Fuck those look good


Yes, they do!


Holy hell I said that word for word when I sawr that picture.


Christ guys...you should get around the course in 4 hours...4.5 tops. 6 months...where the hell was the ranger? Looks good boys. Glad you could enjoy them


The ranger was pullin pints


Good lookin pints!


They were so good. And I’m not a Guinness connoisseur or anything.


Don't have to be, just need to enjoy. Congats on small victory's.


Hotdogs and ash


Then try Murphy’s. I like Guinness too, but Murphy’s is like comin’ home. 🍀🍻😋


I desire to be a Guinness connoisseur, but alas, never having drank a true one in the country of Ireland is holding me back.


I have been to Dublin drinking a (few) Guinness, and it was wonderful! The problem is that the Guinness back in Sweden doesn’t taste as good anymore 🙁


Same. That’s one of my dreams is to have a Guinness in an authentic Dublin pub as God intended.


>Dublin Do yourself a favor when you go to Ireland - get out of Dublin as fast as possible. Galway and Cork are 100 times better. Plus just visiting the small countryside and coastal towns really is a treat.


Alright you’ve twisted my arm.


Definitely see the rest of Ireland because its amazing but don't let people talk you out of seeing Dublin because it is really not as bad as non Dubs like to make it out as. It will be more expensive in Dublin however.


Hey! I live there, ya jerk! Dublin's got it's charms and lots of history to see. The rest of the country is obviously prettier. But Dublin's not that bad!


Apparently it’s the biggest city in Europe. Because it keeps Dublin and Dublin and Dublin.


Had a Guinness with the best fish and chips I’ve ever had in my life a few years ago in Howth... what a great little village.


Ireland, golf, and Guinness….. three of my favorite things. So jealous. :) Enjoy!!!


When do they expect to open indoor dining, but more importantly indoor DRINKING! We have a golf trip planned for late August. Rescheduled from last August.


Currently it’s July. But the politicians here are beyond useless and stupid so you never know. Where are you playing?


Staying in Killarney and playing Ballybunion Old Course, Old Head, Waterville, ride and stay in Dublin and play Portmarnock Champ Course, County Louth and finish with European Club. Over 11 days!


You’re basically playing all the most expensive and well known courses, apart from Adare Manor lol. The Old Head is just ridiculous, the views are beyond a joke. It’s not the best golf course though, but it’s worth it for the views alone. All the rest are great, there’s a hundred yard long green at The European Club which you’ll have fun on, it’s just a pity that course is owned by such a wanker. I know you’re having the full links experience, it’s a pity you aren’t playing some parkland courses though, we have some great ones too.


Can definitely vouch with OP. From up North myself and the links courses are a must especially up with ourselves, but parkland courses are definitely not a step down and we’ve some world class ones on this island.




That's the beautiful thing about golf in Ireland, open up Google maps in satellite view, zoom in on any random part of Ireland and you'll find amazing courses pretty much everywhere. Lots of brilliant courses in Wicklow right next to Dublin that often get overlooked Powerscourt, Druids Glen and The European Club for example.




Sure you could always do both in the same trip, a quick cheap flight or the Belfast to Cairnryan ferry.


Been to Northern Ireland once and Scotland twice, both were incredible. Honestly, St. Andrews is kinda worth it IMO...but there's great courses all over. Get a round in on North Berwick if you end up in the area. Also got to play Carnoustie - very enjoyable. But the small towns are wonderful too. Elie Golf House Club was amongst my favorites (and the only repeat on our Scotland trips), Crail was great, Lundin Links as well. Heading to Ireland later this year - can't wait!


According to Tom coyne, the hospitality is better in Ireland and the courses are more fun.


Glasson in Westmeath is a brilliant course with some of the best views in Irish golf. Green fees aren't too high either and they've just done a redesign on the back 9. 10 minutes outside Athlone which is a lovely town to visit and just over an hour from Dublin by motorway


Check out K Club and Lahinch.


I didn’t really get Portmarnock tbh. It was a fine old links but did not justify the cost IMO. But European Club is bad ass and def play The Island the evening before you leave. Its very near the Dublin Airport


Great info, thank you! Fingers crossed, everything is open by then.


Any way you can sneak in a round at Tralee? That itinerary is ridiculous. I’ve played Waterville and Ballybunion. Both are incredible!


I’ll definitely look into it. I have a feeling we will need some recovery time, both from golf and pubs. Recovery time when your 50 takes a bit longer!


Played Waterville for the 1st time last year, unbelievable experience. Would definitely recommend playing from the tips. They recently redesigned their clubhouse and if you get the chance try and find Liam Higgins down there. Ex-pro and past irish open champion, right character and always up for a chat!




Not OP but I live in Dublin. Portmarnock and Royal Dublin are the "big name" courses that I'd recommend trying to play. They're both just north of the city. If you're based a good bit south of the city, I'd recommend Druids Glen or Woodbrook.


Not OP but I live in Dublin. Portmarnock and Royal Dublin are the "big name" courses that I'd recommend trying to play. They're both just north of the city. If you're based a good bit south of the city, I'd recommend Druids Glen or Woodbrook.


Where are you staying and what type of course and in what price range do you want to play?




K Club is just outside Dublin, hosted the Irish Open in 16 (I believe) and a Ryder Cup, neat to see the name boards heading down the stairs to the shop. Ireland isn't too big to drive around though, Lahinch is a great course, also hosted the Open in 19 (I think). Powerscourt is quite nice, just south of Dublin.


I’m a member in Powerscourt, it’s fantastic but there are a lot of better and more well known courses around if someone is just interested in the history.


Greystones Golf Club is very nice, Dun Laoghaire is also very nice


Portmarnock is the famous one but there is another course next door to there called Portmarnock Hotel and Links. Teriffic course. Then there is The Island. From some reason it is still under the radar a little but it is genuinely one of the best courses in the country. Next up is possibly the most fun course you will ever play. Its called Corballis and is next door to The Island. You also have Howth Golf Club which has the best views of any course in Dublin. It's not a links but more of a heathland course atop a headland with views across Dublin bay. Finally parkland wise the two best in Dublin in my opinion are The Castle and The Grange but in all honestly you need to be playing links. Two others not mentioned are Royal Dublin and St.Annes both next door to each other. Both good but i prefer the others. Lastly are two little known 9 hole links courses. Sutton and Rush. Both tons of fun.


Fuck ya. dude thanks so much.


So basically, your politicians are the same as politicians anywhere. The more things change, the more they stay the same.


Golf in Arizona was open last 12 months. Some courses closed but majority allowed walking or carts with single rider if you couldn't walk 18. Governor said golf was an "essential service". 😉⛳🏌️‍♂️ Been reading horror stories about the shutdowns in Canada and Europe. Get those courses back open!


Ireland has had a particularly tough lockdown and politicians worried about making the wrong decisions. The HSE is fucking awful admin wise, let alone fully chocka in normal times - the worry was a total collapse if numbers reached something like other country's regional figures. A lot of private healthcare providers made good money on 'just in case' contracts.


Bigger issue you'll have is the quarantine requirements currently in place... Fingers crossed for ya!


Belongs on r/oddlysatisfying


Looks like a well poured pint of Guinness. Enjoy. Club houses in Northern Ireland opened up last week, so it shouldn't be too long now.


Right? Guinness holds a good head but those look like they weren’t poured off just one tap. It would take too long.


Nah, tilt, pour to the bottom of the harp and let settle. While it's settling start the next and repeat. All good! Well, all deliciously good!




Cheers my friend glad to have you back!


Man, that is my dream to golf in Ireland and have a Guinness after. Enjoy and I hate you lol...not really I'm just jealous.




Lol at how perfect those are. Best way to end a round


What a great photo of my favorite beverage! Well done.


At a private club? We were able to do this in June of 2020 and guess what? Nobody died. I know, shocking right?


There was only one bar… A MILE LONG!


Love your username ;-)


That alone is reason enough to take up golf.


Those are some good looking pints. Shoutout to whoever poured those.


Of course it’s the most Irish username ever


Looks incredible! Can't wait to do the same thing on a trip later this year. Those pints - you've earned 'em.


Nothing better than good head.


After a couple of those I’d be taking several Mulligan’s!


Reminds me of being stationed in Europe and getting absolutely shit housed after the Jameson and Guinness factory on vacation. Good times


cheers from Canada. Played 72 hole of Pitch and Putt today in the hot sun. Fuckin hammered.


Perfect: golf, buddies and Guiness. Wish my club here in Spain had Guiness....


What a beautiful picture. Well earned I'm sure.


This calls for a celebration…somebody should buy a new putter.


What a grand finish to a round of golf! 😎🏑🍻🍀


I haven't had real Irish Guinness in 20 years and this is making my mouth water


Planning an Ireland golf trip with my boys for 2022 or 2023. Can't wait!


Damn that's a long round!


1st drink after the winter lockdown I ordered at the pub was a Guinness... They brought me a bottle even though it was on their draft list.. Classic.


Pic was so good I thought it was an advertisement. Great sight to see.


I would kill for a post-round Guinness in Ireland.


Nothing beats a Guinness in Ireland.


So jealous. Hoping to visit Ireland again sometime in the next year, even if it’s just for a few days. Guinness in the states just isn’t the same!


It must be good then. I’ve been to the Guinness brewery in Baltimore and it’s indescribable how amazing it is!


Flights from the states are very cheap right now. Hopefully they get rid of the 10 day quarantine ASAP. Ready to prop up the Irish golf and booze industries.


If you're not like John Rahm and get yourself vaccinated then you should be able to get out of the quarantine soon, it's pointless for vaccinated people anyway


Do you mean you finally had a sunny day in Ireland? Think of the poor cicadas. They've been underground for 17 years. I say let them have their fun.




That’s crazy to me. Where I live is pretty much back to normal with no masks or anything. Full capacity events etc. wtf is Ireland doing?


Welp, back to /r/stopdrinking Wish I wasn't this easily triggered


You can thank the liberals for that shit. About time people get out and about


DAMN it is hard to find a perfect guinness pour like that stateside. enjoy!


And you couldn't find a better beer??


I'll be honest, I never understood people who stay at the club after a round. If I've been out in the sun for 4-5 hours already, I usually just want to go home. I'm usually sweaty and gross from the sweat and sunscreen and bugspray and I've already had 2 or 4 beers on the course so I mostly feel like going home, taking a shower and spending some time with my wife.


I am not one for hanging around for ages after a round, sometimes it’s good to get something to eat and drink but mostly it’s just going home as not many hang around either. And it’s very difficult for golf clubs because of drink driving, but this was a special occasion so one pint was great. Plus I’ve no wife to come home to any more, which is a good thing! (She didn’t die, I just left lol)


Hahaha yeah no wife waiting at home definitely helps. I'd probably play four times as much golf if I was single. Me and my buddies all have somewhat busy lives and wives to get home to so taking the time to golf is already a pretty big commitment so once the round is done we all just want to head home. I could see it being a good time on a golf trip where you have no one waiting at home and nowhere to get to, but I don't get the old timers at my club who finish their round at 11 and then hang around the clubhouse until 4pm.




That sucks…we’ve been doing that since the out break…only difference is one person to cart, no sand rakes…no drinking in the club


What. Perfect. Pours.


Man I never thought about having a Guinness after a round of golf .. Now I realize no golf has it in my town. Damn you and enjoy !




Cheers boys


Great shot. Enjoy boys!


Some tidy pours! Hopefully for tidy rounds!


Is Guinness different in Ireland? Or do you guys have another Irish beer we don’t in America? I’m not a big fan of it to be honest but i don’t think it’s a bad beer if that makes sense


atta lads


Excellent pours on those beauties.




Jealous of the low ABV guiness y’all get. They upped the alcohol for the US market and it’s not as good.


Fair play men, they're tasty looking pints!


Wow, that was a long wait for you guys.


Admittedly I have never been to Northern Ireland, but I feel like the last six months have not been *"sit down outside the clubhouse and have a pint with the lads"* kind of weather.


We only get 2 days of that weather per year.


Well I'm glad you got to enjoy one of those two days this year!


Slainte! 🍀 🍻


What course?🍀🏌🏿‍♂️🇨🇮






It’s not that fancy, they let me join.


Ah, it is nice though. To be honest, you could've said anything and I'd have reacted the same.


*Clover* *Golfer* *Ivory Coast* What are you trying to say with these emojis?


You know, l was going to ask if that flag is Cote d’Ivoire’s. On the ROI flag, the green band is on the left, right? So how do you say “dummy” in Gaelige? 🧠




Thanks. Now how do you say thanks in Gaelige?


Go raibh maith agat (guh rev mah a-gut)


You should get a refund, someone replaced your beer with soy sauce.




Ooft Guineas after 18 holes, too heavy for my tastes. A nice pint of lager after a round though would go down a treat. I always played the 19th hole better than the other 18


Cheers guys!


The good stuff. Wish my course could pour a pint like that.


Got a clubhouse invite mate?




The USA didn't kill ANYONE... Except the people that died from the increased number of suicides, drug abuse, depression from losing their jobs/businesses due to the lockdowns.


Are you guys always playing in jackets year round?


Your state sucks. We’ve been doing that for months now