Oh, the irony.


The lack of selfawareness is...expected I guess.


"When you're pointing with your finger at someone, you point with three fingers at yourself"


When I started applying this to myself I realised how very true this is. The moments I give someone shit, I’m usually bothered myself or have that specific insecurity. Gives good insight.


Exactly. Whenever someone insults me, I look at the words they use to insult me and then I give them back. Turns out those hurt the most. I mean, if you were to call me a bad cook, we'd be having an old-fashioned duel right in the back yard. But if I get in a bar fight and yell at the other guy "I bet ya Creme Brule tastes like a fucking Omlette" I won't get the expected reaction. A reaction, sure, but not the expected one. Whenever you sit silent in an insult fight and say nothing, the whole situation is basically just an angry person admitting their insecurities to you by shouting.


He knows AMC isn't cheaper than GME, but "doesn't understand the math". Lmfao. They've been obsessing over the stock market for the best part of a year but some of them still say shit like this


Would you believe same happens in Crypto? When Doge was raging many were parroting that it can be just like bitcoin, $60k per coin! I did a simple equation to show that $8/Doge would equal to Bitcoin's value at $60k. Downvoted and called shill. Fuck these people. They're greedy and selfish. It's all a pyramid scam. I'm here to see them lose it all.


It's such a trivial concept, it amazes me that some people don't understand it. Do they think the Japanese economy is struggling because one Yen is 0.0088 dollars?


They... ... They absolutely do...


It's often worse. In the traditional side of finance, the idiots are mostly in amc and gme, somewhat contained. Not counting the true wsb degenerate autists, hats off to them in every way. Crypto is a cesspool of absolutely horrible tokenomics (token issuance inflation, market release schedules, distribution..) and overpriced valuations on non existent products - for example, no.6 crypto with fucking 50 billion market cap doesn't have a working product at all. There's about 2-4 gems amidst the madness that truly have the potential to disrupt the way finance is done on the level of how internet and mobile telephony was disruptive, but try pointing that out to the daily cc thread, where there's tons of apes absolutely taking over when some rumor that some nft's from gme are supposed to launch on loopring, some backwater L2 scaling solution in its infancy, and ever since then it's been impossible to have a good conversation there. Amidst all the other flavor of the month/week shilling from Timmy and his $600 stimmy the tech and fundamental and macro talk was just flushed out, I dispensed all my knowledge to anyone who wanted to listen or asked, and I've stopped completely, since it's a crapshoot with those idiots around.


Aight. But wouldn't that mean you can shoot fish in a barrel? I mean, I get it, it becomes unpredictable and all, but I think it is important to learn to adapt if you are actually a smart man, not just a well-read man. Like, an influx of silly people with dumb money surely can be used to your advantage?


Oh absolutely. Dumb money is used for exit liquidity at the top, after all, if you want to sell in profit at price peaks, somebody has to buy your bags, and that's where the dumb retail fomo money comes in, just before they again declare crypto a Ponzi scam. I have a 98% hodl stack which I just leave to weather the ups and downs, since trading often can get one rekt in a sudden market sentiment shift, but I began playing with 1% of my portfolio, now doubled into 2% by just following the smart money trading - setting sell orders at projected peaks and buy orders at around short term support levels. Dumb money loves to pile on stuff that's already gone up tens of percentage points screaming we're off to the moon, while smart money sells into this strength since liquidity is strong and price doesn't crash, but eventually the buying power gets eaten up by the selling, liquidity at the top runs out and then it dips. Of course this requires patience and steel nerves to completely suppress emotions and to stick to the plan that's effectively going against the lizard brain part that wants to fomo, but that's the way money is made. In regards to the theme of our sub, if one has access to the NYSE options market, there's an absolute money printer available selling otm calls to apes, which I would absolutely revel in doing, but gotta take what one can get :)


Dude doesn’t know how market cap works but is gonna take down hedge funds




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>even though Indont understand the math Oh that's a massive understatement


It’s not even hard math. It’s market caps lol


Those apes, those apes got it all wrong. Us apes, us apes got it all right.


Like a religion


That’s the response I got when I ask “so how do you know these amc defectors won’t do the same thing to GME”


Seriously mind boggling that they can type that while believing in GME


I LOVE that an Ape talks about the "sunk cost fallacy" without realising. Oh the irony.




"Also, they don't just want to be right, they want to be right while a bunch of other people who have been calling them dumb for the last 9 months are proven wrong..." How can a superstonker say that without realizing the irony? Half of the reason why superstonkers are still in is the hope that they will be right and can rub it in the face of meltdowners and doubters within their real lives. I mean hell, these guys brigade over here every single time the stock goes up any decent amount to gloat to people who don't give a shit at all.


That last comment. OMFG. It's gotta be a stroke. That person thought something, typed something, read something, and hit the post button. But neither the thought nor the read is what was actually typed in that comment. That's gotta be it.


I doubt they read it after typing it. Let's be real here.


Man Ape #2 is SO DANGEROUSLY CLOSE to self awareness, quick get that man some buzzwords and catch phrases.


Dear lord almighty, the irony is so hot, it's burning this screen I read this on.