Pound shop, Rambo. Don't say any more narstie.


Was just about to comment this on caps aswell SARGENT WILSOOOOOOOON


Wasn't it because narstie got his new channel 4 show and I heard they wanted to remove all this content from YouTube and lordie wouldn't so channel 4 got his channel shut down


This is what Lordie said on gasworks


My memory was hazy on it tbh , but I do remember lordie going to court over his YouTube channel too must of been related


Imagine watching uncle pain in court looollllll


Big Narstie spoke on this in an interview. He was in the back of a 7 seater, though I’m not entirely certain why it all happened. I believe it was a dispute over who ‘owned’ the content. Narstie disputed it was him as he was the star of the show, Lordie disputed this because he filmed and edited to show. It really should’ve been ironed out prior but they began this series early on on YouTube so likely this fall out wasn’t anticipated or prepared for just in case. Such a shame man, used to watch this show religiously


Narstie said lordie bumped him for like 50k n Wen narstie said he wanted 50 50 on grime report TV lordie said he put more work into it cuz grime report wasn't just uncle pain


And look how that turned out grime report done well cause of uncle pain as soon as that stopped he struggled to get 1k a vid people only watched everything else because they went there for uncle pain he tried keeping it going with the shop keeper but he just got so annoying and it just seemed forced


My new boss is a prick. He calls me Kevin Smallcock in front of the girls at work


Can anyone explain what happened?


These were THE videos before what’s his face with the banged up teeth started doing his videos. Castillo 1st is who I’m on about, got to the end of that and remembered his name for those who want to know who I meant. He was funny as fuck on that dating show with that bird - forgot her name as well.


Castillo is boring tho. He just kinda makes stupid faces and he's like na brev don't let your girl do X. I feel like he takes it way too seriously whereas narstie's reactions kinda made it, he was never pretending he was giving out legit advice u kno.


I agree - I only mentioned I found him funny on that date show that bird does. Probably over exaggerated by saying “funny as fuck” to be honest. She had some young lad on this week and I honestly couldn’t watch more than 10 seconds of him splurting actual drivel it was fucking unreal. She had Andrew Tate on not too long ago, I guess her shtick is getting the most misogynistic guys she can find for her “authentic” date. I will never watch that shit show again


Tbf, Castillo is a funny character, but I just don't think his solo content is thought out at all. I did rate that he shouted out the LGBTQ community tho, not enough ppl in the scene are on that. His issue is he doesn't really tell a story like Big Narstie did with Uncle Pain? His music is decent tho and he seems like he probably isn't a terrible person. Mate she rated Andrew Tate aswell cus she thought he was hot. Absolutely clapped behaviour. Absolutely fuck Andrew Tate he is a really dangerous piece of shit.


To be honest the content she puts out, those “dates” don’t really get many hits and I feel sorry for her. She’s tried finding her own niche but I tried out terribly in that she has to get on controversial guests. So I’m mot surprised she rated him to be honest, she seems a bit of a dunce if I’m honest. Yeah Andrew Tate is not winning any popularity contests any time soon.


Legendary reaction videos from an animated fat grime general high af in the backseat of his people-carrier basically. The topics are crazy as people wrote to him for advice and his responses have created very popular memes.


Uhh yeah I've watched it for years, I'm referring to the title saying they fell out lmao




🤣 fairplays tho you did describe it spot on!


Luv luv luv 😂


Do you remember the one years ago with Ed sheeran sat in the back of the car looking high as fuck 🤣 legendary videos


https://youtu.be/vNV_SKdsTpo madd how this is nostalgia, damn im getting old


Is this where that meme of narstie laughing comes from?




It's a shame that genre of video has basically just been replaced with misogynistic shit like Castillo etc


Castillo is awesome


[Big Narstie explains it in this video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVUcnuRwPl0)


Why they fell out never knew that they were jokes


Some shit over grime report tv narstie wanted 50%


That's not what happened, Narstie did a big video on this. Lordie was basically taking all the revenue from the videos without telling Narstie about it. Basically stole from him.


Surely Narstie would have worked out the videos were making money without having to be told? Did Narstie say his cut was 0 or lordie was making more than he made out and giving Narstie a smaller cut? I think Lordie should have been entitled to most of it anyway, that seemed like his sole job at the time and I presume Narstie had other sources of income.


So that’s why he got another dude now lol


Do you think he deserved 50% ?




mate, rewatching n its your fault


Hahah roll one up and lay back my g


The video he did about Tulisa grassing up her plug was classic "in the words of my uncle Martin.... Eh what the bloodclaat ya deal wit"


Castillo, CNSR, Tate, is the trend right now. Icl I can see 5 pound munch doing bits right now, with the right people. What even happened to lordie? Angry shopkeeper? Grime report? That was the og shit.


They were such a good combo


Someone must have uploaded the DVD they sold


Never forget, "My ginger wasteman of a step dad keeps stepping to me thinking he's the man of the house, so I sparked him out"


man this show always escapes me, time to rewatch - proper sad they fell out


Or even ‘Go Poundland…Rambo!!!!’ 🤕😂


Go Poundland and come out like bloodclaat rambo. This was the best quote 🤣


HEEEEEHEEEEEEHEEEEEEE That laugh had my ribs caving differently


For those that don’t know - Lordie is behind Pete and Bas


Wish lordie would start making content again I miss the £5 munch and science for the mandem man I had no idea him and Narstie fell out that’s a shame uncle pain was legendary


I heard it was something to do with the big Narstie show




The guy that runs grimereporttv


£5 munch > Chicken shop date


It was all fake so not so great


How so?


He said himself him and his friends made up the scenarios


Shame lordies a thieving little bastard


Narstie mate just let it go