Spartan type beat v321 incoming


I saw spooky make a beat once and it was the most basic shit ever. He doesn't use automation at all haha just drops sounds in and out of fruit loops channels. Which is fair enough this is grime but I wouldn't be running my mouth about being a top producer if I was him haha. Lewi B and Jammz are farrrrrrr ahead of him in terms of production quality.


Lewi B and Crafty 893 been killing it the last 3-4 years


That's pretty funny coming from him, since he could do a 24 hour set with all of his instrumentals that wouldn't make the B side of a grime record.


Please spooky hang up the headphones and get off socials.


https://youtu.be/KugG3KW0no4 This is spooky's idea of a garage track worthy of a vinyl only dubplate release lol literally used an entire track as one sample and just slapped the most basic drums and bassline over it. He's made some great tracks before but for how many years experience he has he is really awful


I agree with everything you said, but that XE2 VIP is an absolute gem. Sounds so good regardless of how he made it


It sounds good because its the entire original track lol https://youtu.be/ubwz2pphOJA Spooky made gorgon which is one of the best grime/garage tracks ever made so i cant hate the guy but he's literally just describing himself here talking about the garage vinyls lol


it ain't the original. We'll have to disagree on that. But yeah Spooky des have some bangers, but for the amount of tracks he puts out, only a small margin is worth listening to imo


Lol I remember when someone posted about what twitter accounts he (spooky) was following and... yeah.


Don’t even need to look at his followed accounts guy just (or at least used to) straight posts them to his IG story


Oh ok lol. Don't check riko dan like list tho 😳


Ahaha, already know Riko likes trans girls cause someone on here posted them harassing his manager about it, don’t really care he can like whatever girls he wants to


Of course brother but there's something new lol. He liked a video from 2017. I think he's got a 2nd account but he don't realise he leaves likes on his main account.


Wait what kinda accounts is he following??




His point about garage is bang on tbh


spooky is quite skilled and right, but also a bit sour. eventually the (grime) masses settle for less, because of hype and marketing yes. thats life and applicable to many music genres. deal with it I guess 🤷‍♂️