Upper back pain developed, anyone else experience this?

Upper back pain developed, anyone else experience this?


2-3 buckets daily. Damn. No wonder your upper back hurts.


Do you stretch before playing?


If you are getting that type of pain I would think that you are overswing and getting your hands way outside the confines of your torso. I am not a doctor but I can't think of any other movement that would cause pain there.


Going through something like that for 3 weeks now. Pain centered around a knot in my left upper back (traps), and radiates out a bit from neck to shoulder. I've been to my physician, three massages, and a chiropractor, not to mention muscle relaxers, pain relievers, and a TENS unit, all with little lasting relief. It is subsiding a little bit, but nothing seems to be a complete relief. I think a few weeks' break would be the very best thing you can do (but I'm not a doctor). This hurts like hell, but unfortunately I'm too stubborn to take much of a break, especially with new clubs, a wife that can't get enough time on the course, and a couples' golf trip next week. Maybe when I get back. In the meantime, I wish you a few good doctors' visits and a speedy recovery!


Man it sucks!! Have fun and hopefully we're both back to normal soon


I have been having this exact thing but on my right side. It isn’t awful and doesn’t happen while I’m playing but hurts a day or two later. I play about once a week and can’t make myself take a couple weeks off.


Been there. Overswinging combined with overuse. It is so easy to do when you are in grind mode.


I hope that's all it is but am going to finally just stop for a while. Was just having so much fun I just didn't want to do anything else in my down time. Thanks for the reply


go see a physiotherapist and work on warming up properly beforehand. you probably have overloaded yourself.


I agree and thank you for the reply


2 to 3 buckets a day is fucking absurd. Take a break.


Chirp wheel