They are prey animals, and probably aren't moving around because they are scared. Can you cover the area where they are placed with a bed sheet? It will give them a sense of safety. Also, give them things to explore - boxes, tunnels, paper bags (line with hand towels), etc.


Also how would I put a bed sheet where they are running around? I’m letting them go around my hall, I don’t know where I could place a bedsheet there.


You could rubber band the corners to stakes and then when they are out in the yard just use a mallet or hammer to get the stakes in the ground. If they are inside, then give them things to explore, things that will encourage them to move around - different boxes, etc.


Are suggesting I put a big towel over them in the hall? Cause that wasn’t what I was doing, I’m letting them run around scotch free in my hall. (I’m keeping a very close eye on them of course) And whenever I let out in the garden, I let them go around it without a cage (again, keeping a very close eye on them) I put them in a cage outside sometimes though. Is that what I’m not suppose to do? Are you suggesting I’m doing it wrong?


No. You mentioned that they don't move around when they are outside, so, get some wooden stakes and rubber band the corners of a large bedsheet to the stakes. Then you can stick the stakes in the ground and they will feel safer to move around. If they are inside - just give them things to explore. Stuff hay in toilet paper rolls, give them paper lunch bags to explore/chew on, give them boxes and empty oatmeal containers to run through/chew on. Encourage them to move around.


Inside you could use painters tape to adhere sheer curtain or garbage bags (think light weight) from wall to wall. If it doesnt reach all the way tie a ribbon or string to the corners to make up the difference to the wall and tape. Make long square tunnels from cardboard, just fold it so it has 2 sides and a top. Outside requires extremely vigilant monitoring, but inside try leaving them alone in the run area. They my be too scared to let loose when being watched by a human. If you stay there with them lay down on the ground and don't move.


Paper bags? Wouldn’t that be unsafe? I keep hearing from my parents you can suffocate if you put bags over yourself.


Paper lunch bags, paper grocery bags...it's not like you're going to seal them up in the bag, you're just going to tip it on its side so the piggies can explore it/chew on it/poo & pee in it (which is why I recommend putting in a towel, helps prevent their bellies from becoming poopy-soupy messes).


I believe you're thinking of plastic bags. Plastic traps air and can get an animal stuck. Paper bags are ridged and easily break and would be virtually impossible to suffocate anything.


My young females I got about a month or so ago, will hide in their hiding spot, unless they have their blanket over their cage


Online you see videos often where guinea pigs explore open spaces. My guinea pigs started to do that after they knew that they are safe running around in the room after some time. So it is nothing you can expect them to do from the beginning. They prefer to hop from safe space to safe space. And regarding the age: my guinea pigs died with 7 and 8 years. So I don't consider 3-4 old. I think you will notice when they are old ;) trust me


They're fine. Some just aren't active. They have personalities like humans.