If gt7 is gonna be a true gt game it’ll have every car you would ever want to drive. Keep in mind they’ve always added cars through updates too.


To be fair. They lacked a bunch of modern Gtlm cars. Even sport lacked a proper 488


I am hoping they were just saving it for GT7. They've shown the Audi R8 EVO, so I'm hoping others will follow suit just not announced yet.


Glad I'm not the only one, can't stand Forza for some reason. Sony brainwashed me from a young age


It’s the physics. In forza the cars rotate from the middle of the car almost like the wheels turning are just an animation. In GT it actually feels like the wheels do something vs just your car being animated across the ground. I like how super gt describes them, Forza is a car game, GT Sport is a racing game.


> In forza the cars rotate from the middle of the car almost like the wheels turning are just an animation. Okay that suddenly makes a lot of sense, Forza always felt weird to me, Gran Turismo feels planted and reacts how you expect, but in Forza my car is always rotating and sliding in weird ways.


Yea I’m not even sure if that’s actually how it is coded to work it’s just the best way I can describe the movement of the car. Like GTA 5 (I know it’s in no way a true racing game) still has arcadey physics for driving, but the front wheels rotate the car so it feels planted and more “real”.


Forza had always used a simpler tyre model. [https://www.gtplanet.net/forza-motorsport-new-tire-model-20210528/](https://www.gtplanet.net/forza-motorsport-new-tire-model-20210528/) "Up to now, every Forza Motorsport game had treated the tire/trackinterface as a single point of contact for each tire, with the physicscalculations updated 60 times a second. For the new Forza Motorsport,the tire contact patch features eight points, updating 360 times asecond, resulting in a behavior model that is almost 50 times moredetailed than before." I don't know how that compares to GT's latest physics model, but Forza had always used a simpler model which explains its "arcadey" feel. Eventually Forza will update its tyre model, so we'll see if it improves in next installment.


>Forza is a car game, GT Sport is a racing game. As a fan of Forza, I don't find that inaccurate. I play Forza for the cars and spend most of my time cruising or messing around in the map more than racing. GT is where I go when I'm in the mood for serious racing.


Exactly. Forza has way more total cars and locations, that’s fine. GT has less but they’re more refined. Like there’s nothing wrong with forza being more arcadey, I played NFS a shit ton growing up. That’s just how they are.


I'm personally more of a Forza fan, but I grew up with GT and love it a bunch too....but honestly that explanation on the physics makes total sense! Despite the endless amount of hours I've put into Forza games over the years I've always felt like the physics felt odd sometimes


I like your explanation, makes so much sense if you put it like that. Another thing putting me off is I had too much NFS in my life, don't need more of that...


My issue is that I keep going offroad in any Forza game. Maybe I'm just used to GT...


I grew up with Xbox and do enjoy Forza if I want something on the "cade" side of simcade. GT however just does assessable but realistic track racing way better than any other, I'm hoping that both the new forza and GT are great for their own different flavours of racing game.


I think it will be in the game at launch, cars been out for a good while maybe they saved it for this game. Its Japanese too so obviously higher chances of being in soon. Hope we get this, the new gen, and golf R


Yeah, I’ve owned the FK8 for a year and have yet to take it to the track. So kinda wanna do it virtually in the time being 😂


I’m hoping more for the 11th gen. The FK8 is pretty replaced by it directly and it comes with the bonus of not looking like a Gundam’s head.


What's wrong with not playing Forza? It is only inferior to the campaign mode a gran turismo, but in the rest it is superior, I don't understand why the criticism lol


I guess just different feel in general? GT has these vibes to it that make you feel like you're doing something worth your time even if it's an older game like GT2/GT4/GTPSP


I've only ever played the horizon series consistently. Not that motorsport is bad, I just think there are better sim racing experiences out there. But for the sim-cade feel, nothing beats horizon imo


Forza is a great game but this probably isn’t the forum to express that. Most people here are weird about admitting other driving games are good.


This sub is similar to iRacing sub but instead it's GT elitists that can't admit another game is great. Most of their post captions are worded like this. OP couldn't even demand for the car without mentioning Forza, lmao!


since I subscribed to this sub it feels like majority of users last GT game was GT3, this sub just feels so out of touch.