Pinehurst resort courses other than #2, #4, or #8?

Pinehurst resort courses other than #2, #4, or #8?


Don’t play southern pines, it’s in the middle of the redo and not worth your time at all. This sounds like an insane amount of golf already but 3 is really fun to play before 2. Id play Tobacco Road twice, it’s the most fun I’ve ever had playing golf and to play it again same day would have been great.


I was told southern pines redo was done in mid-September FYI, but I haven’t been there to confirm


Thanks - i’ve heard the redo is done, albeit the greens are not prime time yet. A lot of people really like the old school layout, so was on the short list for the architecture geeks in the group. I think replay at Tobacco is a great option nothing else like it.


I could be wrong about that, it was not fun to play back in June. The layout doesn’t do much for me putting it side by side with MP or PN. I highly recommend getting forecaddie for TR, I used Caddie Walk for our guys. They were fun. Just bring extra beers for them.


I agree with the other reply that this is already a ton of golf. However, Talamore golf resort is also in southern pines and I have friends that swear by it. It’s not pinehurst of course but they have a ton of different package options.


No.3 like a mini #2 from what I hear. Might be worth playing before you get out on 2. Ive played 1 and 5, neither are anything special. We went out with a bunch of beers on 5 and that was a good time


Yeah I heard the same. Great warmup for 2 and typically not as crowded because it’s short and everyone thinks they’re Bryson.


#3 is really fun and the architecture buffs will like it.


Probably a no brainer but the cradle is amazing. A few drinks and 1-2 loops around that course is a must do!