Lowest Scramble Score you have seen

Lowest Scramble Score you have seen


It’s nice to have a female that can bomb it during scrambles. Get some nice shots off her drives from the ladies tees


Yup, my friends wife got like a 200 yard advantage on a par 5 once and bombed her drive to 80 yards out. 80 yard 2nd shot on a par 5…


Lady Bryson


Yeah, if she can rip it the 5’s can be eagled easy especially with 4 looks at it.


that’s so smart I wasn’t even thinking about that i’m definitely going to keep that in mind for future scrambles haha


I was on a team with two college guys and a former pro. I was the high handicapper at 2 or so index. We shot -19 and finished out of the money.


see that’s still insanely impressive i feel like -18 to -20 is pretty much scratch level and then each score lower would be just exponentially harder to hit


Even without mulligans we had a group go 17 under on a course longer than that. Nobody lower than a 3. It’s certainly possible to go -21 with better players


First scramble I ever played in, I was the D player on our team. We shot 18 under without cheating a lick. No mulligans or anything. 16 birdies, a par, and an eagle. We didn’t win. I’m not sure if the winners cheated or not, but I know our -18 was legit.


I've been on teams that shot -20. We did it twice. -21 or -22 are plausible.


-22 in a scramble tournament in Vegas. Dudes were playing out of their minds and only won by 1 stroke


It‘s very tough to birdie long Par3s. Even if you have 3 good players on your team.


It is possible, but highly unlikely that all 4 players are on all day for every hole - maybe like the top couple of teams that are stacked, but when the teams that finished 15th with these scores - no way- even with 4 tries from 15 feet, you are not going to birdie every hole. A better format would be 2 man teams where the other team has to verify the score, agree with rulings on drops, etc. Scores would be way higher. Also, so only golfers who shoot in the 60’s, low 70’s play in these tourneys? No way a team of 80’s shooters shoots under par - long Par 3 and 4’s are very hard to birdie, even for Pros.


I've been on a team that shot a legit -20. 1 par, 3 eagles, rest birdies. Other than that, I think I've been on teams in the -15 to -17 range a bunch. I've seen a couple real low scores that which I find credible, and some that are pretty suspicious to me. But four good golfers should be around birdie on every hole of a scramble.


-25 when me and my brothers filled in the scorecard while we waited for the shotgun tournament to start. Pro move is for 3 guys to stand around the cup while 4th is putting and go bananas as if it went in. Also never pick up the tee when you tee it up in the rough.


Lol mad cheating sarcasm I like it


50 on par 72


wow.. this was a p72 as well


There were a couple special things like beat the pro, etc.


-19 on a 4 man scramble where all are really good.


Seems like they used their foot wedge a little to much.


yeah and when i was joking around about it at the dinner some guys who were friends with the winning team got all worked up and defensive like chill out buddy i wasn’t calling anyone i lair or a cheat i’m just saying that’s a fucking crazy score to turn in


I’ve only ever seen winners in the low teens. I would be very suspect if people shooting -18 or more my self. But doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen I guess


The most legit score ive seen was either 8 or 9 under. Had one scratch a 5 and 2 9s. The scratch was the course pro so he knew the course extremely well. The lowest ive seen those is -18 on a par 70.


-8 or -9 is too high (?...low?) Of a score. We played as a 4 some, all 15-20 handicaps and we finished -4 legit scores. We had plenty of opportunities to birdie and eagle the hole, just sucks at putting. So a score of mid -teens seems legit and even -20s are possible with scratch players


Thats just what ive seen. I dont do many scrambles.