Anyone else take their wedding ring off when they play?

Anyone else take their wedding ring off when they play?


Get a little box to store it in your bag. Lots of old married golfers are still on their first wife, but their 2nd or 3rd ring.


I put mine on my key ring while I play.


Pro tip of the thread right there.


Is yours gold? Does it get beat up at all?


White gold, and not really


Exactly what I do




This is the way.


The way I take care of mine as well.


That’s what I do too


I lost mine on the course one time. I had it in my pocket, and it probably dropped out while I was “off path” with the cart. Since then I either leave it at home or in my truck.


And lots are also on their 2nd and 3rd wife!!


For sure!! I give them a pass for not being on their first ring. I grew up golfing with my parents friends at a golf club. It astonished me that like none of their peers have their original rings after their 40th or 50th anniversaries... Because golf


The first time I played after getting married I put my ring in the cart near my phone. On hole 4 I realized it was missing. By the grace of the Golf Gods I found it right next to the cart path on hole 2. I just wear silicone rings to play now.


My wedding ring has been on my key ring for about 15 years now. Got it caught on something climbing off the top of a truck and almost stripped my finger. Nope. Don’t wear rings anymore. Wife works with special needs kids so she doesn’t wear hers either. Can’t scratch the little ones.


I loop mine into my watch band and clasp it so watch and ring are together when I’m not wearing them. I can’t golf with my watch or ring on.


I thought for sure it would bother me but I haven’t had any issues. It’s one of those silicone ones though. I imagine my real ring would bother me a bit more.


Silicone all the way! Golf, gym, sleep... I rarely ever take mine off.


Doesn’t your skin get all funky underneath it? The Etrnl ones recommend not wearing it for more than 24h are a time.


Never had an issue with the Groove ring. Their Marketing specifically pushes this.




No issues with that on this ring either https://qalo.com/products/mens-step-edge-silicone-ring


I have a Qalo as well. I nearly never take it off and I just had to buy my second one after 3 years. I don’t ever notice it under my glove!


Yes, silicone all the way. I personally use groove life. My huge, clunky titanium one is virtually impossible to golf with


I bought a silicone ring earlier this summer to wear during golf season. No issues.


100% leave the silicone ring on. Can’t tell it’s there


Gotta agree with the silicone ring. I got one free with my metal wedding ring and i use it for golf and other physical activities


Took mine off to golf 20 years ago, and it hasn't been back on since.


I left my in a cart and didn’t wear one for about six months. Wife finally got me one so she didn’t feel like a golf widow.


this post really put that joke on a tee for you


I've been married for 13 years and I haven't worn my ring in 10 years... It would come off in gloves in the cold and I had to baby it around tools/machinery... My wife knows the ring has nothing to do with our love/marriage, it's just a ring so why bother with it. Sooner you ditch it the better.


I took mine off and on for basketball and golf for about a year. Finally just left it off. About 10 years since I’ve put it on.


This is great. I’m gonna show my wife this and see what she thinks.


If you're not back in this thread tomorrow we'll know her answer.


I’ve been married over 40 years and have taken my ring off for each round I’ve played. It’s just not comfortable. By the way, my wife knows and she completely understands.


Why would someone’s wife not understand? Lol


Because some people have difficulties with rational thought. Male or female.


Makes sense


Good save.


Cause you're trying to chat up the cart girls, man.


I've played golf in England, Spain, Portugal and Australia, but never heard of a cart girl, what do they do? I'm imagining they follow your group and get you drinks and snacks or something?


Drive a cart full of beverages and snacks the opposite way around the course and pretend to laugh at dumb/crass jokes for tips.


Also, they are never ugly lol


I’ve met a couple not-so-attractive ones. Even a few guys which I never thought I’d see a cart guy.


i wonder how many tips you get as a cart guy?


If you ever have a male beverage cart attendant, saying "ugliest cart girl ever" after they leave. Always gets a laugh.


You mustn’t have heard of the Morell Monster


Is that a PEI reference?




Yep. A bartender, on a cart, driving around the course, flirting with you for tips


from what i've read on this sub, and the undercover cart girl article on golf digest, they drive round the course on a modified golf cart that has drinks and snacks, and cater to players. treatment varies between "hey can i get a snack?", "hey have you seen my balls?", to "honey if my wife looked like you she wouldn't have to worry about me coming to the golf course"


There is nothing worse than getting paired with someone who is aggressively flirting with the cart girl. It’s so cringe-worthy and gross. I play in a tournament each year where this old guy tries out his gross one-liners on them and it infuriates me.


Most of the cart girls on my local courses are high school aged which makes the stories I hear about flirting especially gross.


i'm in nz and we don't have them, but the concept sounds wildly sexist and objectifying. a mix between hooters and a "golf-is-for-men!" attitude, and i don't think i'd be able to hold my tongue in the situation you were in.


People act like a bunch of puritans in here. Cart girls make a killing in tips and I guarantee they would rather endure the lame flirting than give up that tip money. They don't need people online defending them, they're adults capable of making decisions and using their attractiveness for their financial benefit.


i'm a puritan for thinking that people should be able to make a living without getting sexually harassed by customers? lmao ok grandpa


I’m not as abrasive or salty as the guy you replied to, but I do think he has a point. Carts girls in the US are typically cute girls who make it their job to be attractive as they serve guys alcohol. Like it or not, that’s the dynamic. Everyone understands this, include the young women, and most are respectful but idiots exist. The girls know the gig.




I've gotten flack from most of my girlfriends because I don't think anything of my husband taking off his ring. So yeah. A lot of people balk at the idea of removing a wedding band for sportsing.


Insecurity if you ask me.


One of my cousin’s husband plays guitar in a band and he would take his ring off to play. Occasionally some women would approach him thinking he was single lol.


I always found I got approached more with it on, maybe that’s not always the case. Good for him haha. Confidence boosts can be nice.


Exactly. Either they want what they can't have, they like a challenge, or they figure you're nice enough that someone actually married you.


Ha, you haven't met a Colombian woman yet obviously


yeah same I take mine off for most sports or in the gym it's not comfortable at all.


The fact you had to substantiate that your wife authorises you to remove your ring very much demonstrates how pussy whipped you are 😂


Don’t even know it’s there. Gold band.




Same. With the kinda round cut comfort fit.


Exact same. It's 10mm too. I take the glove on and off all day, and I haven't noticed the ring there. I'm almost afraid I might lose it taking the glove off and have no idea.


I noticed I have a callus on the pad of my hand immediately next to it. The callus gets thicker and definitely feels more wear when I play more.


This is the way


I put it on 7 years ago and haven't taken it off since. Don't even notice it most of the time. Sleep, shower, golf, play guitar in a punk band. I mostly golf with the bass player in my band. He takes his off for both. To each their own I guess.


100% of the time. Nothing besides my golf glove. Even empty all pockets of everything except 3 tees, a ball marker, and a divot tool. It may just be psychological for me, but I feel like it throws me off.


Hello similar person! Why 3 tees though? I’ll keep one on me til that breaks. If it’s a par 3, i look for a nubbin.


Hi! 2 long tees for drives (I tend to forget to grab another one when I break or lose the first one) and 1 short one in case I can’t find a broken tee on a par 3 and the grass isn’t clean to drop a ball and hit off of. Just something I did playing high school golf and just kept it on years later.


Haha fair enough. Along the line of psychological distractions, I can’t play with sunglasses on either because i think it throws off my depth perception looking at the ball. Gotta rely on my hat.


I’m right there with you! No sunglasses in any sport really!


Only for fishing Oooh, and skiing


Polarized for sure fishing!


Yep I only worked this out the other day. Played a bunch of rounds when it was overcast and I didn't need sunnies. The next round was sunny, I wore them and played terribly! No more sunglasses for me!


Yup. Don't like the silicone either. My wife doesn't care, she's knows she's out of my league lol


Coincidentally, silicone is part of the reason she’s out of your league.




Same. For me it’s not because the lump bothers me or disrupts my grip, but my ring is kind of loose (on purpose, it’s Titanium so it can’t be cut off) and as much as i take my glove off for putting, I don’t want it to accidentally get snagged and pull off my sweaty hand and me not notice it.


I do a rubber ring when I remember or I wear mine. It’s fine but gives me a hell of a callus


My keychain is a carabiner. I always clip my ring onto that so it's with my keys during the round.


Yup. Get out of the car, throw my shoes own and ring comes off and onto the keys. Solid move


Huh, never thought about it or noticed, surprised it's as popular as it is. Not sure I could without a bit of effort either, not as skinny as when I put it on.


I leave mine on as well (palladium ring). I used to take it off, but forgot once while at the range and had no issues, so it stays on now. With that being said, I do have to take it off when playing softball. Either swinging a bat, or fielding/catching, I get some nasty blood blisters.


Oh yeah I couldn't see softball being good to play with a ring on.


I feel like I'm crazy for keeping my ring on after reading this thread. At least theres 2 of us lol. Did everyone not get appropriate sized rings or something? I don't notice mine at all when I golf.


3, we are 3!




5! There are *almost* dozens of us! DOZENS!! [https://www.reactiongifs.us/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/dozens\_of\_us\_arrested\_development.gif](https://www.reactiongifs.us/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/dozens_of_us_arrested_development.gif)


6 . This might start a craze going


> Did everyone not get appropriate sized rings or something? After 35 years of marriage, things aren't always...distributed...quite the same, you realize...


I almost never take my ring off. Not because of any particular reason it just never gets in my way. However after reading some of the stories I'll start taking it off when I work on stuff. I have become much better at wearing eye protection so will combine removing my ring. I do think that some people have much thicker rings that could get in the way, mine is thin. Or someone with a large or raised diamond could make wearing a glove tough.


My ring was appropriately sized when I got married. But then two months later I got cancer and lost a bunch of weight. It’s a little too big now, but not crazy. Slides between my third and second knuckle but never goes over my second knuckle without me actually doing it. I take my ring off when I shower or work out because I’m afraid of liquid lubing it up enough to slide over that second knuckle and be gone. However I’ve played every round of golf since marriage with it on. Felt funny for the first 2 holes and hasn’t bothered me since. It may make a difference that I’m left handed so it’s not on my glove hand, I could see that feeling different maybe?


No, my wife just isn't a psycho that needs me to wear a ring 24/7. I feel more comfortable with it off while golfing. Why would you even remotely care?


I don’t wear my ring most of the time tbh. Just put it on when I go out (not for golf).


Same. Put it on for date night and it's back in the drawer now.


My game’s gone downhill ever since I started wearing one.


I wear an Enso band for golf and all other sports. Forget it’s even there.


Yes. I have a heavy as shit tungsten ring, and it interferes with my grip.


Tungsten rings scare me, heard to many stories of people getting degloved from wearing them


Any metal ring could do that around machinery


That, and when I saw my coworkers’ ring shatter when it fell off his finger that turned me off too. Can’t be cut off but shatters when dropped? Worst of both worlds. Pass.


Yep, very brittle, but also very hard, not the best characteristics for a ring


Degloved? I have a Triton, Tungsten Carbide ring, over 25 yrs now, never take it off…


Think of taking off a glove, but instead of a glove it’s your skin


Meaning all the skin (I’m guessing on your ring finger in this case, but usually the full hand when using the term) is peeled off.


I'm 11 years in and I've never taken mine off except to get it cleaned one time. Left it at the jeweler while I went to a movie. Felt absolutely naked the whole time.


Used to take it off for every round…..now it just permanently lives in the dry pocket of my golf bag. My wife gave me the gears a while back about never taking it out and “using it” so during my next round with her I used it as my ball marker. She no longer objects.


>dry pocket As opposed to the wet pocket?




just put your balls in the right hole and you’ll be fine!


I have played probably 500 rounds and hit tens of thousands of balls with a gold ring on my left hand ring finger. I’m honestly not sure I could take it off if I wanted to.


Aight. I’m taking my ring off for my round tomorrow to see if it helps. I haven’t hit well in about a year and that’s not far off from when I got married and had the ring.


I got married in July and thought it would be weird but it's totally fine, don't even notice it.


Only when the cart girl comes by


I can barely play without anything in my pockets lets alone anything on my hands lol


I took mine off when my wife left me so I don’t wear it during golf anymore


I golf with a silicon one


It bothered me the first couple of rounds, but now I don’t even notice it


Enzo ring here! I can’t remember the last time I wore my actual wedding ring. Maybe should wear it tomorrow for our anniversary dinner lol


Never golf with it on. Too uncomfortable


I rarely wear my wedding ring. Only when we go out. Just because I don’t wear one doesn’t make me less married.


Just get a silicone one if you want one. But otherwise rings bother me in general...


I wear a silicon ring 99% of the time because of golf and basketball, then I just end up leaving it on


I went with a rubber ring shortly after getting married and would never go back.


I just found it easier to get rid of the wife.....problem solved plus more time to golf.


Not after I lost mine on the course.


I’m probably in the minority, but it never comes off. Ever. However, I do understand why you would. That’s my girl, I only wear one piece of jewelry. Edit: I’m an 18 handicap, perhaps that’s the problem with my swing.


Depends entirely on how hot the beverage cart girl is.


Most people don’t golf with them on.


Never wear a ring or a watch, both bother me. Usually don’t wear the wedding ring at all, annoying at the keyboard for work M-F, annoying working out, annoying with golf…they’re just damn annoying, in hindsight I should have just gotten something more useful to honor my marriage, lol.


If I take it off I feel naked and play worse. Crazy how things like that effect people.


My wife’s boyfriend does


Would have to put one on to take it off... Just saying.


I didn't at first because my ring is pretty big and felt weird under a grip. I got one of those rubber/silicone rings that I use for golf and exercising and I wear that and it fits under a glove no problem and I hardly notice it at all.




Yep, me too. It became a practicality for golf and working out to take it off but I also haven’t worn it nor my engineering ring (Canada thing) for a while. My wife understands it’s better this way or the possibility of losing it.




I have to take mine off because if grabs some skin on my left hand. Left a pretty rough spot now.


Never worn one it's a bit dangerous in my job but definitely would.


Yes. A metal band can hurt my finger while playing (not injury, just uncomfortable), and I can tell a difference in my grip when wearing a silicone ring.


I always take it off. Drives me insane if it’s on when I golf


Yes but I wear my silicone one for this reason


I only wear the silicone qalo rings so I have no issues. I hated wearing a ring when I first got married but once I swapped to qalo I don’t notice it’s even there.


My bag has a carabiner on a string built into the small pocket. I hook it on that when I play or practice, much more comfortable.


I wear a silicone wedding band, I also play slow pitch softball as well. You can get inexpensive ones on Amazon, so if it breaks you aren’t out a whole lot.


I wear a silicone ring whenever I’m going to be carrying things or sweating a bunch, and I wear it on my right (ungloved) hand when I golf.


I do, I don't wear a glove so if I don't remove it I get a nasty blister


I have a rubber ring I use when golfing, working out, yard work, etc. I also have a wooden wedding ring though so it gets jacked up if I don’t switch it out


Best round I’ve ever had was right after my wedding first round with the ring on.




I wear a silicone ring while I play. It is flexible so I don’t really feel it while I’m playing.


Not a wedding ring but I have a silver feather ring I basically wear 24/7 for personal reasons and for kicks I've tried swinging with it and I just can't. Golf is one of the few times I take it off


Me too. My excuse is I’m lefty and have interlocking grip.


I keep it on, got used to it. Still play like crap anyway.


Always wear it. Doesn't bother me.


I used to. But I have some of those silicone wedding bands now so I wear those when I play


Absolutely. Every single time.


As a sweaty Floridian P.E. teacher who kept losing rings at work, playing beer league softball and golf, I said fuck it and got a wedding ring tattoo. Ended up getting a salted pretzel on my ring finger. Wife and I met randomly in the stands at a football game and my pretzel was the first thing I ever shared with her. If we ever get divorced I'll just get other favorite foods on my other knuckles and say they're my favorite "finger foods".


I can’t but I think that has more to do with being a left handed golfer that wears his ring on his left hand. With an overlap grip it really messes me up


Yeah, anytime I do something athletic ie Tennis, Lacrosse, Golf, Hiking, Kayaking etc it comes off.


I wear a Qalo now and it doesn’t bother me. When I had a metal one I did.


I leave mine at home


Like a lot of the other folks, I have a silicon one as my daily. I basically wear it all the time and only trot out the gold one for special occasions.


Not married but have a ring given to me when my older brother passed when I was 14. I’ve put it on a chain to play sports find it helps with golf too


i take any sort of ring or most of the time bracelet, off when i play. I always seem to be fully aware that it’s there only when i’m about to swing and it messes with me. to me it’s kinda the equivalent of having a small pebble in your shoe. it’s not a huge deal but you just can’t seem to take your mind off of it


I used to. But now I’m not married anymore and don’t need to.


Yep it actually caused a sprain in my finger and hasn’t been the same since and never fully recovered


I do, don’t know if it makes a difference, but it helps because if I forget and leave it on, I have something specific to blame.


Sometimes, can’t say I can tell much of a difference


Took mine off at start of pandemic when routine got all screwed up and haven’t put back on. When I do for special occasions it seems to have shrunk ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|stuck_out_tongue) so I can’t really comment but seems insane to golf with one on.


I wear a small chain with a cross. When I golf I add the ring to it.


Only in the 19th hole


Oddly in my new bag, there is this tiny plastic clip on the end of a small strap, inside the soft velvet lined pocket I’d describe as “the valuables” pocket and my first thought was “dude that’s a perfect ring holder clip” - def feel you on this


Yes. And after 16 years, just 3 weeks ago I lost it at a course. I’ve rifled through my bag a dozen times. Called the course several times. Drove back to look through the cart I used.


Tungsten ring at all times . Dont even fee it anymore


Same here and I got married in April. The gold band cuts off circulation when putting and I’m getting a silicone one soon.


Every time. I’ve hit balls with it on, it doesn’t bug me but I still take it off…


Every time


Yes, but I also don’t wear my wedding ring. I have a wedding band tattoo


Every time. I don’t like the feeling.


Nope, after about 2 weeks, I forgot it was there.


Usually. One of my friends almost lost his playing as it came off when he pulled his glove off.


I never wear the ring when I play


I did at first but the ring was a touch too big. Got a smaller one, to the point it barely clears my knuckle, and haven’t given it another thought in 10 years


I usually wear a gold cross necklace. So when I play golf I put my ring on my necklace.


Be careful! I worked outside service in college and this dude left his ring in a cart after a round. We never saw it and told him it probably got thrown in the trash by the cart kids. He came back a couple hours later with his wife, who was carrying their baby and was visibly angry, and proceeded to dig through the dumpsters looking for it. Poor guy never found it


I put it on my right hand when I play. Bothers my grip on my left hand but not my right.


Always. It bothers the crap out of me under my glove and helps me shoot better when I don’t have it on.


You get used to it, and like others said, go with silicone


I have a silicone ring I wear for athletic events and leave my real ring at home


Only hurts/pinches if my hands get too wet/sweaty - my wife sometimes wears it until I get or I just tape my finger if I know it’ll be hot/rainy


Silicone ring all the way. Just make sure it stays on your finger when you take your glove off between each shot. They're not cheap for what they are.