I dont have a problem with the booing, cheering when he got knocked to the ice was a little much. We've never really had a player demand a trade and come back and play us. If that did happen there could be boos.


But he didn't "demand a trade". He said, after the most recent time they said they were doing a rebuild, that if they were committing to rebuilding they should trade him to accelerate their rebuild. And then continued to play for them, when Buffalo decided against the rebuild and acquired Hall and Staal. This is a bullshit lie fed to the Buffao sports media by the Pegulas and Buffalo fans will parrot it until they die, while simultaneously saying they hate the Pegulas with the other side of their mouths


Mmmaayyyybbbeeee you should figure out what happened for real rather than what you think you know? I dont think revisionist history aptly describes what you are saying.... cliff notes version: dude wanted out of Bflo but then decided to stay when the Sabres brought in Hall. That didnt work out and he asked to be traded.... then he got hurt and when the Sabres didnt let him get his surgery of choice, he told the team he wasnt playing for them again. Then he was stripped of his C and got upset about it, but if ue was hurt and never playing for them again who cares ?! Entitled and spoiled and never cares for his teammates bc its all about him. Post game comments confirmed that. Meanwhile a guy like Tuch who isnt as talented shows how to be a pro and sets an example. THAT is who you want on your team...


What's your source? Mine is... [Jack Eichel](https://youtu.be/9v-Pr-tuzu4). Yeah, sure Eichel is definitely telling the story from his perspective, but im definitely gonna trust him (and the last... what TEN good players traded out/refused to re-sign in Buffalo) over that grimy Pegula. (Spoilers, the source is the narrative the Pegulas fed the Buffalo sports media. But fuck the Pegulas, right?)




Whiny* A whinny is what a horse does


It's not really the same. To a lot of Sabres fans, Jack was the one bright spot in an ocean of trash. He and Dahlin were the two guys they could cling to for some kind of hope that their disaster of an existence would come to an end. Irrespective of the surgery drama, Jack very publicly wanted out. Sabres fans felt betrayed. We've never been in that situation as a fanbase. I've been around the game long enough that I have. As a Ducks fan I watched as Paul Kariya followed a Stanley Cup Final loss with a promise that he'd bring a cup to Anaheim one day. Then a few months later he refused a reasonable contract extension from Anaheim and signed with Colorado for 1 million dollars to form a superteam that, karma, didn't even win the cup. I wasn't there for his first game back to Anaheim but you can bet your ass I would have booed my lungs out at the team's first superstar. Jack may be our guy now and sure he didn't really do anything wrong, but Sabres fans have a right to be bitter and boo.


I agree with you, but jack was always a consolation prize, and he felt it, the sabres management apologized to their fans when they “lost” mcdavid and got superstar center jack eichel. From day 1 hes been treated like shit from sabres management. Yeah he requested a trade, but it was after committing everything to the team.


Jack was given anything and had the chance to be a savior for a club. Its what any kid dreams of. You dont get to be the savior, act entitled and then complain that you werent given enough. They had Kane, Eich, Sam, Ryan O'R etc and were still terrible. Constant echos of entitlement coming from the locker room. Eichel and Allen did a Captians video about what it was to be a leader. Allen carried the whole show while Jack pouted he had to do it and was visibly bored. After, Allen went to the powers that be and said never again. He was not going to do something w him that had the potential to ruin his reputation and make him look bad. 2 athletes in a city that had the opportunity to be saviors tontheor respective franchise. Allen is a pillar in the community. Jack left and theres nothing to show for his time. One did things the right way and one didnt. One set and example of how to me a man and example and role model to kids and the other didnt. Maybe its bc Allen had to work for everything and Eich was annointed as a 13 yr old, but the difference is jarring. Hopefully jack figures it out. Hes too talented to play on 6 teams and never really figure the human side of things out that let you thrive on the game side. Heres to hoping!


I’m sorry, Jack was bitter BECAUSE he was drafted second and had the ‘living in McDavid’s shadow’ comparison for the first 2 years. Any other draft year and Jack would have been a solid number 1 overall. He’s never shook the chip off his shoulder. Although he was injured and only played one complete season the fans tried to rally behind him. His attitude SUCKS. You will see it the more he plays. He sulks, he gives up on the back check, he doesn’t stick up for his teammates, he doesn’t engage his teammates in conversation, spends warm ups by himself, etc. He’s an individual that plays on a team. There’s no surprise your team has only won 3 games with him in the lineup. You’ll see.


I mean when the team denies you the surgery you want, how can you not publicly state you want out? That sounds like Buffalo forced his hand by denying his option to get surgery. Edit: though I will say I don’t really know the whole story, I’m a busy man working 86 hours a week.


Jack requested a trade before all that.


Jack requested a trade 2 years into his 8 year contract


I love the spiciness. Makes me even happier we traded for him.


He played for an organization who literally does not care if they are ever contenders. Why would anyone expect a player to want to play there? Eichel wants to play for a team that gives a shit about winning a championship, but the fans are salty because he asked for a trade? Get fucking real. Then the neck injury hit him and the team tries to tell him he can't have the best possible Healthcare to ensure not only his career longevity, but his quality of life after his career ends? They have a lot of nerve saying he's toxic.


Ya... uh...buffalo is a hockey town...


Didn't say it wasn't, but if you're gonna be a hockey town, shouldn't you have a hockey team?


Hey just lingering here to see the response from the other side and this is a pretty ignorant comment. First off, the Sabres care big time about being contenders. The team just hasn’t made the right moves in the past decade. This city is on fire whenever the Sabres are playing well and the Pegulas will sell out the arena every night. A decade of mediocrity and rebuilds has chased away a lot of the fans until we can prove some sustained success. Also, nobody is defending the Sabres ownership with handling the injury. They botched it and he has a right to get healthy. The problem is he never wanted to be in Buffalo or embraced the city. He never took ownership that he was a big part of why we we’re losing and made it seem like he wanted to be somewhere else. He was checked out long before he was injured. He could have been as popular as Josh Allen, but he decided to half ass his time here. That’s why we don’t like him


I'm not so sure about "never wanting to be there, or embracing the city." Didn't he sign an extension, and spend a lot of time doing charity work in the city?


Yeah I would totally disagree with that as well. I don’t think he half assed his time here either. Understandable frustration and upset at him forcing his way off the team but anything more than that is getting pretty revisionist.


Baffalo's ownership has been a complete joke, and they're totally uncommitted to being successful at anything other than bleeding what ever money they can out of either of their franchises by way of sponsorships and broadcasting rights. The way they operate the Bills and the Sabers says it all. I don't blame any player they draft for immediately asking for a trade, because their ownership has proven themselves to be uninterested in championships because the marginal profits they'll gain from being a contender just aren't enough to make them even bat an eye. Buffalo fans such as yourself are directing your rage at the wrong guy. You should be pointing the dirty end of the stick at your ownership.


The fans understand ownership is the issue. Nobody is refuting it. That doesn’t mean Jack has zero blame considering he was a piss poor captain when they gave him the money to be a franchise player. Also, throwing the fans under the bus last night just shows how much he respects the franchise. If the Pegulas are the problem, don’t tell the fans they never showed up while he was there


I don't blame anyone for throwing shade at the fans for booing him every time he touched the puck. Okay, you guys are salty because you believed that drafting him in 2015 was going to be a turning point for the franchise and it didn't happen. I don't believe that he didn't give you his very best at least long enough to realize that it was a fruitless endeavor. You can't tank your way into a championship roster. Sure, if you sign some players to bad contracts and you're screwed for two or three years, fine tank for premium draft position. But in the mean time make the best decisions you can, make smart trades, and when you get out from under those terrible contracts, make another run at it. When was the last time Buffalo positioned themselves to make a push for a championship? When was the last time they decided to be buyers at the deadline? I can't remember a single instance in the last 10 years. As far back as I can remember, their fate was sealed by November. And I'm sure Eichel could see the writing on the wall that this was what he would be dealing with durring the prime of his career, and he doesn't want to be another Joe Thornton, bouncing from team to team in his early forties, hoping he gets lucky and get on a team that can lift the cup, only he's too weak to lift it because his artificial hip is acting up. Buffalo's problem is they always seem to think that the next #1 draft pick will be the messiah who is going to deliver them a Stanly Cup. Well, Edmonton thinks that way and look what McDavid has gotten them, sure he's a great player, but it takes more than one or two great players, and you have to find players with unrealized talent and develop them out of second and third round picks, or even players who went undrafted because of some perceived bias. The player development and skills coaching has to be an unsung hero of a championship team. For that matter even Vegas doesn't have that, which is part of why we're circling the drain right now.


Jack? Is that you? All the knights forums Ive read and you seem to be the only one taking this stance. What a way to go through life... see something acting like a fool and thinking 'hmmm that sounds right, ill do the same' and RIGHT THERE its proven why jack didnt cut it. Terrible role model and poor at representing the game. How many players have played for poor teams over the years? A ton... yet he is the only one who cant seem to deal and shoots his mouth off rather than simply saying 'its an emotional game and they are just showing their emotions. They paid for their ticket so they can do what they want' like EVERY OTHER athlete this has happened to. Damn straight fans are bitter. He was the chosen one is a hockey city....


>Jack? Is that you? All the knights forums Ive read and you seem to be the only one taking this stance. What a way to go through life... see something acting like a fool and thinking 'hmmm that sounds right, ill do the same' and RIGHT THERE its proven why jack didnt cut it. Terrible role model and poor at representing the game. How many players have played for poor teams over the years? A ton... yet he is the only one who cant seem to deal and shoots his mouth off rather than simply saying 'its an emotional game and they are just showing their emotions. They paid for their ticket so they can do what they want' like EVERY OTHER athlete this has happened to. Damn straight fans are bitter. He was the chosen one is a hockey city.... > >— u/Ok-Efficiency7129 And there it is, the dumbest thing I'll read all day. And it isn't even 9 am.


What more could he have done? Eichel showed up and he became the best player on the team, but hockey isn’t the kind of sport where one star player can make a team elite. Take a look at the oilers, they have arguably two of the best hockey talents in recent memory, and they’re struggling for a playoff spot right now. The sabres rebuild failed, they couldn’t build a team that was good enough to go the playoffs much less the SCF, in the 6 years that Eichel was there. If I was him I’d be requesting a trade too, how they handled the injury was just another nail in the coffin.


Honestly, it's so fucking dumb. Sabres fans should boo their ownership if anything, all Jack wanted was the surgery HE wanted for HIS body. I wouldn't blame him for wanting out of Buffalo, they failed to build a proper team around him. It's Rick Nash 2.0. Say Eklund becomes a superstar in San Jose, and they fail and fail constantly as Buffalo did. I'm not going to boo him for wanting out, I'll be sad, even disappointed, but I'll still understand why. That being said, Eichel's post game comments while also being objectively false, do make him look like a complete jackass.


Man I remember when we booed Brian cambell and he wanted to stay. Part of me thinks it’s kind of light hearted but I obviously can’t speak for the entire city of Buffalo.


I laugh cause this has happened for years to players coming back to previous teams cities but y’all must not know cause of the team being so young it’s nbd. And no I don’t think booing is worth the time but it’s going to happen anywhere don’t try to play pretend it isn’t.


How dare he want to have a surgery for crippling pain from a dr of his own choosing


He asked for a trade a year prior to his injury.