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99.9% of people recovered from covid, but 300BLK didn't.


Too fucking true. I've been able to find enough good deals on everything else to stock up a pretty good amount- 300? I only ever have like a box or two


I just gave up on shooting subs... can't find them most of the time for decent prices and honestly, aside from being a "whispering death" meme, it's not worth having to clean all the gunk and unburnt powder out of every nook and cranny of my gun when I can just shoot supers and the shit isn't even dirty enough to merit cleaning at all.


So I got a couple suppressors in jail. Are they still worth it to shoot non subs out of


ya just wear ear pro.


Are these good to go?


Factory new brass. I went ahead and ordered… cheapest i have seen for subs. 336 shipped to tx.


Just reload


Working on it. Wanna find proper powder and primers in stock?


What powder you looking for? A1680/CFE BLK is great, but dirtier than dirt. I'm working up some 220gr loads with N110 I'm pretty happy with.


CFE BLK is what i am going for with 208 amax’s. In between houses right now so a reloading setup is not completely attainable at the moment due to space limitations . Im thinking i will wait a bit before ordering more supplies since the prices are so ridiculous right now. Hopefully they go down here in the next year or so.


For sure, prices are insane. I can get primers for about 7/8cpr, which is ridiculous but what can I do lol. Good luck with the set up


Thanks! I have been picking up my friends 300 brass in preparation and probably have about 200 deprimed cases as of now. Excited to start reloading again to save money but, time with work has been getting slimmer. What can a man do!?!?


I hear ya on that! Well ya either road or pay the Piper, either way we're are screwed lol


You can find them easily on the discord daily, just expensive


/u/minutemanmunitions OOS on cases of 300 already?


More is on the way I promise... Will be restocked Friday!


will be waiting!


You’re the man


Ah yes, 1.11 *cents per round*. Love it.


Need a 300BLK conversion for my TX22 to save cash!


Good quality subs. Closest "factory" subs I can get to my handloads without spending $2 or $3 per round on boutique ammo.


That shipping fee is rough. Almost $42 for 10 boxes.


I guess if you can't reload this isn't bad. But jesus, I can load 190gr Hornady Sub-x for cheaper than this.


I'm getting $60 shipping to WA for 10 boxes of 30... AND it's FedEx - ouch


We are fighting with Fedex to get this issue resolved. It isn't easy with all the gas price surcharges they keep adding on.


Shipping 42 , is there something I'm missing


It was under $20 for PA


I will say this time and time again...if you are a 300blk shooter and don't reload then you are doing it wrong. Converted 223 brass and coated projectiles make it cost effective.


No time to reload, barely enough time to get out and shoot. Still want to enjoy the benefits of 300bo !




The ultimate meta


Time is money...I also have nothing I would need :(


I totally agree. I also found many factory "subs" are really transonic


Is that supersonic ammo that identifies as subsonic?


No no no, that is a subsonic round that identifies as supersonic.


I chuckle whenever reloading comments get downvoted on 300blk threads.... and then when my chortles die down, I go load up a couple hundred cast subs for pennies each. Must suck to be the guys with no free time, I just play fewer video games.




What all would one need to start reloading 300 blk and average cost of entry to start?


hey, sorry for the delay, but maybe $1k roughly to get going with the cheapest and slowest options. It takes a lot of time and a lot of learning, so if you aren't going to be in it for the long haul, it might not be worth it. Personally, I load everything I shoot outside of 22lr, and love it. Pretty much quit playing video games though. r/reloading has a lot of good info for what you need to start.


I've got 3k converted/factory 300blk cases ready to rock n roll!


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Cool deal. I have a 10.5" barrel with a 1:8 twist and a 9" can on the front. Will it send...?


"Designed to be subsonic in 7"-10" barrels, it will function in longer barrels but not guaranteed to be subsonic" - Will it shoot? I'm sure. Will it be sub? Your guess is as good as mine...I would think all 220-grain have ballistics close to these right?


OOS already?


On 300 rd cases, it looks like it...30 rd boxes are $1.10 cpr + shipping


[Back in stock](https://www.reddit.com/r/gundeals/comments/tu0jsh/ammo_300_blackout_220gr_tmj_factory_new_subsonic/)