Op is just a negative karma farmer making an honest living


I always wonder why people care about votes.. they self censor them selves and speak in hive mind for gratification and validation I guess.. But you must admit it is fun to watch people loose their minds on how people spend their own money.


Just imagine how many of the people parroting negative remarks about your guns have never even laid a hand on any of *these particular Taurus models* and are just dogpiling to fit in. Taurus has made some shitty guns in their time and may very well make some awful guns in the future. But all I can say is that the G3C does not feel like (or function like) a gun that one might expect from Taurus. I choose to carry it instead of my Glock most days because I like the feel of it better and because it's been nothing but flawless for me. Not a single malfunction, no problems with any of the many brands of HP ammo I've tried with it and not a single complaint from me. And anyone who bothers to actually read through the comments on this post will notice an odd thing... a whole lot of people who have *actually used* one of these newer Taurus models seem to be pretty happy with theirs. Hmm..


Hey why buy one good gun when you can buy 3 budget ones!


Total spent: 420$


Error. $325.99


close.. 624.43 after FFL, CC cashback, $100 Rebate.


For the price of three shitty guns you could have gotten a much better gun.


Saying the G3C sucks is objectively false


Yeah everything I’ve heard says it’s actually a decent gun. One would be enough though, as a truck gun or something.


Just helped a young lady at the range last night who couldn’t figure out why her G3c kept jamming every 2 or 3 rounds. I told her the solution was easy but not cheap: buy a different gun.


You can always send it to Florida where they won't do anything then send it back. Repeat 4 times, then throw up your hands and let an assailant kill you because it's less frustrating.


This is blatantly untrue! They are in Georgia now.


I had a Heritage Rough Rider (Heritage is owned by Taurus) that was shaving bullets. Sent it back twice for the same issue, before giving it up and trading it for an SR22 handgun. A much better gun in every regard.


Strange, none of my Taurus's have jammed


It's not that strange. Taurus in general has their issues of spotty quality control and some questionable designs. But the G2 and G3 series of pistols are sincerely not bad, especially for the money. My first gun was a G2C, I put over 2000 rounds through it and never had a malfunction that I didn't induce intentionally.


The GX4 and TX22 are leaps and about above the G series. Old issues be damned, Taurus is making some decent pistols.


That is actually very strange. Perhaps send it in for warranty service, they'll make sure it jams just as designed.


Have you tried shooting them?


Yes actually. I've put a few hundred rounds of 9MM through them. But I also keep them well-oiled, so maybe the issues come from running 'em dry.


I'm a new gun owner...got a g3c and have dumped almist 1k rounds through it with no malfunction...I do the same thing though, clean after every shoot and oil it at the end...honestly my ruger 10/22 has been having mag feed issues so I was surprised that the g3c was the one to not give me any trouble. Put 150 rounds out yesterday, and it looked like the rounds weren't sitting at the proper angle to feed so when the receiver would grab the round, it would just ram it straight into the mag instead of feeding up the ramp. I watched a few YouTube videos and I'm thinking I'll take the mags apart to see if I can identify a problem or tension the springs a little more. Any input would be appreciated I did find with my g3c that I have to slingshot the slide for the first round to make it up the ramp. If not, the angle of the ramp is too steep for the round, so the collar where the bullet connects to the jacket gets caught. Maybe oil would help there?


Had thousands of rounds through my PT45, never a jam. That included home loads as well.


Meanwhile my PT140 likes to delay a bit between pulling the trigger and firing, and the casings frequently get jammed fully seated in the chamber where you have to shove a rod through the barrel to free them.


They recalled the original Milpro line due to not being drop safe, I think the options was $200 or a replacement gun Im not sure what they would offer you, I think the g2c came in .40 but you never see them, not sure if they have a .40 g3c.


Apostrophes never make plurals, even when talking about shitty guns.


Mine neither. I've had several of the series through the year


She could also drop them on the ground. That usually gets them to fire.


It's the rounds if ur using hollow points it tends to get caught on the slide plate. It's best to use fmj, but they make some where the jackets edges are smoothed out. Honestly it loads like butter and there's zero jams.


Or magtech


Only time my Taurus ever jammed was because I forgot to lubricate it before bringing it to the range. Hadn't had an issue since. I will say though they do require a little bit more love than other handgun brands on a more frequent basis, but for the price you buy them at I think that's to be expected.


Well just make sure you lubricate it before someone breaks into your house unexpectedly… and I’m sure it won’t jam


Do you not keep your guns lubricated?


My man. I have an Autistic obsession with cleaning and lubing guns. Besides I have an AR for my home defense gun. And if that fails, my glock.


Glad to hear you use proper protection. Carry on


I use slide glide (lite formula) it's a grease, that stuff lasts a really long time. it doesn't take much either.


400 rounds, not a single jam on my G3C lol, homegirl obviously has no recoil control and you're a shitty advisor.


Actually I shot it as well. Jammed every 2-3 rounds. The guns are trash, sorry about that. I have never had a single jam out of any of my glocks, sigs, Walthers, CZ, FN or S&Ws. I’m not a fanboy of any particular brand, but I do like them to go bang when I pull the trigger.


I work behind a gun counter. I've seen multiple Glocks, Sigs, CZs, Walthers, Smiths, Rugers, Springfields, and Taurus' have to come back to be sent back on a warranty. Guns are tools and all serve some purpose. Even the ones you don't like.


The real mvp. Thank you for your service


I also like my guns to go off when I pull the trigger, but ONLY when I pull the trigger... so I avoid sigs.


Gunnitbot Taurus




9 year old post???


And they haven't improved since.


I'd like to see Taurus make a gx4 in .22lr That would be a fun pistol


And a TX22 in 9mm. They did just release a compact TX22.


I stopped at my gunstore looking for one They haven't got any yet Taurus has a similar looking to a tx .22 In 9mm in the phillipines the military and police use them.


You might as well delete this post now because you're going to get downvotes to oblivion if you don't.


It's entertaining to watch people loose their minds over how someone else spends THEIR money. Who cares about votes?




Something is loose in his head to buy 15 of those damn things.


Nobody is losing their minds. I think you are overestimating the amount of effort it takes to reply “wow shitty guns” But I do want to shoot a gx4


the numbers don't lie.


I'm not a fan of taurus other then the tx22 . mine has been great and I've never had a issue with it . that being said . this sub gets way out of hand trash talking , there is trash talk and there is down right being a asshole . trash talk is fine but why would any self respecting gun enthusiast talk down to another gun enthusiast ? we need to stop this shit . we all spend money on what we like , that's all that matters . negative comments towards other gun enthusiasts helps nobody..... go ahead start with the down votes and the grammar corrections , if that's all you got out of what I had to say they guess what. you are the asshole .


Your comment looks like it was written by a bot that hasn't quite figured out how the English language is supposed to work.


Buy one get two free?


That would be sweet.


Congratulations on your 3 pistol purchases you will eventually offload.


Nice. Let us know how they shoot. Never mind the Karen’s and enjoy.


Must be a fan of crime guns.


Dude holy shit


Why did you buy three at once? Did you do this to troll us?


Taurus G3 is my first pistol, and I’ve had no problems with it at all. Got it because it seemed a good budget gun and I’m happy with it


But y tho


cause I can


You can shit in your hand too. Doesn’t mean you should.


Just because you can doesn’t mean you should


Coulda got 2 good Caniks for that price, or a canik and a Beretta 92 about.


I didn’t want to say it lol


2 great turkish pistols. Just as great as their shotguns. But they all look tacticool. Canik is garbage lol


I have a beretta 92, So what?


Or he could have got 3 great guns in different sizes for different applications like he did 👍


I really like the gx4 but I just can't bring myself to get a Taurus when there are so many options I know are 100% reliable. I've thought about getting a Taurus revolver so many times but I have heard and seen pictures of them when they walk out of time and it's very bad. There are so many options right now that are in the same budget range as these guns or at least still in the budget range, Canik particularly. It's a gun other enthusiasts will judge you on and I don't know how people post here thinking they will be well received. The gun reddits hate taurus as much as the rest of reddit hates guns lol. When people see you with a Taurus they assume you are an idiot and have no idea what a good gun is. It instantly makes you a joke.


I’ve got a gx4 that has been 100 percent for me. I rarely carry it tho.. as I’ve got options I like much more. My Canik elite has choked on more different types of ammo than any other pistol k have. You are right tho.. Reddit loves to hate on Taurus no matter what


The elite sc is supposed to be the one that's questionable in the lineup. Honest outlaw had problems with his but every other Canik was solid. Not sure what's up with the elite sc's.


No it doesn't. You shouldn't let (often ignorant people) influence your decisions. PS Canik is worse quality than Taurus. Same company that brings you all those tacticool semi auto shotguns that shit the bed in 100 rounds. Taurus all day over that shit.




Nothing wrong with Taurus. I prefer my Glock or FN but for carry my current favorite carry gun is my Taurus 605. They make quality guns for cheap. That just have some QC issues and occasionally they let one through the production line that shouldn’t have made it out and some very unlucky bastard gets that one. The good news is that their customer service is supposedly getting better about taking care of those issues for those few unlucky customers.




Nice ad each one jams you can just move on to the next!




Got a g2c and it is reliable but has a horrible trigger. I now have several glocks which I prefer to shoot but my Taurus has never jammed. Still that trigger is a deal breaker


It’s a trigger for cranking, once you get the hang of it it’s actually not a bad trigger.


Ya the g2c trigger ain't good.. my main complain is the blade doesn't go flush. The G3/C has a much better trigger, Im still carrying my g2c but for anyone debating g2 or g3c definitely the g3c.


The Taurus trigger and the Glock trigger are nearly the same except the Taurus has restrike.


those look really bad


Owning multiple Taurus firearms should lower your credit score


Pretty sure a low credit score is the reason he got a Taurus in the first place


Got about $10 back in cashback on my card actually :D


On this sub, only glocks are acceptable and old rifles from ww2. sorry. And maybe some Hk shit for 5 grand to look at


You came to the wrong place to post Taurus pics I have several the gx4 and tx .22s are my favorite But you'll never get anyone to admit they are any good I have a few thousand rounds through these pistols and my g3cs I gifted my sister a g2c she really likes. Even though many of these were gun of the year nobody will give them a chance lol


They were "gun of the year" because Taurus *paid* for them to be gun of the year.


Yes of course just like sig did with the p320 in 2016


I own a g2c. It’s shot flawlessly over 1,000 rounds. Paid 250 for it new about 3 years ago. I now carry either my sig, Glock, or fn 509 but for a first gun I have no complaints. Enjoy!


I had one. Was a lemon. They bought it back from me


As long as your happy man


I got a taurus g2c that's never failed. I only shot it maybe 100 times though.


Which one do you like the most? I love my G2C. Mine is black and the finish is wearing off I always liked the stainless steel look. Well over 1,000 through my G2C and never an issue, enjoy your guns and I hope you got 3 good ones.


I already carry a g2c, for EDC I like the g3c out of the 3 pictured. the gx4 will hopefully be taking over most pocket carry duty for the 738.. which is actually awesome but the gx4 holds 5 more rnds and a bump up to 9mm. I like the trigger better on the G3 series but Im super impressed with the way the gx4 feels in hand, I actually wasn't looking for a gx4 but with the $50 rebate I couldn't say no and Im glad I picked one up.. hopefully get to shoot it soon but loving the out of the box impression.


Bummer that you’re getting downvoted to hell. I’ve never been big on Taurus, to be completely honest, but I say shoot what you’re comfortable with. The trigger on that GX4 looks interesting, how does it feel when you dry fire it?


It's okay man.. Enjoy the show :D you have light takeup, then you're at the wall, break is clean, on the heavy side for a striker gun though. I like the G3/C trigger better personally but im planing on pocket carrying the gx4 so I don't mind a little extra weight.. of course im gonna use a pocket holster but still. I can't believe how good if feels in the hand though, I was not expecting that.


This guy Taurus’


I’ve been carrying for years. I’ve heard plenty of hate towards Taurus. I have never had a problem with them and I use one as my everyday carry. Don’t give in to gun snobs. If you like it and it works for you, then use it.


People are generally gullible and fall into the trap of extrapolating anecdotes on the internet to every firearm by the manufacturer. For example, Glock has had plenty of failures but you won't see anyone here shitting on them.


Lollllll that sucks. Coulda had something nice and actually cool for that price


Could have bought something American or European made from a company that furthers gun rights instead of one that is inhibiting gun rights… EDIT: punctuation


What like HK? S&W? Ruger? got bad news for you. Bill Ruger once said 10 rounds ought to be enough. S&W Once made agreements with the Clition admin. H&K Wont' sell some models to the civilian market, and won't export to some countries. Probably more but those are the 3 off the top of my head.


I assume you mean the Clinton admin, in which case, agreements about what? I’m assuming gun laws of some kind but can you specify?


Whitehouse4.archives.gov Agrrement with smith and wesson


Lots of S&W CURRENT PRODUCTION revolvers still have the "Hillary hole" lock on them. They STILL have them.


…why is a key lock such a bad thing? Don’t use it if you don’t like it…?!


They're upset it breaks up the clean lines of the gun. There also a legend that they fail under fire, causing the gun to lock up when you need it the most.


I think some of the S&W had the notch on the hammer, was a few reports of the notch coming out during cocking and the hammer would be jammed in place. It also just destroys the astetics of the gun. Taurus also use to do this with the "internal locking system" They've gotten rid of it starting with the g2 refresh (g2c) I always figured it was a way of saving a dollar or shippign cost over a real gun lock. To be far though.. S&W at one time held a stake in Taurus, that's why a lot of Taurus revolvers look like S&W.. Someone told me a few gun designers also went from S&W -> Taurus but I can't confirm that.


Ruger and S&W were run by different people a quarter century ago and current management doesn't think like that. H&K can eat shit, though.


Sure enough I agree. But by that same token I've been buying Taurus for 16 years and have models mfg dated back to 1985. Now im suppose to radically change what I buy based on a PDF letter that is hard to follow what 4? 6 weeks back? Im waiting for someone do to a deep dive on that. If it makes you feel better I bought these after Christmas I just now picked them up.


You just named the most anti gun scenarios. Many American and European manufacturers are pro gun, including current Smith and Wesson as well as Ruger. Fact of the matter is the vast majority are pro gun, Taurus is with H&K and trijicon and bench made.


What's the deal with trijicon or bench made? I know what's gone down with taurus and hk, but the other 2 I haven't kept up to speed with


Benchmade destroys guns for the Oregon state police.




Ouch. What’s bad about Trijicon or H&K though?


Don’t know.


I didn't know about that.. however someones going to do it right? There is a seller on GB called "gunbusters" they sell "parts kits" basically everything but the frame. I think they're paid to destroy firearms, technically the frame is the firearm, Someone is going to do that job, I find it at least better that particular company disassembles them so people can get cheap parts kits, instead of just taking a chop saw thru all of it. I didn't know about benchmade, I don't know their practices. But I can't hardly hang them for it. If they don't do it someone else will, it's just business.


It was in response to the accusation Taurus is against civilian ownership in Brazil.. why wouldn't I pick out similar examples?


Taurus Gx4, G3c, and G3 Baby, Mama, Papa Hoping to pocket carry the GX4 It doesn't look much smaller than the g3c but it is and also thinner. I think the texture is too agressive on the g3(c) But the g4x feels really good. I know this sub will approve. >:D


This sub will not approve. Sorry.


A vocal minority might agree, but generally I think most will disagree with you.


I have a lot of guns of all different price points and brands. I Have a G2c and Gx4. No complaints at all and they run good.


GX4 looks like it could make a nice addition to a bug-out bag. Small, light, shoots one of the most common rounds on the planet. And likely reliable, if it's anything like the G3C. I can totally see why a person might buy these three pieces. One in the bag, one on the hip, one in the nightstand. Or one for you, one for the wife, one for a kiddo. People really should stop worrying so much about what other people spend their money on.


Hoping I'll be able to pocket the gx4, Currently I carry a Taurus 738 (.380) in the pocket, and like that gun a lot, no complaints. but if I can get away with a micro 9 in the pocket 11 vs 6 rounds that would be nice. Im really impressed with the way the gx4 feels in the hand, Haven't shot it yet though. It is bigger and heavier than the 738, so it'll likely still see carry in some situations.


Not my cup of tea, but it's your money and you seem to enjoy them, so more power to you. Have a wonderful evening.


Go back


Bro bought 3 pieces of absolute garbage 💀


My Taurus 38 special is great, and I wouldn't mind a G3C... but I've got enough pistols so I always talk myself out of it.


I’ve had decent luck with the G3. Had several over the years with no problems. Buddy of mine bought one and couldn’t get a full magazine through it. 🤷‍♂️. The GX is a whole different story. Love it. The trigger is light years ahead of the G3. Not bad guns just don’t like the trigger on the g3


Well the GX4 is actually a great little pistol. I’d still rather have one CZ or Sig than 3 Taurases


This guy New York reloads


Everyone saying “why post this” are doing exactly what OP wanted lol


A man of culture. Nice job . That GX4 is a sweet pistol.


Are you some kind of hitman, and these are your burners?


As a former Taurus hater the G2,3 series are solid reliable guns.


I own Staccatos, Glocks, and Taurus products. I got the Taurus guns in college, the Glocks once I graduated, and the Staccatos after I had a well established career. All have served me well for the price. Enjoy!


Quite the haul there.


The Taurus hate in here is an L


Most people talk shit in here because the phone screens that they’re using from their grandmother’s basement protects them from getting punched in the mouth lol. Buy what you like man. Fuck these weirdos. Had a G2C as my first gun years ago. Loved it. Had no problems and held it down until I bought what I really wanted.


Hell yeah, have fun, and train hard.


Someone is gonna get a visit from the ATF.


anytime you buy more than 1 handgun from a dealer within a 5 day period they have to report it to the local sheriff and the ATF. It's not uncommon for me to buy several guns at once. Never had the ATF bother me, I think it would need to be a more freq pattern or someone buying a dozen of the same gun Like a glock collector might buy the same model but different gens, but if someone bought a dozen glock 19 gen3.. I think that's more what they're looking for.


Why do you people keep saying this? It’s patently false.




Good for you bro! As long as you like shooting them and feel safer with them than without them, that’s all that matters


You live and you learn


I see you’re a trash aficionado. 🤌🏻


One mans trash...


Based Keep on buying king


The Taurus Trifecta! Love it. I have a G2C I've had for 3 years. Love the damn thing.


Save your self mate.. you'll probably get 2nd hand hate.


Lol. Thanks. I know I will, but it doesn't bother me. Gotnit before covid so it was $200. Some people think cheap guns aren't as reliable or are just garbage. But I've had no problems with mine and it's don't to shoot. It's also one of my carry guns I rotate between.


Y’all treating the OP like he has a SD9VE or something


Lol it’s almost as if SOME guys manhood is tied into how much money you dumped into a gun. The SD9 is a reliable platform. You know what gun I bought twice and never got to run right? Ruger SR40. Sent both back multiple times and neither would run a whole mag without a FTF/FTE. By all accounts Ruger is a very reliable manufacturer. Almost as if pedigree and price doesn’t always confer reliability.


I own a G2C, I bought it to see if I would reliably carry everyday. I ended up carrying everyday and upgraded to a Glock. I never had a failure in that G2C, and I ran it hard over and over again. Granted I never dealt with their customer service, but the product I have is decent. I feel like there’s people on Reddit that shit on Taurus that don’t even own a handgun, they just regurgitate what they see around here.


My experience is the same as yours. As a matter of fact, despite having switched to Glock for all of my defensive guns, I bought a second G2C recently on a whim because it happened to be a bargain.


There’s no question that the Glock is better. It has better packaging, a better trigger, a better finish and I’m sure it has better customer service. I just can’t stand the elitist attitude on here sometimes, I’m not sticking up for Taurus as much as I am the G2C. I would trust my life with it.


Same. Thousands of rounds through my PT111 Millennium G2.


I think he was making a joke.


Lol or the 40


Could’ve just bought 3 nerf guns, would’ve been a quarter of the price, and much more reliable.


Dude if they work use them. Taurus is hit and miss. I have a little Taurus .380 that’s old as hell and runs like a champ. I’m a S&W fan, but if they work why not? I used to carry Colts, after a 500 round break in period, and carrying it doing fugitive recovery, it got confiscated after a bad skiptrace. Took my lawyer a year to get that $1400.00 gun back. And I’m in Texas. If you have to use it here, and it’s not cut/dry self defense, it’s gone. Just be careful because in my experience Taurus is hit/miss and they’re customer service sucks. So if they don’t work you can’t exactly just get a refund of course. But what else are you gonna get other than “Glock Rocks Bro!”


That's one thing a lot of people don't' think about. If you actually have to use your gun, you may never see it again. Im not going to carry a gun regardless of who mfg'ed it unless I trust it. My usual new gun protocol is 500rds of FMJ, assuming no malf's.. 100rds of carry ammo.. if it can shoot all that then it's *good enough* in my book. I wouldn't take any gun no matter the mfg straight out of the box and into a holster unless I had to.


Smart! When shooting Taurus always have a backup for your backup.


Imagine getting a 3310 Report filed against your name for buying these Tauruses in a day.. RIP OP, the government thinks you're trafficking firearms now.


It wouldn't be the first time, or the 2nd, or even the 5th time. If you buy 2+ they have to submit that form. They can think all they want.. If they come to the house they better have a warrant. I buy only, don't' sell.. so they got nothing, they'll have to lie to a judge.


Was my first thought, especially because you do see a lot of Tauruses on the street. I don’t think most people know that form exist tho


Nice! I loved my Taurus, gave it to my daughter when she got her CPL, and been wanting to buy another one.


almost as bad as the SCCY owners


I just don’t see why you wouldn’t buy something better. It’s your money so you do you but for like what -$1000 I would of rather got something like a P30 or maybe a SA 1911 or something


I mean you're honestly getting the same reliability if you get a 1911 sub-$1000.


You could have bought a quality gun with the money you spent today


What should I have bought?


A brain for the gunnittards constantly hating on decent guns. Like your 3 Tauri pictured.


"I want to create controlled explosions in my hand. Is there a device with shoddy quality control and notoriously bad service record that can make this happen?"


My G2C jammed the very first time I racked the slide. A few times at the range too. Liked the grip and feel though. Was kinda iffy on the trigger always firing even when empty. I didn't keep it long.


if you still have it I'd send it back. Some people say guns need a "break in" period but I've never found that to be true.. Of course I always detail strip and clean my guns when I first get them, So that might be why I have so few problems. I find it's a good way to learn the gun design also.


Good choices. Seriously. I'm very happy with my G's.


((̲̅ ̲̅(̲̅C̲̅r̲̅a̲̅y̲̅o̲̅l̲̲̅̅a̲̅( ̲̅((>


Which flavor?




I've personally had decent experienced with Taurus. From what I hear, their G series has a pretty solid reputation. That said, if you can afford to buy 3, it seems like a much better idea to purchase just one higher quality handgun.


But what if I actually like these guns? Am I allowed to buy what I want? Or should I just buy what people say I should buy? How do any of the people saying this actually live their own lives if they can't make a decision on their own?


Wish I could find a gx4xl, can't find one anywhere.


Try online I've seen a few, also check out the gundeals sub


Wow. Taurus hat trick. Yikes.




I’ll never understand this mindset.




fucking three 3.33s doesn’t equal fucking one 9.99. Same goes for guns.


You're out $5 bucks now, huh? 🤣


tree fiddly actually.


Need a few hi points to round out the collection


I've got a 995 carbine and a c9.. haven't shot either of them in over 5 years. The 995 runs great, the c9 I did the fluff and buff, mag lip tweak, etc.. never did get that gun completely reliable only gun I own I have issues with. The company has great CS I personally think the c9 issues are due to the recycled soup can magazines. I'd sell it but HP's ain't worth anything new let alone used, and I really don't need $50