Uh oh...

Uh oh...


Violent fantasies. Charming. I just hope that nobody actually gets hurt by some radicalized idiot who put too much money into GME.


We already seen it with pizzagate, there’s one nutter on that sub somewhere.


GME is a pretty big topic in the Qanon forums over at the dot-win site. There's definitely some overlap.


What’s the dot-win site? Never heard of that


Greatawakening.win Shitty off brand reddit where Q is allowed to run rampant and free from counter thinking. They basically had to run away to there, along with a shitty off shoot of T_D. if you want peak insanity or shitty racist memes, that's the place to go.


Between this and the violent, delusional fantasies of the Q/stolen election crowd, I’d put my money on another Timothy McVeigh style incident within the next few years. When the heat is this high, the pot usually boils over eventually.


Maybe all the posts like "Stay calm if they set the price lower this week" and "Be like Bruce Lee and feel stronger when you're in excruciating pain over your losses" are really just social workers trying to avoid violence.


What’s interesting to me is that the QMEnons tend to be more liberal. It’s funny how polar opposites, a group like Q that is extremely far right and then apes that swing left pretty heavily can have so much in common. Both equal levels of crazy and potentially dangerous.


> What’s interesting to me is that the QMEnons tend to be more liberal. Where did you get that connection from? If anything they seem apolitical and probably don't even know how to bubble in a voting sheet at polls.


They’re all super opposed to billionaires and capitalism, they want to take all the wealth and spread it out, and just the fact that they started off pretty heavily liberal overall. Posting positive things about liberals helping their cause and negative things about republicans “attacking” them. I’d say a majority of them are left leaning


Someone will. I’d say it’s almost guaranteed to happen at this point. They spent 7+ months of their life on this shitty cult stock. Some went literally all in. When they find out they got duped they’re going to get violent. At least a handful of them


Oh no!! Good thing I’m safe up here in my hedgie penthouse. Worst case scenario I’ll just take the helicopter


Post suggests you have only one helicopter. Peasant.


They sound like stoner kids first Semester political science


I remember a ‘guillotine’ at school was that gadget for cutting A3 sheets of paper in perfectly straight lines, maybe they’re thinking about their paper certificates from computershare


and even then, only if you had a few sheets at a time, too many and it would push the blade and you wouldn't get a straight line.


Yeah I remember that lol


There are clearly plenty of genuinely poor apes, but I'd bet that the group as a whole skews upper-middle class, just based on the demographics of Reddit as a whole. They *are* the rich who would be sacrificed in a real class-based revolution, but they consider themselves the proletariat, because they don't own lambos and yachts. Greedy morons.


How is this sub not banned?


Reddit has shown time and time again that they won't ban a sub until their advertising income is threatened... and by that point it's usually too late and something bad has already happened.


Because reddit rakes in that juicy, juicy premium from all the awards those retards buy


At this point, I'd bet it's moreso that nobody working at Reddit wants a bomb in the office. Given that a lot of them have been casually threatening to murder people in there for quite a while, I can only imagine what the nutjobs among the nutjobs would be willing to do in the name of "justice".


They won’t be able to afford a guillotine without moass.


But who will be their Danton and Robespierre??? Can't wait to find out...


Cool now they are LARPing the French Revolution. They are very imaginative.


Don Quixote moment.


Titling at windshills.


wealth redistribution is more fucked than before the french revolution tho, i think this is a general public sentiment not one specific to apes


If you believe the time before the French Revolution was more fair than the current era, you should read some history books dude.




Just in case you were not aware, the admin-enforced automod filters do not allow us to permit linking to other subreddits here. No one removed your post, it's just the world we live in.


Just Google wealth distribution usa vs France 1790


I've seen it. I don't consider it a relevant view of the picture in comparing modern day "income" to feudal-level serfdom.


This isn't a "unique to apes" sentiment, but it is absolutely not the general public sentiment.