Charlottesville, VA golf questions

Charlottesville, VA golf questions


Spring Creek is incredible, about 25 mins from downtown.


Just moved to C'Ville about a year ago and belong to one of the local clubs/neighborhoods. There are some options for golf. One to try that is not too far away is Old Trail in Crozet. Nice zoysia fairways so the ball feels like it is always tee'd up (as long as you are in the fairway). While you are in Crozet make sure to visit Pro Re Nata brewery. If you want to drive farther you can try to get on to the courses at Wintergreen. Birdwood was mentioned earlier. I hear it is nice. They also have a par 3 and putting courses there I understand. Starr Hill Brewery in the Dairy Market. Rockfish Brewing next door to that and Kardinal Hall Beer Garden down from that. The Whiskey Jar on the mall as well as Jack Brown's burgers on the mall. Three Notch'd Brewery on Monticello. I hear Decipher Brewing and Selvedge are nice too.


Second on Old Trail, unlike any course I’ve ever played with those fairways.


2nd for Spring Creek , great conditions , tough course , on top lists for public courses in VA


There's a muni (Meadowcreek) that's kind of a fun course, and is pretty close to downtown. Birdwood isn't as close to downtown, but it's a much bigger, nicer course. It's where the UVA team practices / plays. Davis Love recently did a total renovation, adding in a par 3 course and putting course. Charlottesville is really small - you're only talking about 10 minutes from downtown to get to Meadowcreek versus 15 minutes to get to Birdwood.


Seems like Birdwood is private (or at least you have to be staying at the associated resort)? Edit: Nevermind I'm an idiot.


I don't think so. Here's a link to their rates: [https://d4andr4cmub9y.cloudfront.net/boarsheadresort.com-861703719/cms/pressroom/birdwood\_rate\_sheets\_2021\_in\_season.pdf](https://d4andr4cmub9y.cloudfront.net/boarsheadresort.com-861703719/cms/pressroom/birdwood_rate_sheets_2021_in_season.pdf)