There should be prosecution all up and down the chain...but they can't..They're relying on the Supreme Court to reiterate there's no duty to protect. I'm sorry, they're _paid_ to uphold the law and protect. They failed on both.


Every fucking cunt of a cop that stood around while children were dying should be charged with felony murder. EVERY SINGLE ONE. I'm old and broken. I would have stacked up on that door with a fucking rock. I would have had no problem being the first person in the stack either. This riles up my inner Marine more than anything I've seen in years.


Plus they stopped the parents who were going to do just that.


This is the worst part


Oh no. The worst part was when they disarmed and forced back the police officer who’s wife was in the room. I can’t imagine how I would have reacted if I was that cop.


They would have had to shoot me to stop me.


Yeah, they would have had no problem doing that. Parents trying to rescue their children? Stay back or we will shoot you! Armed lunatic murdering children? Oh no, I'm a-scared even though we have matching firepower and outnumber him!


They would have had no trouble shooting you either. To them it would have been morally justified. Protecting you by letting your children be murdered while you listen.


Yours and mine both. I'd rather go down in a pile of brass, than let motherfucking children be completely defenseless. Remember our other motto: We defend those who cannot defend themselves.


I can't disagree


I feel like a majority of the population would agree. You’ve got innocent fucking children in harms way. Gun shots are going off. You’re the only one there that can stop it. How the fuck did they not go in? If for no other reason, I simply would not be able to live with myself if I didn’t go in and try and stop the shooter.


“aS lOnG aS tHeY gEt HoMe SaFe”. I’m so tired of hearing that. Police officers have no right to get home safe. Neither do firefighters or military servicemembers. They’re paid to be in danger and that precludes them for the assumption of safety. You want your paycheck? Put yourself in between those children and the gunman. Not willing to do it? STFU and take off that uniform, bitch.


Navy vet here. I support this message. Police are granted extraordinary authority. Therefore they ought to be subject to extraordinary standards of conduct.


Gotta love how it's the exact opposite. Police have extraordinary authority, and are subject to waaaaay lower standards of conduct than civilians.


As a 20 year retired military veteran, I whole heartedly 100% agree. You know what the job is when you take it. You don’t get a gun and a bulletproof vest because it’s safe. You don’t get the authority and power to tell people what to do because it’s safe.


Agreed. Been in the military for 16 years now. I have no right to safety. I have a responsibility for my own, but no one owes me the ability to go home. I get compensated to be in harms way.


I still see police and military as two different breeds, even though some get out and join the police. Different way (not all) of thinking for many when it comes to a sense of duty.


You’re also trained at a very high level so that the odds of coming home are much greater than they would be if you were untrained. We need to train our police officers like we train our soldiers for these situations.


Pass. We don’t need cops being like the military. They’re militarized enough as is.


Please. Cops are militarized in gear only. If they were actually militarized it might actually do us some good. Then maybe they’d have rules of engagement half as strict as the ones we put on our actual soldiers in the sandbox. You know, the ones facing actual enemy combatants.


You’re right.


ultra based


Firefighters are literally paid to go into burning buildings. They know what they are signing up for when they put in the job application. Police should expect guns to be pulled and expect to be shot at on occasion. It's part of the job. The problem is that many cops want to act like the boss when it comes to giving traffic tickets but hide like a pussy when the bullets start flying.


Police protect property not people


Police don’t protect property at all. Remember all the blm and antifa riots wher they literally looted and burned stores and cops stood around doing fuck all? Cops are nothing more than muscle for politicians


Police protect *rich people’s* property


This is kind of true. I was doing a job replacing solar panels on a rich guy's house one time, and they had several police officers and a pork Chopper looking for a guy for breaking into a house down the street. But when I had my car stereo stolen, they wouldn't even respond. They told me I had to come down to the station to file a report, but likely nothing was going to come of it. It was a $4,000 stereo system. And that was in 2002. So more like $7,000 in today's money.




Nah. That system had 2 1000W Boston Accoustics Pro Series subs on 2 1000W Rockford-Fosgate Power series mono amps, and 700W Boston Accoustics mids and highs on an MTX Thunder 5400 Amp with MTX crossovers. Right now I have just 1 500W JL sub in a stealthbox, and JL mids and highs on a single 1000W 5 channelJL HD series Amp and it was $4000. The system I had would be like $7000.




No. No you couldn't. I had a 1600sq/ft house in 2002 for $114k.


Cops weren't standing around, some started that AutoZone fire, 'member?


Yup. And in the blue city I live in property crime has skyrocketed in the past 3 years. A car is stolen “every 48 minutes” in my city and the cops rarely do anything to catch the thieves and return the car to the owners. We are really on our own out here.


Here’s the thing, cops aren’t necessarily good guys with guns.


More often than not, they’re the opposite.


I wouldn't say more often than not. But certainly far more often than is acceptable.


I would absolutely say more often than not. Talk to any police officer earnestly and ask them if they understand their oath. If they say yes, ask them questions about the constitution they swore to uphold. Id bet 9/10 times they have no clue what they’ve sworn to uphold. They’ll do whatever they’re told because they want to keep their job. The paycheck is more important that b knowing and upholding the constitution for most of them. Partially that’s their fault for not educating themselves but it’s also the fault of our failing public school system and the lack of civics education within it. The fault is irrelevant to the argument though, as when push comes to shove, they’ll violate your rights in a heartbeat. Don’t believe me? Look at the NOPD and national guard gun confiscations post Hurricane Katrina.


They should stress the importance of constitutional rights in the police academies.


But then police officers might not be so loyal to the state. There’s a reason they don’t teach them about our rights.


That seems like an institutional problem then. They aren’t hiring the right people.


That's a feature, not a bug.


A lot of the actual positions of power are political positions. If you want to ruin a country just elect Soros backed anything.


That's due to negative bias. I know a lot of police officers who understand what they signed up for. While it's true that there are a lot of them who are just attracted to the authority, and many others who are just attracted to the salary, for whatever reason that is since police officers don't get paid very well, but more than half of police officers are people trying to better their communities. Also, most are not trying to be combatants. They didn't sign up for war, nor do they want to be in a situation exchanging fire. There are specialized teams for that mostly of ex-military called SWAT. You don't want a police force that sees their job as combat. That's how you get officers shooting people in situations that don't call for deadly force. So I guess in your eyes they're damned if they do, damned if they don't. You just don't like the idea of another person having authority over you. I was a prosecutor for 8 years. I've dealt with a lot of police officers, and you're not accurately characterizing them, or their duty. Are there authoritarian pricks who are cops? Yes. Many entire departments of them in blue cities due to who is doing the hiring. But most of this country is not blue cities pushing statism. So say what you want as a layman with nothing but news stories, personal interactions, and negative bias to go off of, I will continue to consider you an average redditor, with average reddit intellect. And more than half of police officers will continue to just be trying to do their job. Which is not to protect btw. That's just an LAPD slogan. They're not security. They're Law Enforcement. Meaning their job is to enforce laws.


>they’re law enforcement Exactly the problem. You perpetuate the issue with this bullshit. Words mean things. Calling them “law enforcement” makes them enforce laws, wether they’re constitutional or not. They used to be called “Peace officers” and that’s what they should be doing, keeping the peace. Instead they’re busy giving tickets to people doing 5mph over the limit to generate revenue, arresting people for paddle boarding during Covid and arresting old ladies for feeding cats. Sure those are anecdotes but the real issue isn’t even the shit cops themselves, it’s the dudes like you who uphold the “thin blue line” bullshit who protect the shit cops who do the even dumber stuff.


Again, depends on the officer and the department.


Exactly why I carry a gun every single day. Im in charge of my safety and the safety of my family, not the cops.


This really depends on location. Small town rural areas are more likely to have down to earth and honest cops who take pride in their job and have good intentions. Big city urban areas with understaffed police forces who lower their standards to give anyone with a pulse a gun and a badge are more likely to have the exact opposite. Call it negative bias or anecdotal evidence we all form our opinions based on individual experiences.


*All* Cops Are Bastards.


Every individual is responsible for their own actions. Cop or not. However, the job of policing is such that it isn't really okay to have a high rate of failure. Both of these things remain true, and trying to wholly categorize everyone as good or evil obscures this. Some people do work to uphold constitutional protections(often sheriffs), some will cheerfully take your guns to protect their pensions. We shouldn't treat those two groups the same.


Exactly on par with the average reddit cognitive functioning level.


> I wouldn't say more often than not. But certainly far more often than is acceptable. "It'S oK bEcAuSe OnLy SoMe CoPs ArE bRuTiSh ThUgs" Let me guess. You're one of those fucktards who says it's only a few bad apples while lacking the cognitive capacity to complete the proverb. Let me pull out my crayons so I can break this down in a manner you can digest, chief. The police brutality we see in America is out of control and systemic. Every "good cop" that allows it to be perpetuated is just as bad as the pig going to town with the baton. Your family members who are cops are bastards. Your cop friends are bastards. If you have any support for the current status quo for law enforcement in America, *you are also a bastard.*


But who will collect the taxes from the rich? Are those cops bastards too?


Believing that the current police state in the US is out of control is not the same thing as being a communist.


So all cops aren’t bastards is the only logical conclusion.


I have no idea how you possibly came to that conclusion because it follows no logic. You don’t have to be a commie POS to say ACAB. The fact remains a huge portion of cops are thugs who willfully violate the rights of American citizens and will disarm you or worse at the drop of a hat. The rest of them allow it to happen. Ergo, believing all cops will violate your rights or kill your or permit it to happen is entirely unconnected form taxing the rich. You’re grasping at some super illogical straws.


Sure if you have brain damage.


r/ShitStatistsSay “Without cops, who would take people’s property by threat of violence?”


What a foolish question. The rich don't pay their taxes. Taxes are for peasants.


Peasants don’t pay taxes, the top 10% pay most of the taxes.


Even ignoring the vitriol, you just can’t take anyone who unironically calls someone “chief” seriously.


Thanks for sharing, chief. 👍


I was a prosecutor for 8 years. I'll take my experience over your ignorant opinion thanks.


I hope your son or daughter becomes a cop. Maybe then you will become less ignorant.


I worked with cops for a de ade and I have 2 brothers that are cops. I've hung out with their friends. I know a lot more what I'm talking about than you do.


sometimes we need to be our own good guys


I’ll never understand how some people don’t want individual rights to firearms, yet promote these guys being the ones to protect the community. Ridiculous.


Because the ones that think that way either have no logic or have an agenda to disarm the populace so they can more easily control the masses.


Ding ding ding! We have a winner. The grabbers at the top aren't stupid, they're pushing a malicious agenda that uses the ignorant and illogical to get what they want. They want control.


The Reddit HiveMind will disagree with you. Was on another sub Reddit yesterday and gun ownership in the US was somehow linked to the notion of. White Jesus Christ.


Lol how the hell


I know, right? It seems pretty hypocritical to trust law enforcement with firearms to protect our communities, but then turn around and try to restrict individual rights to own guns. It's important to remember that the Second Amendment is there to protect our individual right to bear arms, and it's up to us to make sure that we exercise that right responsibly. We need to find a balance between protecting individual rights and maintaining public safety, and that's not always an easy thing to do. But as long as we keep the conversation going and approach it with open minds, we can hopefully find a solution that works for everyone.


Because they don't want ANYONE to have guns. They want you to be defenseless because then they don't have armed resistence to their bullshit ideologies. Don't try to understand it. Tell them to fuck off and fight them.


It’s cognitive dissonance. They have a completely delusional worldview and don’t live in reality.


What a fucking disgrace. That was a day that parents across the country had to ask themselves if they are willing to kill their way through a line of cops who are physically defending a monster who is actively killing their children. May they burn with shame for their cowardice and may they burn in hell when they have the decency to turn their "service" weapon on themselves.


pussies, sorry guys but if the shoe fits professional jurisprudence with your oath to protect against a grave danger to public safety trumps radio permission from some suit to engage


>your oath to protect against a grave danger to public safety Yet somehow they have no legal obligation to do so. That was the biggest WTF moment for me in the aftermath. Pussies indeed.


Whats to apologize about? Cops are some of the biggest pussies around - thats why they need all the gear and roll around in huge gangs.


Which is why it's not only possible, but very logical, to be pro-gun and anti-cop. (Not that I think cops shouldn't exist at all, but Uvalde would have gone alot different had they let parents go in instead of detaining them.)


I know if I were in the parent's shoes, I'd be making mental notes about officer names and making plans of my own.


Yup, I most certainly am!


That video was hard to watch. Nearly every gun shot you hear is a kid dying. How could they just stand there?


*just following orders*


Ironically similar folks had zero issues shooting Randy Weavers family or killing a bunch of Branch Dividians for far less…


Never forget, cops have NO DUTY to protect you or STOP a crime.


Please mark this NSFW. I wasn’t prepared to see a bunch of giant pussies in my feed this morning


More like gaping assholes


"Good guy with a gun" has never, ever meant police.


Remember when those cops in Colorado shot and killed the actual good guy with a gun, Johnny Hurley, after Hurley heroically stopped a mass shooting? And then got away with it?




Orders from on high


Fuck orders. There’s a time to ask permission, and there’s a time to do what you know is right. Listening to kids get shot should have been ample motivation for these cowards. Also, fuck the cowards giving those shit orders.


No disagreement here. Keep calm, carry on


Chain of command should have been immediately disregarded. Stupid fucks.


As Kyle Morgan said in his Shawn Ryan interview “those are tomorrow problems”. Fuck the chain of command, stack up and do work. Save as many kids as possible and sort out the bureaucracy later.


Thankfully the clown in charge has been fired from his nice job on the city council.


LOL. Guess I [touched a nerve](https://i.imgur.com/zmB6KY1.png).


By the way, that database is actually a good database and lets you sort things to fit different definitions. An honest, clear set of definitions. https://k12ssdb.org/ They also have a consistent Mass Shooting definition for a database as well, which tracks similar to the Mother Jones definition. https://www.theviolenceproject.org/


What's that site all the left-wing "journalists" use, that shows 200+ "mass shootings" per year? For a minute I thought that's what you were linking to.


That's the "Gun Violence Archive," run by a bunch of dishonest hacks. And they inflate it way higher than that. https://www.gunviolencearchive.org/ They only count DGU when the trigger is pulled, the Mass Shootings number is just garbage propaganda. The rest of the table is objective data from the CDC and other Government Agencies that is provable, but it isn't unique to them, so they shouldn't get credit for it. The one thing I will give them credit for is they specifically separate out the police shootings by justified vs non-justified in their tables.


Always found it interesting that even this source lists DGUs as higher than whatever their definition for mass shooting and murder/suicide is.


It's literally run by the guns are cool mods.


>All shootings at schools includes when a gun is brandished, is fired, or a bullet hits school property for any reason, regardless of the number of victims, time, or day of the week. Counting mere brandishing as a school shooting is outright lying. It may have been an illegal or immoral use of a gun at a school but it is in no definition of the term a shooting.


Except they, unlike other databases, make explicit ability to filter specific conditions which fit YOUR definitions. They include all bad uses of Firearms on school grounds and allow it to be narrowed down for the appropriate use cases.


The Gun Violence Archive also lets you search data, but we all know what they present and how they present it. The k12ssdb may allow you to search to, but the guy repeatedly posts [this graph](https://i.imgur.com/qQGXQ1W.jpg) which shows 303 shootings last year. He's a propagandist, no different from the rest.


The GVA absolutely does not allow the granulation nor does it make the explicit disclaimers for it's data Remember, a lot of it is better data collection in recent years and they make that clear as you go through the page


> The GVA absolutely does not allow the granulation They [do](https://i.imgur.com/l6aiLnj.png). And it doesn't really matter, because as with K12SSDB, it's all about how those responsible actually present the data when they face the public. GVA shows inflated numbers thanks to their defintions, as does K12SSDB. KS12SSDB doesn't show the active shooter numbers, they always show the number of "incidents" when facing the public. They are two sides of the same coin, and the post of theirs above proves it. If that doesn't do it, here's a choice [tweet](https://twitter.com/david_riedman/status/1529875987261009922) from the guy that runs K12SSDB: > Here is #GunControl rule that doesn’t take away any #2A freedoms, and would stop mass shooters including Buffalo, Parkland, and Uvalde. > If you want to buy a gun, 3 friends must co-sign. If you commit a crime with it, everyone who signed gets charged. > Social background check.


An individual can have opinions I disagree with and run a database that is transparent


And you missed the granular nature I was referring to. It is the type of incident on school grounds, motives, time of day, relationship with victims, etc. that the GVA absolutely does not have.


So 3 cops with ARs were outgunned, but one dad with his STHF gun and gear was able to neutralize the attacker despite the threat of arrest?


Well, the guy who killed the attacker was BORTAC. So he was vastly more well trained than the pathetic police officers. Took a ricochet round off of his head during his assault too. Total badass


I did not know this


To be fair, I believe said dad was an off-duty CBP agent, but still he did in fact grab his rifle and vest and go in on his own and put an end to it, and the cops on scene were threatening to arrest him or any other parents who tried to go in.


“Local law enforcement asked the two teams to wait, and then tasked HSI agents with pulling schoolchildren out of classroom windows. BORTAC agents waited about 30 minutes and then decided to ignore local law enforcement’s request to remain outside, entering the school and neutralizing the gunman.”


I would still argue that it was 30 min too late unfortunately. Also I’m unclear how feds don’t have authority over local/state officers


So clearly the solution is to make sure only these guys have the guns


These are the same people who say our AR-15's are no match against the government. Clearly they are.


I feel this is a pretty good point for individual gun rights, there’s terrible people out there and you clearly can’t rely on the police to save you from them.


A piece of metal on your chest doesn't make you a Man (capital M). Not on the inside. Most of "those", not just Uvalde, but #ACABs everywhere are actually 1000% pvssies except when bullying people (citizens) who are actually no threat to them.


This would have been the time to deploy a flash bang.


Cops aren't good guys. They just enforce the law by initiating whatever level of violence they want or feel is necessary.


You’re not bedroom larping anymore. You had one job. You took the oath. You cashed the checks. You let little kids die.


I guess I’ll take the ban ACAB.


Cops are nothing more than regime protection forces, designed and intended to keep the populace in compliance to their rulers. They accel at abusing the citizenry, extracting revenue from the citizenry, and enriching themselves.


I think you mean "excel".




There was no way in ? Did you even try ?


They didn't. Door was unlocked.


I'm not very impressed with the government that I'm supposed to be afraid of fighting with my stupid AR-15...


40% of Uvalde's budget goes to their police department. It just goes to show that all the training and equipment in the world doesn't matter if the department is staffed by people who are unwilling to risk their lives to save children.


I thought they said “they couldn’t get the door to open”???


shotgun/AR to the lock would've fixed that real quick.


Well.the 1 guy had the flashy light thingy and it scared them all../s


They didn’t go in because they are cowards. Most cops are.


Who would win: A professionally trained, exorbitantly paid, team with resources that match that of a small country's military Or An incel whose SSRIs are off balance with the resources of their parents and training from the latest video game?


Out gunned my ass. If you wanted a job where you get to go home to your family then you shouldn’t have been a cop, that is the harsh reality .


I can't think of a single thing that has filled me with more rage than this event. They are truly the lowest of the low, the scum of the earth, the most despicable, miserable souls alive today. Fuck them to hell.


I don’t see any good guys in this picture. Just cowards, too scared to do the job they signed up for.


Sounds like police forces need you to join


Yeah so here’s the thing, that comparison stands. Cops often aren’t good guys with guns. In fact in a lot of scenarios they’re morally ambiguous at best and the bad guys on occasion as well. This exact kind of shit is what cops should be charged for. This is dereliction of duty to the highest degree. There is no, I repeat NO logical or reasonable excuse that multiple armed officers (several of which had equivalent or even better firepower to the shooter) could not have engaged with and neutralized the threat to dozens of defenseless children. If you’re a police officer and you choose to stand by and let someone else die when you could have saved them you should be fired on the spot, stripped of all privileges and benefits (including pension) and charged with negligent homicide as a bare minimum. Joining the police force is not just some day job, and it shouldn’t be an excuse for assholes to go on power trips either. It’s meant to be an institution for the enforcement of law and order and the protection of US citizens. That second part should not be optional.


Who said they are the good guys.


Pictured: Zero good guys.


Fucking cowards that should not be in that line of work


This is why parents and teachers who have vested interests in the safety of the kids should have the option to respond … the parents of those kids don’t care if they were outgunned. Quit asking permission to save your loved ones during crisis , tell the police they will have to kill you to stop you from moving into the school / store to stop the shooter


> Quit asking permission to save your loved ones during crisis , tell the police they will have to kill you to stop you from moving into the school / store to stop the shooter Fuckers literally were arresting parents who tried. I'm not of the ACAB variety, but the entirety of the Uvalde PD (at the time [iirc most have resigned/retired/been fired]) can eat a bag of dicks.


They are standing way too fucking casually, looks like they’re in a training exercise




They're lying cowards. They were not outgunned. This tweet is just another worthless shitstain antigun mouthpiece tapdancing in children's' blood for an agenda. People who push this shit should drink bleach and wash their mouths out with shotguns. Three trained officers with ARs, plus other trained officers armed with other weapons against one asshole with an AR. They didn't go in because they're fucking cowards. If the police don't have a duty to protect and there's a good chance they won't voluntarily, then I want access to whatever weapons I can get my hands on. The good people need to be at least as well-armed as the bad guys. The bad guys have Glocks with switches, so we can start there.


As clear as the blame is of who is responsible for this (the psychopath killer and the cops for not immediately going after him), the anti-gun democrats will still do all kinds of mental gymnastics and blame lawful gun owners and call for us to be disarmed. This is one of the most clear cut examples of why we should not rely on the cops to protect us and our loved ones (because not only will they do things like this, they aren’t legally obligated to protect us) and yet the dems will still say “only the cops and military should have guns”.


Part of being good is being brave. "There's no way we're going in there" means they aren't brave. Ergo they aren't good. Doesn't mean they are bad. But they aren't good.


They're not good guys.




The wrong guy was in charge


What ever happened to the Twin Peaks murder scene in Waco, Texass? Did the cops who shot up the bikers ever get charged?


They didn’t go in bc they were cowards


It is called cowardice and folks in the military used to be executed for it. Plain and simple.


Coward pieces of shits


Outgunned? Y’all are standing there with 3 of the same fucking gun that dork had.


They should be fired and barred from police service forever. If you don’t feel the need to protect innocent children from harm what use are you?


"No one is coming to save you" \- John Correa, Active Self Protection


Sen. Cruz was correct there wasn’t a single good guy in the entire uvalde police department.


Thats because the average cop is a bully and a coward.


What these fellas were lacking was courage!


Fucking LARPers.


"We had no choice but to wait." Really? Did your husband tell you that?


Cowards. Plain and simple. No officer would stand by and listen as kids are shot! I predict suicides coming in the future for the officers involved.


The living definition of cowardice


I really believe there were good men there, there just weren't any leaders there. I don't mean higher ranking people in charge, I mean that one person with the intestinal fortitude to put the well-being and lives of others ahead of their own... that one person to say "fuck this, kids are dying. Follow me. " I really believe if that one person had been there, the rest would've rode in their wake and done their jobs. Tragically, that one person wasn't there.


There was good men there. Getting freaking arrested outside by other wanabe LEO’s. This was a huge wake up call. So many scared shitless LEO’s who have no business being in that type of profession.


So my thoughts on these officers is this. No one knows how they are going to react in this situation. They could have full intention of wanting to intervene and help the public but when it comes down to it it’s human nature to be terrified of a situation like this. While it’s terrible that they know what was happening the overall fear for oneself and preservation of one’s own life isn’t something you can just discard in a moments notice. So it’s easy to say that they should have moved in but I’ve also never been on the wrong side of a barrel. That being said the fact they did not move in and act while kids were being shot shows that they are not qualified to do their job and they should have all been terminated immediately.


I have nothing but respect for police officers. They wake up everyday and know that they may not come home. I think it is awful when some POS criminal kills one of them while committing some crime or targeting them specifically. Those people should be executed in a very public manner. However, police know that it is a high risk job. They know that they have to run towards the danger not from it. We can argue all day about the need for them to be paid more. I think they do. All of the pay they get and all of the pay I think they should get on top of it comes with the agreement that they run towards the gunfire even if they don't come home. The ones that believe in their part of the deal, I solute and honor. They are braver, more selfless men and women than I am. The ones that think "I am not getting killed to stop this" they aren't being true to the deal and shouldn't be allowed to do it ever again. They should be civilians like the rest of us.


Idk man. An entrenched hostile against 3 beat cops that don't even have rifle rated plates? I know reddit is anti cop, but charging in just gets people killed. I sure as hell wouldn't in their position. Now, when the tactical team showed up, the excuses become far less acceptable.


Charging in gets people killed? You mean like all those children they left in there with the mass murderer?


Doesn't matter. Every cop in America is taught to go in like thunder when there's an active shooter. Doesn't matter what they have, doesn't matter what you have, what matters is that the best predictor of body count is the amount of time to armed response. You don't go in, and people die. *They knew this and held anyway*, and not only that, they put up a perimeter to stop people from going in and doing their job.


I’m not sure what pisses me off the most. The fact they stood around with their thumbs up their asses while kids got murdered OR the fact they stopped parents with bigger balls than them from going in and putting a stop to it, they had no problems “jumping into action” to pepper spray and cuff parents trying to save their kids but couldn’t be bothered to take out a mass shooter murdering children. They should commit seppuku in shame or at least be chemically castrated so they can’t pass their cowardly DNA onto the next generation,


Found the cop


In my opinion there should be a rule say if there's an active shooter anywhere no matter the place public building, school or whatever they need to Kill On Sight


It’s funny because after columbine that was sop. Neutralize threat asap. Didn’t happen here though.


It's called cowardice.


Fat cat on the left isn't even concerned about standing in the hall...


Since when are pigs, good guys?!?


I’m no mathematician but dozens of armed officers seems like a much bigger number than one armed lunatic.


You are assuming they were the good guys.


What was worse is there was a police officer with his in their worth harms way and they still refused to let him go. Very upsetting.


Obviously they are not good guys.


Diversity promotions. Ask those guys if you can. That is the answer.


Police are the boot, this ain't in their wheelhouse.


Lack of leadership and planning. They did not even have their helmets. Ridiculous.


I’m not buying it. Those officers had an obligation to do whatever was necessary to stop the shooter.


Correction. A single untrained individual.


“The sound of children screaming has been removed”