Hit the ball with the butt end of the club

Hit the ball with the butt end of the club


Funny, this was a lesson I got for hitting in baseball way back when I was a kid. "Throw the know of the bat at the ball". It's about sequence in your swing and not releasing too early.


Everyone is different in what intents and feels help or hinder. For me trying to hit the ball with the butt of the club gets the club way out away from my body and has me hitting hosel rockets all day


Can you link the video? I have watched every video he has on YouTube besides the WITB he has done with the college kids he coaches and I don't remember seeing this.


https://youtu.be/FylorAXlOAM starts at 4:25.


If you in theory hit the ball with the butt, your hands will be in front of the ball at impact. A lot of people don’t understand this is how you generate pure contact.