Your Hottest FGO Takes


I swear every time I see a hot takes thread it's always filled with the worst takes imaginable and stuff that have been repeated so many times that they're barely lukewarm than they are hot. "I don't like servants liking Guda!" "Mash should have stayed dead!" "I don't like [insert popular servant name here]!" I swear if absolutely none of comes up I will be shocked. But for my hot take, Beryl is an evil douchebag with 0 depth beyond that he is not sympathetic or tragic, he's just a less interesting take on Kirei. I normally wouldn't consider this a hot take but recent events have made me think otherwise.


Actually... that's a very good definition of Beryl. He's just a bland evil character for the sake of being evil and that's all. Dr. Evil from Austin Powers has more depth as a villain than Beryl and that isn't hard to achieve lol. Hardly a hot take.


I normally wouldn't call it a hot take, but recently I got massively downvoted for saying Beryl's mother saying one bad thing to him in a flashback doesn't doesn't really count as a tragic upbringing


My guess is you were downvoted by NA players that haven't experienced LB6 yet. Just let them see for themselves how lacking Beryl is. His "redemption" moment even sucks lol.


I gotchu. The later/current story should be easier for those who just want the story, and they should just add challenge quests for those that want the challenge. Which they already have during events anyway. Edit: Or better, a challenge mode OF the story.


The series loves to over complicate things, invent new rules to break them and overall feels like it just runs on rule of cool. don't get me wrong, it's still a fun ride. It just hurts to think too hard about events that happen in this game sometimes.


Imagine how "old school" (oh my fucking god, I think I'm old) Type Moon fans felt before 2015 when they had their serious powerlevel talks and lore talks... only so 8 years later, all lore, rules, exceptions and whatnot can always have a way out no matter what. If I told them back then some of the things we've experienced nowadays they wouls believe I'm fucking delusional and that I don't understand the over complicated lore filled mind of Kinoko Nasu nor have read his works or some shit lol.


yeah, it's a wild ride and no one knows how to get off it.


Almost 8 years since release-still no account system, that's just unacceptable by any means


Eresh is the most overrated servant and people wont stop crying about a summer version its as bad as muramasa was back in the day


Should've seen those people, the same people who complained about no Christmas 2022 nor actual content in the game for a whole month when they saw a tanned Ereshkigal for less than 2 seconds in a trailer of LB7: motherfuckers creamed their pants and sucked Lasangle's longass eggplant into submission and totally forgot of what just happened for an Ereshkigal skin...


Goredolf or Mash should be the main character of Part 2.


No one? I'll go first then Nitocris alter still is weak and needs an interlude upgrade. I don't want to be obligated to use 2nd skill with 3rd skill together.


Her main problem is her greatest strength, instant kill. For her to be good she would need something else beside instant kill as an effect on her NP or them buffing instant kill to make it do something if it doesn’t take effect.


I don't know. Ever since quick np caster being added i no longer have any ammunition to attack. I literally didn't have complain about current fgo. Nothing "meme"able enough. I need something as ridiculous as adding quick np caster. Though meme aside i would like to play year 1-3 event that i missed. Like summer 1 or saber wars 1. Hell, i even missed kara no kyoukai collab. My account was weak back then i couldn't complete it. I would like ability to rerun.


Old Man Assassin is the only one worthy of being Grand Servant.


I'll comment this before sleeping so let's just hope for the best... or maybe worst, I don't know. - the lack of use of OG Artoria in the story is ridiculous. After 8 years and people at some point expecting the OG Saber to have any role in the story, the best she gets is just references, the first Summer event (if you consider her swimsuit version as the same Artoria and not a variant) and the Zero event. I understand the whole "Artoria's story is over, so if you want to know her story, you can play Stay Night or also watch Zero"... no, why should her story be over even if "her story" in Stay Night is? Servants are freaking copies of the individuals they're based on, like that episode from Futurama with Fry wanting to have a Lucy Liu robot. OG Artoria could be brough back into the story at any moment instead of pumping over 10 different variants that... I know some Stay Night fans may hate this... but feel "more interesting than OG Artoria". Seriously, to me, Castoria's journey in LB6 outperformed OG Artoria. - the lack of love for OG Tamamo in the game is worrying. Koyanskaya is the most severe case of blue balls I've ever seen and Tunguska is a shit fest that makes Septem and Agartha combined be like LB6 and LB7. And for the NA folks, you'll see why... don't expect too much, to be honest. Also, the plot twist of who Koyanskaya is is ridiculous and stupid; she makes no sense... but hot dayum, I'm not gonna deny girl's got drip and is drop dead gorgeous. - the lore in the game is none existing. Literally whatever restriction you may think of either hasn't been proved to be wrong or surpassed... or there hasn't been an asspull to overwrite it - 3 week events aren't a problem, literally having nothing else to do outside of the event AND after it is the problem. This could easily be fixed with a freaking Grail Front in between that starts in the second week of the event and ends when the event ends; while releasing daily challenges to keep both things somewhat relevant. For people that have a tight schedule and are too tired to play until the they have a day or two in the whole week to relax, this is a breathing; and I'm speaking from experience on this matter back when events were 2 weeks and I was super busy with exams week, proyects from university and the part time job with extra hours where I only slept like 3 or 4 hours max. - Mashu isn't a bad character, she's certainly a nice companion... but stories and events are more interesting when she isn't around and someone else takes the role of our companion. Some of the popular girls have had this little opportunity and to this day, they're still popular even after not being a companion anymore. Epic of Remnnant did a good job keeping Mashu away and LB6 also did a good job in this regard. - the game feels like it's on "coma mode": not dead... but definitely with severe lack of content and engaging stuff. Outside of this event, it feels like a hassle to even open up the game. Trying to collect blue apples feels like a chore and is sometimes forgotten. The lack of reruns and not implementing other stuff to keep players entertained is another problem. While I'm glad people can obtain welfares they missed... they could've reran the events they came from before adding them to the shop so people coud be entertained with how events were like. - the playerbase is easily guillable into keeping the game afloat and Lasangle knows it. They could speak with their wallets so Lasangle knows they're can't keep doing this or that but that won't happen. Think about LB7 and "Christmas 2022" for example. LB7's development caused Lasangle to ditch last year's Chrsitmas event, a first time that, unlike the Halloween events with Liz, had no specific servant that was overused in an event so there was no real excuse to cancel Christmas. Then we were told the second part of LB7 would happen in the second half of January. People were pissed off about the sacrifice of Christmas and that's why Lasangle released Nitocris Alter... despite they said they wouldn't released any LB7 servants until the story was over to avoid spoilers. And after one whole month to release the second part in literally the last day of January and at the last hour... they also released a trailer for the part that showed a tanned Ereshkigal for like 2 seconds and then everyone creamed their pants as they sucked Lasangle's longass eggplant into submission, forgiving them for the whole month of nothing and Christmass 2022 dying for our sins. - ever since the last... 3 years, I believe, it feels like most of the new servants are just eye candy to bait people into dumping their wallets and after the event/story, the servants get forgotten and are only mentioned. Like Miss Crane, now she's just a clerk at the spiritron dress shop alongside Habetroth and we don't see anything of her. Super Bunyan sucked ass so hard we haven't seen anything of her post Learning with Manga collab; same for Mary Anning or Daikokuten. After her event, I haven't seen Bakin again, nor the new Lancer Ryouma or Ranmaru X... despite Takasugi became this year's CBC servant. Hell, the Trung sisters, the first Vietnamese servants, had their own event and they got shoehorned into the sidelines as Melt, Morgan and Ereshkigal stole their spotlight... and I haven't seen them ever since. - gatekeeping relationships in the game is stupid, this is a waifu... and sometimes a husbando simulator. Complain all you want about the coomers but that's what keeps the game afloat, even when there should be moments where they shouldn't spend X quantity of money to roll for Y servant. So what if Artoria is in love with Shirou, Arcueid with Shiki, Nero and Tamamo with Hakuno, Tomoe with Yoshinaka and so on? The big majority of servants are just copies of the real deal anyways, anyone can have a piece of that cake, whether if you like it or not... and as shown with some examples, there will always be a condition to actually date these characters, like Arc's Valentine's scene which shows she remains loyal to Shiki... but that doesn't mean her two other selves can't find love as well and is willing to help.