Nirvana was formed in Aberdeen, WA. So I guess bands popped up in many different places, but they all gravitated towards the epicenter, Seattle.


Also: Seaweed is from Tacoma Melvins are from Montesano ‘In addition (Non-WA “grunge adjacent” bands) STP and Hole are from California Paw are from Kansas Silverchair are from Australia


To be fair, the Melvins split from Washington as fast as humanly possible.


Moist are from Canada Peligrosos Gorriones are from Argentina


Moist is a good call




The PNW in general. Portland, OR had its own quasi-grunge scene with bands like Heatmiser, Sprinkler and Pond. Nirvana also played quite a few shows there


Grunge covers the whole of Washington and down to Eugene Oregon in my opinion (Greg Sage and the Wipers). Some consider any part of the PNW. (Washington, Oregon and Idaho) to be included (Idaho = Built to Spill). So it's conjecture depending on who you ask.


I wouldn't consider either of those bands "grunge" though. Wipers pre-date "grunge" by a number of years, and Built to Spill has a tenuous connection at best (C/Z records), Doug Martsch of BTS wrote "Perfect From Now On" because he had a distaste for grunge.


While not generally listed among Seattle grunge bands, Treepeople was a Seattle grunge band that had relocated from Idaho. So, Doug Martsch’s connections are there, just not through BTS.


Strong case can be made that it was just Seattle, further strengthened when you remember that in the early '80s Seattle itself was barely a mid-sized town and the surrounding areas were even more rural. Hence, grunge could not have gone far if not for Seattle, even if it did exist elsewhere. The case for "just Seattle" would be that grunge seems to have been born by C/Z records out of Seattle in 1986 when they released the Deep Six comp which documented the bands considered photo-grunge: Green River (where Pearl Jam and Mudhoney came from), Melvins, U-Men, Skin Yard, etc.


I would say “Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia and Aberdeen/Montesano. Olympia was a major artist community and many, including Nirvana, lived there until Fame called. Evergreen State College hosted a pre-fame Nirvana and played them on their college radio station. Toby Vail & Company in Olympia at that time where the famous “Kurt Smells Like Teen Spirit “ graffiti was done.


Seattle proper - no way. For starters, Alice in Chains were from the Eastside suburbs. Seattle Metro - I could see a case being made but I don't agree with it, even if you consider Tacoma to be part of the Seattle Metro. Washington State - I think this is it. There are too many quintessential Grunge bands from outside the Seattle Metro. Nirvana, Melvins, Screaming Trees for starters.


Well. East of the Cascades it more like Texas. Puget sound has gone down the shit hole though. I don't even go into Seattle anymore. Live up north of Everett.