Natural lefty here. Bat left, throw left, kick left….golf right. Has anyone golfed for years righty and then switched left?

Natural lefty here. Bat left, throw left, kick left….golf right. Has anyone golfed for years righty and then switched left?


I’m a lefty who learned to golf right handed. Had a friend one day playing with lefty clubs and asked to try out his driver. Hit it 50 yards further than I did as a righty and decided to make the switch right there. It just feels more natural to me.


I’m the same as you. I think hockey is what did it for me. Hockey is backwards. I play hockey right handed, but my left hand is the one on top and always on the stick Golf was just a natural extension. I’m lefty in everything else


Canada has the highest percentage of lefty golfers for this reason.


I’d believe that! The amount of my righty friends that are lefty at hockey, or vice versa, is super high


And there's a lot of Canadian baseball players who bat left and throw right


Your top hand is often better served by being your stronger hand if you can pull off the mechanics. Too strong of a bottom hand can lead to a slew of swing flaws, like holding off or turning over too much because other sports necessitate it. If you golf fine at the moment and are trending up righthanded, why bother switching?


Ben Hogan was a natural lefty who golfed right handed so I’d say you’re in decent company.


Lefty does


I’m the same way, tried to switch to left handed and it didn’t go well. Gave up and stayed right handed.


Im the same way. I never tried it bc it seems like an ungodly amount of work to MAYBE get a better result down the road.


I'm left handed always played golf right handed. I'm over 10 years in now so I wouldn't think of trying to switch. I do often wonder what might have happened if I had started out with lefty clubs though...


If you’re relatively new to golf, go for it. It also doesn’t hurt to pick up a used lefty 7 iron and start practicing with it to see how it feels. But as others have said, there’s a lot to gain from your dominant hand being your lead hand, and there’s PLENTY of great golfers that golf opposite handed.


My buddy is a lefty. He learned to golf right handed in college due to the lack of lefty clubs. Pretty interesting but then again he sucks either side of the ball.


lefty that does mostly lefty things, bat and golf right handed (and i think kick righty too)


My brain cant process how to swing a golf club or baseball bat opposite handed. For some reason i just cant even make the movement.


Well, my cousin played baseball left handed and golf right handed.... One day his buddy had left handed clubs and he decided to try it. First hit he just demolished the ball off the tea and said it felt great, went straight... And that's when he made the connection, "I played baseball left handed my whole life..." He only golfed right because that's the only clubs he had.