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1 reason: Fatherless behavior


twitter cant go 2 seconds without crying


That's the longest they can go without crying the fastest I've heard was a microsecond


0.000000000000000000001 of a microsecond


Such skills are important on other things in life smh


Wouldn't that make you a crying twitter Cryer?


Make that a millisecond




Man Twitter got no fathers and no maidens.


For better or worse, they got Daddy Elon now. Hopefully he's a good dad, and not a bad one.


I’ll be honest, I don’t know enough about Musky Wusky to form an opinion, but I guess I’m glad it’s him and not Ben Shortpiro


They ain't got no spirit steeds.


Most probably maidenless aswell


Glad that my Twitter is in the Japanese side.


[EMOTIONAL DAMAGE](https://youtu.be/njO8mmr2MoQ)


Please don't give those disgusting people an excuse for their behavior. Not having a father is no excuse, because there are plenty of people who didn't have them, and still don't think like that.


Oh come on, don’t put us fatherless people in the same group as Twitter


How to be hated on twitter in zero easy steps: Dont worry about it. Someone somewhere already irrationally hates you.


That's the awesome thing. Since I don't have Twitter I also can't get cancelled for the shot I say xD


A Twitter user probably took offense to that...


you can and that is the funniest part


My Twitter is private and I probably have haters.


Twitter That's all the answer you need


some people are dumb and think that if a child blush in parent's arm there is a sexual content behind


i wonder if they'll ever realize they are the only ones sexualizing Anya, and are projecting it onto others


No but for real though, do people honestly believe Anya is being sexualized somehow? Why? How?


I read an article that was about one of the cases that gained popularity... Prepare to feel sad for how stupid our fellow humans can be.... Because Anya blushes at Loid, they see it as her exhibiting sexual attraction towards Loid, as such the author wants us to see Anya as a sexual being... If only people who were hit with the stupid stick were hit hard enough to make them comatose :(


That's rediculous. Anime characters blush when they're embarrassed too. Then again, a reasoning and mentally functional human should know that. Wonder if it's possible to facepalm yourself into a coma.


Don't do it. Us reasonable people will be down a member if you go comatose. If I misunderstood and you meant the others... If the people who think blushing is lewd with Anya's context realize what they thought was so dumb that they face palmed themselves into a coma... I guess wishing that would be wrong. We should be pro rehabilitation XD


Yeah, I blush everytime my mother tells me about the time I pissed myself but that doesn't mean it's sexual


The fact the person sees it as that makes them the sick one.


If their brain automatically think sexual attraction after seeing that then they might be the real pedo here


>Because Anya blushes at Loid, they see it as her exhibiting sexual attraction towards Loid It's like they haven't seen enough anime to realize that characters blush outside a romantic/sexual context all the time. Which is probably the case, actually.


Permanent comatose.


theyve been watching too much hentai to say that


I think the stupid part is the people taking it seriously. the tiktok was obviously satire. I looked through the guys account and it is just full of satire making fun of people who obvously make remarks similar to this


oh god... that makes the article i read even more sad. it made no mention that the tiktok was satire. ​ this is literally the internet wanting to be salty and choosing to interpret things in a way that lets them be salty regardless of how unlikely the context is what they want it to be.


Have these people not heard of *being happy*? \*Sigh\* dumb question, I know.


Just downright fatherless.


Wait are you serious? I’ve only read the manga, but is that seriously happening?


It was a TikTok thing


If just seen memes about it and such, can't tell if it was satire or not


The person who started this shitshow said it wasn't satire, until the massive backlash. Than it was suddenly satire.


Schröedinger's asshole


Didn't they also went on to say how it has no lgbt or black representation? Or was that some different guy?


She isn't, but there are a bunch of closeted pedos that see children and think sex and then take it out on everyone else.


As a general rule, the people who talk about it the most usually are the ones who do it when no one is looking.




Anime is basically porn, so


I think you’re missing a /s there


Haha I figured it was obvious enough, guess I was wrong there.


Poe's law man. No matter how obvious it seems that it's sarcastic there's someone out there dumb enough to say it for real.


considering how dumb some people is, we need to take every thing seriously on reddit unless its in its appropriate sub


Lmao might want to change that before you get downvoted to hell and back


How did you even get downvoted???


I'll upvote you so you can get ur imnerned points back up from the fakes and the frauds.


No, not really, as far as I can tell. Someone posted that, but looked like a troll. It did raise a lot of ire, so I'd say troll successful.


We've gotten so used to children being sexualized in anime even wholesome representations of children is controversial. Also I guess unconventional family and all that. 🙄


Fatherless and neglected users. Yeah


Some folks were just denied positive masculine affection and now cannot fathom a character experiencing the warmth they missed.


Nah, one person on tiktok did a troll video and blamed twitter, and people around here ate it up.


the one person that denied the video was satire that's now backpedalling when the attention the person got was insult about being fatherless and changed their tiktok name and is now telling people it was satire?


It's not controversial. Some dipshit tried to make it controversial to get attention and it backfired spectacularly. Case closed.


Like, I could understand if it was the blood and killing. "Animation is for kids" and all that. But no, it had to be something even stupider.


You need parental figures to find it relatable


Step 1: Don't use Twitter Step 2: Also don't use Twitter Step 3: Profit from no headaches


Twitter is fine. Just set your country to something you can't understand (likely Japan) and use it to follow your favorite artists, influencers, etc.


some dumbass tried to claim anya is being sexualized for clout and it backfired horribly. then we got "those" people who go out of their way and label character with genders and make fanart of all of the characters as black, mexican, or just fat. y'know, typical twitter stuff.


Popular = controversial


1. because there are fatherless dumbasses 2. because there are racist dumbasses




They're\* If you're going to correct someone make sure you're right first.


Ze r


It is 'there are' /s


Why the /s? "there are" is totally fine, "they're" has a different meaning but also works in those sentences, "their" would be incorrect


In the sentence of the first commenter, 'there are' would be incorrect as 'there' is used for places while 'they' is used for people and that sentence is referring to people so using 'they' is correct while using 'there' is incorrect.


"There is" can be used to mean that something exists without referring to a place. "There are" people like you who don't interpret things correctly


I just reread the sentence and 'there are' can be used. My bad.


Cause, duh, its popular, you have to criticize popular things if you want fame


Some people can’t accept that a father can be kind and loving towards their adopted daughter


now wait for them to introduce anya's classmate who has a crush on loid and call it grooming


It's because they have no father figure in their lives. Hence why they commit fatherless behavior.


Simple, it depicts a family, with the up and downs. Something the twitter twits lack and are angry about.


It ain’t controversial, more so it’s a forced controversy where no one is really complaining about the “controversy” and everyone is complaining about people complaining about the “controversy”. Usually anime news article stirs up a fake controversy like how they did with demon slayer with clickbait titles and people eat it up. The Tiktok post about it sexualizing minors was made by a troll (his account made it pretty clear) and usually twitter is bought up so they can throw “cancel culture” even tho it’s just some nameless person with 10 followers that’s mad.


See your first problem was going on Twitter to begin with.


It is because it's a popular series that is liked by people who isn't part of an echo chamber on Twitter. So the twit-tarded weirdos wants to ruin the series to make them look better than those other people by trying to make up some narrative of Spy X Family is problematic so there for liking Spy X Family is problematic so there for you're problematic


attention seeking hoes be attention seeking hoes!


Because twitter can't stop sexualizing anything that resembles a child.


Actually, legitimate, unironical, fatherless behaviour. These people have never gotten fatherly love and immediately describe anything wholesome as "creepy" Lloid picks up Anya? Creepy, Lloid jokes about selling Anya, Creepy. Anya fucking exists and Lloid takes care of her, Creepy These people need some time off the internet and go get some family time


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It's *because* it's wholesome. Some people on the internet, especially Twitter and parts of Reddit, can't fathom the idea of people just being decent


What is not controversial on Twitter?


It portrays a father figure without him being the buffoon that Western Media has propagandized our populace to believe all non-Toxic father figures are. Because it is a wholly positive portrayal without the usual "man dumb haha", their minds - which cannot process anything but scorn for a father figure - seek out things that they can declare problematic. Because he's not an incompetent buffoon and therefore he MUST be evil. TL;DR: No fathers.


**Predictions because IDK either. Maybe it's because:** **a.** The girl's cheeks were too pink for the fandom to handle. **b.** Or maybe the L.cons are afraid their new loli will reject them if she can read their mind before they get a chance to get close to her. And they can't remove her ability to read minds because they think that removes a big part of her character. (They want defenseless character.)


Recently people were angry because loid punched a teacher in the preview, saying that this specific scene taken out of context incites violence, disconsidering the fact that there were fight scenes on previous episodes and that yor is a killer


Because it's Twitter. They want to be upset for the sake of being upset.


it isn't one person said something negative and everyone is blowing it out of proportion


Those retards are at it again???


Because Twitter are just a group of Karen’s


Because all of these twitter neckbeards only think about is porn


people in twitter are gonna complain something because they havent had to experience the said thing


It's tweeter what do you expect


People who says that Anya is sexualized because of the blush are the actual predators.


fatherless dumbasses Twitter is stupid beyond redemption


Twitter being Twitter...


same reason as always: we can't have nice things in this world


Troll post in tiktok got eaten up by this sub, there is no controversy over on twitter about it. Go check out the spyxfamily hashtag over there, its 100% wholesome


It’s not. Some troll tried to make it that way and got dragged.


Because twitter longs for the concept of a father figure


It's not just spyxfamily basically every popular anime. These twitter user's only goal is to become viral. And posting an absurd take in the internet, especially against a popular show is a good way to be viral. Look at the person that does "anime fix drawings" which got popular by ruining an anime character by makig them fatter for more "realism". That became popular because of controversy too


I thought it was because Rat decided to make a doujin Turns out, its way worse


Why? Cause Anya has a dad


Didn't know either and same.


Because twatter


Why do people use this template and then ask in the title


Is it? All I've seen is people absolutely loving it


It's Twitter


don't worry about controversial on twitter, it's not a real place man.


When I first read the manga and the 1st chapter ended. And there was a scene before the end Loid sleeping on the couch and then Anya huddling up next to him. That picture made my heart go fua fua. It was next level adorable and it made me think of me having a kid and loving and pampering her the absolute most. And to think that people are thinking else. It is disturbing.


Be afraid to lose brain cells if you asked that on twitter.


Because Twitter users have never touched grass... Some of them are good tho


apparently someone drew anya with dark skin and now twitter is whining about it


Like is ay I need some battleships to destroy these motherfuckers


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Its twitter, ignore it


Because some mentally challenged individuals thought it sexualizes the little girl. Because they are retarded. Truly, deeply retarded.


Lets all argue over a fictional story


Every anime is always controversial on Twitter. It’s funny in a way.


Twitter being Twitter .. nothing new here move on.


Main reason is because Anya is a cute child and makes many pedophiles show up... and like someone else said, fatherless behaviour


is there anything not controversial on twitter?


Weebs took the bait.


Because kids don’t have good relationships with their parents


for the same reason i just follow a couple fanart accounts on twitter and have never tweeted anything , because twitter is filled with little kids , and overgrown people acting like kids , both of 'em with a mind more narrow than my damn urethra , i saw images of tweets on insta of people raging over why there is no black character and that loid is pedophile , seriously , these people need to touch grass and get a life


It's funny you use this picture, because they also hate Chris Pratt for similarly dumb reasons.


Because apparently fathers aren't allowed to show affection for their children. Apparently it's paedophilia, and apparently it's even worse if they're adopted.


All the steps on how to be controversial on Twitter: 1. Breathe


Short and sweet (at least from what I know, I could be wrong) some cuck on TikTok never had a positive father figure in their life and tried to get it canceled because they thought Anya was being sexualized in episode 1


If this is about the anya blushing thing, does that make Kirby a sexual object?


Bullshit insanity but with elon musk buying it I've got a good feeling that Twitter New Order will ensure that insanity is in check ![gif](giphy|w370Abr1SDvalxR6vs|downsized)


eh...no? ​ If Elon Musk ensures full freedom of speech (within confines of law), the rant and boycott calls would continue on twitter.


Idk why people think he even is pro-freedom of speech. He tried to buy out the account of a teenager who tweeted all his private jet flights so he could delete it. He canceled the Tesla pre-order of a journalist who criticized him. He fired a Tesla employee for posting a clip of the auto-pilot in his car failing. He "canceled" an anonymous blogger by contacting his employer when the blogger posted negative stock analysis of Tesla. From all this, we can gather, Elon supports free-speech, as long as you don't criticize him, his friends or his businesses.


I mean he just spent $44B on twitter and stated that his reason was free speech. You don’t just willy nilly drop billions of dollars on a company in an industry you’ve never operated in. He has also listed out some goals for twitter that suggest a move towards free speech.


So basically ignore every action he's ever taken and take his word for it. Got it. It must be nice living in your world. ![gif](giphy|4ilFRqgbzbx4c)


Wish I was half as cool as Spike. I don’t doubt those 4 actions are bad, but they seem pretty small potatoes compared to a $44B transaction with the only stated purpose being free speech. It should be at least enough not to be overly pessimistic.


I'm gonna be real with you chief, Elon has never seemed to be a particularly philanthropic person. He's done some good stuff, most recently donating star link gear to Ukraine, but he's done a ton more super shitty, anti-consumer, anti-worker shit. I really doubt that $44B has anything to do with free speech and has everything to do with making money.


But it would be countered more because rational people would not be banned for wrongthink anymore. And just the news of Elon Musk buying twitter is bound to attract more people.


It won't change very much. Pretty sure. Elon Musk is just another common billionare looking out for his own best interest


Aren’t we all, at least the second part.