I’m officially retiring from the early tee offs and late beers, it’s been emotional!

I’m officially retiring from the early tee offs and late beers, it’s been emotional!


I’ve dealt with sciatica from a bulging disc on and off for about 10 years. I gave up golf for a year and rebuilt my swing to protect my back. The worst. I hope you get better.


Same here. Core exercises and a lot of walking helped me get back to the game. Swinging easier now has me pain free and scoring better.


Yup gave up for years too until I met a coach that helped me learn a swing around it. Sure less distance....but I'm hitting it str8ter then ever and having ton of fun being able to play still while improving. Pilates is also a life saver


Curious as to what your swing around it looks like? I had an over the top swing. Never had severe pain from golf. Started correcting the swing and it got real bad.


Im not sure how to describe it entirely but it doesnt look anything wacky. Still swinging in a barrel...Personally it felt like more shoulder tilt helped a ton, so I can get around with protecting my back. My drive is where I stay pretty flat....just get it out there. Much less violent swing as well.... My problem at first was my misses went from Topping...to chunking....but that's been much easier to correct now. I would play 18...and be down for days after. Now I'm finishing 18 on Sunday...a good soreness next day and back hitting balls by Tuesday. I had found a couch that had similar disc issues, so it was a blessing.


Yeah, I’ve also had issues with sciatica and working on the cross trainer has helped a ton.


This is the way.


This is the way


Ditto. It can get better. The best advice is to get into physical therapy and learn how to strengthen your back while avoiding the behaviors that caused the injury. (It's rarely one event, and a lifetime of repetitive stress injury.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6i8roQRP2U


I haven't seen them before. Fun little duo and some good info! I'll check out their other videos. I find I'll get some sciatica when I get into "the position" in golf too aggressively. That hip to the left, back bent to the right to compress the ball and an hour later I'll start getting that stabbing pain in the outer-right thigh. The lumbar support really helps and I'll give that back raise exercise a try as well. Personal experience/anecdote (Not A Doc.). I have found a thrusting hip exercise (imagine "doggy style" hip thrusting from behind... I won't go in to how I found out this helped me...) has been helpful in getting the pain to go away really quickly. I guess it makes sense because you are putting your back into the position they say relives pressure over and over and over again. So, if it does come back, it's sexy time! (ha) I think I need to slow down as many have said in the comments. I am not Bryson, I don't need to drive and hit it insane distances. If I can hit it easy and straight, that's good enough.


Physical therapy did wonders for me but it took three tries to find the right physical therapist. The first two would do massage, traction table, and electric stimulation. Huge waste of time. Luckily the third one focused on exercise. I started telling people I was going to my personal trainer bc it was common to get a little sweat going. Sessions had a massage but were primarily exercises and then ended with a heat pad if I had time. OMPT Specialist if you’re in Michigan.


I too have dealt with sciatica for over ten years. The thing that has helped the most is strength training. After about six to eight months of lifting weights 3-4 times a week, I rarely have any issues with it. Occasionally, I'll have soreness but not that bent over, use a pick stick to put on pants, numb toes, type of pain. Definitely recommend to anyone if their doctor greenlights it.


Agree with this immensely. I suffered a spinal cord injury 20 years, and discovering deadlifts/squats and proper strength training 10 years ago has been the single best thing for my health. Even if your doctor advises against it, it’s still something everyone should explore and decide for themselves if the benefits outweigh the risks. When I was discharged from the hospital and rehab, they advised against lifting anything over 40lbs ever again. Which was fine because I couldn’t actually do more than that anyways. But I eventually started hitting the gym for real and eventually got my deadlifts up to 275# and squats to 245# (having kids have knocked me back down to 95#). Doctors a lot of times are more conservative in their advice because they don’t want to be the reason a patient pushes too hard and gets hurt. Their job is to get you healthy enough to stop seeing them, not to get you to reach your peak.


This is my story as well. Not an avid golfer yet, on my way training there, but if I hadn’t started pushing plates around several years ago I can’t imagine how limited I would be today.


It really is amazing. I did take a long break from lifting last year during lock down. Shifted to body weight exercises at home. That pain started creeping back in. Outside of that break, I've been at it for about five years now and will continue as long as I'm able to. The workouts are also helpful for golf. Won't necessarily increase your distance or anything but I have a lot better stamina for my inevitable excess strokes on the course, lol.


“Sciatica from a bulging disc”. I had a buddy try to send that to me in a text once about why he’s not playing soccer anymore and he autocorrected to “bulging Dick”. He still hasn’t lived that down.


I highly recommend anyone reading this to check out KneesOverToesGuy on YouTube. His online training is focused on knee health but it has dramatically improved my back pain


Sciatica survivor here as well. For me its keeping my weight down and keeping my hamstrings strong. And core flexibility.


Part of the reason I took up golf in April was to deal with sciatica. It's been great in that regard, but secondary: I came for the healing, I stayed for the feeling when that first drive goes almost-straight.


Same, had to completely re-do my swing due to a lower back injury, I just can't bend down over the ball and hold it through the swing. My new 'unorthodox' swing is on a much flatter plane, and I can use more knee bend rather than back bend, which while not optimal, at least allows me to keep playing without aggravating the chronic injury.


I am currently here. Had to get injections in L4 L5 . I have 3 herniated disc's in lumbar. Funny enough I never had an issue with my old swing. Started taking lessons to correct (probably went a little too hard , 4 days straight of golf ) and bam debilitating sciatica. After 5 weeks of terrible pain I got the injection which saved me. Made a pact to myself no golf for 1 year. Working out almost daily. Trying to shred weight and build muscle back. I hope I can get back to the game. I would be extremely sad if I had to stop. I feel for this man.


I have had back spasms since my mid 20's that were debilitating. At one point I was hospitalized for 5 days b/c I could not make it to the bathroom on my own (not even an army crawl). Then in my 40's a bulging disk was putting pressure on a nerve and I lost feeling and muscle control in my hip and foot. Well, 2 days before a surgery consultation, the disk ruptured and hooray, all the pressure was relieved. ...and with a lot of therapy and working out with a personal trainer, my back has never been better. My story has a good ending (so far) and I hope your does as well. ...but my swing, w00f. It stunk. I went from a slicer with a nice fade, to duck hooking everything. the nerve damage in my hip was really causing timing issues with my swing. But I persevered and after 6 years of swing changes to try to find some semblance of consistency, I am finally striking the ball fairly well and back to my pre-rupture scoring. Good Luck!


I will blast one into the trees for you my friend! I hope you can find a way around the pain someday and get back out there! Golf is good for the soul


Rocket it into the woods and get a lucky ricochet straight back into the fairway, what a fitting tribute that would be. Swing slow, hit hard my friend.


Whacked 8 balls this morn into the forest for you kind Sir. May you find a new passion!


This may sound crazy, but have you tried switching handedness? As in, if you're a righty, try swinging lefty. It may be worth a shot to keep the dream alive!


Swingless golf club?


Sorry to hear about the health issues. BTW, Rick Shiels did review a swingless golf club. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ID3SzQzQKlw


What happens if I swing while using it? Can I hit the green on a par 5 if I get this just right?


Okay this i wanna see one of the trickshotters do now. That seems like if its timed perfectly it would rocket so far


Woah great video. I was skeptical on that at first but that is actually an awesome solution to similar issues OP is facing. Replaces 10 clubs so the price is reasonable. Looks like it could be challenging to use in certain situations and chipping and putting is half the battle anyway so golf would still be fun and challenging.


I'm fairly certain you're not supposed to use it out of a bunker, which makes sense as I'm sure you don't want to get sand in that mechanism.


I played with a vet who had lost a leg. He had one. It's pretty awesome. Everything inside ~80yds he played normally, and used the swingless club for everything else. It was pretty awesome


That is so fucking cool.


Came here to post this. You can even out-drive your big hitting buddies!


Depends on the buddies, I think they top out at about 200 yds


I think the Ezeegolf ones go about 200 yards, but I saw a YouTuber a while back with one that would go around 500 yards - don't think it was on the market yet though.


First time someone shows up to a course with that bad boy: "18 with a cart, but please only charge me for 9. I won't be hitting many shots today" "Umm sir we charge everyone the same price no matter how many shots they take." "You don't understand, I'll be hitting every green from the tee box." "Excuse me? This is a championship golf course." "I understand that." "Security, we have a guest in the pro shop who is off his meds, can you please come remove him?"


Hehehe, I have no idea how straight it goes to be fair. I think it might be hard to hit a 475 green, even if you hit it dead straight 475 yards every time ;)


It's an option. Keep in mind though, they run about a grand and you do have to continually pay for "ammo". Worthwhile if it's you're only option for golf though I suppose


A f**king abomination!




If he wants to use that thing to get out on the course, that's fine. But, it's not golf...


Why? If dude enjoys golf why not explore an option that allows him to play?


That's not golf. It like if baseball stop pitching to batters and just gave them an air cannon to shoot the ball...


Such self-awareness to post a commentary on your on comment as you are writing it


It is dumb, but if it allows him to be out on the course with his buds, I’d consider it.


Everyone is entitled to do what they want, just don't call it golf...


Yeah that’s fine


I’ll dedicate one of my dozen balls I lose today to you


Oh, Mr. big shot tour player over here, only losing 12 balls.


To be fair, if they're range balls they don't count toward net loss. At least by my rules.


I guess I should be thankful that my sciatica doesn't affect my golf game, provided it stays within my back. The last two times I've had it though, I've gone a month without being able to stand for more than a minute or two. Fortunately, it's been in the off season. I'm hoping that losing some weight and strengthening the muscles will help keep it from getting any worse.


Hey, I've seen [this](https://www.powergolfclub.com/) reviewed on youtube a bit (Rick Shiels has a few vids with it). It seems to work really well and might at least help keep you on the course with your buddies if that's something you're interested in doing.


Holy cow that's awesome!


This post breaks my heart. Man, Saturday’s shanks are for you!


Shank it and laugh about it over a post round beer my friend!


I'll hit a 4i on the toe for you. You'll feel it in your arms when I do it.


sux man.. do you play with a group? get out once in awhile and ride with em. be around the game. maybe if you have kids,or kid neighbors that want to lean the game, you can teach it. be a marshal. def will tee up a couple this weekend for you..


Sorry to hear, but have you thought about early beers and late tee offs?


Works for me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Dont quit! I have 2herniated discs and had crippling sciatica. Alot of stretching and walking slowly on a treadmill on an incline brought me back to life. Im playing golf and hky better than i ever did in my 20s and 30s. The incline walking on the treadmill was key!


Golf is gonna miss you at first, she surely will, but she’ll just replace you with someone else younger and better looking. Golfs a cruel, cold hearted bitch and she doesn’t care about any of us no matter how deeply rooted our love for her is.


She cares a little, or else she wouldn’t give you one decent shot on 18 to keep you coming back.


As an old man once told me, “even the ugliest ones can make you feel good for a few minutes at a time….” Golf….


Too soon to call dibs on your clubs or???


My mate already called dude I’m sorry 😂


Am I get your balls, man? I feel like holding them in my hands will make me play better.


Brutal, man. Sorry to hear you have to hang it up… hopefully you’ve got some other hobbies and escapes to keep you energized… and hopefully they aren’t as frustrating as the game of golf.


I have a herniated disc that pushes on a nerve and when I neglect it I get sciatica pain. I have to do daily PT exercises, and always before golfing. But this enables me to continue to play the game I love until I go down the surgery route one day (too young currently). Last time my back went out was about 6 years ago, hadn't done PT in a few weeks, 7 shots into a round. Had I not been holding a club that enables me to catch myself, I would've hit the ground. I also have a very around the body swing to help with potential back discomfort, but I always get back through square. Everytime I play with someone new, guaranteed comment on my furyk like swing.


Just had a disectomy three weeks ago at 28 lol


Damn, 31 myself. Doctor told me at 26 do PT he wants to wait on surgery until I'm older and it's our last resort. So far, PT has helped a ton. Daily stretches.


Go to a physiotherapist and ask for IMS. Its a needling technique that has worked wonders on my back/hip. Went from being unable to bend down to put a tee in the ground to basically pain free within a year


IMS, if it even does anything, is for myofascial pain (tight muscles, fascial issues)....not for true nerve impingement or stenosis issues.


Nerve issues are often misdiagnosed. IMS works wonders.


A religious Healthy diet, PT, stretching and strengthening can get you back in this game my man.


Bro......I had debilitating sciatica. In my mid 20s I was out of shape, was 80LBS over weight and always blowing out my back. It might not be your problem. But just getting back into shape sorted me out. I went from 240lbs to 160Lbs over three years. Took up Yoga, got my cardio up. From 25 to recently (mid-40s) I always kept myself around 165-to-175lbs. But over the past few years I have crept back up to 200lbs. Not proud and I feel the sciatic kicking back in with pain in my chins and ankles. And I had flare up two years ago. I know the solution is to keep my body weight under 180lbs ​ Hopefully you are able to sort yourself out and get back out there. There are tons of exercises out to prevent sciatic. Go find a gym with a reverse hyper machine. Google it.


I will dedicate one of my \~six balls I lose on Saturday to you, good sir.


I had planned on slicing a few into the woods this weekend anyways. now I’ll just use you as an excuse.


I’ve had Sciatica for the last 30 years. I have an inversion table and I use it whenever I get a flair up. It’s been a miracle for me. I don’t hit the ball like I use to but a least I can still golf. You might want to give it a try.


You can still go out and drive the cart. Half the fun of golfing isn't actually golfing, it's all about being out in nature and hanging with buddies.


Gambling is illegal here at bushwood, and I never slice


Before you throw in the towel check out Eric Goodman’s Foundation Training exercises. Did wonders for me and no longer have sciatic pain.


My father had a sciatica issue in his 50s and is now playing in his 60s after some rest/treatments/rebuilding. Maybe don’t rush it but who knows where you’ll be in a decade


Sorry to hear that friend. I will hit at least 12 balls in the water in your honor


Can I have your clubs?


I'm golfing tomorrow..first tee I'll make sure to put it in the woods... ...for you I guess Seriously, I'll look at the course differently after reading your post. All the best.


can I have your clubs? Is it too soon?


I'm in the same boat. Been in near-constant pain for almost two years and had to walk off the last two times I tried to play. I'm finally going to listen to my body and quit before I land myself on an operating table. My only solace is that I'm retiring with a single-digit index.


Jesus man. Wishing you the best. As someone who has golfed regularly for the last 25 years and stills shoots 95-110 and loves every time out I’m wishing you the best.


You can still mini golf? Be that guy who brings his own putter.


Got any leftover Pro V1s? ...too soon?


I store mine in the woods


This is going to be highly controversial, but, SERIOUSLY, if you care about your health and care about golfing do the Carnivore diet. Only meat, as much as you want, whenever you want. But strict no cheating. You will lose weight, fix your chronic pain (all chronic pain not just back), R/zerocarb.


best of luck!


Sorry to hear man. You can be that guy on the course and buy that swingless club lol. I’ll smash some bunkers for you, my friend


I’m dedicating at least one if my triple bogeys to you this weekend my friend. Cheers


Best of luck to you in post golf life. We are all sorry to see you go, but Saturday when I tee it up at 10am I promise to slice it so hard people three holes over hate me!


So long soldier. Before the end of the decade golf sims and VR will meet and become consumer friendly. Maybe it will be a good fit for you?


Might i suggest DDP Yoga? Known to help this issue


Holy crap, I was about to make a joke about Diamond Dallas Page doing yoga, only to find out that DDP really DOES do yoga!


I've been doing it for years, as someone with bad knees and a bad neck, and it's great...and supposedly, he came up with the system specifically to help his own back


That's pretty cool.


Remember the saga where he was spying on Undertaker’s wife? That was…something


Man that bites! Relish and relive the memories often! Most of humanity will never know the pleasures, frustrations, and pure fun of this wonderful and noble game.


I’ll shank one for you, bro


I am 25 years old and just started golfing a year ago and I have been addicted and its something that will never fade. Unfortunately I have sciatic problems as well and this scares me a ton. I will def dedicate my next water ball to you OP.


I had that and made it work by physical therapy and working out.


I will slice it into the trees this weekend for you, just like God intended. Also (and maybe this would be the exact opposite of what you’d want) it may be fun for you to ride along with your golf buddies or do something golf related even if it’s not playing. Just being around the game may be therapeutic. Idk


I will blade one over the green for you next round.


Nerve root block shot changed my life.


I can’t imagine not being able to play this game. So sorry to hear this, my man.


I don't know what kind of treatment you have done for your sciatica but when i had sciatica from a herniated disc in my lower back I did spinal decompressions, multiple weekly adjustments with my chiropractor and physical therapy outside of the chiropractors appointments. I was nervous to pick up golf this year after having had that terrible feeling in my back a few years ago but golf hasn't hurt me in anyway (knock on wood). I'm sorry to hear that you are having to deal with this and have to sacrifice the joy the game brings you. Hope you can feel better soon and hopefully find a way to get back on the links soon as well, dedicating all my sliced drives to you this weekend 🍻


Get one of those shotgun clubs. They’re amazing.


Think of all the money you’ll in balls alone.


I'd slice it OB regardless of this post, but I'll pretend I'm doing it for you this weekend!


God bless brother. Pickup a golf video game if you can.


You may want to check out alternate swing methods. Ones that do not torque the back. I recommend the Jim Venetos swing. Very easy on the back.


All the feels on this man. I will gloriously throw several balls into the woods and water in your honor good sir.


Dont give up entirely! Maybe some time off will help. My sciatica is entirely stress-related, so is likely very different than yours. But as soon as I cut out the "late beers" and found stability in other areas of my life (new job + no/fewer late beers = better sleep = less stress), sciatica became a significantly smaller problem in my life. Golf is also a stress-reliever for me, so it helps. Take stock in your life, and make necessary adjustments to feel good again. I hope to read an update post from you in the coming months/year about how you got back on the course. Until then, get healthy, and I'll dedicate my next shot OB to you, OP!


If it's any consolation i have a bad sciatica as well. I took some time off, but i'm back out there strong as ever. This isn't the end for you bunker god. Far from it.


Say it isn't so? Wondering what your Dr. is saying as my understanding is that rest, core strengthening and stretching are some of the best ways to treat sciatica. Not saying that golf is what you need right now as the swing basically turns you into a pretzel but it may have benefits after some rest. Worth consulting professionals for their opinion. Believe there a Dr.'s who specialize in Rehabilitation.


Never say never, OP. I had a fusion of L3/L4 in late 2015. That whole escapade cost me about two years. But now we live on a golf course and I'm back to working on my swing, with aspirations to become a mediocre putter instead of omg such a crappy putter. Spinal fusion, especially in the lower back, is a straightforward surgery, low risk of complications, and totally eliminates pain associated with herniated discs.


Sorry to hear about your back issues. I personally stopped golfing many years ago due to back problems. It has really taken away a fun part of my life. Here’s something that’s helped me: - I still watch big events on TV, especially Majors. I don’t really care about the golfers so much, I just watch it see the epic historic courses. - I hike a lot now. Gets you outside, good exercise, can bond with my buddies a bit. And it’s cheap. - I got myself a LONG putter and will occasionally hit up putting greens. The LONG putter is MUCH easier on the back. Plus I’m accurate with it - more accurate than with a traditional putter. - I sometimes play a 9 hole par 3 for fun. I don’t play well but it’s a bit of fun. Will usually get laid up for a couple days afterwards. Anyways, it’s a tough and sad adjustment. Sorry man.


You should use this thing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ID3SzQzQKlw It's like a gun for golf balls lol


My First hook goes out to you my friend! Rest easy Gentle Wanderer!


Had a discectomy and then a fusion when that didn’t fix the problem. Just got back on the course myself. Give it some time off. Give it time to allow the inflammation to go down. Spend some time stretching. See if that helps. If not, there’s always putting


Will tee it up for you this weekend buddy! All the best


A stroke took away my balance, and that was that; swinging became impossible. I still go out with the boys from time to time; drive the cart, hit the occasional chip or putt. It's not the same but it still feels good...


May your putter ever be true. May your irons ever be straight. May your driver ever be high and long. And may you ever enjoy whatever path your cart takes you on.


Damn. Hurts that bad? I’ve been dealing with a couple bulging discs and sciatica for about a decade but have found some methods that have really helped me. If it’s low back stuff hit me up!


Sooooo....got any good clubs for sale? ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|dizzy_face)


It's not over unless your mind quits. Study the single plane swing, you're not the only one who plays golf with a disability. Suck it up buttercup


Please don't say this! As someone who's had hip injuries which pushed me towards golf (and been loving it), I've been having sciatica like symptoms for about 6 months and I'm only 27 but this worries me. It can be uncomfortable but never stopped me. I will push on as long as I can


have you had multiple opinions? have you done PT for at least 6 months? I had chronic sciatica for like 6 months and it ended up being a 1.2cm brain tumor inside of my cervical spine between C2 and C3. my PT must of loosened it up from pinching the nerve. It's pretty stable for the most part and i would have never discovered the tumor if it wasn't for the sciatic pain. i live a pretty normal life and would have never known it was there. the point is, dont give up, keep digging for answers!!! lifes too short to quit doing the things you love early man


I’m hitting the range tonight for you bud!


Yoga my friend.


I’ll slice at least 5 over the trees deeeep into a nice neighborhood this weekend. Just for you man. Hang in there.


Have you tried steroid injections in your back? I had sciatica really bad and 2 bulged discs but still manage to do manual labor. There is hope you just have to work through it but those injections are awesome. I had to have several before I really had results though.


I’ll blast one straight down the fairway 320 for ya!


Hey Op and eveyone else suffering from sciatica. Unless diagnosed by a doctor, chances are you dont have "Sciatica", you have piriformis syndrome. If you have real sciatica, you would lose control of your bladder. Piriformis syndrome, Same for disc bulges and herniations can be treated with time and the correct exercises I use to suffer from lower back pain but started releasing certain muscles and now im pain free.


Injured my piriformis and I came here to say this. It's been 2 months and it's slightly better but still unbearable. I can stand or lay on my stomach. Everything else makes me want to die.


I’ve just fixed my slice. But I’ll bring it back just for you my brother!


Don’t hang it up just yet! I had sciatica and disc problems really bad and I was able to sideline golf temporarily and really hit rehab hard and continue strength training and it has almost completely gone away. Best of luck!


Hope to see you back from retirement soon.


I have scoliosis and I pretty much gave up the game three years ago. The post-round pain wasn't worth it anymore. I thought I was never going to play again and I got super depressed. I stopped watching golf on TV, stopped talking to my brother about it, I didn't even want to look at my clubs anymore. My wife never let up on me and convinced me to start doing yoga with her. Progress was slow but eventually the pain became less and less and as the pain subsided, my mood improved. I started regular chiro, message, and physio over the winter. By the following spring, 2 years after I gave up, I finally gained the courage to pick up the clubs again. I used it as an opportunity to re-build my swing and started chipping and pitching and worked up to full swings. Now I can play a full round with little to no post round pain. I've lost 10mph \~ 15 mph clubhead speed across the board but I can play pain free. ​ I wish you all the best in your recovery and hopefully someday you will be able to play again.


Maybe the Jim Venetos golf swing (check youtube) will help reduce pain...giving up golf is like giving up your


YouTube search “Foundation Training original 12 minutes”. It may not get you back on the course but is the best free way I’ve found to help with back pain ✌🏻


Don't worry fam, I'll make up for your forest shanks in your honor.


That’s a real bummer. I’ll chunk a 7 iron that rolls 10 feet for you.


Sad day! Hopefully you'll find another way to enjoy it how you can. Foooooooooore!


Hey OP! It’s never too late to feel better. Check out a program called ELDOA. It’s designed to decompress your spine and has helped me so much on the road in between tour events


Sciatica is definitely curable. Go see a chiropractor. I was dealing with a pretty bad case of it and he had me back to normal in 6 months. Find a good chiro too. One that knows what he’s doing and will take X-rays of your spine


I had to give it up this year due to a ruptured disc and sciatica. Having surgery on Monday to try and fix it. I'm assuming you've done all you can, and this just isn't something that will go away. Sorry to hear you have to give up the game, but I hope your pain improves


I took off due to knee pain, I came back (2 years off) so maybe you will too!


Beautiful eulogy. Sad to hear the bad news.


For sciatica do the towel under/around your toe and pull exercise (Check out YouTube). If you can’t sit on the floor use the couch. The key , and this is really important. At least 10 minutes of constant pressure per leg. Try it for 10 days I bet you change your mind.


Same here. Core exercises and superman’s are the way forward. Also face down on the floor, up on ur arms, keep them elbows straight and relax into it. These helped me.


I had a major back injury (multiple ruptured and bulging discs, nerve compression, etc) several years ago that was debilitating and urgent surgery was recommended repeatedly. I held off and did an immense amount of rehab work, and today I can play golf, run, deadlift, basically whatever with no pain. Check out Andrew Lock, an Australian physio, who specializes in disc injuries. If you put in the work, your sciatica is curable (most likely). Best of luck friend.


Golf: the world's greatest teacher...of humility.


Like many other here, I've come back from an extremely back back (including two surgeries) and 15+ years away from the game due to pain. In addition to all the advise about physical therapy and exercise, I highly advise looking up TPI and finding folks with their certifications. Having a PT and golf instructor both trained on how to rebuild core strength and on how to swing with a very bad back helped me a lot.


Honestly for my it was getting the purple seat cushion that helped me the most. I sit in front of my computer all day and so it really helped me when the pandemic started and I found myself sitting all day. GL to you.


There are adjustments that can be made for back issues. My father has 2 slipped discs and sciatica. He’s always in some pain, but has mange’s to be able to get rounds in somewhat often when he’s not feeling very bad. Look up golf digest’s article on playing with back issues. Don’t let it beat you! Beat it!


If you have the money for it, stem cell treatments will definitely help you a lot. Could even keep you on the course if you do it semi-regularly.


When I hit a terrible tee shot this weekend I'll be thinking of you friend


That’s a real bummer man, sorry to hear that


I dealt with sciatica the whole way into my feet on my left side. It ruined my quality of life. I could barely work , sleep etc. but luckily mine is in remission. I went to doctors n they just threw pain meds at me. So I did a lot of stretching , lost weight n mines been good for a few years now. Keep trying.


oh fuck I'm sorry man. I'm 32 and feel like this is creeping into me and thanks to your post I'm going to actively work on it now. Thanks for sharing and godspeed back to the links. edit: assuming you rehab and want to try again. my bad. just reread the post.


Stu McGill big three exercise’s will get back on the road to the recovery.


I dedicate a chugged beer and a lost ball to the lake to you my fellow redditor


I don't know your specifics. I do know that my dad with multiple back injuries, including a couple smashed vertebrae, all resulting in a lot of pain & spinal stenosis as he approaches 75, has been able to find a way to keep playing on occasion...mainly, hitting a shitty drive, picking up, and then playing from 50y in. If you love being out, don't care about scoring, just go do what you can that doesn't hurt... Have a regular 4some, find a replacement, and tag along as a putting 5th. Being on course is just too good to step away. THAT being said, unless you're 80 and in my non-medical opinion, sciatica IS AN INJURY THAT CAN BE HEALED. 9/10 a good PT can help with stretching & other practices that will get you close to pain free. PLEASE. DO NOT GIVE UP!


I’m buying a new golf bag in your honor, just don’t tel my wife.


This may sound crazy, but have you tried switching handedness? As in, if you're a righty, try swinging lefty. It may be worth a shot to keep the dream alive!


Sciatica ain’t no disability. Contact your PCP and figure that out.


You don’t have to bow out of golf because sciatica. You have to lean in to proper PT and change some habits that have caused to get where you’re at.


The Oxys help keep me loose and play like a god


Go see a PT and get your ass back on the course!


Had sciatica for a year. Could barely tie my shoes. Tried physical therapy and the whole bit with zero progress. Got a new mattress (firmer). Sciatica cured 100% within two weeks.


i had a spell with sciatica for a bit years ago. i was at work pushing a wheel barrow full of concrete and then it hits me like a truck. i dunno how i didn't drop that wheel barrow. just focus on stretching specifically for sciatica relief and improving general flexibility and function, hopefully you get in good enough health to at least play 9 once in a while.


Keep moving keep moving and you’ll get back. Just keep moving.


Cheers buddy


That’s an excellent post. Congrats on a great career


if it’s possible/right for you, i highly recommend surgery for a bulging disk causing sciatica. i had the exact same problem and a discectomy saved my life. i went through the PT, the injections, none of it worked. i can’t recommend getting an mri and seeing a spinal specialist enough


Bro Ben Hogan got hit by a bus and came back, you can too. Pilates, physio, yoga,swimming. Kieser helped me a lot (Australia). Get a strong core & slow down your swing with good tempo. CBD oil, Voltarin may work for you on your flare ups or bad days. Above all stay positive and work on your putting and short game if possible


aw, here's a toast to you...i hope things turn around for ya.


Finally, a use for my slice.


A guy on the other side of the world can’t play? I have to book a tee time now!


Is surgery not an option? In May I had 2 ruptured discs in my cervical spine and got Arthroplasty from a neurosurgeon and have 2 cobalt disc implants between C5-C6-C7. Was able to golf two weeks later. Actually meeting with same surgeon today to go over an MRI on my lumbar and am getting same surgery on my L5. He said recovery this time will be longer and no golf for a month. I’m looking forward to pain free mornings.


Heading out to play right now. When I tee the first one up I'll make sure to take a moment to be grateful right before slicing it into those trees.


I have dealt with back pain and sciatica for most of my life. 3 years ago I read this book. This book changed my life. I can’t emphasize that enough , this book changed my life. I have no more back pain and play golf free from physical pain, the mental pain is always close Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection https://www.amazon.com/dp/0446392308/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_XXNSVJVT0WD7RXD4K7RR


This is honestly one of the saddest things I've ever read. I'm so sorry for your loss 😔


Leaving in half hour. This game is to you.


Check out u/kneesovertoesguy on ig and youtube. I have done his workout program for a few months now. Im 26 now and had back surgery at 20. Continued PT on my own for years and had little to no improvement. 4 weeks in to the program I was pain free for the first time. And also stronger, faster, and more flexible. If you commit 6 months to this I bet you will be able to do a lot more than just golf again.


Proud of all you lifetime players making real suggestions for change to a brother to stay in the game. Quitters gonna quit, players do whatever it takes to play. This fucker is a quitter. Let all play through. ;)