[OPTICS] Steiner CQT Close Quarter Thermal Red Dot Sight - Open Box $5000

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My bank account tells me the only thermals I can afford are underwear.


This deserves more upvotes.


Down $2395 from when it was last posted? By Grabthar's hammer, what a savings. Any recommendations for thermal? Should I go with a handheld or save up for a COTI.


Wasn't expecting a Galaxy Quest reference on gundeals today but this sub is highly cultured so it doesn't surprise me.


The NOX line by Nvision is fantastic. 18 works best for me if handheld, scanning, or fusion. 35 goes on the rifle. (imho). Biggest downside Ive found thus far is I cant find a high rise mount for the NOX and a std right side offset rds mount isnt sufficient to clear the battery compartment.


Couldn't you use an Acog riser? Looks to be the same profile on the mounting portion.


looks similar, but different bolt pattern.


Oh man that Galaxy Quest quote got me




Upgrade to duals first or the Jerry CE5? Was thinking of upgrading to BNVD 1431s next from my PVS-14


Thermal>duals. Have binos and CE5. Would do 14 with CE5 first. Also RNVG>1431


The additional ruggedness worth it over the articulation?


100%. Also 1431 is meh at best. Save some cash and have a chance at better spec tubes


Quick glance COTIs are around 5k so if youre wanting to pair with Gen3 and have 5k laying around I dunno why youd even ask about handheld.


Well, I don't know anything about thermal besides some footage my NVG guy showed me about the COTI and some brief exposure to an AGM handheld thermal.


Big can of worms my friend, and not one I am ready for. I use Gen3 monocle and an AGM Taipan for spotting. Waiting for bonus time to start weighing a FLIR Scout (3k) as a second to my NV.


I've actually really been liking running a handheld with a pvs14. Depends on your application utility for me stalking animal at night that combo has been amazing. Thermal to spot then navigating with pvs14.


handheld for scanning, scope for hunting... night vision for combat... maybe augmented by a COTI if you really want that capability but it seems pretty niche.


I'm gonna throw this on my home defense gun so I can defend my cardboard box at night after the credit card companies are done with me


Use it find the dude with the smallest dick so when you do gay for pay to settle the bill you can sit down and talk normally the next day. No judgements, we do what we have to do for superpowers.


Yeah just let me know when holosun releases their knock off for $300


The Holosun LS420G I have now feels alot better than the Steiner DBAL i2 9007 that I had my hands on for a bit.


That's because it is better.


I got it for only $625 as well so cheaper for a similar IR illuminator and laser as well as vis laser and white light.


psh holosun doesn't knock anyone off.... they flat out release better products.... for $300.




Dude at this point I've literally sold off almost all my rmr's for 508t's... the only guns that still have rmr's on them are zev cuts (for standard sight cowitness), guns with acogs where I top mount them (holosuns are a bit thicker) and guns where I'm using a valhallah hanger (easier to adjust windage). Holosuns just have a better reticle, better potential battery life and battery failsafe, don't need to be rezeroed when I swap batteries, and have less tint. The holosun aimpoint clones are pretty much aimpoints with circle dots and solar with the caveat that they're not as good light transmission for night vision use. AEMS, however, is everything the eotech should be except it's better because it's a closed emitter dot and not a stupid holographic sight that runs out of batteries every 2 weeks. The LS321 is better than every steiner civ laser except the dbal a3 (equivalent product) and the dbal d2 (yes I love me some d2). Perst is better but persts are full power and mawls kick everything's ass but mawls are 3 grand as opposed to $6-700. Jury is out on the new battery-less low pro red dot. Jury is out on the 509t too but there's talk about moisture getting into those so that's not good (my personal units are fine so far... knock on wood). But... guess what... moisture gets into trijicon products too. I had moisture get behind the glass on my sro emitter... and trijicon quoted 48 weeks for warranty. Happily, they got it back in less than half their quoted time and only took 21 weeks! On the other hand I broke an aems and holosun got it back to me in oh... less than a month. Anyway, closed emitter I'd just go acro p2 if you can find one. Finally, holosun micro pistol dots (407/507k and the new closed emitter options) are hands down the best choice on the market for that entire category. Trijicon rmrcc is a joke and no one produces or likely ever will produce a gun in that footprint. Sig romeozero breaks or scratches if you breathe too hard on it. Shield products are just romeozeros from last generation. Not really much to choose from.


To be fair, The new Canik METE has a cc footprint, but yeah, that's like... not a lot of choices still. I wish they were more popular because I have 3 of them (two unmounted) but I can see why there isn't a lot of support. I can't even find a pic adapter to make them offset backup's. Edit: Holy shit arisaka makes one. We're in business baby.


508t and 512c gang


When knockoff D2?


Infiniray makes one for like 4grand


[What it looks like for anyone curious.](https://youtu.be/8CSdaVZ7S-s?t=11)


Thats pretty fucking cool ngl


sci-fi voodoo shit right there


Yea, that's badass. It would be fun to take camping and watch wildlife out in the mountains. When I'm sitting around the campfire I hear them out there!


It’s like the target finder from bo2


Man. Huge tactical advantage in the right scenarios.


Is that Eli Manning talking?


No its chad powers


Dudes got a hose


Always has.


Ngl, I thought that was pretty cool


Yeah, that's really cool. But not $5000 cool


PSA: like all other thermals, this lags, resulting in the thermal overlay creating a lagging shadow of reality... almost like what you see in the movies when someone has "future vision"... only the present is the future and you're just uselessly seeing the past. Not a huge deal and I'm sure you can train around it, but thermal scopes have never been very great at snap engagement and at range shooting at a moving target you have to "lead" your shots.


Looking at the video, the nice thing is it still functions as a standard red dot and you can see "through" them thermal overlay so if some boogeyman jumped out at you then you'd still see it and react without the thermal. Still an odd one. In my (not greatly informed) opinion, thermal is most useful for scoping out an area and target identification. It is a weird thing to mush into a red dot. It is still neat that they did though.


Well this is more “augmented” thermal, layered over the natural image is not? So you’re still seeing in as “real time” as our eyes are capable of.


Wrong. Quality thermal optics do not lag and have perfectly normal refresh rates. Next time try being knowledgeable before making a PSA comment.


Dude they're digital tech of course they lag. Someone literally posted a video of this optic in action. Click on it.... the thermal image shadows the actual image that's lag. There's a reason thermal products list refresh rates in product info... because they ALL lag. Maybe you're still stuck in the "herp derp human eye can't distinguish past 60 fps" early 2000's meme trope, but for the rest of us, even high end thermals exhibit noticeable lag, especially when you're shooting at a moving target at intermediate range or when you swing the gun in a wide and fast arc to pan around. Maybe actually own a thermal optic before commenting. Most of the top end thermals available on the market are going to have 60 hz refresh rate. Some have lower. If you want to know what higher refresh rate does for you and why people want higher refresh rate, look no further than computer screen technology, where the standard 60hz screen that was sold a decade ago is... no longer acceptable to almost anyone. But it's not just refresh rate of the display, the chip needs to be able to push the frames to the display in the first place, and the biggest reason most of these scopes have a 60hz refresh rate isn't because of the limitations of screen technology... it's because the chips in the units probably can only push out 60 fps. Thermals are machines that take thermal measurements and digitally output them in terms of a picture output. There will ALWAYS be inherent lag to these devices. This as opposed to night vision, which has no lag because it's an analog optical device. It just enhances light there's no computer chip that processes stuff. So no lag. One of us IS knowledgeable about the tech they're talking about. Hint: it's not you.


Hello keyboard warrior, I own a Nvision Halo XRF and a Nvision Nox 18. Incase you're wondering... that's approximately $16k in thermal optics. I've killed 57 coyotes THIS YEAR using those two thermal optics at distances between 11 and 453 yards. I've also walked, ran, and drove MANY miles using my ballistic helmet mounted thermal optic without any other light sources... so until you have more time behind thermal optics consider staying in your lane.


your nvision halo has a 60 hz refresh rate, as does your nox. It INHERENTLY has lag. You won't SEE the lag if you're just sounding a coyote call and shooting them when they perk up and are standing still. You WILL see lag if you shoot say, a pig and then are trying to shoot other pigs that are running. And if you are claiming you drive using thermal, you're full of shit. Thermal doesn't see through glass. You're effectively blind. Which leads me to believe that you're just talking through your ass and have never touched a thermal device in your life. Likewise if you "navigate" using thermals at night I'm also calling bullshit, since thermals sort of suck for that and you'd just be tripping over shit every few steps. That is what night vision is for. Thermals are for scanning and detection. If you are "running" miles in pitch dark with just thermals you're either coming out all scraped up and bruised or you're running on a treadmill.


Apparently you’ve never seen a coyote running or a side by side with a flip up or removable windshield. Have a nice day keyboard warrior.


uh huh.... and so now you're claiming you drive in pitch dark in an atv using thermal that pretty much doesn't show you obstructions in your path because THAT'S NOT WHAT THERMALS DO. Dude you're either a) full of shit b) super negligent or c) you are telling the truth, you died in a terrible accident because you swerved off the road thinking you were about to hit a dude but it was just your thermal reflection in the windshield, and I'm just talking to a ghost. Either way, your ignorance doesn't change the fact that all thermal devices are digital and therefore all have lag.


Also available new for $5k (tax may be a killer)... https://palmettostatearmory.com/steiner-cqt-close-quarter-thermal-optic-300352-1.html


Thought it said $500 and I was about to break my hand pulling out my wallet. Rip




I love that it’s $4999 off and I still can’t afford it


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I need this… and smoke generators in the walls. Home intruder is going to be really screwed