Congratulations! What made you change your stance! Also glad to have you!


Crime is out of control where I live. Especially gun crimes. Police are over worked , over criticized, and the government lets criminals out the next day after committing serious crimes. I also just bought a home so I need to protect my property and family.


You’re doing the right thing. It’s your personal responsibility and guns are simply the most effective tool in many situations.


I was anti-gun for YEARS and bought in Seattle. I bought one gun... than another. Now I could supply a fireteam. But seriously, My wife was vehemently anti-gun. After the last two years she is appreciative that we have them and I am proficient with them.


My parents used to be anti gun. Once I sat them down and explained all the safety precautions and how they worked. I took them shooting. Now that they know about them and how they operate they loosened up and now they own several guns themselves and my dad got a CCW


That's great. I have been taking my "anti-gun" friends shooting and converting them to real Americans one patriot at a time.


That's how I got here. I was never particularly ANTI gun, per se, but I thought having one for anything but hunting was pointless. Went shooting with a work friend not long after finishing college and ended up with my first 3 months later. Now I'm at the point where I've dropped 10k+ in 6 months. It's a good problem to have.


It's a fun hobby that has a little bit of something for everyone. It involves explosions, things traveling at high speed, precision, a long and highly interesting history, engineering, nerdy shit, discipline, etc. Plus, it has the important added bonus of having the potential to some day save your life and the lives of your family.


Well said


I think a lot of people just don't have any experiences with guns or maybe negative ones but guys who are big into guns are usually the guys who take safety super seriously.


Yeah, I'm in this situation too. I'm gonna have to do the same.


Seattlite here: this rings so true. Aside from the rise in crime, it’s readily apparent we cannot trust our law enforcement to assist (or, at the very least, not make things worse). These are our communities and it’s up to us to keep us safe. Thank you for being on board. ^(**Edit:** bump for r/WAGuns)


Don't trust law enforcement, ever, in any situation. I'll protect myself and mine, thanks!


Weekly reminder that SCOTUS has ruled the police have NO obligation to protect or help you.


This isn’t entirely relevant. SCOTUS decisions are often far beyond the average persons understanding, and their decision to make that ruling is absolutely justified. Not to say everything they do is inherently good for right; it’s not. But you can’t legally compel a person to put themselves in a situation where great bodily harm isn’t just possible but inevitable.


People like to make it some sort of partisan issue but the reality is there are very few situations in which the police are actually on your side or will benefit you in any way, regardless of your skin tone or political affiliation.


Correct. They are looking for people to arrest, not people to help.


Ex-Seattlite here. I saw the writing on the wall a few years ago and left in a hurry. Glad I left when I did.


Seattleite here too—same story on my end


From auburn (king county) I've never been anti gun but this whole area has gone to shit.


Portland is right behind you guys…


Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.


Get training.


The cops in Philly are essentially on strike while still being technically present and on the job. They don’t do shit.


Remember the Supreme Court has ruled that the police have no duty to endanger themselves to protect you. The "Protect and Serve" is a slogan and carries no legal requirement or obligations from the cops. Sad but true. The case involved a woman who told police over and over that her husband was a danger and a threat not just to her but their 3 daughters who were 7, 8, and 10 . The police did nothing to stop him and ignored the woman's pleas for help, until The husband showed up at the police station and got into a gun fight with the police. They found the 3 dead bodies of the girls in the trunk of his car, freshly killed. The SCOTUS ruled that the woman had no grounds to sue because the police had no duty to protect her or her children from being killed.


> Remember the Supreme Court has ruled that the police have no duty to endanger themselves to protect you. The "Protect and Serve" is a slogan and carries no legal requirement or obligations from the cops. > > holy shit, got a link? that's insane to me


The case he's talking about is Town of Castle Rock v. Gonzales (2005). See Warren v. DC (1981) also


You beat me to the punch.




Sure here is a lawyer bringing up the relevant case law. [https://www.barneslawllp.com/blog/police-not-required-protect](https://www.barneslawllp.com/blog/police-not-required-protect) Here is the New York Times article from the case when it was decided. [https://www.nytimes.com/2005/06/28/politics/justices-rule-police-do-not-have-a-constitutional-duty-to-protect.html](https://www.nytimes.com/2005/06/28/politics/justices-rule-police-do-not-have-a-constitutional-duty-to-protect.html) Another lawyer talking about the various rulings by the SCOTUS that all affirm the police have no legal duty to protect people. [https://ehlinelaw.com/blog/do-police-have-a-duty-to-protect-me](https://ehlinelaw.com/blog/do-police-have-a-duty-to-protect-me) `SCOTUS opined: “Nothing in the language of the Due Process Clause itself requires the State to protect the life, liberty, and property of its citizens against invasion by private actors.” (DeShaney v. Winnebago County Department of Social Services (1989) 489 U.S. 189).` It's not just the police have no duty to protect you from other citizens, but the Govt itself also has no duty, which the police are just 1 part of. And in more recent times.... `U.S. District Judge Beth Bloom issued a final summary judgment ruling on Friday in favor of former Broward County Sheriff's Deputy Scot Peterson, who was stationed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in February 2018 when 17 students and teachers were killed.` Scot Peterson was the cop who hid from danger during the school shooting. He basically stayed outside instead of going in and trying to stop the shooters. Of course the parents of the dead children sued, on the grounds that as a police officer he had a duty to try to save the children from being shot to death. The Courts, following the law put down by the SCOTUS, dismissed the case saying that he had no duty to try to stop the kids from being killed. [https://www.cnn.com/2018/12/18/us/florida-parkland-shooting-lawsuit/index.html](https://www.cnn.com/2018/12/18/us/florida-parkland-shooting-lawsuit/index.html) ​ `In a ruling last week, US District Judge Beth Bloom wrote that the school and sheriff’s department had no duty under the 14th Amendment itself to protect students from Cruz, contrary to what the lawsuit contended.` ​ What's interesting is that the SCOTUS has ruled consistently on this for DECADES and yet people are still surprised when somebody mentions the way the law works.


This only strengthens the right for every man and woman, and probably child to be allowed to carry a gun or weapon to defend themselves. What California is doing seems to be the most unconstitutional thing imaginable. Which I believed it was doing regardless, but the fact that a dept that is set up to take your money (taxes), also has the right to deny you protection or help, while denying you a way to protect yourself, just makes the whole ordeal even worse.


That isn't that crazy. What part of the Constitution do you think requires police to protect you?


The police are not even constitutionally authorized, only county sherriffs have constitutional authority. Municipal police are the municipalities rent a cops. They are revenue generators for cities, not protectors ...


...so why does the police even exist then if they wont do their job?


A better question would be "If directly protecting people isn't their job, and the Supreme Court has stated it is not, what \*is\* their actual job?" It's not that they won't do their job, it's just that what you think is their job isn't really their job and the Supreme Court of the US backs up that idea.


Well, yeah - I worded that very poorly.


I don't think you worded it poorly, or at least the way you worded it is the way most people do when they find out this sort of information. "Why is the SCOTUS saying that the police don't have to do their job?!?!" Which really goes to show how much people have bought into the idea, wrongly, that the police are there to protect and serve. The slogan/logo has done it's job in the same way that slogans are supposed to for businesses. They convince the public that they represent some truth about the organization they are talking about, when the truth isn't so clear.


Revenue collection and the enforcement of the will belonging to the political elite.


I just got a $75 ticket for doing 24 in a 20, so I think I know the answer to this.


Protecting the Capital and position of the owner class. That's their job.


Making money. They generate revenue for the city directly through fines and by protecting private property that in turn gets taxed.


Unfortunately it really comes down to local politics. If police fear for their jobs - by essentially doing their jobs? They will do the absolute bare minimum. I live in New England, in the corner of the small Tri-State area. It’s absolutely crazy to see exactly how differently local PD’s handle things between NH/VT/MA. NH’s police are probably the most “normal” while MA/VT? is basically an apples to oranges comparison.


I have a friend who was fired from the police force because he cared to much. They litteraly fired him because he put the needs of others before his own.


Doesn’t surprise me at all. Good cops don’t last. Good on him for trying


my cousin is trying to become a cop, he's a good person afaik and I'm worried he'll either become a bastard or get drummed out. not many other options sadly


They all are, and they will be until the next election. Then you will get "Hi, I'm Kamala Harris. As a POC and a former prosecutor, I know how to be tough on crime without being racist. Vote for me." It's all about scaring the middle class, then campaigning against whatever you have been scaring them with.


To be fair, they didn't do shit before then either


Yeah corruption has always been horrible there. When I was young I went to a concert at the TLA and on the walk back to the car these cops were following us into the parking garage. They block our car in as soon as we get to it and start harassing us. The one cop straight up takes the money out of my buddy’s wallet and hands it back to him when checking our id’s. We had a 30 block in the back seat and he’s giving us shit about it when we weren’t even drinking out of it. Dude fucking cracks a beer and pours it out in front of us and says “this looks like an open container to me”. Arrested and charged everyone in the car. He saw us get to the car. He knew nobody was drinking. He intentionally waited until the car was started I think he eventually got fired for going too far (I think he sexually assaulted someone), but that’s a little taste of the police culture around here


Yeah. I...don't even want to get into the lunacy I've dealt with on the only two occasions I've had to call them, but both were so ludicrous they finally convinced my better half that we need guns


Good for you! It makes me proud to hear of people that were once anti gun people changing their mind and seeing why our 2a right is important. It is unfortunate that crime is an issue for you. I live in Indianapolis and crime is high here as well. I have always been a supporter of guns and gun rights but didnt own any until my wife got sexually assaulted in the parking lot of walmart one evening. A car pulled up behind her while she was loading groceries a man hopped out the passenger side door ran up and grabbed her ass so hard it lifted her off the ground. The man quickly ran away after he did what he did. Luckily nothing more happened. But the next day we both applied for our licenses to carry and we went out and purchased a S&W Shield 2.0 for her. Also got a S&W 15 sport (AR-15) and i purchased a CZ 75 PCR for my self. I myself had grown up around guns hunting and sport shooting. Have had training but never felt the need to carry until that incident that could of been much worse than what it was. My one recommendation is go take some classes. It helped my wife out tremendously. And shoot as much as you can!




Nah somewhere in the northeast


Just a heads up there's also a state subreddit for you as well if you want to connect with people in your state. Couple examples are: /r/CAguns /r/ORguns /r/FLguns /r/NYguns and so on.






If you're in NY, make sure to join us in r/NYguns


If you’re in NY, make sure to leave


If possible. Not possible for everyone though, not even remotely.


Second this


Sent you a dm. Looking to move to the north east…


could've guessed literally anywhere in the united states right now


Eh, not really. It's majority liberal ran cities where politics have shifted so far left that it's increasing crime dramatically and demonizing police.




A shotgun would be better for home defense than a .22 IMO


I'm confused, doesn't the AK shoot 7.62 and the S&W is a 9mm?


That "AK" is a .22LR


LOL fuck I didn't see that. Poor home defense weapon.


its better to get 30 .22 on target quickly than 3 7.62x39 haphazardly thrown in the bad guys direction


Ahhh I see. I mean it says "AK-47" onnthe side... Im not to familiar with different brands


Yeah, it fooled me as well, as I have an actual AK that looks similar. Even though that's a .22lr, I'd still shit my pants if I were a home intruder and saw that lol


If a gun is saying it's an "AK-47", it's not. It's an AK-derivative, probably more specifically being an AKM derivative. Only a select number of true AK-47s exist in the US, and those that own them know exactly what they are and why they are special.


At least he’s not gonna be opening up on somebody with a 7.62 AK in his neighborhood.


I mean that's not the end of the world if he did. HP 7.62x39 isn't going to be busting through multiple houses. It ain't .308 and it certainly ain't a 12 gauge slug.


I’d prefer my neighbors not be shooting 7.62, .308, *or* 12g slugs 20 yards from my house in a big residential neighborhood, thanks. Even in an emergency.


Well, like I said, 7.62x39 isn't going to overpenetrate to the point that in goes through the shooter's house, out of it, into yours, and then into you. I can't even think of an incident in which that has happened with any weapon type in a home defense situation, really.


Graduations.. Now your penance for shitting on gun owners all these years is to reach out to your anti-gun friends and convert as many of them as possible as well. We welcome you with open arms and glad you have finally came around!


Congratulations. Now please do not vote for politicians that want to take our 2A rights away. We are all in this together. Warning it's addicting. You'll wake up one day and realize you have 20,000 dollars in guns and ammo and wonder how the hell that happened.


As a gun owner I despise police. They’re the ones that will enforce gun control. They don’t serve a purpose to protect the public, just corporate and political interest.


Yeah I used to be anti gun until I saw how horrible the police and the people who killed protesters at charlottesville and other protests were. I saw no one will protect you from police or nazis but yourself.


Super fucking based, congrats dude. .22lr AK probably isnt gonna be super helpful tho, unless its one of those AKs known for running away lol. Those things are fun as shit.


Dogs are a great for security also.


I do agree with ya and I'm a dog lover. I think dogs can be intimidating and certain dogs could be well suited for protection, but I also think most dogs in the average home just aren't going to offer much protection. I just watched an active self protection he commented on this also. https://youtu.be/DMITgoSdd8w


Dogs aren't for protection. Criminals don't want to get caught breaking into a home, so a house with a dog is going to be very low on their target list because the odds of the dog making noise are very, very high. ​ If somebody is breaking in despite the dog, they're likely targeting you or somebody in your house specifically because they are not going to be able to get in and out undetected.


Dogs are great not only for protection. They are alert 24/7 to threats. Barking will deter robbers. If someone chooses to invade, they will intimidate robbers and let owners know to grab their guns. The ones in that video is a bit atypical of dogs, and im glad my dog is not like that.


Definitely, I agree with you. that was indeed a part of our decision to get a dog in the first place. Barking and alerting, intimidating, or potentially protecting are all great and can make the difference. Just dont rely solely on your dog for protection is all. 👍


The cops in Philly are essentially on strike while still being technically present and on the job. They don’t do shit.


Love to see the turnaround and people not seeing gun owners as stereotypical supporters of a politician that will not be named and knowing we actually have our own personal reasons. Also, congrats on buying a new home!


I'm happy you've taken steps to defend your family and yourself! Now please please please get some proper training and loooots of range time in. Having the tools simply isn't enough, you also need to learn how to use them effectively and safety.


So question about range time. My neighbor who volunteers for range safety and owns countless guns claims that I can use a virtual adapter to practice in my home. Has anyone heard of this? Is it really effective for training? Is it more effective than just using a CO2 pellet pistol for practice?


I usually forego training aids, and just dry fire. But these are for CCW draws, not actual rifle shooting. The U.S army spends millions on their EST ranges and they suck ass. It's good for someone who's never touched a gun before, but after ten hours or less of hands on training, they drop off significantly in usefulness. I've spent my entire life shooting all sorts of different guns and so I don't typically go to the range specifically to practice unless it's CCW or sighting in an optic. They're usually just fun trips where I go spend money in the form of ammo


EST ranges are a joke. They have one of those set up at Fort Bragg. Nothing can substitute for real live fire training, especially if you have somebody to train with. Overcoming the flinch and learning to control recoil happens fastest with live ammo.


Yeah it's fun and does help with training. It won't replicate the feeling of the bang and recoil obviously... but for quick target acquisition and aim they are pretty sweet. There is like a $100 dollar one that has an app you can get on your phone to see where you are hitting.


Welcome to the dark side! Btw thats a mauser AK.


Mauser makes AKs? That's pretty cool


Yea, I've also got one. They're .22lr though. It's meant to be a training rifle, but they're fun at the range


They are all walther anyway 👀🤣


But made by Umarex.


Where do I find one lmao


I too was anti-gun. Then I realized a few things - 1. Guns are so much fun to shoot! (safely, of course). 2. Why should I disadvantage myself when everyone around me can own a weapon and know how to shoot it? 3. Whether I engage in violence will not always be a choice. If someone else makes the choice for me, then I need to be able to defend myself.


what made you go with with an ak platform in .22? congrats for coming to your senses too, your safety and protection is dependent on you, not the government or anyone else


The price and it looks sick


When you want to take it to the next level so to speak, pick up a Zastava M70 in 7.62×39 or an M90 in 5.56. They're both a little under 1k and essentially the best AK you can get right now without spending a ridiculous amount of money. They're truly built like abrams tanks and the fit and finish is incredible Also well done on getting a Smith and Wesson for your first handgun and not a Taurus


Or a hi-point.


hi-point should make AK’s change my mind


pls no, pioneer arms and century put out enough "just as good" pot metal "tool steel" bullshit already


So you got .22lr for home defense because it looks sick? I mean .22lr can be lethal but certainly not a round well suited for home defense, especially if you're concerned about defending your home against someone who may also be armed. You'll want the stopping power a 22lr just can't provide If you need a rifle you can get an AK chambered in either 7.62x39 or 5.56. Both are affordable rounds that are better served for home defense. Honestly, for practicality reasons I'd get an AR. Parts are much easier to find and replace if needed or if you want to customize and fully built, reliable rifles are very affordable


Congrats and welcome! My two biggest tips are: - Get some training, it's a good thing and always helps. - Don't vote for (or continue voting for) anti-gun statists.


Welcome. Please, stay engaged in fighting for your 2A right.


Oh how the turntables


Description: Smith & Wesson s9ve blueline solutions Mauser mp15 .22 Looking for any tips or opinions on my firmarms! Edit: Mauser ak!! Don’t want the mods to take down !!!


Congrats on your purchases! Mind if I ask what made you change your mind? I think it is helpful to get the perspective of someone who has had both opinions of firearms.


It’s jus the crime man. Outta control and don’t see it improving any time soon where I live. And I like where I live but I also wanna feel safe ya know


My advice is don't buy anything but a reasonably priced light and nothing else besides ammo. I feel a lot of new shooters add a ton of mods and forget the only thing that helps is ammo. Ammo for defense and ammo for the range. Tigger time is the only way, not a fancy gadget


Don't forget magazines as you can find them. Magazines = reload, malfunction, and more actual trigger time. Other than that, I agree.


This. Magazines wear out and/or break, and it’s only a matter of time until DC tries to ban standard-capacity ones; the more you can get grandfathered in, the longer your firearm is useful for defense. My rule of thumb is: three magazines for range toys, five for WTSHTF guns, although lately I’ve been bumping that up to seven for my go-to gats.


I've been blowing my gun budget on mags, ammo, and parts for the last year or two. The way I see it - keeping the AKs, ARs, and Glocks running and fed is more important than another revolver or fun gear.


"without ammo, you're just a schmuck with a paper weight"


Reasonably priced light? Like a flashlight attachment?


To add to what /u/windamore said about ammo, make sure to fire some of the defense ammo too. Certain guns won't feed certain ammo, especially hollow points. It sucks to be blasting $1.50/round at the range, but testing your equipment is important.




grab a streamlight for your handgun, and practice practice practice


Only tip I have is to buy a lot of ammo. Buy good quality stuff for defense and buy quality cheap stuff for the range. And then practice as much as you can. You can get more complicated with practice by adding snap caps in the middle of the mag somewhere to practice clearing malfunctions. But honestly, just get out and shoot.


When it comes to self defense what you hit is much more important than what you hit it with. Get training and become proficient with them.


.22 for home defense?


Eh the 22 is more fun at the range tbh. And looks sick


It can still be used for home defense. No one breaking in is going to look at a barrel and be like 'its all good, I know exactly what caliber that AK is'. Also, I have never met anyone who was willing to be shot with .22lr.


Especially... 30 times.


I mean after the first five anyone would get the message of GTFO


That or you're about to have a rough afternoon.


True, but if they have a gun a .22 probably isnt going to drop them before they start shooting back


Ackshually... .22lr has second-round incapacitation rates that are close to other common handgun calibers, and it's first-round incapacitation rate is still close to dropping people 2/3 of the time. I'd still want something more than a .22 though lol


True and .22lr wouldn't be my first choice for home defense, but it is better than nothing and with training and practice you can fire off 2-3 rounds in short order accurately. If they are head shots you may not have to worry about what they do. Of course the best 9mm loaded with the best hollow point is worthless with out training and practice.


If you have mini mags, stingers, aguila high velocity, or federal punch self defense 22lr (yes that 4th one exists) it should work decent for defensive use and if u remember shot placement Plus if u don't wanna risk over penetration or something light recoil for wife/gf there's that


Keep em oiled and dry, train, train, train, and welcome! Very (mostly) supportive and knowledgeable community if you have any specific questions or concerns!


You’re now a bad man to the rest of the anti-gun community, welcome to the dark side, well….. the good dark side. Nice chopper


Everyone says get training. And you absolutely should. But also recognize there is an immense amount of training you can do on your own, without firing a shot. Get snap caps and make sure there is no live ammunition in the room. Practice loading, unloading, chambering and firing. Any manipulation drills you can think of. Get very comfortable with your chosen platform and also decide exactly how things are left, loaded/unloaded etc so there is no question what state they are in when/if needed.


Congrats! That's a hell of a way to make an entrance, too! Welcome to the club dude. I was once the same way. Now I have a decent little collection.


Congratulations, you're now a baby killing racist redneck sociopath. I bet you never knew all that about yourself but alas, you're a gun owner, so it must be so. ​ But for real, absolutely absolutely absolutely take training courses for concealed carry (even if you don't intend to carry), hunter's safety (a lot of great stuff to learn there even if you never intend to hunt), and anything else. As much gun safety and handling educations as you can cram into your head.


Appreciate that brotha


Also your penis shrank if you have one


Thought the baby killer term was saved for pro choice folk


You can't tell by the photo he became a die hard pro choice republican? The guns are right there


If I can ask, what changed your mind? Also the SD9 is underrated. Nice choice.


Hypocrite! Nah I'm just kidding, welcome to the club. Try not to shoot yourself.


Better late than never. 🤷🏻‍♂️


Welcome brother. Train and have fun responsibly. Careful too....it can suck your wallet in if you aren't careful.


Well if your reasoning is crime, be proficient with them. You don't need ammo to train muscle memory, although you do need to shoot to train yourself for Recoil and noise. And congratulations on the conversion, we're happy for you, and I think I can safely say that everyone here wishes the best for you and yours.


Nice AK. Welcome to the right side of history!


If Anyone on this thread is looking to give me a lesson or two I can pay you. Pm of interested to see if you live near me


Go to your local range and talk to your RSOs or some guy who looks friendly and isn't behaving like a fucking moron. The gun community is pretty open and friendly. Be aware, people are going to look at you sideways if you say your .22lr is for home defense.


Now get a real ak too :)


Id highly recommend upgrading the trigger and sights on the sd9! Makes a night and day difference. The Sd9ve was my first handgun too!


R.I.P to your bank account.


I'm proud of you and also curious what changed your mind?


Congratulations, you are now going to be just a bit poorer for the rest of your life lol. First you get one, then two, then five, then all of a sudden you're shopping for safe #2 and wondering exactly how much of your closet do you REALLY need?


Good for you! Here’s to never needing to use it!


What changed your mind?


Welcome to the family! We are made up of all kinds! Some are normal, some are weird, some are extremely arrogant (sorry in advance), a lot are very friendly, and most are always welcoming (even the arrogant ones are welcoming, they just think they know everything). Biggest things I recommend is get firearms safety training and practice! Make firearms safety something that is deeply ingrained in your mind so as to make it second nature. Fortunately that's honestly not that difficult. I'd say learning to drive takes greater responsibility than it does to learn firearms safety. It just requires that you actually go out of your way learn it. Again welcome to the firearms community! Careful though, buying guns and accessories for them can get addicting!


At the risk of being controversial here, r/liberalgunowners might be of interest to you.


Hey check out apextactical.com for trigger upgrades for that SD. I had one a while back and know how long and heavy that trigger pull is


What changed your stance?


I’m a progressive and own guns. Most people should be allowed to. That’s right most. There should be an exclusion list. Including but not limited to mental health issues like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder etc…Guns aren’t dangerous when you understand and respect it for what it is. A weapon. Something meant to end life when fired.


Please do yourself the justice of getting proper training so you can handle your newly obtained firearms safely. Along those lines never stop training, you need to build skills that you will be able to implement if ever needed.


yea but have you changed how you vote?


If you go far enough left, you get your guns back.


Good for you. We all have to grow up sometime.


Can I ask why a 22 ? For practice shooting ? Or getting used to a rifle ?? Honestly wondering


I’ve had ppl them me the 22 is good first rifle to buy cuz it’s easy to shoot. It’s also for practice shooting


Nice 👍 I haven't seen a 22 AK since I use to scroll through classic firearms.com, if you ever get the hankering for a wasr I 7.62x39 this gun shop in Weaver Alabama has the best prices on any and everything , 850 for a wasr which is good for right now, save another 100 and you can get a yugo, any way glad you got something to protect you and your family!!


It’s also a great choice since ammo is so expensive right now! .22lr is always cheaper than centerfire ammo by a large margin, so that makes it even better for training


Did they also tell you to get an AK? I don't want to criticize if you're happy with it, but a Ruger 10/22 is usually a good baseline .22 rifle, and it costs probably half of what your AK did and is customizable to an obnoxious degree.


Would be interesting to hear what caused this change in your views. I’ve always been pro-gun, so I don’t know what would change minds on the issue.


Feeling unsafe and defenseless changes most people's minds... Unfortunately in a lot of instances when that switch gets flipped, the rights were already stripped away when people still felt safe.


Get a shotgun to make it if u want to have the 3 I recommend stoeger coach gun, stoeger condor outback, maverick 88, Stevens 320, yildiz O/U or SxS or remington 870 most of them come in either 410, 20 or 12 gauge, all pretty good for the money and be bought for less than 500 bucks


Welcome! Glad you now have the power to defend yourself and family. It’s good to have.


I'm glad you've turned around, and welcome to the community!


Just make sure you learn and respect your weapons. And ultimately, that rifle is yours. Never let someone take it from you.


Welcome to the community friend! We always love new members, stay safe out there.


That’s awesome!! Get ammo and get some training. There are so many good folks in this community that are willing to help in any way you need! Be safe.


Glad to have you! Congrats.


What tipped the scales for you?


Congrats, and great choices! Always remember: Treat, Never, Keep, Keep.


Welcome friend, will say you came in at a terrible time. Ammo was never this badly priced


Blessed. The last two years have woken a lot of people up about guns


A couple suggestions if that's ok. 1. Get some training on carrying, use, and descalation. 2. Buy a 1000nrds for each of FMJ and shoot it all. Practice going from cold to target. 3. Know the 4 rules and practice them. 4. Dry fire practice makes for accuracy and speed. 5. Pistol is way harder than rifle. Way harder. 6. Consider gun lights if they are for self defense. Stay safe and practice lots. Enjoy that 7.62x39


You're gonna wanna go ahead and get the [Apex Tactical SDVE Trigger and Spring Kit.](https://www.apextactical.com/action-enhancement-kit-for-sdve) Makes that *way* more comfortable to shoot. Also, look into getting some good night sights on it. Good handgun for the price, and it's pretty easy to make it comparable to a higher dollar Glock/M&P with those minor upgrades.


Terrroists win


Welcome to the right side of the aisle. Happy to have you here. 🤙🏻


Everyone's a liberal until they have something to lose.


After never having been anti-gun not once in my whole life, I still don’t own a gun


I am not sure how someone starts out anti gun...but welcome to the side of the good guys.




Welcome. My only advise is to get some sort of firearms safety training. Without the knowledge, you put yourself and everyone around you in danger more than they would be if you were unarmed.


Awesome! Welcome to freedom brother!


A warm welcome to the gun community. I'm so happy to hear that. I hope you enjoy the hobby. As well as keeping yourself and loved ones safe. Train hard. Train often. And make gun safety an engrained natural habbit any time you touch them. All the best!


Are u looking to sell any


It’s easy to be anti-gun until it applies to you. Gun control enthusiasts are selfish.


Vote accordingly


Please vote accordingly. The same side that wants to take your gun rights away also puts the policies in place that let crime get worse. Welcome.