Golf Pride Align Grips

Golf Pride Align Grips


Have a MCC +4 align on my driver. The idea is the ridge will help build muscle memory so you make the same grip every time. I much prefer the regular MCC +4’s to be honest.


I use them D through PW, it may be mental, but I had issues with my grip before and feel these have really helped keep the club face square.


I tried them at a fitting but really didn't like the feel. Have you gripped them before? If not start there.


Have one on my driver, and I actually find it so off-putting that I am changing it.


I use them and I like them but I prob won’t go with the align next time. The align strip in the back isn’t as tacky and I don’t use it to line up anyway. The golf pride MCC is a great grip just wears out a little fast but if you don’t mind getting new ones every year or maybe 2 they are great. Depends how much you play too on the longevity of them. But def recommend I like them.


Have them on my irons but, honestly, I like the plain tour velvet or, tour velvet cord at the end of the day.


I honestly forget that I have one on my driver. Personally, it doesn't do much


I just got them on my new irons and I personally love them. I’m a bit of a mental case on the course and not having to over think grip because I can feel it’s aligned helps me be more consistent. I’m probably going to fit my whole bag with them