yeah, that was horrible attempt on pun. I'm sorry. Here's song to lighten up the mood. [Gekisou sentai carranger](https://youtu.be/4dT5LbXjHm8) Good luck to those who still try to summon her.


If you watched all the power rangers is there any merit to watching the JP super sentai rangers? Other than the absolute banger theme songs ofcourse


I'm not sure, but maybe? I know there is season that did not have ranger adaptation. That could be a reason to check super sentai side. Like super sentai prior to zyuranger/ mighty morphin in the west. Like jetman. Or there's also sentai that did not get adapted because too eastern. Like dairanger or toQger. Also. Because each sentai season is more self-contained, sentai has lower entry point requirement compared to ranger in which first few season shared universe and continuity. As for story. Because power ranger is adapted from sentai. If you already watch ranger you would probably felt deja vu every now and then when watching sentai so there is that. I hope this reply helps.


Master: Wait. You're not Scottish. Caren: No one needs to know.


Like a boss!