What is wrong with people?

What is wrong with people?


If someone is getting belligerant on the course like that, just ring the clubhouse and let them know what is going on Not acceptable


I let them know. I just don't get being so drunk and angry while golfing. I thought 99.9% of us do it to relax. The other 0.1% are pro/working to be pro


People blame the booze but sounds like an he’d be an asshole even if sober as a judge.


It's never the alcohol's fault. If you're an asshole when drunk, then you're an asshole all the time.


As a drinker 100% this. I become more respectful towards people usually when I drink because I know im intoxicated


Yeah I’m typically overly friendly when I’m drunk. No excuse to be an asshole


Totally. My buddy and I will put a few too many back sometimes, but we dont turn into dicks. Never hit into people, are always polite and let people play through. Alcohol just makes us duff more shots and laugh more.


There are depressed drunks, angry drunks, and happy drunks. Angry drunks ruin the fun for everyone.


And depressed drunks ruin the fun for themselves


This by a mile. I’ll definitely pound several but I just end up being overly complimentary of the groups we let play through and laugh at how bad I am. Still keep pace of play, even if that means a drop because I’m not spending 5 minutes looking for a ball if people are behind me


Drunk words are sober thoughts.


*In vino veritas*


I've played golf for 20+ years now and not once have ever wanted to drink while playing. Currently nursing a hangover, so it's not that I don't like a drink, it's more I don't get the correlation.


Do you ever play rounds with friends and a cart? I get not drinking when playing solo and walking and concentrating on your game, but a few beers during a social round seems so natural that I’m confused that you don’t get it (even if you don’t want to partake).


Ahh of course I get it, freewill and whatever and I wasn't saying it's bad, just I've never drank when doing any other sport or casual activity (like walking or hiking), so I don't see the attraction of the 2 on a golf course. To answer your question, I very rarely play by myself. In all of the years playing, dropping into four balls with prior I don't know, I can count on my hand the amount of times I've seen alcohol on the course.


I am 100% the same, but then again it’s not so common in Europe to drink on the course. I’ve maybe had a dram of whisky at the turn once or twice but the binge drinking culture at the golf course is completely lost on me. I save that shit for the pub.


Any resolution from the clubhouse?


Not that I know of, but there's plenty of other courses around. Luckily, I only go to this one a couple times per month for 9.


Hit their ball back.


Any ball hit past my friend without “fore” He would run over it with the golf cart


And then you gotta throw the divot mix on where you just ran over.


First time I generally let it go unless we're obviously in view, in the latter case I like to tee the ball up and leave it for them. Seems appropriately passive aggressive enough for where I live.


You must live in Minnesota LMAO


My thoughts exactly: "one of my kind in the wild!"


Is this a passive aggressive move? Someone just did this to my ball today. It went on their fairway but wasn't close to them and I called fore. I thought they were just being nice, hahaha!


I prefer to tee it up and blast it into the woods


Same as except with my own balls


And get into a fight with 4 drunk guys?


9 Iron to the leaders dome would probably send them scurrying. “Well, once I take out the leader, which is you, I'll have to contend with one or two enthusiastic wingmen. The last two guys, they always run.”- Jack Reacher


I love the Jack Reacher reference. Still can’t understand how tiny Tom Cruise got the role since he’s the opposite of the character in the books. 🤷🏻‍♂️


Yeah but...then you're in prison for murder.


Jack reacher does it all the time and he always turns out ok by the end


Good way to get your ass kicked or hurt someone else.


If the fairway is soft enough I just stomp it right into the ground. Good luck finding that sucker.


As a side note, I'm playing to become a relaxed pro. My definition of pro is pretty broad, as in, my wife pays me to go play golf..... I'm pretty much a fully sponsored golfer /s


sounds like maybe a corporate golf day, which often get boozy and generally have a few guys who don't play regularly and have poor understanding of golf ethics


That’s not poor understanding of any sort of ethics, that is just a asshole.


When I first started playing golf I remember my Grandpa telling me about how pace of play is important, that you had to wear a collared shirt, and that you weren't allowed to say "I'll beat the fuck out of you, you piece of shit" to other golfers. Some people just never learn golf ethics smh


If that exact phrase isn't in the rulebook, then it's allowed


Again - some people are just assholes lol. Golf or not you don’t just randomly go from 0 - 100 like that!


I’m pretty confident that guy has no ethics - in golf or otherwise.


Even worse if it's corporate golf day, why the fuck would anyone act that way in front of their coworkers?


Sounds like upper management to me.


That’s just being an asshole. Even if there was a conflict, that would never be normal person’s first attempt at resolution.


I worked for a decent sized midwestern country club. 99% of members golf to get away from their wives and getting obliterated drunk. lol. but they were always nice people. Sorry these guys were assholes. That feels like a combination of intoxicated golfers and a really mismanaged clubhouse to let you go in the middle of a "tournament".


That’s crazy! My interactions are generally the same as yours. I have a drink or two toward the back nine, because by then I’m usually frustrated with my game, and it calms me down and causes my back to closely match my front.


Golf is suppose to be relaxing? Learn something new every day. Happened to me one time. No tournament, but the group behind kept hitting into us in an attempt to rush us. Third time it happened I used a wedge to kindly place the ball in the next fairway.


I definitely do it to relax. I'm a walker too. But the anxiety always kicks in when a group with carts comes up behind me. Worst part of golf for me. I should point out that I DON'T play slow. But I do use my rangefinder, yardage book (at my home course), and line up my putts. My 18 hole solo walking pace at home is 2:15-2:30. If I'm at a new place, it might be closer to 3 hrs. But if my reasonable walking pace is too slow for you and you hit into me multiple times, we're going to have words.


> 2:15-2:30. If I'm at a new place, it might be closer to 3 hrs. Those are reasonable times for 18.


That’s insanely fast for 18 holes lol


I'm not a good golfer, but walking 18 with a push cart by myself is only 2:45 without feeling rushed. I wouldn't call 2:30 "insanely fast" but it is quick.


People golf to relax? In what world? Aint nothing relaxing about 3 putting from 15 feet!


Are you the best golfer ever? I'm Pretty pumped with a 5 putt from 15 feet.


Unfortunately there are far too many people using golf for a drunkfest, which is fine until it impacts others. It's getting too common. Also, there is NEVER a good reason to hit into someone.


You should call the restaurant of the shirt they were wearing too…probably employees out for a round.


Came here to say this. Never engage, just say “OK, I’ll call the clubhouse, they can clear this up”. 90% of people lose their confidence immediately and just walk away and the other 10% end up getting thrown off 🤷‍♂️


Call the clubhouse before someone gets hit with a ball or a fight breaks out and they have an issue. I’d take it further and find out the guys name and call their boss or let the restaurant know. And if boss doesn’t care or that IS the boss, would take it even further on Yelp reviews, etc. People can choose to be assholes but they don’t get to be anonymous assholes anymore.


>People can choose to be assholes but ~~they don’t get to be anonymous assholes anymore~~ that doesn't mean there aren't consequences for being an asshole.


This. I've had something similar happen and really enjoyed watching them get kicked off the course.


Was it Applebees?


Sir, it was a Wendy's


You mean Kevin’s friend Wendy? The fiery redhead?


Could I just have a Frosty and a baked potato please.


Was it date night?


No, this is Patrick




Call the proshop. Maybe not even for yourself, but for every other golfer who may have to run in to that asshole in the future. Call the proshop, insist they send someone out to talk to the group because you felt unsafe on the course as means to protect other golfers from self entitled dickheads like this. Also, pick up their balls and keep them.


This exactly, "Hold on bro, let me see why they sent me out in the middle of a 'tournament'"


>Maybe not even for yourself, but for every other golfer who may have to run in to that asshole in the future. 100% this. It sucks that you had to deal with this crap yourself, but there are a few mistakes in play here: * Why did they send you out in the middle of a tournament? * What's your recourse in general, as a paying customer, when some asshat threatens to assault you and is playing dangerously? (it's a pet peeve of mine when courses have a curmudgeonly ranger to come around and nag you but then big things like this go unresolved). As mentioned, you may not be the first or last person this crew harasses. This may not be the last tournament that restaurant chooses to participate in here. There are a lot of things that you can put in motion, even if it isn't the straw that breaks the camel's back, to move things in the _direction_ of justice.


If somebody talked to me like this on my putting mat at home I would kick them the hell out


Somebody better shut that baby up


"But Dad, I'm only four years old!"


Old enough to talk? Old enough to walk.


The starter screwed up. Also, restaurant tournaments should be given plenty of distance. I wouldn’t even book them.


There is a lot of r/Iamverybadass in this thread Guys, hitting people in the head with a golf club is attempted murder. If you’re going to react that way to this incident, you’re a bigger piece of shit than the drunk belligerent golfer


better to aim for the knees


*I used to be a golfer like you, until I took a 5-iron to the knee*






Some places have laws against intentionally maiming someone. Going after someone's knees with a weapon falls under this category


It's the internet. They can live out their fantasies here.


I agree. I chose to smile and tell him he didn't belong on a golf course. Honestly, I don't feel like dealing with the aftermath of a fight (win or lose). I just wanted to shoot my 45 and go home.


> I just wanted to shoot my 45 and go home. I've been shooting guns for a lot longer than I've been golfing, it took me a minute to realize you meant your score, and not murder.


LOL! I do enjoy the run range as well.


And the gun range too.


Kinda want to go to a run range where you can race your friends to certain distances. I guess that's just called a track, but maybe the run range can also have refreshments or something.


And disco night!


you did the right thing. as hard as it is to do sometimes, it's always the right move if they're just throwing words around. the only time i had something remotely close to this happen, the group behind us hit into us three times. we were a 4 as was the group ahead of us. just slow play. the third ball, i just picked up and walked it back to them. no problems the rest of the day. almost always, it's never going to end up in a fight as long as one person keeps a cool head, just as you did.


My adrenaline was going, but I have no desire to fight someone on a golf course. Everyone involved just looks like a jackass.


haha. yup. i could see it happening when i was younger, but at 45, who really wins?


your doctor? haha.


Also I don't care how in your rights you are or how big you are, good luck against 4 guys. Just not worth it. You definitely handled it the right way man, good on you.


You made the right choices all around


Best way to win a fight is to not get in a fight in the first place.


>Guy: "I don't give a fuck why. I'll beat the fuck out of you, you piece of shit. I'll be hitting into you all damn day" Yea cause that's how normal people talk. This fan fiction stuff is getting out of hand


Yeah this all seems weird to me. Not saying it couldn't happen but I am curious about what he says the clubhouse did.


Maybe it's just cause I'm from NJ, but this shit happens at courses all the time around here. A few weeks ago I was put in a group with three other singles. We hit it off pretty quickly so everyone was having a good time. Around hole 6-7 the group behind hit into us and honestly missed one guy by 4-5 feet. We all looked at eachother, turned around and gave them the universal "hey wtf guys" shrug. Well these assholes decided to drive up and curse us out for "slow play". Shit got heated. Anyways, this shit happens a lot more than people want to believe.


Yeah sounds pretty wild but honestly golf is the craziest thing. I played pasatiempo one time with my wife who is a very good golfer. We were paired up with a roided out amputee and his father. The amputee was getting so angry my wife was playing so well he started saying some very unkind things to her. Now if I came on here and said a roided out amputee started harassing my wife because she was beating him, it would sound equally as fake.


Now I'm imagining a guy with absolutely humongous biceps, but no hands... so he just has a golf club as a prosthetic lol. I'm assuming he was missing a leg IRL though.


It was a leg haha. The dude was a freak though. Could drive the ball 300-325 but OB almost every time.


Dude was hot headed the second he pulled up. Again, it's paraphrasing. There was shouting about how I probably suck at golf anyway (I do) and all that as well. Just a drunk asshole going off.


We had a tee time Sunday at 2:00, looked online and the course was having a 2 day tournament with tee times from 12-2:30. I wondered how that was going to work when we showed up. We actually called again in the morning to make sure it wasn’t a mistake (we play here multiple times a week, half members half not and it’s a public course). When we got there they sent us to 10. A group from the tournament pulled up right behind us so we just let them go instead, then another group pulled up. Golf course worker rolled up and told us to go to 14. We get there and there are two groups on the tee, one in the fairway, one on the green! So we (two groups of 4) go back to 13 and it’s open. First group tees off no issue. Second group has another group from the tourney roll up on us. Thankfully they didn’t care so we hit and after the first couple of holes it got spaced out enough it wasn’t an issue. We did talk to the tourney group behind us and let them know we didn’t just randomly show up. We had a tee time and the course sent us back there. Good news was that when we made the turn from 18 to 1 it was wide open and we never saw anybody else. Weird day though.


Too be honest the club house fucked this up and are probably scarred to admit they are at fault. I've seen this move from cheap course looking to maximize profits. Been on both sides of it and it's awful for both. Fuck that clubhouse. But also fuck that guy too, no room for that


I’d have waited for them to hit into you again and throw or hit their balls ob. Have done this before when people can’t be respectful/wait to hit. It’s very dangerous


I think escalating would be a dangerous move here. Guy sounds unhinged, who knows what he would do.


Agreed. Just like with driving it's more important to be defensive and safe then it is to be right. I would definitely call the pro-shop and report the threatening behavior.


Last time this happened to me on two holes, I teed up the ball and hit a perfect left to right fade drive right back at them. Sadly, it was my best drive of the day.


Right on. You're hitting a 2oz projectile >130 mph (>180mph if this sub is to go off of). That shit carries a LOT of energy. I've seen people get hit square in the chest before and it's like they'd been shot point-blank by one of those riot control bean bag guns.


Years ago I had a regular customer with a big chunk of his face gone, nothing but a huge hole where his left eye socket used to be. He told me he got hit with a golf ball riding in the cart down the fairway, I never realized a golf ball could actually do that!


Weird dialogue...


Almost like it didn't happen...


Worked on a golf course for a few years and unfortunately, this situation is actually kinda believable. People get especially wild on tournament days. Some feel like they own the course if they've paid anything to be there or are part of some event.


I know confrontations happen But "I'll beat the fuck out of you" unprevoked followed by a "your mom" joke screams that this was written by someone who has never been to a golf course


That's fair. This is Reddit after all.


i mean he did say it was paraphrased, but never underestimate the lack of maturity and creativity of a drunk asshole.


You've never met an unimaginative person who has anger problems? I could see something like that happening.


I have no reason to believe this didn't happen (who lies on the internet?) But if this did happen the real encounter was probably more something like [this](https://images.app.goo.gl/oenk95g6kQ4ruqVz9)


Of course it didn't happen.


The paraphrased interaction makes this story hard to believe. Not saying it’s not true, it’s just hard to believe that’s how any normal human would handle that issue.


This sub has been packed lately with one-sided anecdotes that always paint the OP in a positive light. There is a 0% chance that interaction went down like that and this entire story probably didn't happen.


They all seem to follow the same pattern. narrator humble brags they're walking > casually hits their 9 iron 245 yards or something> drunk group in their dastardly golf carts hits into them or makes a comment to them in the tee box > narrator keeps their cool but feels compelled to post about it on this sub.


Haha spot on. I feel like I’m the only one who’s never seen anything that crazy with other people on a golf course.


Don't worry, these people have never seen it either, they just like to come on reddit and practice their creative writing skills. These self posts are basically r/AmITheAsshole where literally nobody is ever the asshole based off their depiction.


You forgot about the part where he's 6'3" 250 and the other guy is "little"


It's legitimately like Dwight Schrute writes all of these.


Yeah that’s my thought as well. If someone said “I’ll beat the fuck out of you you piece of shit” in response to a harmless question I’m probably calling the police on top of calling the pro shop, and I’m definitely leaving the course. The idea that he would continue golfing ahead of this guy who just threatened to beat him up for no reason at all is hilarious to me. “I’ll beat the fuck out of you” “Alright then, I’m just gonna keep playing, see you on the next tee box!” People ITT saying they would just steal their balls and then fight back with a club are delusional and/or meatheads like the subject of OP’s story.


When I was a teenager I had a grown man stop his car, get out and tell me he would beat the shit out of me because my girlfriend "gave him a dirty look" while she and I were walking along the sidewalk. I'm not saying this story is true, but some people are way too easily triggered into violent threats.


I totally get that these type of interactions happen for no reason. What I can’t get over is that he apparently just kept playing in front of those guys after being threatened for doing so…?


Honestly, I was skeptical from the very start of that paraphrased interaction. Dude rolled up and opened with “We hit up into you”? No shit you did! No need to announce it. Then the rest is way over the top, and yeah, the responses to extreme anger that are met with more anger don’t line up. And of course, there are r/iamverybadass types even in the golf sub.


Yes, that and the tone of the whole post is pretty naive/precious. I don't buy it that this is the whole story.


I'll say its not true. It is easy to spot fiction.


Exactly where I am on this story. I believe maybe 50% of it.


I believe there was disagreement of some sort, but the “quotes” sound like stuff somebody thinks a hardass might say.


The quotes sound like they were written by a 12 year old.


Agreed. Also I audibly laughed at your username.


Should’ve smacked their balls into the woods/nearby neighborhood


That would work real well since he's a single and they're a drunk foursome. Of course, everybody on the internet is Chuck Norris


Could always just simply run away. Ha that’s def what I woulda done…


Terrible advice. Based off his initial interaction, I guarantee that would have been a match to light that fire.


I pick them up and pocket them.


One free hit up just in case it was incidental, then I pocket them.


I've been tempted to do that or just pick up their ball. BUT, that would've turned into a confrontation and would've been a bigger pain. Once a guy hit onto the green while I was putting, and he could clearly see me there from 150 out. Play was slow that day, and he would've caught up on the next tee and certainly would've started something. And it was the 8th green he hit onto, so the argument could've continued after the 9th hole and into the parking lot. In my case, it was best to give him a look and continue. He was clearly too stupid to understand that we weren't playing slow, we were held up by several groups in front of us, so a discussion about his attitude wouldn't have been useful.


I would contact the restaurant and tell them about your experience...


So much fucked up here, none of which your doing. Sorry the clubhouse ruined your day!


The second he threatened you with physical violence you should have picked up your things, walked directly back to the clubhouse, reported them and called the police if they weren't immediately removed.


"I'll be hitting into you all damn day" sweet. guess i'll be collecting a bunch of free balls today


I will never understand the American fixation/need to drink alcohol while playing golf, I live in Ireland & although we have a reputation as hard drinking people we really just go out to play golf & enjoy the game with our playing partners & maybe have 1 or 2 pints afterwards depending on whether you are driving home afterwards, I have American cousins who have played with me here & they don't understand why we don't bring shitloads of beer with us when we tee off, I tell them I'm going out to play golf, plenty of time to drink pints afterwards. any other Irish golfers like to confirm my story?


I've seen that while traveling and read it on this sub. I don't usually drink while playing, but it doesn't bother me at all when people do. However, being a drunk asshole bothers me on the golf course and anywhere else.


I started enjoying the game much more when I stopped drinking on the course. magically my handicap got better too hmmmm


Drinking and golf is the worst possible combination I have no idea how it became so popular here


ill be honest, i dont deal well with shit like this. if someone comes to me in this manner, were having issues. i wouldve deff had words and mightve been hands.. not letting shit like this slide.. drunk or not.. ill get DV for this opinion but thats just me.. this fkng guy coulve came at you in a way diff manner and you mightve even understood and went back to get your $ and called it a day with no issues.


4v1 with metal golf clubs involved. Ok


I can't tell you how much I wanted to do what you say, but it didn't seem worth it. It hurts guys like that more when you just smile while they talk shit. 10/10 times guys like that can't fight anyway


guys like this do this dumb shit because they are never held accountable for their behavior. he had an ass beating coming.


I know someone who got in a fight on the course (really ugly one that they didn’t start) and they’re in a long legal situation with serious charges against them. In most cases, it really isn’t worth it


\^This, right here folks. ANY fight is never worth it. I'll be the "pussy" and avoid any fight if it means I get to go home to my family at the end of the day. No asshole is worth 1 day or my life in jail. People talk tough but ask any real fighter and they are the last person to throw a punch.


People like this keep pushing their luck, and some day it runs out. Not with me, hell no, I'm incredibly non-confrontational. But someone bigger, stronger, crazier, or armed is going to be on their receiving end some day, and they'll wind up in the hospital or worse.


we can hope


exactly. im a very even tempered guy. i try to avoid shit if i can, but someone already comes at me in a certain way, im not gonna let myself get hit if theres any aggression on their part. im being offensive right away. im not the hardest dude around but im deff not letting myself get talked to like that or threaten.


Yeah don't do that. Is getting in a fight over fucking golf, worth being banned from the course and potentially arrested? I've had friends get in fights on the course, I've been part of a random 4 some where some guy in our group got in a fight with the chads in the group behind us. You look like a fucking dolt fighting on the course, it's ridiculous that it's even 'a thing.'


No you wouldn't have




If you are concerned about if this is gatekeeping we have truly lost all control on what that word means. FYI it absolutely is not lol




nope, they each jump into their own cars and drive home. They'll be fine, it's only 6 cans of beer, and it's the afternoon, everyone knows you don't get drunk on beer until after 5...


>I'll beat the fuck out of you, you piece of shit. At the exact moment he said this, you had cause to tell the Pro Shop to either deal with these guys or you're going to call the police. It's not the colloquial understanding, but this is the legal definition of "assault".


Lol “your mom”. I agree with everything you said and I like the way you handled it, you’re a better man than me. And I especially love your last point, if you can’t handle your booze or temper, golf isn’t for you. You should make a tee-shirt, I’d buy it.


If some one hits up on you and they're a douche about it, I'm keeping your ball or its going in a lake.


I worked at a golf course as a summer job through college. Between that and playing I've probably met thousands of golfers. Some of the best people and most positive interactions I've had have been with golfers. As well as some of the worst.


I worked courses for years and primarily ran tournaments and outings like this. A well blocked tee sheet avoids conflicts like that. If i were in your position a quick call to the course or flag down a marshal would have easily gotten the guys behind you kicked off. I'm all in favor of a good time but if you're purposely hitting into someone else, you gotta go.


oh I get drunk and angry... with myself lol


We recently did a tournament as a memorial for a friend who passed last year, we were 2nd off and the group behind us was slow. When we made the turn we stopped at the clubhouse and when we came back to 10 there was a random foursome on the 10 tee box. We politely asked them what was up, they were in a playoff from the 18 they had played (before the tournament started). We yucked it up with them, hit our shots and told them good luck. They played in between for 3 holes and got out of there. Wasn’t a big deal at all lol


Kinda a compliment to your mom if so many men were competing in a tournament over her


Some people can't handle alcohol and some Golf courses can't refuse $$$$$.


I am also a walker and it seems some riders get so triggered by walkers it makes them lose their minds. I don't understand it.


Hope you talked to the pro shop. I don't believe in being a narc, but someone acting like that should be removed from the property and asked never to return. You don't purposefully hit into people, and you definitely don't go tell them you're doing it. That's astonishing.


Time to call the clubhouse and probably the restaurant if it was me


I know you shared this in golf but i just wanna say this can be applied to any situation. People just need to chill out these days and learn to understand before assuming. Hope you don't have to face that ever again.


If I was you I would’ve told the clubhouse you wanted names to press charges and then messaged their work if it was that restaurant to say something lol. The game does not have room for people like that honestly. There’s a difference between golf and drinking, and drinking and golf. I’m sorry you experienced that though real shitty.


I'd pick up every single ball they hit into me and throw them as far into the water or trees as I could.


Should’ve thanked them for hosting the tournament for your mom. Pretty rude on your part.


That's when you start hitting those balls right back at them. First one is a freebie, second hit into you is a warning, third goes right back at them.


So many club houses are like this. They have tournaments and there’s no warning and now I’m waiting 10 min to tee of each hole. This happens far too frequently at nice golf courses


You should’ve called the club house and got those fuckers thrown out, assuming you’re 100% sure those people don’t know which car is yours in the lot


I was trying to lay up and hit a killer 3 wood like 30 yards farther than I normally hit the sucker. I yelled fore, the guy yelled back how he was going to beat my fucking ass. I was doubled over laughing because of his response. Sometimes you just have to laugh at idiots.


Take a taxi to their restaurant from somewhere other than your home, wear a fake mustache, order a rack of ribs, maybe a lactose heavy pasta dish, several beers, maybe cheesecake for dessert. Enjoy your meal and stick around for an hour or two to let the food digest. Pay in cash, preferably ass pennies. Take a dump on the floor in the bathroom, spread your feculence on the walls with a toilet brush or whatever you can find. Then file a complaint with the health department under a fake name. Or not, it’s up to you.


I’ve got a similar story but not quite as hostile and there’s no great ending. Went to a local course with some buddies to play a quick 9, the club house okays it and sends us on our way. We pull up to hole 10 and someone is in the fairway so we wait on them to move up further before teeing off. We tee off and finish hole 10. We get to 11 and again someone in front of us so we wait. We finish 11. At this point a buddy needed to run to his car to get a lighter so we pull off to the side out of the way and wait maybe 2-3 minutes before continuing and to let the group in front pull ahead a bit. As soon as we are getting ready to set up on 12, a group skips hole 11 and jumps in front of us. Okay fair enough, we will wait on them. We tee off and are up next to the green waiting on the group that passes to finish the hole, they then holler at us asking if we would mind letting the group behind us pass because “it was a tournament and we were in the middle of it”. So, we finish 12 and pull off to the side yet again to let the next group pass as requested. Now is the part it gets aggravating, the guy from the club house drives up and sees us sitting at 13 doing nothing and tells us he had multiple complaints that we were playing too slow and that we need to get going. We explained to him everything that happened but he got angry with us and ended up driving off. Shortly after he left, the group we were letting pass shows up to 13 and we gave them a piece of our minds about the group who skipped a hole to get in front of us that made us “in the middle of a tournament” in the first place. Some golfers are just assholes and it always seems to be old white guys.


Did he ask for tree fiddy?


Yeah that happened What's the point of writing this bullshit?


Double u tee ef


What restaurant? Put them on blast


I don't believe this.


We get that a lot in junior tournaments because people with passes just tee off late pm without telling anybody and/or skip around to the back nine despite seeing kids and armadas of carts. Rather than hit into people and go for manslaughter it's easier to call the shop and let them deal with it.


I would've never intentionally jumped into a tourney (when I say "tourney" it was a best ball scramble). I'd rather the clubhouse tell me and I would've went to play at my club.


Ya, sounds like the pro shop staff messed up. It happens. Glad it didn't escalate further.


What's a best ball scramble?


Tournament is broken up into teams, each foursome is a team. Everyone in the foursome tees off, but they only play the "best" ball that was hit. Foursome reconvenes at this ball and then they all proceed to hit another shot, again playing only the best lie. Rinse and repeat until the hole is finished. The whole course is played this way, so usually the "best ball" team score is much lower than any one member of the team would be able to shoot otherwise. For example, I played in one last week and my foursome was all probably around a 20 handicap... We ended up shooting a -4 on the day as a group playing the best ball. I'm not a fan of this format since you can't keep track of your personal score and you end up playing other people's balls more often than not (unless you're clearly the best golfer in the group).