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796 here. Add to cart to see discount. https://dahlonegaarmory.com/product/cent-gp-wasr-10-7.62x39-military-no-bayonet-30rd


Damn, deals always in the comments.


bought one a few days ago can’t wait to get it


These are the ones that are gtg from Kugir, right? Like an actual import? Not those grenades they sell?


Yes WASRs are imported and are pretty damn durable


Can confirm. I’ve had one for twenty years.


from what i’ve read into and videos i’ve watched they are GTG imported from Romania, but only time will tell most people say they’ve never had a problem. Soo i take their word on it


This good for my first AK, if I want to tacticool it out as well?


Buy sureshot


Yes this is a great first AK. They are more than proven and will last a lifetime.


This or Zastava but this takes standard furniture


Okay we need some ammo deals with all this AK ammo coming up.


No ❤️




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These have muzzle threads just not a muzzle device right?


They have a thread cap over threads, which is lightly welded in place. Weld can be filed off or cut with dremel to free nut, so a muzzle device can be installed. They sell the WASR-10 with the standard slant brake and no weld, but they cost a bit more. They also have a bayonet lug, unlike the version with welded cap. https://dahlonegaarmory.com/product/cia-r1805n-gp-wasr-ak-47-sa-7.62x39-16.5-mb-301-hardwood-stk-blk


This is the version I would get....aside from not having to dremmel off the welded on muzzle nut you are getting laminated furniture (or so it looks like from the pics).


I have a stupid question. How do I know if mine has a thread cap spot welded on? I got a WASR-10 circa 2005. Looking closely, it doesn't appear to have a cap over threads. Would it be super obvious? I'm honestly not sure.


Can you take the cap off?


That's an older model, so I'm not familiar with what those look like (my 10/63 had a slant brake). Take some pictures and post the question, is my suggestion. The current WASR 10 V2 cap looks like the pic in the link. There are also videos out there showing how to remove the WASR muzzle nut, to get a better idea. https://www.robertrtg.com/store/pc/catalog/akb-4047_499_detail.jpg


It'd look like a little shroud that's obviously way too large diameter to be a muzzle device


The fit and finish on these can be disappointing for new owners of the AK system. The wood feels cheap, the metal is rough, and it’s just not going to be as nice as $800 AR. I have one and I love it, but it’s definitely a little skanky compared to my ARs.


Zastava or WBP Jack are way better and worth the extra cost


For sure, especially if you can only have one.


No shit it’s a wasr


I maintain that WASRs do not offer enough to justify their current price point. Either Buy one at 600, save up for a better AK and get a far better ROI, or just don't buy an AK. I totally get wanting to get in on the fun, but ripping yourself off ain't the move.


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