Played as a solo and got matched up with a group of three. I've read some horror stories here about bad playing partners so I thought I'd share my experience

Played as a solo and got matched up with a group of three. I've read some horror stories here about bad playing partners so I thought I'd share my experience


I've played 200 rounds in the last 18 months, mostly as a solo. I can count on one hand the bad experiences.


Would be cool if people would share some of the good experiences that stand out instead. I’ve made some lifelong friends and godfather of my child by showing up as a single.


I played as a single this week, got paired up with 2 other singles who were cool and have the same weekday off as me. We exchanged numbers and made a tee time to play together again next week. As an adult I pretty much only have made new friends through golf


Indeed this sub has got me anxious whenever some solo player decides to join our 40-50hcp three ball


Yeah, seriously. I'm a solo 90% of the time and the worst experience I've had is the other guys being a bit standoffish. This past weekend i went out and ended up joining 3 old buddies for the back 9. They had a skins game going, and were doing putt challenges for $1 a hole after each hole. I ended up getting in on the putt challenge, made a few bucks off the guys and had one of the more fun rounds I've had in a while.


I joined a group the other day. At hole 6 the oldest guy pulls out a full cooler of sandwich’s and hands me a giant ham sandy with lettuce tomato mustard. Just met him that day.


Played with an 85 year old who hit from the tips as a solo match up last week!


As someone new (well, ish now) to NorCal, if you're ever in need of a partner or fourth, give me a shout. I've met a bunch of "OK" guys on the course, and a lot of nice guys who are just way too old (midweek golf is mostly an old man sport) as I played solo a lot last year, but made only one good golf bud, and he moved away to another city recently. Still looking for a group to shoot the shit with while beering and occasionally hitting a golf ball.


Absolutely agree. I play solo 99% of the time 2-3 times a week and most of the time the people I get paired up with are great. It is always fun to find out about them. It has been great for my mental health as well since working from home can be isolating.


Yeah, playing golf with random people has been my main form of social interaction during COVID, and I'd say it's helped a lot.


I haven't played as much, but 2 years ago I got a membership at a private club and literally knew no one. So I basically had to play each round of that year (maybe 70-80 rounds) with new people almost each time. Was a blast, made new friends and I really enjoy meeting new people and chatting it up. For the introverts maybe they wouldnt have enjoyed it as much though.


nerrrrd alerrrrt


Agreed completely. The vast majority of the time it’s totally fine.


I’ve played solo like 10 times this summer and really haven’t had a single bad experience. Couple guys who weren’t really into chatting but that’s it.


Truth. Most of my bad experiences are getting hit up on or the flip side hitting up on someone else.


I have an excellent steady supply of gummies from an awesome guy I was randomly paired up with. Can't even recall the last bad experience.


Only time I've ever had a bad experience on a golf course is if I got an unexpected migraine or some other type of sickness.


I met my favorite playing partner where I live by going solo. He's also a alcohol sales rep so all I bring is some fire I grow.


That reminds me of the time when I joined two old fellas. When we get to hole 4 one of them pulls out a fireball and some plastic shot glasses then pours 3 and hands me one. We did this each hole Let's just say I had to take a shower and eat dinner before driving home haha


Amongst drinks of choice, I notice fireball a lot out on the course. Aside from the most common beers, flasks of whiskey, and shots from the cart girl, is fireball a thing? I know transfusions are a thing in golf.


I'm sorry...transfusions? This some kind of vampire golf thing I'm too mortal to understand?


A transfusion is ginger ale, vodka, and a splash of grape juice.


Thanks for the explanation. Shucks, I was looking forward to becoming the undead once my game progressed to a certain level.


Sounds amazing


Fire is weed?


Good weed.


r/unclebens is a great sub Reddit if you’d like further explore that grow medium!


Hahaha no way!! Truly a subreddit for everything


Gotta love those Quebecer golfers man. Classic shroom talk while searching for your sliced ball and fighting the mosquitos hahaha


Great golfing in Queeeebec


Super glad it all worked out for you!!! Also, super glad I can now say circumstanleys


Hahaha I hope one day in the wild I hear someone drop that in conversation


Bro please find that video. I need it in my life. Also congrats on whatever issue you had leaving you!


I play solo all the time, and can't really think of a bad experience. I've played with boring/non-talkative people, and with slow people, but I've not really let it affect me. But never really had a bad experience.


yeah i've played the majority of my games solo, and while i've been with people who are offensive, or annoying, or think they're funny when they're not, they're never *bad*. that said there's nothing better than walking 18 alone with no one in sight in front or behind


For me it is only if I get stuck sharing a cart with a smoker.


I used to smoke and I get that it stinks on your clothes, in your car, in a bar, etc... I've never once found myself irritated by smoke in an outdoor setting. If it's in a moving cart there is no way I'm going to get a big cloud of smoke in my face, if the cart is stopped then I'll just stand on the other side of them or move a little bit away if the smoke is bothering me.


You are genuinely surprised that sitting ass next to ass with a guy smoking a cigarette is irritating to a nonsmoker? Reminds me of the smokers who insist on smoking two feet from an entrance instead of twenty.


> You are genuinely surprised that sitting ass next to ass with a guy smoking a cigarette is irritating to a nonsmoker? Yeah...when it's in a giant outdoor field and/or in a moving cart. To each their own I guess, I'm just not that bothered by smoking.


You're probably just smell blind to it now. The smoke has to start from out your mouth before it goes anywhere else and so the guy literally 12 inches away from you is getting some of that too.


Probably because you used to smoke lol


smokers smell nasty, even when they're not smoking. sitting next to one for 18 holes would not be fun.


I guess I'm just more tolerant of smokers.


yeah, probably because you used to smoke. i don't mind the smell of cigarettes, and i've never smoked, but i don't want to sit next to someone for 4 hours who smells like something bad is burning. especially not on a golf course where the smells are usually grass and blossom.


I just think that the person would have to smell incredibly bad, or I would have to have an incredible sense of smell for this to be an issue. I've been sitting in a cart with someone smoking and the fairways were just cut, the smell of cut grass was way stronger than the smoke from one cigarette. If you have to sit in an office, car, confined area, etc...then I get it, it stinks. But to complain about it when you're in an open air cart in a giant field seems a bit overly sensitive to me. Side note, I've never actually had this problem. People usually ask if it will bother you or they will just say they are taking their own cart because they smoke.


again, this is probably different for you because you've been a smoker. smokers breath, sweat, and clothing all smells of smoke. i'm not saying it's going to be an ever constant presence, but it's going to be there repeatedly as you ride together and it's noticeable as a non smoker.


I know this is a wild idea, but have you ever considered asking the person not to smoke while you're both riding in the cart together? I smoke cigars sometimes when I golf, if anyone said it was really bothering them I'd happily stop or walk instead of share the cart.


Not the guy you’re responding to, but if you’re going to be sharing a cart with a rando I think it’s on you to ask them if they’re ok with you smoking. They shouldn’t have to tell you to stop.


I mean, I wouldn't smoke in a cart with a stranger, but if someone's already doing it and it's making you miserable speak up . . .


> smokers smell nasty, **even when they're not smoking** the issue goes beyond them smoking next to you.


Sounds like maybe you shouldn't take the risk of playing golf with strangers then, other people exist and not all of them are going to intuitively perceive your strong sensitivity to that particular thing, especially if you don't speak up on your own behalf. Honestly not sure there's much anyone could do anyways, sounds like even not smoking at all during the round wouldn't be good enough for you.


sounds like maybe you should reassess your understanding of manners. anyway it's not a problem here because smoking is rare and i only ever walk while playing.


Tolerance isn't the right word I don't think.


Any time I get matched with people I try to not smoke while in the cart or at least always ask the person first. Last guy I matched up with I asked him “you ok with this while we’re riding?” Gesturing towards my cigs. “Yea buddy no problem, fire it up. You don’t have any qualms with this do you?” This man pulled out a fucking pregnant dolphin of a joint lmao cool dude, had a pretty good time that day


Hmmm tbh I might respond to that “yeah no worries” and then be kinda annoyed by it the whole time


The worst time I have golfing is when I go with my best friend. We have a couple small side bets going on and he hits a bad tee shot on 2. Just a lame mopey asshole the rest of the day. Gets in his head and can’t get out.


Great story. Glad everything worked out bofe your personal issue. Glad you lucked into a great group.


Thanks man


Makes me think of the Terrible time I played behind this solo guy and a 3some. They were just shotgunning beers and smoking weed. 1 idiot even rode his hand cart like a Chariot while another guy towed him with the electric cart. I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing, like a scene from Caddy Shack…SMH


Hahaha incredible comment


I play solo all the time and get matched up with people. Played maybe 40 round in the last year as a solo. Don’t think I’ve ever got matched up with a bad group of people. Always has been a good time.


This was the post I needed as I get ready to make the drive down to Hilton Head alone. Still up because I'm so pumped to play but thank you for this and hope you are well.


I can totally picture you forcing all the OP’s scenarios inorganically and getting kicked out of the group.


Update: I was indeed asked to leave. I would like to apologize to the staff at Oyster Reef Golf Club as well as that poor woman whose house is just right of the seventh hole.


Whenever circumstanleys permit I love golf like this.


I usually play solo, meaning I get paired up with randoms, most often other solo golfers. Been playing golf about 2 years, only one time got paired up with a dick guy that mostly yelled at himself after bad shots and threw his clubs. Reading the stories here is like reading online bad restaurant reviews; they are all self-selected unusual experiences.


Gonna be saying “circumstanleys” for the rest of my life!


r/unclebens if anyone finds that interesting


Thanks but what is the context for sharing? You are the second person mentioning this. Just curious Aaand never mind I somehow missed his edit lol.


Worth checking that sub out even for the lols. They've got a good senss of humour.




Might be the best story I’ve read on this site. Usually you hear bad stuff. Love it, love the game. And I won my match today so on to round 2!




Post the video if you find it


Guy said he'd send it but I feel like it was one of those drunk "yeah dude send it your way for sure" kinda things. Absolutely peak r/golf material and would be on here for sure


I played solo a few weeks ago and paired with two guys. One of them was a retired NFL wide receiver whose poster was on my wall when I was a kid. He was the nicest guy you could meet and told some great stories. Now we’re friends and he invited me to play with him whenever I’m in Miami.


Clayton or Duper?




I thought it was OJ McDuffie.


I play solo all the time, and by solo I mean solo. One of the perks of a private club and one of the main reasons I’m a member. When I play solo it’s to clear my head of anything stressful going on and I just want to play by myself and listen to some good music.


Same. And evenings are always free. Nothing more enjoyable than going out just before sunset all by yourself.


To each their own. Golf is all about having fun and I'm glad u did just that


I was waiting for the bad experience and it never came. it just never came


You inspire me to play solo sir.


What a rad story. I played solo today for the first time, didn’t pair with anyone. Might need too next time !! Thanks for the laughs


Awesome. This is why I love golf.


Really enjoyed that story mate. Thanks for posting


I'm going to try the Uncle Ben thing. Brain needs a reset. Maybe there will be a video of me, on the Uncle Ben magic mushrooms, waving a flag while being pulled by a golf cart.






Wanted to let you know that I’m glad things changed for the better in your life!


Uncle Ben's is one way to do it I guess lol, usually mixture of brown rice flour and vermiculite is used or something to that effect


That sounds like a hell of a time. I’ve actually never had a bad experience getting paired up. Last time we got paired up with two guys around the same age and it turned out one of them was the best man at a friend of mines wedding that I was at. Small world


I was invited to join a threesome as a solo player the other day. The young man whose cart I rode in was very nice and friendly. He told me about his time playing minor-league baseball for the Tacoma Rainiers before moving back home and becoming a farmer and carpenter. He was very patient with my poor play and gave me some nice tips that have helped me control my wicked slice a bit better. I was apprehensive about playing with a stranger but it was a great experience.


Played a round with the guy that works part time in the cart barn the other day. I usually get my bucket of balls from him when going up to practice. This time he was off and heading out to go play a round just as I was going in to pay and head out for a quick solo. Ended up having a great time and was super chill.


> But it was one of those days where you don't give a fuck and just want to let loose. The more of us treat golf like this, the better! Just make sure to keep pace, will ya?


They should just be described as, "was matched with Quebeckers, they like to enjoy themselves and don't take themselves too seriously".


Grats on you not being a dad huh? Lol


Hahaha dark but I laughed


Why is it normal to drink alcohol on the course in America? It sounds great, don’t get me wrong, but I can never see this happening in Holland:p


Hey! OP is in Canada. We drink *way* more on the course in America, mostly to drown the sorrows of crazy greens fees, un-repaired ball marks, loud music on the course, and all these damn solo golfers harshing our mellow.


Americans have a very strange relationship with alcohol.


Its delicious and makes me feel good.


I hate small talk and having to meet new people. Wasn’t a problem as a junior and college because I didn’t have to talk. Being put with people I don’t would make me uncomfortable. Would just leave. Even if I had paid


You are getting into your own head, something which happens often when doing something new in this great game. Just realize that golfers as a whole are some of the best people you can meet. Most of my best friends I met on the GC. They come from all walks of life which means your plumber, banker, etc. etc. And you get to know the people before using their services. And you may be lucky eough to learn a new way to grow mushrooms.


Nice, this had to be one of those crazy rural courses in Quebec or Ontario. They’re wildly cheap but always super well maintained and have a great design and community


Uncle Cubensis for the win! Your new firefighter friend knows what’s up.




Your loss. Was good craic.