I wonder how many of them are still looking for million dollar houses

I wonder how many of them are still looking for million dollar houses


This is literally me 😂 No, seriously, I think the meltdowner in the 4th screenshot is literally me.


> I would like to be a millionaire before summer RIP


Lmao I was remembering this post earlier today, funny that it got posted here now. I was doing some digging in superstonk for old posts like this and there's so much shit that aged like milk. For example, I had completely forgot they used to believe that Bill Gates' divorce had to do with gamestonk. You guys remember that?


Elon Musk is divorcing too. They are saying that it's because the shorting lol


The apes kinda forgot he helped publicize the squeeze


The Apes forgot that most of them started on RH. There first stock trade was made with one of the bigger villains in this soap opera. I just hate plot twists like that. Next thing they’ll do is think everyone is a shill (done), the moderators are all plants (done), the government is both against them but also going to pay them off (ongoing), everyone but the sub they are currently in is evil (done). I’m sure I’m just scratching the surface but I’m tired of typing!


Oh no, is Grimes too old for him now?


Yeah i remember. It's so easy to forget because those apes just jump right to the next crackpot theory.




Or when they were hating on burry for tweeting "FUD" about gme


Burry has switched between hero and villain probably 6-10 times now, and that’s not an exaggeration. He recently did it 4 times in just 1 month.


LOL I totally forgot about that, thanks for reminding me


ask any of them when they sold and it’s always at the pico top


And bought at the lows, they average up a little! lol


they have $75 in their savings and $50 in gme


That’s $75 they could be throwing into gme! What’re they doing???


I would love to know how many have called real Estate agents or looked at 6 figure cars and when they asked how they plan to pay, they told them about moass after wasting the sale persons time.


The guy in the studio apartment with the pregnant girlfriend oof.... This is like watching a thread of Mary Kay peddlerd thinking they'll get rich any time now. #BossGME #GMEmoms #GMEmanager #Bye9to5 #BuyGME


I couldn't bear getting past the one that wanted to offer $1.6 million for a house not on sale when they have less than $10 in savings.


I hate the word apette, ape is already gender neutral


How else am i supposed to make sure everyone knows I'm a girl?


These retards are going from knowing "hedgies" have to pay, to praying they do.


My favorite comment is the one saying wait for the housing market to crash first before buying. As if GME wouldn't crash in this instance.


If they all hate the rich and "the evil hedgies" why are they so intent on being insanely rich and focusing on all this materialistic shit lol. Just goes to show how full of shit their message of revenge against the rich is


All they fantasize about is flashy shit like lambos and big houses. It just shows how immature and juvenile they are.


I hate the rich, except those I like!


Owning a decent house is materialistic shit? Where I live 1.4 million barely buys a decent condo. A house with a backyard might go for 2+ million.


Talking about buying multiple Lambos and jewelry is. So are 5 million dollar condos and other multimillion dollar properties


Isn't capitalistic consumerism great for the country though? All the people working in the car factories, construction, and all the smaller players in the supply chain get paid? The economy is stimulated with so many people spending. As opposed to wealthy people hoarding away wealth, which doesn't help the economy.


It's completely fine in concept. I just think it's hypocritical for people who rail against rich people like the apes and claim to avenge for what they did in '08 to be indulging in shit like that. If they really cared for avenging for '08 and decades of market manipulation, why are they essentially doing the same rich shit the people they've been fighting against all this time? Why do they wanna buy Lambos and piss on it and why even is their Price Targets in the tens of millions? It just shows that they're just as greedy as the HFs they hate, and that should their MOASS happen, they're going to become those same assholes they hate. Also I'm pretty sure their whole DD is based on the Fed printing tens of trillions of dollars, am pretty sure their economy is already fucked


> As opposed to wealthy people hoarding away wealth, which doesn't help the economy. That’s not how any of this works lol


How does converting all of your money to gold coins then filling an entire room-sized vault with those coins and swimming around in it help the economy? That's what rich people do with their wealth, right?


Because if you ever seen the episode of ducktales where the little ducklings or whatever they were referred to as find a way to replicate money it taught us all a big lesson about the effects of inflation on the economy. I think that would have never had happened if not for scrooge mcduck and his swimming vault of coins.


Do you have any rich friends? I have friends that are Low multi millionaire, $20-$50M. They all work hard, own a company and pay workers, buy equipment and supplies, hire attorneys and accountants, basically recycle the money they make. Yea most hold metals as part of there portfolio but they also own stock, real estate and other valuables. When did diversifying your investments become bad?


And that makes it okay for them to swim around in gold coins all day, while some people don't even have two gold coins to rub together???


Since I traded metals as my retirement hobby, I know too well how little of there wealth goes into metals. If you were right my hobby would pay much better!


Who said they swim in anything but there pool? They work hard, but the vacation in e places and enjoy there money. Investing in some gold doesn’t mean having things of coins to swim in. It means investing 5-10% off there savings in metal. Again what’s wrong with diversifying? Only the GME only Apes are against it!


> Isn’t capitalistic consumerism great for the country though? > The economy is stimulated with so many people spending. > As opposed to wealthy people hoarding away wealth, which doesn’t help the economy. This is absolutely hilarious. Do you think the wealthy just leave their money sitting in the bank without ever using it? How do you think rich people get wealthy? By leaving their cash in the bank?


5 people buying $20,000 cars is **way** better for the economy than 1 person buying a $100,000 car. That's why trickle-down economics doesn't work as well in practice as it does in theory, and it's also why apes can't call themselves amazing philanthropists while in the same breath bragging about the giant mansions and Lamborghinis they plan to buy.


Nobodys arguing that(although one could) Theyre saying it’s hypocritical since these guys claim to be against all that but desperately aspire to have it


You're either already rich or living in the wrong place.




Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd.


Wah, wah, wah. I only make $100k+ and live in California where there weather is awesome and housing is a expensive. But I know Wanda be actors and actresses that survive renting in LA of there side jobs as waiters or whatever. I retired at only $140K plus benefits many years ago. I get almost no raises so every year my money is worth less unless I invest wisely and make money of investments. I’m older obviously but I chose to rent so I don’t have to deal with all the hassle a house brings. I live in LA because the weather is awesome, the women are gorgeous and my poor retired income pays my bills fine! If you’re working and not happy, change.


so glad that homes cost like $60k in my country




Hungary, And pretty much mos countries that's between western eu and russia


They're just like children, lying on the grass, staring up at the stars and saying "someday I wanna be an astronaut".


Nah, that child still can achieve that goal. They are children who think a gold coloured piece of plastic is real gold.


☝️This. Underrated comment


I bet shit like this is on the decline. A lot of them are waking up to reality and just keep the rocket emojis going in hopes of offloading their bags. This computershare nonsense has been so hyped that when they finally realize all those transfers mean jack, it's going to be the last straw for a lot of them. I'm sensing a mood shift in apeland. Soon it'll only be the absolute thickest ones left. Imagine the DD then.


The MOASS actually happens, and we get Zimbabwe level inflation. The same mansion now costs 1.4 tredecillion dollars. *surprised ape face*


This was from 4 months ago. Wow


I mean I like that they’re planning to be successful, but it’s not enough to imagine your new life, you have to get out there and make it happen. I’m not sure they’re doing that part, but maybe they’ll figure it out.


Are you saying that becoming a multi-billionaire takes more than holding 20 shares of GameStop?? Fuck you and your lies!




Right? They talk about holding GME like it's fighting in Vietnam, as if having to deal with "FUD" campaigns for 8 months is somehow the worst thing in the world. Heaven forbid they ever have to, I don't know, actually work for money.


Ummm: >Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve Are you calling that ape a *liar*?


Slowly those dreams are sapping away. I thought it would take a few months. Now I believe it'll take another year.


You know majority of these people are disgruntled now haha


What will happen when the OG stockholders that actually bought in at sub $40 levels start selling out after they get past a year for the lower tax rate? You don’t think that’s some selling pressure? You bet it is because they are the ones with actual xxx and xxxx shares because they bought at $8, $10 etc.


They hide behind an altruistic motive, but at the end of the day this mania was powered by the same thing every financial mania in history was powered by: greed and the desire to get rich quickly


"how many shares" "20" lmfao. they're so desperately poor that's why they can't bear to consider it wont happen