PSA: GT7 campaign will require constant internet connection

PSA: GT7 campaign will require constant internet connection


This is only a problem for a small proportion of the time. But when it happens it is a HUGE annoyance. It seems like there should be a built in solution. Some of us don’t have that much time to play. If the servers are down in the two hour window I ha e to play that is total BS. Single player campaign should be able to be played offline with manual saves. Save and stats can upload automatically when servers come back up.


I've never had internet issues where I live so it's never once bothered me. However the town my mom works in JUST got highspeed internet last year. A friend of mine, grew up a farmer, didn't get highspeed until a few months ago, he was about a mile to far up the road to get connected for 5+ years. There's still tons of cities/towns ect. that DON'T have access to reliable internet. And that's not even mentioning the fact that this is a singleplayer focused game (unlike Sport) so it's just crazy that this requires online only.


My point exactly, not everyone has internet or good internet to play these games with a constant internet connection. Plus, if your internet provider has an outage, you're out of a game for the amount of time the internet is down for. This is very crazy to think a singleplayer portion of the game requires internet.


Doesn't matter how fast the internet is, just as long as there is a connection.


*hooks up ps5 to dial up*


You guys have ps5’s?


I pooled all my luck for a year and somehow got it 🤷🏻‍♀️


It actually does. Slow internet won't even load your liveries


Or if servers ever shut down then we're all screwed. Wonder how they're going to go about that


I mean if i gotta defend them, i'd inform you about the fact that literally any Speed of internet connection is good enough to make something like GT Sport campaign work. So this May my parents bought me a house. The first times there I obviously Didn't have wifi yet and since the house is a bit isolated, most i could do was 2mb/s of data mobile connection, using my phone as the router. Progress for campaign and Quick races still worked. So it really requires minimum speed connection, they probably do that so they don't overload your console with data


It's not just speed. I have great speed but thanks to using powerline adapters, it will cut out briefly every now and again. Having this kick me out of single player stuff(especially like an endurance event) would be infuriating.


It just uses it to save progress. Doesnt have to stay it on 100% of the time. It's not online, it's still a single player campaign that saves online


That's fine for now. But how about in 2028 when Sony decides they don't care and shut down GT7 online? Now your disc is only worth as much as a coaster


This is gonna happen to SPORT the second GT7 comes out.


Another issue is on console you have to have the most up to date version to play online. That means a big update could take days to load for people with slow internet. Until the update downloads the game is literally unplayable. Not to mention data caps. My friend gets 100gb per month in home internet (rural Canada). A 20gb update for him would be 1/5 of the monthly data for the whole family.


well certainly u never practiced a track for one hour, and then during qualifying u are setting the fastest lap of your life, only to have server problems right before the end of the lap. that shit is table destroying.


I really didn't no, I picked up Sport on sale a while ago thinking it was GT7 but named differently, got bummed with the main focus on online and didn't really play it that much, and REALLY didn't put much time into leaderboard chasing but I feel for you.


We had this same conversation when gt sport news came out and we’re doing it…. again


People will make a stink and buy it anyway... again.


doesn't make it any less bs... especially for the singleplayer component. Never needed one for GT4, 5 or 6...


Welcome to the horrible world of game as a service


> doesn't make it any less bs It kinda does if you're Sony/Polyphony.


I skipped sport waiting for 7 just gonna do the same for this.


How do tracks have an online connection required? That makes no sense to me at all.


Tracks????? What???


What's gonna happen when all the servers shut down and you want to play this game again? Honestly, that's such a stupid decision.


you will never play the game again


Yeah and I don't think anyone would want that to happen.


Sony and PD will because it will force people to buy GT8 when it comes out.


For the PS6




I think there will probably be some sort of update to let you play offline before the servers shut down. They did a similair thing with GT5 for example, releasing an update that allowed you to install DLC that you had previously purchased again without connecting to the servers. The smartest thing to do would be to just wait and see how they handle this exact situation when the GT Sport servers shut down (usually that happens a year after the next game releases, so some time during 2023 in this case).


Exactly what I was thinking... hopefully..


Here we go ***again*** with this bullshit🙄could’ve atleast went with the general approach of still making it playable offline. I can understand Sport, but c’mon now; It’s not a MMO, it’s a racing game with a single player campaign (that’s online somehow). You need full **online** for a *singleplayer mode*. Make it make sense. That’s stupid. The servers going down/being closed would basically **kill the game in its entirety** Your internet goes out? You know what that means. Better switch to something else. In the middle of an endurance race, and your wifi starts acting shoddy? Welp, oops.


Sony tried shutting down PS3 servers/store this year, so when the PS4 servers inevitably shut down we are forced to buy the next GT.


Bingo. To some people, it’s a small issue, but if the servers go out, your progress won’t be saved(as I stated with endurance races), and you’ll have to keep playing(or not) until the servers come back online


Also this completely kills the possibility of replaying a game later for nostalgia's sake. You can't go back and relive your childhood memories or anything. Think about it this way: you can't actually buy GT7 at all, you can only buy a GT7 license with an unknown expiration date.


Exactly. Fucking bullshit. They *could’ve* made the game have the online functionality, but also be playable in a offline form. That’s like GTA, Saints Row or Call of Duty being a game requiring online at all times, despite having a story/campaign mode. Not to be that guy, but not even NFS, Midnight Club(Los Angeles), or Forza( neither Motorsport nor Horizon) functions like that, as they can all be played, saved, and completed without internet/offline despite having said online functions. This is just a bad move no matter how you spin it.


I'm replaying the PSX GT games right now specifically to relive my childhood gaming experiences. Already finished GT1 and just got back into GT2. I feel sorry for kids growing up with today's consoles needing to be connected at all times. Call me old fashioned but not everything needs an internet connection.


I wholeheartedly agree with you. I still own both my copies of GT3 and GT4. These full online games are not the move.


Anyone that isn't incredibly upset about this obviously doesn't consider their own future beyond next week. This is horrible news, and people should be significantly more upset over this than their announcement over the game also coming to PS4. This is what modern day gaming has come to unfortunately. Digital consoles, digital game purchases, and online-only single player experiences. If you don't see how this can end poorly for you as the consumer then I'll probably be the guy selling you my overpriced physical copies of games in 10-15 years so you can relive your nostalgia over "the better days" in gaming.


This is something I feel like I would've been upset about sometime in the past. But in today's world, I feel too exhausted from the massive societal problems we're facing to really care about this.


Understandable! I'm just irritated with games raking consumers over the coals. :D


Why do people even get upset over the game coming to PS4 too? The PS5 is F'ing hard to get, and don't we want the playerbase to be as large as possible. Having the game coming to PS4 gives that a massive boost.


GT7 being on PS4 holds back the game from being as good as it can be technologically because it needs to be developed with a 8 year old console in mind. GT6 came out a month after the PS4 came out, meaning it also wasn’t as good as it could be since it was held back by a console that came out in 2006 (the PS3). Basically, GT fans have been waiting for over a decade for a main entry into the series that showcases the very best Polyphony can do. We’re not getting that. Again.


GT7 being on PS4 doesn't mean it is being held back. What drastic changes would you want to see on PS5 that wouldn't be possible in a scaled back way on PS4?


Dynamic weather, larger lobbies, and any other content that has to be designed with PS4 support in mind. Not to mention they now have triple the testing to do before releasing any update to the game.


Congratulations PD. You’ve officially sucked the last little bit of excitement out of GT7. It’s a generation late, a generation old and now it has some pointless DRM shit. It’s going to be GT Sport with more cars and some shiny textures on PS5... We all know this to be true, we all saw it in the trailer. Maybe when I’m 45 I’ll get a current generation single player GT. Probably not though.


It sucks that always online games are becoming acceptable, even though games like Forza Motorsport 7 are reaching End of Sale before their sequel is released. Sony and PD don’t give a fuck about what we want and they’re not doing a great job of hiding it.


I definitely should have sold my PS5 when the prices were crazy. It’s just a PS4pro+. Such a waste of money. When I found out GT7 was a PS4 game… that was infuriating. Pretty sure I’m going to give it to my brother and buy an Xbox. Forza looks good and I wouldn’t mind give flight sim a go too. F1 games are multi plat, so it’s a no brainer really.


Get your facts right first before you chat shit.


I can’t really answer that. We don’t know what’s being held back until the game comes out so we can only assume the worst. Nobody besides Polyphony knows the intricacies of their development. But what we do know is that the difference in performance between the PS4 and PS5 is huge. That being said I’m willing to bet that variable time and weather will either not exist or be severely underwhelming on the PS4.


I have heard these arguments for a year and a half now but have yet to hear a single dev say “we wanted to do X but couldn’t because we released on 4 and 5”. It’s no different than PC gaming. Some graphics options will be disabled. Instead of 20 cars in a race maybe it’s 12. Games are scalable nowadays.


Because there is no way developers would admit that. The same way that developers never said "we have a certain scope in terms of graphics and world, and we can't meet that scope and still target 60fps, so we target 30fps", and instead came up with the excuse "we went with 30fps because it's more cinematic."


>Games are scalable Sounds like something CDPR or Todd Howard would say.


Yes. It's exactly like PC gaming. Please find me a triple A title released in the last year that supports an 8 year old cpu and gpu in its minimum requirements. Not to mention that the PS4 hardware wasn't even top of the line when it came out. You've managed to perfectly argue against yourself there lol.


Expect unlike PCs and last gens this gen is different. We are now on a generation that runs on pure SSDs for the first time ever, we can literally redefine how games are designed. Also scaling only goes so far. You probably couldn't run last of us 2 or bloodborne on a ps3 no matter how much you downgrade it.


Obviously devs are not going to admit to a version of their game being inferior to another. Sony made a big stink about the PS5’s ultra fast SSD so I can also see GT7 on PS4 having slow/completely different loading. All we can do is wait and see.


Yeah and I was a little bit disappointed with Horizon and God of War because that impacts world design (but understanding, as you can't ignore a 9 figure player base). But Gran Turismo? I wouldn't be surprised if they designed it as a PS5 game then realised there are parts which can scale easily to make it work on PS4. It's a racing game, probably the easiest type of game to scale without impacting original design.


Tell me you're not so naive to think any sane company would admit to that. "Yeah we could have made the game much better but instead we settled for shit".


It won't be that bad. Weather and variable daytime already existed in games before the PS5. It's nothing new.


Yes it does.


Example with your insider knowledge of GT7 development?


Let’s put it this way, if the PS4 *doesnt* hold back the game, then it’s a pure PS4 game. Which it is.


Not at all. Things like ray tracing, 4k60, instant load times, etc would all be things that are PS5 exclusive things not possible on PS4.


Wwooooooooww. Shininess and fast load times. Take my money! It’s no wonder it took *two* generations. Lol.


What do you want? Cause that’s 99% of every console generation upgrades.


Willi it get full field PSVR support for races and not just a time trial mode? GT Sport can't handle PSVR + full field races on the PS4. You won't get PSVR on PS5 unless they announce PSVR2.0 some point in time or it comes out post release. If they worried more about making the game pretty vs providing frame rates needed for full field cars on PS4, I doubt they'll make VR a priority.


Y'all still don't understand that old hardware limits what devs can do with much newer hardware? :/ This is something I'd think any gamer would understand by now.


Then how do PC games exist? The same exact game plays on PCs across 8-10 years of hardware. It’s not to the same level, but it can still work. Same premise here.


It worked out so far, even during the last gen when you had the vanilla PS4 and PS4pro. It even worked for XBOX with three different consoles.


That is certainly possible. It's also possible the PS4 version will run like trash because it was meant to be a PS5 game.


Same here haha. But you're 100% correct about this, what they're doing here is disgusting and should be talked about more than the game coming to PS4. What's even more depressing is that, for example, Microsofts Forza Motorsport in its entirety can be played offline. Now I'm not a shill for Xbox cause personally I've always been a PS guy (no disrespect towards Xbox) but man it's sad to see the competitor have basic features when GT gets disrespected by Sony.


Microsoft also pulls Forza games off store-fronts for seemingly no reason (licensing?).


Your disc version will work forever. GT7 won't, think about it. Once servers are gone you can't play. it's stupid and anti-consumer


Yeah that sucks, just not enough to stop me from getting GT7.


You do realize GT Sport is exactly the same right?


GT Sport wasn't meant to be an offline title. However, GT7 is a numbered Gran Turismo and every other numbered Gran Turismo allowed for full access to the campaign while offline.


But every other Gran Turismo didn't come out on the PlayStation 5 nor did they have FIA ties. It sucks but if this is their way of keeping people with a 1500 horsepower Daihatsu Midget II out a Lobby then that's what they got to do.


It is, and it's infuriating. Ever want to race and not be online, but have to hit that damn menu screen telling you you're not online, on every damn click - just to be able to do one damn arcade race.


Why would you ever not be online? Is your PlayStation not connected to the internet constantly?


GT Sport started as a game focused on multiplayer.


You are 100% correct. However, I want to play GT7 more than I care about that happening, so what will ya do really?


Hopefully force their hand to allow the campaign to be played offline. The longevity of the game will not be long and with it being online oriented, in 10-15 years the campaign won't exist anymore due to lack of servers. I want to purchase a game that I know I can boot up and play like GT4 and GT5 for example, not a paperweight.


Yeah but in 10 to 15 years most people would have moved on to a better more up to date Gran Turismo 8.


That's not the point though, there are still people who enjoy going back to GT4 even though it's not the newest title. You won't be able to do that with GT7 at all. Just because it's the newest version of the game does not mean that we should let companies force the new game onto people.


Bro I still play GT5 because it's the last entry with real endurance racing. If GT7 is essentially online-only it kills any replayability down the road because the servers will shut down at some point.


damn ppl really upset about this, its really not a big deal at all unless you dont have reliable internet( which really sucks).


*"Damn why would anyone care about this, it's not a big deal at all unless it is a big deal because you're directly adversely affected by it"*


Or you think you might want to play the game after the next Gran Turismo comes out. Or if you just inherently believe that buying a game should mean *buying the game* and that you should be able to play it whenever. As it stands you aren't actually buying the game, instead you're buying a license for the game with an unknown expiration date since whenever the servers get shut down the game will become literally unplayable forever.


Frustrating but honestly it's not going to stop me from picking up and enjoying GT7.


Another bs. First gt5-gt6 shutdown then probably gt sport and gt7 in future. At least gt5-6 you can still play career


Oh well, I guess that's one less €80 first party game for me to buy. Sony really are dropping the ball with the PS5.


Why do I need to be online to race a track that’s saved on my ps5 with a car that is also saved on my ps5.


I mean I guess it was too good to be true, right? They dropped that sick-ass trailer yesterday, post a bunch of cool-ass pics on the site, even gave us a tentative release date with the implication we won't have to wait another 5 years before we can play it... and then this gets dropped. I've been a follower of this industry for over two decades now and I still don't understand the phenomenon of publishers pushing absolutely fucking retarded mandates on their in-house developers. Sony in particular, a company I was a fanboy of many moons ago when I was young enough that it didn't seem dumb like it is, has made so many fucking stupid decisions over the past ten years that it's like they're cartoonishly inept. An ostensibly single-player focused game... that requires a constant connection, for literally no conceivably *good* reason, beyond being something some dipshit executive somewhere thought just needed to be a thing. It's like they never saw the huge amount of backlash this got when various PC publishers, like Ubisoft, pushed this as a mandate on all their games a while back, and numerous others tried the same. Sony doesn't even have the shitty excuse of it being some sort of anti-piracy measure to fall back on here. For anyone who is too narrow-minded and smooth-brained to understand why this is never a good "feature", enjoy spending time playing the game one day, making a ton of progress, not being able to save said progress because of "lol maintenance", and then having the game soft-lock or outright crash because of course, and you losing all that progress. Ditto if your own ISP decides to have a well-timed outage for an indiscernible amount of time... Because dumb shit like that happens in virtually every game that this 'feature' lol.


“Narrow-minded and smooth-brained”…wow…


Oh for fuck's sake. Years down the line they're going to shut down the servers when GT8 comes out and now you can't play anymore.


I don't get why the GT Auto and the GT Livery Editor require a internet connection? I can see that backfiring...spend hours on doing a livery only for it to never of saved 😅. Seems a bit much. Same with GT Auto spend ages tuning and fiddling and customizing only for it to suddenly not have saved the tweaks...seems a bit suspect. I'm sure we'll get a bit more clarity on all this. As always the issue is not about having an internet connection per se, it's about preservation in 5 or 10 years time after they close the servers down. Imagine if we could no longer play any of GT4 because the campaign required internet connection? That would be absolutely tragic. Same applies to GT5 despite its shortcomings. I have to admit I'm not comfortable with this at all.


This is very true, the copy of the game will be useless when the servers shut down and you cannot play the singleplayer aspect of the game. Even if GT7 is the best in the series, like you stated in 5 to 10 years if the servers shut down then you won't be able to relive the memories of the past. It's such a shame how singleplayer games are being treated. That's why I would prefer the campaign to be played offline so that the game can be preserved in some shape or form. Plus when the PS4 and the PS5 are taken off of Sony's servers in the future, there will be no way to play GT7 campaign cause the console will be considered offline.


Livery editor needs to be online to load the custom stickers, GT Auto will allow you to find other player's liveries.


Not necessarily, Milestone games have plenty of good examples of having custom livery editors being accessible offline while still being able to upload them if online.


Let’s hope polyphony rethinks that decision


I believe when it comes to the Livery editor it'll work like how it does in Sport. So no change there. And I don't think you could tweak your car setup in Sport either without internet.


Absolute face palm. Come on Sony or Polyphony, what the hell. It wasn't OK with Gt Sport, it stopped me from getting the game until 2019 when it was £12 and its definitely not OK now they are doing a more traditional Gran Turismo. It's just not good for the consumer and its not nessecary, just like its not necessary for Dirt Rally 2.0.


Making a PS4 version isn’t necessary either, but Sony and PD have made it clear that they will make decisions that benefit them financially, at the expense of the people who play their games.


I agree with 100% with this statement. PS5 version will just be an enhanced version of what PS4 is getting. You pay 70$ for upscaling. I held out on getting a PS5 for the new GT game. Now I am so glad I did. I don’t have a reason to upgrade now.


Yeah, there’s exactly 0 reason to buy a PS5 for GT7.


I genuinely think it’s a good idea to have gt7 on PS4 as well, otherwise it would be similar to what happened with gt6, it was only on one generation which stopped a lot of people from playing


GT6 was on the previous generation, not the next generation. Had it been PS4 only instead of PS3 only after the PS4 release more people would've played it.


That fuckin sucks. I don’t pay for internet and use my hotspot if I need to for laptop connectivity and small updates on PS. Big reason why I don’t play sport much even though I have a copy and stick to GT5 and GT6 on ps3 instead.




So he should get internet for one game that he won't even play online?


For fuckin real lmao. I didn’t even get to see the response cause it’s deleted but dude internet and cable are such unnecessary expenses for me for the amount of use I get out of them. I’d just be throwing money away. Offline campaign should still be a part of GT7, if not it’s as some people have been saying, it becomes a paperweight after 5 years.


With them pushing back the release constantly Id rather it be ps5 exclusive, but knowing we’ll have years until we can get the next gen to the public openly, i’m not surprised. It just sucks that this is what has to be done thanks to covid.


I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that covid had nothing to do with this, or the PS4 decision.


Eh. That just destroyed any longevity this game had :/ I mean, I still play gt3 and 4 a lot on thee olde ps2… and it’s nice to know I can always do so. Knowing GT7 is technically limited time only, is kind of saddening tbh :( I mean even gt5 and 6, which had their servers shut down about 4 years ago, let you still play them in single player, so why can’t we play gt7 in a few years when they shut this one down (hopefully it will last longer than gt6’s 5 years though)?


ITT: We put on tinfoil hats and be way dramatic! The reality is folks, the reason for always online is to monitor the legitimacy of the profiles that will be participating in the FIAGT Championships. As seen in the trailers they will be continuing due to their success. No, this game just like GTS, will not be "shipping with an expiry date". The save data is literally on your systems! When the time comes for GT7's lifespan to end, a final patch will probably be sent disabling the 'always online' save monitoring. The same once again will probably also be the case for GTS next year should things stay on schedule with release.


I get what tout are saying but, monitor legitimacy in what such ways? You can't cheat or hack a car to be a certain spec when I'm actual fact it's hiding it can do 999mph with 10000hp in a online race let alone official competitions. That would be picked up automatically anyway. Credits and Player level and and what cars they have should automatically be detected when entering competitions as being illegitimate. Majority of racing games I've played over the years have always detected this, especially ones like Race Room XP, IRacing, F1 games etc. What happens in your campaign should be completely separate to your online presence.


I will say, thanks to GT sport having a constant connection/backup of my profile, it meant when the hard drive on my ps4 died, I didn't lose any progress which was an unholy amount of hours. Lost all my other games but didn't even care as much. Just glad I kept my GT intact. Although tbf, the only reason I didn't care about the other games was that I had already completed them. If it was a half done save, I would've been more upset about them.


Yea it's nice to have backup but there can still be local and cloud saves


The FIA mode was the worst thing to happen to Gran Turismo. No one plays or watches that shit. It should've been a separate game like the past GT Academy.


This may be okay short-term. Personally I've never had an issue when it came to saving progress since an internet connection is pretty much always available in GTSPORT. ​ But long term this is a joke. You're basically buying a subscription with an unlisted expiration date. You can still boot up GT6, GT5, GT4, GT3, GT2, GT1, Tourist Trophy and the PSP version of GT and save progress, play the game from start to finish without any issues. People still play GT1 on the PS1 or emulators to this day mostly for nostalgia (A game released 24 years ago) With GTSPORT and now GT7, once the servers shut down you can never play the game in their single player modes ever again. Want to play it in 5? 10 years for nostalgia? Nope, not happening. Unless PD provides the code needed to make your own server to save progress into (Which they should, but they wont), theres literally no chance at preserving these games.


Oof. I'll defend PD all day, but this. This is awful...


Really Polyphony? AGAIN???


If thats the case then Ill immediately 100 percent the game as soon as it comes out. Who knows how long those servers will last.


Exactly, I already did a big grind for Sport but tbh I'm not feeling up to doing it all over again in GT7. Make sure you got all the cars you want as well


The whole generation?


Relatively speaking that time is short as fuck.


You mean the PS4 generation?


yep saw that too, damn, i really hope it does not impede too much the flow of game if played online, sucks.... Seriously I really do not know what goes through the head of devs sometimes, they are shooting themselves in the foot. People, please think about the future, you game will become a frisbee after sometime. Imagine if you want to play some GT4 40 years after, well you are fucked.


I never had any issues with this playing GT Sport, in fact I only benefited from it such as when I played it on my cousin's PS4 pro I was able to continue playing using my save very quickly.


PSA: GT7 campaign will require removal of DRM for me to purchase it


I wouldn’t be surprised if GT7 is the first in the series to constantly report your play data back to Polyphony servers. I expect Polyphony have the capability to collect all our play data, if they choose to, PS4/PS5 certainly has the hardware capability. All your usage of the game, from detailed race data to the mundane: - a feed of your throttle input and steering angle throughout the duration of a race - how long you spend flicking between paint colours before purchasing a car - whether you tweak your car set up before a race, and the exact car settings you settle on. How frequently do users change their “suspension rebound” settings? Do certain Tracks result in more car set up customisation than others? With the way internet-ready games are updated incrementally over time, perhaps this iteration of Gran Turismo will roll out unannounced, tailored and personalised updates over time. Maybe GT7 will learn how you’ve taken a liking to collecting JDM rotaries, and as a strategy to keep you playing will display more RX-7s/RX-8s in the Used Car lot. It’s possible that the prices of your favourite used cars will be inflated slightly just for your game if Polyphony crunch the numbers and detect that’s what motivates you to grind races for a little longer each day. edit: typo


I think your spot on. If you decide JDM inflation in the game like it is irl is annoying, you might be encouraged to swap to a different car genre. Then the process repeats once more.


Oh wow thanks for the information. I had planned to get this day 1 as I never expected it to be like sport as this has a campaign. Definitely skipping it would not have been happy to pay $70 and find out this after the fact.


This is literally unacceptable. I don't think we'll ever be at a point where having a consistent connection will be guaranteed everywhere all the time. There's literally every reason not to do this.


Hi everyone I created an online petition earlier today in regards to the always-online requirement of GT7 in the hopes that the story gets more widespread coverage online. If you feel the same way as I do and share my disappointment, feel free to sign the petition below. Whether or not Sony/Polyphony Digital will actually care to read is a different story, but i think it’s still important to call them out. If this were a problem with piracy, Sony would implement DRM into every single game and not single out Gran Turismo. https://www.change.org/p/sony-make-gran-turismo-7-available-to-play-offline/dashboard


I shall sign this myself. I noticed that the link sends me to a login so here is the page link https://www.change.org/p/sony-make-gran-turismo-7-available-to-play-offline


We should complain about this to Sony. When enough people complained about the Horizon Forbidden West PS4/PS5 upgrade cost, Sony backed off and removed the cost. I think we shouldn't accept always online in our single player games.


I want to but sadly idk if we can get enough people to rally behind it sadly. I know in another subreddit someone else talked about it and they have like 1.5k+ upvotes so maybe sony will see! :D


Well, we got our answer, and it's a load of horse shit. Literally just make it so livery's are not apart of the offline campaign. Wtf PD is this shit https://www.gtplanet.net/new-gran-turismo-7-details-ps4-vs-ps5-driving-physics-gt-cafe-and-more-revealed-in-kazunori-yamauchi-interview/


Oh man that sucks .... Seriously huge trailer , hyped everyone and then this. Feels like a kick in the belly.


Welp Sony can fuck right off.


Welp, that shreds it. GT7 is dead to me now.


Same, I was so excited for GT7 then I heard this news... all my hype has gone down the drain. I wanted an Offline Gran Turismo game for PS4/PS5. That is all and looks like we aren't getting that :( My internet sucks so looks like I'm not buying GT7 anymore.


Why? You don’t have your PlayStation connected to the internet?


Singleplayer games that require a constant internet connection are idiotic. Perfect example is the SimCity remake, which nobody could play for the better part of a month because the servers were almost perpetually dead.


Ok. Don’t buy it then. I never had a single problem with GT sport.


Yeah I mean since YOU never had a problem, that means no one else did either right lol what a pointless statement.


I don’t know anyone without internet. Do you not have WiFi?


Many people have *unreliable* internet, many people's ISPs sometimes have outages or 'maintenance' where they won't be able to play the game, and when THIS game has maintenance, you won't be able to save your data or probably even actually play online. And then there's the possibility where the game itself won't be playable somewhere down the line just because of some arbitrary connection requirement. There are countless negatives for forced online and zero positives of it, and it's baffling why so many gamers are so dumb that their first instinct is to make excuses anytime gamedevs/publishers do stupid shit like this lol. It's legit the reason this industry has gone down the shitter over the past 15 years.


Oh great..


Have we not learned from losing the ability to create tracks in GT6? Once the next game is released and this one goes offline, it'll basically be unplayable. All your liveries, cars, progress, photos, replays, leaderboards, etc will be GONE! There really is no reason for anything but multiplayer and the search function to be online-only. This is such a simple and easy fix. Please let them know that we appreciate everything else, but this MUST be fixed.


Well crap... there goes all my hype. Guess i'm not buying GT7 anymore because my internet is actually lame


Ok, No problem for me




This is such a non issue IMO. A PS4 isn't even really very functional without an internet connection to the degree that you can't even put a DVD in for the first time without an internet connection. Now we are talking PS5 games and consoles. It isn't a big deal and it is what it is.


True with the DVD aspect (you can still install games offline from disc it's just because of day 1 updates that require internet connection) but for those who don't have a stable internet connection this is a huge let down for them because they won't be able to play the game steady like it used to be. Since it's a singleplayer experience why force them to play with a constant internet connection, it's no different from other games that are singleplayer based and require constant internet connection. I mainly play my games offline on my PS4 because I don't play multiplayer on any of my games so there's no point to being connected for me personally. I remember Sport's campaign not being offline being a huge issue in the past that's why I said something here :D


>This is such a non issue... it is what it is It's this exact mindset that has allowed this to become common practice over the last decade. You should be very upset. You should cancel your pre-order. But let's be honest, *you* won't. Instead you'll continue this practice and ruin the hobby for the rest of us that want to enjoy this game any time we please versus when our ISP and the developers allow us to.


How's this an issue? People who have PS5s definitely already have routers lol. And have them running fine at least 95% of the time


And the 5%, where it's not running fine, are the issue that shouldn't even exist in a singleplayer mode.


Until the servers are turned off and you can’t play the game anymore. You know there’s people out there that like to collect collect and be able to play old games.


>it is what it is Yes, and it is utter fucking bullshit. Videogames have been around for over half a century now, can you point to where or why we need an internet connection for single player? (hint - we don't), or who this benefits? (hint - not the paying customer). Stop apologising for shitty practices.


If gt4 was able to and did this, I wouldn’t have gotten much progress on one of the games that I grew up playing. Until recently I wasn’t mature enough to actually make progress in that game, and there *will* be people who aren’t able to revisit a childhood favorite that they were never able to finish because of this stupid design decision. Assuming it’s like GTS, it still saves your data locally, but it’ll be a demo for the full game that’s accessed by the internet. And when the servers are taken down, that’s it. No more campaign mode. It’s literally the worst of both worlds


Oh no, where will I get an internet connection in 2021 🙀


Oh no, the servers shut down and you can't play the game ever again even in single player.


I am exhausted with outrage over our societal issues. I'm letting this one slide. We have much bigger problems to deal with than the six people who have a current gen console with no internet. This is the way it's going to be.


This isn't about people with a console but no internet, this about playing the game after the servers get shut down.


Serious question: What are the always online games whose single player campaigns weren't playable when the servers got shut down?


So what.


The gran turismo drama club is back in class. If you didn’t like it with sport why did you buy sport? It’s because the fia partnership.


Nobody is shocked at this tbh what game isn't online these days...exactly alot so this was expected and nothing much new. Yes it sucks but the old days are long gone while a few games that have single player modes sometimes have a offline mode that's becoming rare and in the end this won't stop me and many others from getting on GT7 because we have been waiting a long time for this.


Well there be full AI racing in VR?




I think theyll integrate online racing into the campaign mode. Possibly the option with all the races on whether to race against AI, or race against real people online. I'm not particularly interested in racing AI anymore after the last few years of GT Sport, racing real people online is much more engaging.


So you’ll need a PlayStation plus account? If so that’s me not buying the game


Just... why, PD? Why must you do this?


Fuck this shit man. This killed my hype completly.


Unfortunately in the time that we live in is not about the experience that we have playing a game or everyone's love for the game, the fact that we've been playing this game for 22 years or more, it's about gathering information


I just want to add that I've been playing Gran Turismo ever since I stumbled across it in a demo in a PlayStation magazine disc around 1998-9


oh i see


This is very concerning. Please reverse it back like Sim City did. GT7 isn’t supposed to be online like this. This will hurt Gran Turismo 7 a lot.


Online connection for scapes? Like WTF. But who knows, I know stuff like The Division had to be online even if you chose single player because there was some cloud computing going on for some aspects the PS4 couldn't. If this is coming to PS4 then maybe it needs to offset that with cloud computing somewhere, but I don't know how you need that for scapes. I could see it as a requirement to be online only IF you choose to do an MMO style and wanted to run career against real life drivers. It's a bit of a shame that they've gone this way, I guess GT Sport was just showing us what's to come.


This is fucking stupid




You have to be kidding me.


"Gran Turismo 7 will be more like older GT titles"


This means there will definitely be maintenance when I'm in a 70 lap endurance race on lap 68.


Cry us a river


What? We are doing this AGAIN? Welp, guess I won't buy this game either. Thankfully I also own a Series X and I'll just play Forza instead. Absolutely brainless decision.


If I can go back to winning cars for cups/championships, I won’t give a fuck about any of this.


And that’s a no from me. If I’m paying for it, I should be able to play online or offline.


Even with a slow internet connection, I can still play Sport. I guess this won't be a problem to me. The updates on the other hand... and the fact that the PS4 needs to copy the whole game (if I still don't have a PS5 by next year)... that'll cost time for sure.


I hate this kind of stuff, I understand that they want to monitor, and validate stuff, but a persistent internet connection for campaign is just unexeptable. Imagine spending your hard earned money for this day one, I just want to sit down in my chair, not be bothered by anyone or anything and enjoy some GT campaign for a few hours without hassle. What if the servers go down? What if you race for a long time and the internet cuts out? I already live in a place where good internet cost more than my soul. Since I can't find a PS5 yet, and the campaign is online only, I'll hold off until 2023, I guess. Hopefully by then they do that 20GB+ update for the offline campaign (it'll take me a day to download that), damn. Same thing with GT Sport, I only loved it after the update, that's the impact.


Yeah they shouldn’t lock the ENTIRE campaign behind and internet connection. It’s so annoying. It’s only been a problem for me with sport maybe 2-3 times max but when it happens it’s infuriating


Cries in jailbroken ps4 ;(


They shut the online servers for GT5 in 2014 and GT6 in 2018. GT Sport won't be too far away but might last a little longer. If it's always online for single player so expect a credits cap and microtransactions to buy cars to speed progression.


Does this require a PSPlus subscription? Because I just bought a PS 4 Pro only to play PS exclusives for the first time. Im not interested in multiplayer, especially not if I have to pay for it.