anyone’s mental health. Ethan is not responsible for our behavior but they really should handle it privately.


She’s the one that blasts all of her personal info on social media. Claiming to be m worded by a now deceased teacher when her story doesn’t add up is a horrendous thing to lie about... if she didn’t want any of this backlash, she shouldn’t have told the entire world about it. I’m sure she’s going through a lot right now and that sucks. But sometimes you have to deal with the consequences of your own actions. If she would’ve handled all of this privately, Ethan would have too.


I know she posts her stuff but we don’t have to drag her through the mud for it. And what she said about the teacher was horrendous and borderline evil, not defending that, but I’m just wondering when does it end? She’s been getting it for three months.